Demon-Limited Hunter Chapter 65

Chapter 65 - Hunting Evaluation (2)

༺ Hunting Evaluation (2) ༻


  Elt Island was teeming with mushrooms that caused various abnormalities.


  The Po’i mushroom spewed poisonous spores upon feeling threatened.


  The Kulkul mushroom, which forcefully induced sleep.


  The Soli mushroom, which upon receiving a heavy blow, released spores that healed any abnormalities caused by other spores.


  The Xerom mushroom temporarily disrupted one’s mana circuit, preventing the use of magic. 


  For the record, the Xerom mushroom didn’t affect strong individuals such as Luce. I, on the other hand, was still vulnerable to its effects.


  In any case, there was a need to be wary of all kinds of mushrooms. If I fell into an abnormal state, it would significantly hinder my progress towards the center of Elt Island.


  ‘Ian, please be safe.’


  Spores could catch you off guard. It was for this reason that I was worried about Ian.


  Unless something unexpected happened, Kaya, who had diligently studied ecology, would cover for him.


  I made my way toward the center, eliminating any illusionary monsters I saw along the way. 


  In the process, an unmanned shop caught my eye.


  [There is no one around.]


  After I heard the report of the Frost Dragon, I headed towards the unmanned shop without hesitation.


  The unmanned shop was shaped like a cylindrical vending machine. Various items were displayed beyond the glass window.


  Various 1-star elemental magic scrolls, drinking water, odor removers, useful ropes, netting, a camouflage sheet mimicking the surrounding environment, a baby hippo-shaped doll, a portable toilet tent (expensive), and so on.


  ‘Odor remover for 120 points.’


  The points I currently had amounted to 120.


  I held my bracelet up to the unmanned shop and used all 120 points. The mana grains in my bracelet flowed into the unmanned shop as payment.


  The item popped out as I pressed the button for the odor remover.


  The odor remover looked like a spray bottle. After spraying it several times over my body, I put it into the magic pouch the academy had given me beforehand.


  With this, the illusionary demonic creatures and familiars would be unable to distinguish my scent.






  Suddenly, Hilde’s voice echoed. Reflexively, I hid behind a nearby tree.


  [There are magic beasts flying in the sky.]


  I took a quick glance at the sky through the gaps in the trees.


  There were quite a few magic beasts flying around. I couldn’t tell if they were the familiars of the proctors or were intentionally released by unknown students.


  Well, there was no benefit to standing out anyway.


  I cautiously moved on.




「Ice Spear (Ice Element, ★4)」






  Black wolf, an illusionary monster heard my footstep and rushed towards me.


  When the black wolf sniffed the ground, trying to track my scent. 


  I sent an [Ice Spear] at it, effortlessly eliminating it.


  ‘So far, so good.’


  I could easily take down a Black Wolf, but starting with the Fang Hippo, it was gradually becoming more difficult.


  It would be better to avoid as many fights as possible. With Hilde as my guardian, reaching the center of Elt Island without a fight wasn’t so unrealistic.


  [There’s suspicious movement up above.]


  My thoughts were interrupted by Hilde’s report. I called her in for help.


  “What’s suspicious?”


  [It seems like an owl magic beast has been secretly spying on you. I felt something was off from a while ago, and now I’m sure.]




  A sense of unease washed over me.


  If it intended to hunt me, it would have attacked awhile ago.


  So, it was monitoring me?


  […Master, hide.]


  Suddenly, Hilde urgently called out to me.


  [Humans are closing in on you. It seems like you are being encircled.]




  I heard a rustling sound. Several students were approaching me.


  They were students from Class C and D, who had arrived on the same boat as me. There were six of them in total.


  Soon after, magic circles were conjured all around me.


「Rock Wall (Rock Element, ★4)」


「Ice Wall (Ice Element, ★4)」




  Solid walls sprung up around me, blocking my path. It was the magic cast by the students who were rushing towards me.


  “What the…?”


  It was confusing…


  I had no time to assess the situation. I placed my fingers together and gathered mana to pierce through the layered defenses. The magic circle for [Frost Explosion] was engraved into the air.


  It was clear that these guys were my enemies.


  Just then.






  I heard the sound of a bird’s cry from above and looked up.


  The sight of an owl, wrapped in wind mana, dropping two mushrooms in my direction was reflected in my eyes.


「Wind Sword (Wind Element, ★3)」


  A weak blade of wind flew from the owl and sliced the falling mushrooms. 


  Then, green spores spewed out like smoke.


  A glittering powder poured over me.


  “Oh, shi…!”


  A mushroom that disrupted the mana circuit, temporarily preventing the use of magic.


  They were the spores of the Xerom mushroom.


  The flow of mana was messed up. I couldn’t control my mana!


  The magic circle for [Frost Explosion] dissipated immediately. The condensed ice mana scattered into the air.


