Demon-Limited Hunter Chapter 55

Chapter 55 - Prologue (5)

༺ Prologue (5) ༻






  “Nyahahaha!!! The president is so funny!!”


  Dorothy burst into laughter, unconcerned that I might be left behind.


  Covered in starlight mana, we were weightlessly flying through the air towards Bartos Hall at high speeds.


  With all my might, I desperately held onto my consciousness that felt like it would fade at any moment, and screamed at the top of my lungs.


  As we flew like that, it took us 3 minutes to reach Bartos Hall from that distant cliff.




  Without hesitation, Dorothy kicked the door down with her leg covered in starlight mana.


   I could finally feel the bliss of walking on the ground after basically being in a state of weightlessness.




  I had to lie down on the floor and vomit.


  Meanwhile, the sight of Dorothy grabbing her stomach as she burst into laughter was quite irritating.


  Probably because we entered with the use of magic, the Trump Soldiers all began to assume battle stances.


  Their spears came out and pointed at Dorothy in unison.


  “Who are you pointing your spears at?”


  Dorothy said with a smug expression as she lightly flicked her hand wrapped in starlight mana. 


「Mini Supernova (Starlight Element, ★4)」


  Boom–! Boom–! Boom–! Boom–! Boom–! Boom–! Boom–! Boom–!


  An incredible sight unfolded before my eyes as the level 130 Trump Soldiers exploded instantly.


  The explosion of starlight was very colorful and diverse. It felt like I was watching a fireworks display.


  “Senior, nice!”




  When I gave her a thumbs-up, Dorothy returned it with a wide grin.


  “It’s time to get to work, president!”


  “Yes! I’m counting on you, senior!”


  “Okay, leave it to this big sis!”


  Dorothy confidently answered while putting her hand on her chest.


  It was so adorable. I couldn’t help but giggle despite the urgent situation.


  I started to run up the large red-carpeted central staircase. While running, I recalled the time from when I checked the clock tower. I had five minutes before the Evil God was resurrected.


  It would take four to five minutes to reach the roof from here. Time was running out.


「Black Rabbit (Neutral Element, ★7)」


「Dwarf Star (Starlight Element, ★5)」








  As I reached the top of the staircase.


  A black rabbit flew towards me, radiating a dark aura, but a brilliant explosion of mana repelled the rabbit.


  The shockwave created by it lightly pushed me, which caused me to fly sideways and roll down the stairs.


  “So, you were the one causing the interference?”


  Alice Carroll, the elegant student council president with a dignified appearance and flowing golden hair, walked towards me with a bored expression as she uttered that line.


  An ashen magic circle was manifesting around her.


  “Dorothy Heartnova, I didn’t expect you to be involved.”


  Alice’s rose-pink eyes turned towards Dorothy.


  Dorothy, with a smile on her face, expanded her starlight magic circle as she stood guard against Alice.


  “Nihihi. As expected, you are trash, Alice.”


  “Are you disappointed?”


  “No, I’m actually glad. I hate you, but now I see nothing morally wrong with beating you up, right?”


  The two most powerful individuals in Märchen Academy exchanged smiles and murderous glares simultaneously.


  The immense amount of mana seemed to compress the space around them. My legs trembled as my survival instincts kicked in. However, my passive skill [Ice Sovereign] allowed me to calm down immediately.  




  As I stood up and immediately started running, I pulled out the Sheath of Disaster and threw it towards Alice.


  I felt the sensation of my body being connected by a small thread to the Sheath of Disaster. I tugged at the thread in my head and cast the spell.


  The magic circle engraved on the Sheath of Disaster glowed in a pale blue hue. The stored spell, [Frost Explosion], had activated.


「Frost Explosion (Ice Element, ★5)」




  Cold mana erupted from the Sheath of Disaster, causing ice chunks to surge.


  The gray monster Alice had summoned opened its gaping, toothy mouth. It swallowed the explosion of mana and ice chunks created by [Frost Explosion] as if it was devouring it.


「Voracious Deity (Neutral Element, ★7)」


  A thick, tentacle-like gray monster with rows of eyes lining its body came out of the ashen magic circle from the ground and stood beside Alice.


  Of course, I knew this would happen. My spell wouldn’t be able to scratch Alice.


  However, I was already running up the stairs and past Alice. The Voracious Deity followed right behind me, slithering like a snake.


