Demon-Limited Hunter Chapter 16

Chapter 16 - Ant Cave (1)

Ant Cave (1) 


  “It’s 2000 gels.”


  I ended up taking a high-interest loan from the Academy Bank, with a monthly interest rate of 5%, or 100 gels. The interest rate was vicious, but it wasn’t fatal because the amount of the loan itself was small.


  Typically, the loan screening criteria included an individual’s mana, grades, and credit. Because my mana was only Grade E, my loan amount was limited to 2000 gels, and I could only choose a loan product with a very high-interest rate. Not to mention the fact that there was nothing to use as collateral…


  ‘Isn’t it almost like an illegal loan shark?’


  The institution that monopolized the financial sector under the academy was so frightening.


  Still, I believed it was an unavoidable choice.


  Pride didn’t allow me to ask Mateo for food while condescendingly saying, ‘I saved your life’.


  But if my plan worked, I would be able to pay off my debt soon, and I wouldn’t have to worry about my grades being penalized from taking out a loan.


  It was unclear whether the plan would work, so it felt like a gamble, but…


  Anyway, now was the time to eat well and get stronger.


Name: Isaac
Lv: 36
Gender: Male
Year: 1st
Title: Freshman
Mana: 260/400
– Mana Recovery Speed (D+)
– Stamina (C-)
– Strength (C-)
– Intelligence (C-)
– Willpower (B)


Potential ❰❰Details❱❱


[Combat Skills]
Elemental Series 1: Ice
– Elemental Firepower (C)
– Elemental Efficiency (C)
– Elemental Synergy (C+)
– Elemental Series 2 (Locked)


[Owned Skills]
– (★1) Ice Generation (C-) / (★5) Black Ice (C-)
– (★2) Ice Curtain(C+)
– (★1) Cold Divergence (C+)
– (★1) Basic Protection Magic (E)
– (★7) Psychological Insight


Skill Tree ❰❰Details❱❱




  During a dark evening.


  In a deserted corner of the garden, the 4-star ice magic [Frostfire] was engraved on a parchment. I had definitely memorized it by now.


[Frostfire (★4)] [Obtainable!!]
Emits powerful cold air in the form of flames.
Type: Active Skill (All-Purpose)
Elements: Ice
Acquisition Conditions:
– Lv 35 (O)
– [Ice Generation] Grade C- (O)
– [Cold Divergence] Grade C+ (O)
– Ice [Elemental Firepower] Grade C- (O)
– Ice [Elemental Efficiency] Grade C- (O)
Trigger Conditions:
– None


  In order to use magic, you had to first memorize the shape of the magic circle.


  Magic, with the exception of a basic 1-star spell, did not simply activate by pouring out mana into the air.


  You had to use your mind to direct the flow of mana in the form of a magic circle.


  When the unique trait [Hunter] activated, I felt as if my body had already mastered the magic circle, allowing me to use magic naturally.


  With the body of the ordinary Isaac, I had to follow the standard procedure.


  I stretched out my right hand with my palm facing the sky and formed the ice mana into the shape of a magic circle.


  A light blue magic circle formed on the palm of my hand.


  Above it, the faint cold and light blue mana took the form of a flame, creating a [Frostfire].




[You have learned the Ice Spell [Frostfire (★4)]!]


  It’s done, it’s done!


  A cold, faintly burning mana flower. I could feel my mana constantly being depleted.


  I grabbed my right arm with my left hand after extending my hand with the [Frostfire] outwards, then continued pouring mana in.


「Frostfire (Ice Element, ★4)」




  The faint cold and light blue mana blazed forward like flames. Its range was short, but that was to be expected due to my Grade D proficiency.




  Is it because of the fact I finally had a worthy attack spell? My mouth sprang open with an exclamation.


  I clenched my fists to extinguish the faintly blazing [Frostfire], and closed my eyes tightly. My entire body trembled. I knew this feeling… This overwhelming feeling.


  It was a sense of accomplishment.




  There was still a long way to go.


  ‘Next up is [Ice Wall].’


[Ice Wall (★4)] [Obtainable!!]
It creates a solid wall of Ice.
Type: Active Skill (Defensive)
Elements: Ice
Acquisition Conditions:
– Lv 30 (O)
– [Ice Generation] Grade C- (O)
– [Cold Divergence] Grade C (O)
– Ice [Elemental Firepower] Grade C- (O)
– Ice [Elemental Efficiency] Grade C- (O)


  The sensation of using [Ice Wall] was ingrained into my body.


  However, just a few days ago, I had difficulty using [Ice Wall]. It took a lot of mana control to create a solid ice wall.


  But now, it somehow seemed possible.


  I closed my eyes and released ice mana, while imagining a wall forming in front of me.




  As I moved my hand a little, I heard a sound as if something thick were protruding from the ground.


  And when I finally opened my eyes, my vision was blocked by a wall of ice.


[You have learned the Ice Spell [Ice Wall (★4)]!]


「Ice Wall (Ice Element, ★4)」


  [Ice Wall]. It was a success! I finally got a proper defense!


  As expected, after my [Magic Training Efficiency] became B+, I could clearly feel my growth rate accelerate.




  The difficult training moments passed like a panorama.




  A sense of accomplishment surged up like a volcano.