  Soon, the [Rock Wall] trapping me turned into light brown powder and disappeared.




「Fireball (Fire Element, ★3)」




  At the same time, a sphere made of flames flew towards me.


  There was nowhere to escape. I hastily tried to deploy an [Ice Wall], but as expected, nothing sprang out.


  I had no other choice. I threw myself at the [Rock Wall], clinging to it in a lying position, and shielded my face with my arm.




  The [Fireball] slammed into the [Ice Wall] behind me, spreading flames.


  The [Ice Wall] melted.


  I felt a brief flash of heat in front of my nose, but that was it. However, the [Fireball] wasn’t particularly powerful. Phew, that was a close call.


  I quickly adjusted my posture and raised my head.


  The students who were approaching me had gathered around a single female student.


  The leading female student had short brown hair and wore a headband adorned with a red rose. It was a very familiar face.


  “Hehe. Indeed, you look best when you’re scraping the bottom.”


  The girl flashing me an arrogant smile was Rose Red Rivera, who had also come on the same boat as me.


[Rose Red Rivera]
Lv: 55
Race: Human
Elements: Fire, Wind
Danger: X
Psychology: [Feels inferior and envious of you.]


  The memory of the first semester’s practical training came to mind. At that time, Rose had been grinding her teeth at me.


  Rose was demoted from Class B to Class C in the second semester, based purely on merit. So we ended up attending the same classes in the same lecture hall.


  Every now and then, when our eyes met in the lecture hall, she would frown.


  I could tell from her [Psychology] that she felt humiliated just by being in the same lecture hall as me.


  As I had suspected, Rose was planning to screw me over.


  Perhaps she had assembled members on the ship to harass me. If it was determined that there would be no issue harassing me after hearing the contents of the exam, they would proceed according to her plan.


  After entering the second semester, the Class D students who harbored an inferiority complex towards me flashed through my mind. Some of them had joined Rose.


  Damn… what idiots.


  Suddenly, I was reminded of the conceited blond noble, Tristan Humphrey. At least he intended to vent his frustration through a fair duel.


  Their method was utterly pathetic.


  “It’s strange, isn’t it? That you and I ended up in the same class. Especially considering you, who had Grade E mana until last semester, now have a higher mana capacity than me… it’s unbelievable, isn’t it?”


  She had a lower mana capacity than me… she must be Grade C then.


  “Why are you acting so high and mighty, you Grade E commoner?”


  Rose had low self-esteem. She had a tendency to try to restore her fallen self-esteem by any means, even if it meant belittling others.


  Therefore, it seemed like Rose intended to satisfy her fallen self-esteem by harassing me, the person she had looked down upon the most, but had surpassed her in strength.


  I stood up from my spot.


  “You, you’re really annoying.”


  As I said this, I pulled out a ‘Soli mushroom’ from my pocket. A mushroom that negated the effects of all spores. I had picked it up on the way, just in case.


  It was a mushroom that released spores whenever it received a strong impact. Squeezing it alone wouldn’t disperse the spores well, but throwing it directly at the ground would do the trick.


  At that moment.


「Fire Generation (Fire Element, ★1)」




  “Ah, hot!”


  The Soli mushroom was set on fire. I felt the heat and quickly let go of it.


  The Soli mushroom, set ablaze, fell to the ground. The spores inside couldn’t withstand the bright red flame.


  It was Rose’s magic. An incredible reaction speed that couldn’t have been possible if she hadn’t anticipated my next actions. She seemed to have taken into account the fact that I had prepared the Soli mushroom in advance.


  What a bitch.


  “Who are you to be annoyed with me? You’re just a commoner to begin with, aren’t you? Even if this is supposed to be a place of learning where everyone is treated equally, did you really think we were on the same level? Do you really think we are the same just because we’re in the same class?


  Rose showed a twisted smile.


  “When you leave this academy, you’re nothing. You should feel honored to be trampled on by me. You’re nothing but a pig. You need to know your place.”


  I got up, dusting the dirt off my clothes.


  “…What’s with that arrogant look? Shall I fire another [Fireball]? This time, you won’t be lucky enough to dodge it.” 




  “Ah, but if you say, ‘Lady Rose, please step on this worthless pig with your dignified body,’ I might consider sparing you a little.”


  “Is that so?”


  Aren’t you embarrassed by your own words?


  It made my skin crawl just listening to it.




  I let out a deep breath. There wasn’t much to say.


  Well, it was about time now.


  The sound of something parting the bushes reached my ears. It would have been better if it had come a little sooner.


  I turned my head in the direction of the sound.


  “Eden, you’re here.”




  What appeared was Eden, my small golem familiar. 


  Rose and her lackeys widened their eyes in surprise. Their looks asked what was going on. I had not summoned the familiar, nor given him any orders.