  Nanana, you can’t catch me.


「Stellar Radiation (Starlight Element, ★5)」




  Colorful rays of starry light sliced through the air, penetrating the body of the Voracious Deity before dissipating.


  Alice dodged Dorothy’s magic by rolling to the side. However, it seemed she was unable to prevent some of the skin on her cheek from being ripped off.


  Dorothy’s starlight magic dealt with physical force in a complicated way. This led to pure destructive power.


  Alice must have noticed the futility of using defensive magic against Dorothy’s spells. Evasion was the wiser choice.


  “Y-You little…”


  Alice flashed a murderous smile as she touched the wound on her cheek. A cross-shaped blood vein sprouted from her forehead, revealing her anger.


  Alright, it’s fine. Alice just needs to be stopped by Dorothy. 


  Before I knew it, Phantom Cat Cheshire appeared at Alice’s side with a serious expression. With Dorothy Heartnova standing in front of it, there didn’t seem to be room to spare any attention to me. 


  Dorothy would be no match against Alice with her eight-star familiar, Phantom Cat Cheshire.








  Thus, an epic fight between Alice and Dorothy took place.


  Dorothy thought the fighting stage was too narrow, so she lured Alice out by breaking the building’s exterior.


  The building and the ground shook. Dust repeatedly rained down from the ceiling.


  My body felt sluggish, probably due to the cold air of the Frostscythe having taken its toll on me. However, that didn’t slow me down. I gritted my teeth and ran.


  Suddenly, beyond the crumbling exterior walls, I could see Dorothy and Alice fighting in the sky.


  It was very glamorous. Countless star clusters and colorful magic circles dominated the area. Rays of light poured down, followed by brilliant explosions of colorful starlight.


  No one in Märchen Academy could match Dorothy—a genius blessed by the heavens and believed to be on her way to becoming an Archwizard.








  White rabbits, black rabbits, and Trump Soldiers on white pegasi were summoned in legion-like numbers. Each and every one of them was overwhelmingly stronger than me. 


  However, with a single gesture, Dorothy eliminated Alice’s troops with her starlight mana.


  Brilliant starlight and ashen-gray filled the sky. Countless magic circles manifested and expanded one after the other.


  The fight between Dorothy and Alice was escalating.


  Finally, I reached the top. 


  “Haa, haa…”


  Catching my breath, I examined the magnificent rooftop view. The luxurious design was befitting of the exterior of Bartos Hall. Beautiful structures extending from the outskirts brilliantly illuminated the mana stone I had with me.


  And a giant magic circle filled the rooftop.


  A bizarre form engraved with many curved lines. The magic circle emitted a vivid vermilion light. It was a sign of the resurrection of the Evil God, Nephid. 


  At the center of the magic circle stood a yellow rectangular obelisk that emitted a strange light yellow glow. It was the [Obelisk of Eternity]. A veil that accelerated time encompassed the rooftop.


  Suddenly feeling like my body was floating, I looked down at my right hand.


  Slowly, a crackling noise emerged. It seemed to be a phenomenon that occurred when one entered the realm of the [Obelisk of Eternity].


  However, my time will accelerate for a moment before ceasing, because the Evil God will soon resurrect.




  I caught my breath and wiped away the sweat from my forehead. It was time to win.


  I ran towards the [Obelisk of Eternity]. As expected, a golden glowing pocket watch was magically floating in front of the obelisk. 


  ‘Phantasmal Clock’. The catalyst for time magic.


  Now, if I could just get a hold of it…!






  As the magic circle intensely glowed, the [Obelisk of Eternity] unleashed.


  An enormous pillar of mana rose endlessly into the sky, scattering an eerie red glow.


  As a result, my body was sent flying and crashed into some railing.


  The pain in the back of my head was intense. I thought I might faint at any moment…


  “Ahhhhh… ugh.”


  However, with a groan, laughter involuntarily escaped from my lips.


  I had the Phantasmal Clock in my hand.


  “It’s over…!”


  It wasn’t too late. I made it!


  A red aurora soon filled the sky where Dorothy and Alice were fighting. Dorothy was surprised.


  Above them, a huge eye, big enough to cover the sky, looked down on the world. Angra Mainyu. A servant of the Evil God.


  Next, Apocalypse Dragon Azhi Dahāka emerged from the red pillar and flew towards the sky while roaring a grotesque cry.


