Demon-Limited Hunter Chapter 156

Chapter 156 - Ring (2)

༺ Ring (2) ༻


  “Kyaaaaa…! Hey, what kind of nonsense is that in front of the Imperial Knights?”


  “Elena should shut her damn mouth.”


  Aria Lilias ignored the frightened Elena and stared straight at Magrio.


  To others, the Headmistress of Märchen Academy and the Master of Hegel Magic Tower seemed to have a cooperative yet close relationship.


  Magrio thought it was rather good. As the Tower Master, Aria, had a close relationship with Headmistress Elena, so she must know all the details about the Nameless Hero.


  “Indeed. It seems that the academy is deliberately not investigating the Nameless Hero…”


  “I don’t want to hear a damn thing.”




  Who asked me to speak in the first place?


  “Listen here. The Nameless Hero is an entity that must not be fucked with.”


  “…Why is that?”


  “Even if you’re backed by the Emperor’s power, it doesn’t mean fucking squat before his overwhelming might. He is a being who can effortlessly bring about the downfall of even this empire.”


  Aria’s expression was as cold as frost.


  “The Nameless Hero is protecting us. There must be a reason he hides his identity while hunting demons. We mustn’t dare meddle with him, and there sure as hell isn’t a justification to do so.”


  “Revealing the identity of the Nameless Hero is for the sake of the empire and for our sake as well.”


  “This too is for the empire and for us. Remember that areas beyond the control of a country revert to the logic of power… Think about who is fucking with whom, and whether you are being arrogant.”


  Aria and Magrio glared at each other.


  Headmistress Elena was internally screaming, ‘Eeek…!’


  Elena’s face was then covered in cold sweat.


  ‘What do I do about this atmosphere…’ Elena was deep in thought, looking back and forth between Aria and Magrio. Elena’s hands wandered through the air.


  Finally, Magrio closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and stood up.


  “…Further discussion seems pointless. It’s clear that we have irreconcilable differences.”




  “Aria… why are you talking as if you’re the representative of the academy…!”


  “Please continue to cooperate in the investigation of the Eltra Sea incident. I shall take my leave now.”


  “Good luck.”




  The Imperial Knights behind Magrio clicked their tongues at Aria’s rude manner of speaking, but Magrio paid no mind.


  Soon after, the Imperial Knights left the reception room.




  Headmistress Elena slumped powerlessly on the sofa, her mouth agape as if she had spaced out.


  Tower Master Aria nonchalantly picked up Elena’s cup of herbal tea and took a sip.


  “Oh my…”


  The female secretary, watching the scene, rested her chin on her hand with a look of bewilderment.


  Descending the stairs of Bartos Hall, one of the subordinate knights irritably questioned Vice Commander Magrio.


  “That woman, what was that all about? Her manner of speaking to you, Vice Commander…! We are the Imperial Knights. There’s no reason for us to be treated like that. Aren’t you being too lenient, Vice Commander?”


  “It’s an Imperial Order. We must maintain a friendly relationship with Märchen Academy. Even if it wasn’t an Imperial Order, I won’t tolerate overt aggression in a place of learning. This also applies to Hegel Magic Tower, with whom the academy has a close cooperative relationship.”


  “Even so, that Tower Master has lost even basic courtesy!”


  “Don’t worry about her; she’s always been like that. More importantly, those two women…”


  Magrio recalled his conversation with Elena and Aria.


  “They must know who the Nameless Hero is. Maybe… it wasn’t that they were lax in their investigation, but rather there was no need to delve deeper.”


  Headmistress Elena Woodline and Tower Master Aria Lilias likely realized who the Nameless Hero was a long time ago.


  Upon further thought, it made no sense that these two still didn’t know the identity of the Nameless Hero. They might already have figured out the identity of the hero.


  If that speculation was correct, what could be their reason for concealing the hero’s identity?


  As these questions arose, suddenly a new possibility occurred to Magrio.


  “…No, it might be the opposite.”


  Magrio stroked his chin.


  Perhaps, on the contrary.


  Headmistress Elena of the Academy and Hegel Tower Master Aria might have been ‘concealing’ information about the Nameless Hero.


  What could be the reason?


  There was no need to ponder deeply.


  ─’Think about who is fucking with whom, and whether you are being arrogant.’


  Fucking with the Nameless Hero is like an ant trying to take on an elephant.


  Such a strong figure, concealing their identity while protecting the academy, must have a significant reason for doing so.


  So, rather than troubling such a being,


  It would have made more sense for their goal to be strengthening the academy’s defense system while riding on the flow of the hero protecting the academy.




