Demon-Limited Hunter Chapter 158

Chapter 158 - Ring (4)

༺ Ring (4) ༻


  Dorothy’s psychology was still unreadable.


  No matter how I thought about it, guessing why she was acting like this today was mere speculation.


  First of all, I wanted to resolve the awkward atmosphere.






  As expected. She didn’t turn her head towards me.


  Dorothy knew how to wear a smiling face like a mask, but it seemed she was no match for shame.


  I thought that telling a funny story wouldn’t get her attention and would only serve to increase the awkwardness of this atmosphere…




  Assuming Dorothy liked me, there was a way to ease the mood.


  It’s bold but equally as effective.


  I put down the book beside me and approached Dorothy.


  “Huh? President…? Huh?!”


  I silently bit Dorothy’s earlobe with my lips.


  Dorothy’s body shivered slightly.


  That trembling sensation was transmitted to my lips.


  When I suckled on her earlobe as if I was kissing it, a sticky sound echoed along with a wet, ‘smack’.


  For the first time, I heard Dorothy’s mouth open and close with a gasp.


  Upon noticing her reaction, I detached my lips from her ear.


  Dorothy quickly turned her head toward me, covering her bitten ear. Her eyes were wide with surprise.


  ‘Finally, our eyes meet.’


  Her face turned even brighter.


  Thus, we ended up staring at each other, while she covered her ear. 


  I felt embarrassed as my face grew increasingly hotter. I understood Dorothy’s reaction.


  “Now, we’re even.”


  I said with a chuckle to conclude this interaction.


  Dorothy seemed to ponder what to say, then soon burst into a giggle.


  “Nihi, President. Is this what you call, ‘revenge’?”


  Finally, the atmosphere softened.


  “It’s unfair if only I suffer. It feels weird, you know.”


  “Yeah, indeed. It felt quite strange…”


  …But somehow, it seemed the mood shifted in a slightly different way.


  To be entirely honest, as a man, I liked such an atmosphere. The feeling of being tickled inside. Simply put, I was excited.


  I wanted to keep looking intently at my favorite character’s face like this, but since it seemed like I wouldn’t be able to study at all if I did, I decided to restrain myself.


  Since I couldn’t really afford to leisurely indulge in this healing time…


  “Senior, I’m going to study, so don’t disturb me too much.”


  “Okay… I won’t.”




  If it were before, she might have responded with, ‘I’m going to disturb you~? Try to stop me if you can! Nyahaha!’


  For Dorothy, this is an unusually obedient attitude, which feels… strangely awkward.


  It wasn’t bad. I preferred no disturbance.


  Dorothy pulled out a small book from her witch hat and placed it on her lap. It appeared to be a novel.






  While reading, I sneakily glanced at Dorothy.


  The plan was to take one more look at Dorothy’s face and then really focus on my book.




  She seemed to have been glancing at me too, as our eyes met while her head remained fixed on her book.


  She wore a sly smile.


  “Not focusing, President? Do you want to see this Big Sis that much~?”


  “…I was just distracted by something.”


  Satisfied, I turned my attention back to the book.


* * *


  “Senior Isaac and Senior Luce will probably date later, won’t they?”


  At a corner of the Hydrangea Garden.


  Even on a holiday, Snow White was training.


  After hearing that Isaac didn’t take a single day off training unless he fainted, she too resolved not to rest on holidays.


  She called it the “Imitating Isaac Method”.


  Of course, she couldn’t match the time he devoted to training. White didn’t have the physical stamina for that.


  During a break. White was sitting on a flat rock.


  Suddenly, White asked Merlin, who was standing beside her, a question about Isaac.


  Something about romance. Merlin’s head snapped up and she leaned in close.


  Graceful movement. Merlin’s eyes sparkled with intense interest.


  “In my opinion, it’s a definite yes.”




  Merlin answered without a moment’s hesitation. There wasn’t even a question of why such a thing was being asked. It was because it was a topic she liked.


  White was taken aback by such an enthusiastic response.


  “Hmm, seems like you like such things. Relationships. It somehow doesn’t match your usual image…”


  “It’s refreshing. Love at Princess White’s age has the power to make one happy just by observing it. Especially between Sir Isaac and Lady Luce Eltania, there’s a flow of feelings that I like. The thrilling sensation just before dating…!”


  “I’ve never seen Merlin this excited…”


  White let out a hollow laugh.


  “I wonder when Kaya will experience such a romance…”


  “Oh, you mean your younger sibling? Senior Kaya Astrea.”


  “Yes. I intended to greet her whenever we crossed paths, but somehow it’s been difficult to encounter her. I can’t even enter the classroom building.”


  “Why don’t you just invite Senior Kaya over to our side? I’m fine with it.”


  “No. Like Sir Isaac, she’s very ambitious, typically focusing on training. Since I’m also on a mission to escort Princess White, calling her over would just be a nuisance to both of us.”


  “I see… Well, can’t be helped then. I’d like to meet her sometime too if I get the chance. She’s the Wizard of the Emerald Fairy, after all.”


  Märchen Academy’s Magic Department, second-year second seat, Kaya Astrea.