  As soon as Eden revealed himself, he threw the blue mushroom he was holding at me. It was a Soli mushroom.


  The Soli mushroom that hit my body began to quickly spew out spores.


  Whoosh, I took a deep breath. My tangled mana began to flow smoothly again.


「Ice Wall (Ice Element, ★4)」






  I immediately created a wall of ice around Rose and her group.


  A thick [Ice Wall], more advanced than the one Rose’s lackey had used, rose up.  


  Rose and her group were trapped in the [Ice Wall], just as I had been, with only one side open towards me.


  It was time to pay back those wretched bastards.


  “How impudent…!”


  Before she could comprehend the current situation, Rose stretched out her arm towards me to counterattack. The magic circle of [Fire Pillar] was engraved in front of her hand.


  Another student also tried to cast an offensive spell.


  It was a foolish decision.


「Frostfire (Ice Element, ★4)」






  I had already casted an offensive spell. They should have used a defensive one.


  The icy blue flame engulfed Rose and her lackeys.


  With their rear and sides blocked by [Ice Wall], they had to endure the full brunt of [Frostfire].


  Of course, I had reduced the power. It would be a shame if they went down in one hit.


  When the [Frostfire] faded, Rose and her group were seen lying on the ground.


  Frostbite and chilblains appeared all over their bodies.1Editor’s Note: A chilblain is a patch of swollen skin or blisters that appear on the skin due to prolonged exposure to cold air. They mainly appear on the hands and feet.


  They were shivering fiercely from the bitter cold. It was an unsightly outcome.


  “Ah, ahhh…”


  Rose groaned, her eyes bulging and her head bowed in agony. She seemed to be in pain.


  I walked toward her with large strides.




  When one male student tried to counterattack, I casually launched a [Frostfire] at him.


  By the time the second cold flame had subsided, he had completely collapsed. He didn’t even have the strength to stand up anymore. He just shivered from the cold and pain.


  I stopped in front of Rose and looked down at her.


  Rose’s frostbitten face turned towards me. Her teeth chattered at a rapid pace, and her body shivered violently.


[Rose Red Rivera]
Psychology: [She is terrified of you.]


  “What, what, how, did…?”


  From the start of the exam, I had instructed Eden to be on stand by whenever I found a Soli mushroom, in case I accidentally fell victim to spores.


  Whenever I found a new Soli mushroom closer to the center, I would summon Eden and repeat the standby command.


  I had previously instructed Hilde, ‘If I get hit by spores, bring Eden to me immediately and have him throw a Soli mushroom at me.’


  For example, if I fell victim to the Kulkul mushroom spores that forces one into a deep sleep, I would have fallen asleep defenseless without being able to use the Soli mushroom I had prepared. It was necessary to prevent such misfortune in advance.


  So when I fell into Rose’s trap, Hilde called Eden right away.


  “Don’t look down on me… A Grade E, commoner, like you… don’t look down on me…!”


  I sent another [Frostfire] her way. Of course, I adjusted the power to only cause moderate amounts of pain.




  Rose screamed as she was engulfed in the cold flames. Thanks to the [Basic Protection Magic] she had applied to her skin, she wouldn’t suffer a lot of damage, but it seemed she couldn’t escape the pain.


  As the cold flame subsided,


  Rose, lying on the ground, began to wriggle and whimper.


  “I’m sorry, I’m sorry… it hurts too much… Please, spare… spare me…”


  When I gazed down at her without responding, Rose grabbed the hem of my clothes and began to plead. 


  This should be enough.


  I didn’t want to waste any more time. 


  I turned around and began to move towards the center of Elt Island again.


  Then, Rose’s face contorted and slowly she started to regain her smile.


  “Ah, ah… Yes, indeed… you’re just like that… You’re scared because I’m a noble, right…? Hehehe…! You, you made a mistake…! Once I graduate from the academy… I’ll make you live in hell for the rest of your life…!”


「Ice Generation (Ice Element, ★1)」


  Wiiiiiii, crash─!




  I dropped the block of ice I had previously frozen in mid-air.


  Rose screamed once as the block of ice hit her on the head, and then she passed out.




  A sound indicating an exam failure came from Rose’s bracelet.


  Even the most arrogant nobles do not dare to say things like ‘Wait until I graduate from the academy.’


  It’s a disgrace that tarnishes the name of the family.


  There was also an unwritten rule that what happened in the academy should be resolved within the academy.


  To ignore even that, what a character.


  I really don’t have any affection for Rose.




  I quickened my steps with a stoic expression.





T/N: A couple term changes. Attribute -> Element, Evil Goddess of the Apocalypse -> Evil God of Destruction. There are other smaller changes as well.


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    Editor’s Note: A chilblain is a patch of swollen skin or blisters that appear on the skin due to prolonged exposure to cold air. They mainly appear on the hands and feet.
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