  I raised my fist into the air with joy.



  It was almost like Manny Pacquiao.1Translator Note: Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao Sr. CLH is a Filipino politician and former professional boxer. Nicknamed “PacMan”, he is regarded as one of the greatest professional boxers of all time.




  「Act 2, Chapter 3, Practical Training」 would start one week and four days from now. 


  Garzia, the ant demon, would begin to stockpile strength two weeks before the Practical Training.


  By now, Garzia should be nestled in Tantak Cave, and Zephrim, which were created from the remnants of his mana, must have formed. 


  For reference, there weren’t many Zephrims I could get by visiting the Tantak Underground Cave once Act 2, Chapter 4 ended. The reason for that was because many Zephrim would lose their function as a result of mana overload.


  In other words, if I could go to Tantak Cave ahead of time, there was a good chance I could get a lot of hot, high-quality Zephrim.


  In other words, the current time was best.


  It just so happened that tomorrow was a weekend. After I finished all of my classes today, I would board a carriage and head to the Tantak Cave.


  It would take 5 hours by carriage to get there, so after I defeat Garzia, I guess I had to spend the night homeless.


  I would rather leave tomorrow, settle things, and then return right away, but it would be more efficient to set aside a day to invest in stats and train.


  ‘Did I pack all my stuff?’


  Inside Class D’s classroom.


  The classroom was empty since all the students had left after the class ended. 


  I sat in the middle seat, writing a list of luggage on parchment and checking it off one by one.


  Food like water and bread, as well as a portable light lamp.


  Camping equipment such as simple tents and chairs, blankets, pillows, and so on. I’ve got an extra just in case…


  I also packed two magic pouches I had bought to store Zephrim. All of them were purchased by emptying the gel that I had borrowed.


  ‘It’s perfect.’


  No problem. I could start right away now.


  The sky was gradually turning red. By the time I arrived at the Tantak Cave, it would be dark.


  I gathered my belongings, including the magic pouch, and proceeded to the carriage stop to board one of the carriages.


  There were no horses. Here, the ‘horse’ of the carriage was not a ‘literal horse’, but a ‘magic horse’.


  Its shape was similar to the carriage I knew, but the carriage was operated by the coachman’s mana. It moved if you infuse magic into the handle.


  I wasn’t sure what the exact principle behind it was, as it wasn’t mentioned in the official setting. But since it was a game setting, I would just move on.


  “Where are you going?”


  “The Tantak Cave.”


  “Huh? If you go there right now… It’s going to be pretty late at night, right? There are no accommodation facilities nearby. You know that, right?”


  “It’s all right, please go there.”


  I got into the carriage and sat in a chair.


  “Uhm, are you really okay…” muttered the coachman as he began driving the carriage.


  You’re so worried even though I’m perfectly okay.




  The insides of the carriage squeaked as it moved.


  In this case, it would be better to take a nap and relieve my fatigue.


  I closed my eyes and fell asleep quietly.




  20 minutes before Isaac’s departure.


  Class A had ended and Kaya had arrived at Class D’s door.


  ‘The Secret of Märchen Academy,’ a hideous conspiracy theory that recently floated in her mind. She thought about how to get to the bottom of this.


  If there really was a dangerous secret lurking in the academy, it was a matter of great concern not only for the students, but also for her own safety.


  She finally came to a decision. ‘Let’s follow Isaac’, who she believed was her only lead.


  For some reason, it seemed to be no different from her previous behavior as she appeared to be stalking the person she admired. 


  But Kaya couldn’t help it, so she justified her action to herself.


  From the classroom in which the students had departed. Kaya peered out from behind the open door into the classroom.


  In the middle seat, Isaac was alone. He appeared to be scribbling something on a parchment.


  What is he doing? Study? No, I don’t think he’s studying…


  A question mark floated above Kaya’s head.




  When Isaac stood up, Kaya freaked out and bolted.


  Just as she did, there happened to be a big box full of cleaning supplies in the hallway. So she decided to hide in it. 


  She only poked her head out to the side of the cleaning kit. Isaac was making his way out of the Class D classroom and down the hallway.


  Now let’s follow him like an assassin. Stealthily…


  Kaya followed Isaac in the shadows. Swoosh, her body hidden in plain sight.


  Isaac made his way to the carriage stop. Kaya, who was hiding behind the tree with her head slightly poking up, tilted her head.


  “A carriage?”


  Isaac climbed into the carriage and began to depart.


  The sky was a bright yellow. It was too late to take a carriage and depart.


  Where is Isaac going at this hour? 

  It was unusual.


  Should I go after him or not? 


  After much thought, Kaya decided to go after him.


  She quickly boarded the new carriage after arriving at the carriage stop.


  “Excuse me, guest. You have to tell me where you’re going first…”


  “Please follow that carriage. Don’t let them notice us.”


  The coachman tilted his head. Was it an issue between students?


  Without further ado, he started driving the carriage. After all, he was in a position where he only needed to get paid. 


  The sun was setting slowly in the sky.









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    Translator Note: Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao Sr. CLH is a Filipino politician and former professional boxer. Nicknamed “PacMan”, he is regarded as one of the greatest professional boxers of all time.
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The Academy’s Weakest Became A Demon-Limited Hunter

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