  Elena, the Headmistress, and Aria, the Tower Master, were considered to have foresight. Would it make sense for them to have had such an obvious objective?


  There might have been additional reasons behind their actions.


  However, even if there were such reasons, Magrio had no way of knowing what they were, and there was no confirmation to support his line of thought.


  After all, he, a mere knight, couldn’t possibly keep up with their way of thinking.


  Magrio blinked firmly and headed to the Eltra coast to join the investigation of the Eltra Sea incident.




  The gaze of Luce Eltania, the top seat of the second year of the Magic Department, remained fixed on one place.


  Whether in the dorm or walking between the living quarters and classrooms.


  Even during classes, she would often look down at her hands, which were placed on her lap.


  Watching her spaced out and occasionally grinning faintly, the students of Class A, except for Kaya in the front row, felt a chill.




  In the Class A lecture hall, during a lesson on magic beast ecology.


  Seated in the back, Ciel Carnedas, a second-year student in the Magic Department with short blue hair, through her ability to detect gossip, guessed that Isaac must have been up to something.


  Anyway, Ciel had no interest in the magic beast ecology class and wasn’t paying any attention to the lesson.


  No professor complained about it. Ciel was known for her lackadaisical attitude, often falling asleep in class, so they were just relieved she wasn’t asleep.


  Despite this, however, her test scores were good.


  Seeing her skillfully apply what she had learned and how she grew rapidly, the professors couldn’t entirely dislike her.


  But today, Ciel’s eyes were particularly bright and alert.


  She couldn’t fall asleep using the magic beast ecology class as a lullaby and cuddling her ‘everyone falls asleep pillow’ because she was too preoccupied with Luce’s unusual behavior, which was different from usual.


  Ciel glanced at Luce, observing where she fixed her gaze.


  ‘A ring…?’


  Finally, she saw the black ring on Luce’s left ring finger and her mouth fell open in surprise.


  Even though it was her first time seeing it, she was certain that it was a magic weapon. But aside from that.


  ‘Why on the left ring finger, of all places?’


  Ciel knew there must have been a significant reason for Luce wearing a ring on her left ring finger.


  This meant that the person who gave her the ring was likely Isaac.


  Had he given in to his desires and gone too far?




  Ciel shook her head.


  Isaac seemed intent on making three women his own, a promising rascal without a doubt.


  If he committed so decisively to one, it would surely lead to war. All three women who liked Isaac were powerful beings.


  Of course, Isaac, regardless of status, could practically establish his own harem kingdom without it being out of context.


  He single-handedly defeated the Floating Island and last time, easily vanquished a giant demon called the Abyssal Sea Monster and was the youngest archwizard in history. An absolute monster without precedent.


  ‘But we’re students, and for some reason, he’s hiding his identity…’


  Ciel, hugging her pillow tightly, pondered deeply.


  ‘One thing is certain. If it wasn’t a ring given by Isaac, the top seat wouldn’t be wearing it on her left ring finger…!’


  What kind of dynamics would that ring ensue among the three women? A tremendous sense of anticipation swelled within Ciel.


  Ciel turned her gaze towards the front row.


  As usual, Kaya Astrea, the second seat of the Magic Department, with her pale green twin-tailed hair, was intently focused on the professor’s explanation.


  ‘Don’t lose, second seat…!’


  Ciel clenched her fist and silently cheered for Kaya.


* * *


  “If you add the Saman stroke here, the elemental magic will spread out. This stroke varies for each type of magic, so you need to memorize them all. Do you understand this part?”




  “No, look at the magic circle, not at me.”






  As usual, I was teaching Snow White at the corner of Hydrangea Garden.


  In one corner, the escort knight, Merlin Astrea, had been looking over here with crossed arms and a burdensome stare.


  ‘She can’t seem to concentrate.’


  Lately, Snow White had been giving me meaningful glances whenever she got the chance. Using [Psychological Insight], it seemed she couldn’t forget the battle we had during the joint practical evaluation.


  Well, this was an improvement. Not long after the joint practical evaluation, she seemed frightened due to the incident where the demon appeared.


  But now, she didn’t seem to be afraid of that issue anymore.


  Thanks to the academy and the Nameless Hero holding back the powerful demon like a solid wall, she seemed to have grown to trust this place after some contemplation.




  ‘This won’t do.’


  I rolled up the parchment with the magic circle drawn on it, startling White.


  “Senior Isaac?”


  “Do you have any concerns?”




  “If you can’t concentrate like this, there’s no reason for me to keep you here.”