  Black mealworms were devouring the magnificent structures that adorned the rooftop of Bartos Hall. These colossal worms took the place of the structure they ate. 


  I grabbed the railing and pulled myself from where I was sitting.




  Heavy mana silenced the atmosphere with a pressure that threatened to crush my body. Only then did I realize that the abyssal darkness had filled the entire rooftop. 


  In the darkness beneath my feet, numerous slumbering eyes rose up. They were eerie eyes composed of red irises and black pupils.


  As I turned my gaze towards the center of the rooftop, I saw a faint silhouette of a woman from the red pillar.


  The darkness that filled the rooftop was the hem of her black dress, for her attire was darkness itself.


[A powerful demon has been detected!!]


[There is a significant level difference with the enemy!!]


[※ Escape immediately!]


[※ Escape immediately!]


[※ Escape imme…]


[Nephid, Evil God of Destruction]
Lv: ■■■
Race: Demon
Elements: Darkness, Fire, Void
Danger: M■x■m■m
Psychology: [■■■■■■■■■■■■]




  Once I cleared the warning windows and saw the Evil God up close, my survival instinct began to kick into high gear. If it wasn’t for the effect of [Ice Sovereign], my legs would have given out and I would have collapsed to the ground.


  I can’t even imagine how strong I need to become to defeat her. I’m not even sure if I can beat her in the first place.


  However, I will beat that final boss at all costs. I’ll never give up, even in death.


  So I was going to make up my mind right here, right now.


  I took a deep breath and loudly called out a woman’s name. 




  I looked at the owner of the name. Her gaze also turned towards mine.


  Before long, she had already thrown away her witch hat, her purple hair fluttering in the wind.

  There was a serious expression on her face.


  Against the backdrop of the apocalyptic landscape, towards the shining star witch embraced by colorful starlight.


  I screamed at the top of my lungs.


“You asked me why I trained so hard!!! The world is going to be destroyed by the Evil God!!! It was to stop that!!!”


  I possessed the weakest character in my favorite game’s Hell Mode.


“I will prevent the destruction of the world!!!”


  I want to survive, but the way the main character is being controlled is atrocious.


“I’m going to save the world!!! Whether it’s you, me, or anyone else, I will save them all!!!”


  There’s no other option.


“That’s why I’m here!!!”


  But me.


“Evil God!!!”


  I have to stop the bad ending myself.


“I will take you down…!!”


  Dorothy’s stiff face broke into a smile.


  She stretched her arm out towards me, spread her index and middle finger to form a V, and smiled innocently. A sign of understanding.


  I couldn’t help but hear her signature ‘Nihihi’ laugh.


  Black flames rained down upon the battlefield, and in the red pillar, Nephid slowly ascended into the sky.


  The hem of the Evil God’s dark dress rose from the ground and swallowed me whole.


  Five pairs of black wings unfurled, causing a fierce storm to erupt.


  In the red pillar, a dark shadow gazed down at me.


  The Evil God.


  I pressed the reverse button of the Phantasmal Clock while taking in her imposing figure with my eyes.




  Just for a moment, time stopped─


  Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock━━━━━━━━━


  Accompanied by the rhythmic sound of clock gears turning, a golden light bathed the surroundings.


  Like a video playing in reverse, the Evil God and her servant were sucked back into the magic circle. The darkness-made clothing of Nephid that was consuming me started receding like a rising tide.


  I suddenly felt a sense of weightlessness come over me. Everything within the range of the [Obelisk of Eternity], including a speck of dust, had undergone a time reversal corresponding to the accelerated amount of time.


  Under normal circumstances, I would have suffered the side effects as well… But, since the sudden resurrection of the Evil God was prevented, I had cleared the trial. Now, all I had to do was return to the cave of the trial.


  I felt my senses being twisted. I couldn’t think of anything anymore. Slowly, my consciousness drifted away into the distance beyond.


● ● ● 


  And when I opened my eyes.


  I was still in the middle of the trial.





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Nephid, Evil Goddess of the Apocalypse
Nephid, Evil God of Destruction



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The Academy’s Weakest Became A Demon-Limited Hunter

The Academy’s Weakest Became A Demon-Limited Hunter

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I possessed the weakest character in my favorite game's Hell Mode. I want to survive, but the way the main character is being controlled is atrocious. It can't be helped. I have to stop the bad ending myself.


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