  She was the youngest daughter of the Astrea Duchy, a holder of the plant element, and known as the Wizard of the Emerald Fairy.


  “Senior Kaya is known for her upright character and is praised by the professors as having the best class attitude among the second-year Class A students. She has the most credits too! And on top of that, she’s the second seat…! How wonderful must she be? With an excellent character, upright and sharp… She must be exactly like the ideal image I dream of.”


  “It may not be exactly so, but it’s an honor for me that you think so highly of my sister.”




  The two exchanged smiles pleasantly.


  “With a senior like Kaya, there’s no need to worry. She will surely meet someone cool and great in the future. Just like Senior Isaac .”


  “She should…”




  Merlin turned her head towards the lake, gripping the scabbard at her waist.


  “If Kaya were to meet some ruffian who flirts with every woman he happened to come across…”


  Merlin’s eyes transformed, becoming like those of a wild beast.


  As a chilling aura emanated from her, White involuntarily shuddered.


  “That man won’t be able to escape my sword.”


  Daughter of the Sword Saint. A swordsmanship prodigy. Merlin Astrea.


  How many in this world could face her sword and remain unscathed?


  White swallowed hard. Instinctively feeling terror, a cold sweat ran down her cheek.




  Soon, Merlin slowly blinked and composed her expression.


  The cool and heavy atmosphere dissipated.


  “Kaya can be a bit naive, so I worry. I hope she doesn’t develop feelings for the wrong guy.”


  “Ehe, he… M-Merlin, you are a wonderful sister…! It’s, uh, very nice to worry about your sibling!”


  “Ah, thank you.”


  Only then could White wipe away her cold sweat.


  It was uncertain what kind of man Kaya Astrea would meet but would he really be able to meet the standards of the Sword Saint and Merlin?


  ‘No, first of all…’


  It was worrisome whether he could even stay alive.




  “Isaac, I’m here.”


  “Ah, Luce. Welcome.”


  When the sky was tinged with the colors of the sunset.


  At a corner of the Butterfly Garden. I was deeply engaged in training, constructing a spell based on what I read in the book, and manipulating mana.


  I could already use 6-star magic, but it wasn’t yet at the level where I could utilize it in combat.


  On the frost-filled grass. A female student with rose-gold hair appeared with a smile, holding a basket in both hands. It was Luce Eltania.


  I gathered the magic circle and turned towards Luce.






  Luce ignored Dorothy’s lively greeting as if it were nothing. Pretending not to hear, she looked only at me.


  Luce approached me, giggling.


  “I brought some bread in case you’re hungry. How’s the 6-star magic going?”


  “Still a long way to go. But I think I’ll reach my target in about two weeks.”


  “Hehe. That’s impressive, Isaac. Two weeks for that is incredibly fast.”


  Ever since Luce became my friend, she gradually became brighter.


  After I gave her the ring, her expression became as bright as any other cheerful female student, a level incomparable to before.


  In romance comics, characters were often depicted with flowers blossoming around them; Luce now had that same aura. A radiant smile.


  Of course, I was still the only one who could receive that smile.


  “Isaac, it seems your talent is growing. I feel like you’re being rewarded for your efforts, which makes me even happi- Hmm?”




  It seemed like she was about to say something heartwarming, so I was about to respond with a smile.


  However, Luce suddenly placed her hand on my shoulder, went on her tiptoes, and leaned her head close to my left ear.


  It was a swift movement.


  -Sniff, sniff


  Luce was smelling my ear.


  “What are you doing, Lu-.”




  Luce’s eyes turned towards me.


  Her expression was full of questions.


  “What’s this smell?”


  “…What smell?”


  Surely not.


  It couldn’t possibly be that she smelled the saliva Dorothy left on my ear. That was utterly absurd.


  Hours had passed since then… But, before considering time, how could she even distinguish that?


  Just then, Dorothy approached to check the basket.


  “Nyahaha! Of course, I’ve brought my own too, right…? Huh?”


  Luce quickly approached Dorothy, and placed her hand on the back of her head…


  …And sniffed around Dorothy’s left and right ears.


  Then Luce’s head stopped in front of Dorothy’s right ear.


  “Hey, Junior? What are you doing all of a sudden…?”


  Dorothy looked flustered.




  Suddenly, a grim aura emanated from Luce.


  Even from a distance, I involuntarily shuddered.


  Luce glared at Dorothy from a distance close enough for their breaths to mingle.


  Under her rose-gold bangs, shadows fell. Her aquamarine eyes appeared dull like ashy gray. There was not a hint of liveliness in those cold eyes.


  Her expression was frozen, cold, and blank.


  She was cynical, like a doll devoid of emotions.


  Yet, her voice, laced with murderous intent, weighed heavily on the scene.


  “…Does your ear smell of Isaac’s saliva…?”


The Academy’s Weakest Became A Demon-Limited Hunter

The Academy’s Weakest Became A Demon-Limited Hunter

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I possessed the weakest character in my favorite game's Hell Mode. I want to survive, but the way the main character is being controlled is atrocious. It can't be helped. I have to stop the bad ending myself.


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