  Holding the rolled-up parchment, I tapped her shoulder as I spoke.


  Not overly authoritative, but with enough firmness and decisiveness in my voice.


  “If you have concerns, let’s resolve them right here and now.”


  “Ah, oh… s-sorry…”


  White made a troubled face, going, ‘Uh, uh…’


  After being immersed in thought for a while, she finally decided to share her concerns.


  “…Senior Isaac.”




  “Can I do well?”


  As expected.


  It was the concern I had anticipated after reading White’s psychology.


  “This place is filled with monsters like Senior Isaac… Honestly, after going through this exam, my confidence has plummeted… I just can’t feel confident about doing well at all.”


  Loss of motivation.


  Well, the way to encourage someone in such a situation was simple.


  After giving White some time to think, I pushed up my glasses.


  I closed my eyes and let out a low sigh.


  Then, opening my eyes again, I began to speak.


  “I may not be that great to be called a monster, but personally, I think you have talent.”




  “Do you remember what I said during the joint practical evaluation?”


  White couldn’t have forgotten. The feedback I had given, along with her feelings of fear and relief, must have been deeply embedded in her mind.


  “Around this time last year, I wasn’t as good as you. That’s why I said you were excellent.”




  “But I’ve come this far.”


  When I was preparing for my exams, my biggest anxiety was not being sure if I was doing well or not.


  Even after going through thick textbooks several times, I wasn’t confident about doing well in the exam until the day of the bar exam.


  But, if someone had instilled in me the confidence that ‘I was doing well,’ there could have been no greater encouragement.




  The confidence that one was doing well was important.


  And I had the influence to instill such confidence into White.


  “Even if you don’t get it yet, you’re doing well. That much I can assure you.”


  As I said this with a gentle smile, a glimmer appeared in White’s eyes.


  Suddenly, I noticed Merlin, leaning against a tree, smiling subtly.


  The reason for her behavior was obvious. Hearing the words of encouragement I was offering to White, she was probably feeling proud, thinking, ‘Ah, youth.’




  Blushing, White smiled awkwardly and gently scratched her cheek. Her embarrassment was blatantly visible.


  “I-is that so…? Hearing you say that, I feel somewhat…”


  White swayed her body gently.


  She seemed quite happy.


  That should do it.


  “Now, let’s focus.”


  “Y-yes, yes…!”


  After that, White listened to my explanations without distractions and devoted herself to training.


  Pleased with her progress, I rewarded her with a mana pudding bar.


  When Merlin came and took half of it, White whimpered in protest.




  “Nihihi, the President has arrived!”


  “Ah, Senior.”


  At a corner in the butterfly garden. After parting with White, I stopped there to continue my training.


  A female student with light purple hair looked up from her book and greeted me. The cluster of starlights floating beside her was particularly striking.


  The purple brooch on her uniform ribbon indicated that she was a third-year student.


  As usual, she sat leaning against a tree. She was my favorite character, Dorothy Heartnova.


  Even the dimness of the evening sky couldn’t hide Dorothy’s loveliness.


  Under her witch’s hat, her goddess-like beauty shone. It was like seeing a halo around a beautiful or handsome celebrity.


  “As the training junkie you are, you came to train right after dinner, huh!? Aren’t you going to get a stomachache?”


  “I’ll be careful. Did you have dinner, Senior?”


  I asked with a smile, placing my bag next to Dorothy.


  “Of course. I had chicken~.”


  “As expected of Senior, she has a love for chicken.”




  Dorothy’s favorite food was chicken. So much so that 70% of her weekly diet consisted of chicken.


  As Dorothy’s attention returned to her book, I turned my shoulder, warming up my body, and prepared to move towards the center of the grassy field.


  “President, I saw something interesting today, you know?”


  Then, Dorothy’s voice…


  “Something interesting?”


  “Yeah, your stalker friend had a ring on her left ring finger.”




  …Preceded a heavy silence.


  I abruptly stopped in my tracks.


  A chilling sensation crawled up my spine. I turned my head back to look at Dorothy again.


  She was looking at me with a smile.


  “Do you know who gave it to her? A student giving another student a ring, it feels so romantic to me~ I’m quite curious.”


  The brim of her witch’s hat was tilted to one side, partially obscuring one of her eyes.


  Even though she was smiling, it didn’t feel like she was actually happy.


  “You’re her friend, so you might know, who gave it to her…”




  Somehow, I felt a stronger psychological pressure than when I was facing the Floating Island.





The Academy’s Weakest Became A Demon-Limited Hunter

The Academy’s Weakest Became A Demon-Limited Hunter

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