Demon-Limited Hunter Chapter 98

Chapter 98 - Joint Practical Evaluation (7)

༺ Joint Practical Evaluation (7) ༻


  In a cave covered in ice and a frigid chill.


  Second year student, Eve Ropenheim, could not believe what she had just witnessed.


  Two female students far stronger than Eve skillfully worked together with Isaac to fight against Professor Phiillip.


  Isaac even used 5-star spells nonchalantly and earned a complete victory, allowing him to clear the fourth gate with ease.


  Now… it reached a point where she questioned whether that was actually her younger brother.


  Eve stealthily chased after Isaac’s group.


  Since the messenger was destroyed, there was no one watching her currently, even if staff members were approaching this location.




  She was startled at the sound of someone breaking apart the earth from far away.


  She steeled her heart as she slowly walked out of the cave.




  Eve froze in her tracks.


  It was because a magic that was strong enough to give her goosebumps brushed past her skin.


  As she walked farther, she found a hole that led deep underground.


  Before she was able to examine it.




  Eve saw something squirming from inside as it engulfed the inside of the hole.




  A spell colored in a shade of red wine shined as beautifully as a ruby


  For Eve, however, its beauty only struck fear in her.




  Eve jumped back in surprise as she landed on her butt.


  She blocked her mouth with both hands in fear of letting out a sound.


  What… What exactly is going on down there?


  The spell suddenly calmed.


  Eve carefully looked into the hole. As she looked down, she only saw a very normal-looking underground cave.


  Cold sweat ran down her face as Eve swallowed dry spit.


  Below the hole in the silent cave… something dangerous awaited.



* * *


  As my unique trait [Hunter] deactivated, my body became heavy and my mana considerably decreased.


  How do I put it… It was as if a healthy young man became old and weak in a heartbeat.




  I waved away the ‘Level Up’ system message that appeared. Since I made the biggest contribution in eliminating the frog demon, I should have gotten a considerable amount of experience from it.


  Additionally, Isaac’s elder sister would not have been able to follow me here. Unless she had also cleared the fourth gate, the messenger would have blocked her way.


  Therefore, I only needed to focus on one thing.


  ‘This girl is the only problem left.’


  Dark Kaya’s vicious appetite.


  The Kaya in front of me was in her dark persona. I was starting to understand why Kaya the Ravenous decided to hide deep within Kaya’s heart.


  In the main story of ❰Magic Knight of Märchen❱, Dark Kaya was never able to taste any demons, so her appetite never changed drastically.


  However, in the Bad Ending 「Demon Queen」, Kaya clearly showcased her ravenous appetite.


  True to her name, Kaya the Ravenous ate anything and everything that she could get her hands on. As she grew in power, she became the most heinous demon.


  ‘The Kaya right now has already eaten Elphelt the Evanescent as well.’


  Just like how a domestic animal, such as a puppy, instinctually became more wild and feral after tasting blood.


  There was no doubt that after getting a taste of a demon, Kaya also started to reveal her gluttonous nature as her appetite for demons grew.




  ‘Was the reason for Dark Kaya hiding in the depths of Kaya’s heart because of her increase of appetite?’


  Perhaps Dark Kaya instinctively felt the danger.


  It made total sense if this was the reason why Kaya had been so hungry lately while never being able to feel completely satisfied.




  “I apologize for not being able to tell you, Sir Isaac.”


  She had an apologetic look on her face.


  “I wasn’t too certain even until yesterday… but now I understand clearly. I guess I have these sorts of bodily needs now. At least I finally satisfied them for a bit.”


  She must have had a lot of concerns and doubts about her body after feasting on all those demons.


  As such, I could understand why she looked so disturbed.


  “…Is that so.”


  “Huh? That’s it…?”


  Kaya seemed to have been surprised since I replied without much of a reaction.


  “Since we’re done, let’s go back.”


  “Sir Isaac. I said I ate dem-”


  “I know.”




  I turned around and started walking. She stood there, dazed for a moment. Her face looked like she couldn’t fully comprehend why I was being so casual about it.


  I mean, there wasn’t much to say anyway. I had already processed everything.


  ‘Yoooo demon eating power-up? That’s a win-win.’


  What’s wrong with eating demons? She ate it with magic anyway so why would I get disgusted?


  Anyway, if Kaya could get even stronger and fight the final boss with me, I couldn’t have asked for a better situation than this. 


  I guess there could be a problem after defeating the Evil God Nephid. Actually, that wasn’t really the case either.


  All she would need to do was eat meat with a high density of mana. The Astrea household should also have an easy time obtaining it as well. I didn’t really see a problem with this arrangement.


  Although this was embarrassing to say, she could even use the semen of a man with powerful mana to satisfy her hunger. Drinking it from either one of her lips would do the trick.


  ‘After all, this setting was hinted at during the gameplay of ❰Magic Knight of Märchen❱.’


  As such, there was no need to be concerned about the demonic appetite that her ravenous side possessed.


  “Uh, do you not feel disgusted hearing that?”


  “Why would I be disgusted?”


  “I ate demons just n-”


  “And? I’m not disgusted or concerned so don’t worry.”




  Kaya tilted her head as she seemed to ponder deeply about something. In the next moment, she brightened up with a smile as she giggled.


  It seemed like she was deeply relieved that her concerns were unfounded and quickly resolved.


  As she walked beside me, Kaya glanced up mischievously.


  “Then, Sir Isaac, since I helped you kill a demon, can I have a reward?”


  “What kind of reward?”


  “Holding my hand, kissing me on the cheek, wrapping me in your arms…! And much more if you so desire…”


  Whispering in a sly tone, Kaya softly touched her lower lips with her slender index finger.


  Her unique cutesy voice was the same as always.


  “Restrain yourself.”


  “…You’re so mean.”


  She seemed to be disappointed at my emotionless reaction as her lips started pouting.


  Like that, Kaya stared at me for a while.


  Then, she suddenly tilted her head towards me and let out a satisfied smile.


  “I love you even when you act like this.”


[Kaya Astrea]
Psychology: [in love with you.]


  Every time I used [Psychological Insight] on Kaya, I always flinched in surprise.


  I couldn’t possibly hate it when one of my favorite characters liked me this much.


  “She’s soooooooooo damn cute…”


  I carefully hid my grin to appear casual on the outside.


  However, on the inside, my mind was in turmoil and I was singing the national anthem to try and calm my racing heart.


  “…Sir Isaac!”


  Right when I was enjoying the moment, I suddenly felt magic rushing us.


「Ice Spear (Ice Element, ★4)」






  A spear formed from ice flew towards Kaya from above!


  It was such a sudden and unexpected event.


「Wind Generation (Wind Element, ★1)」




  Kaya channeled wind through her body as she quickly dodged.


  [Ice Spear] penetrated the ground. Judging by the angle, it was aimed a bit away from where Kaya previously was.


  Thankfully, it looked like it wasn’t meant to make a Kaya kebab.




  At that moment, I could see silver-blue hair flowing in the air.


  From the ceiling, a uniformed female student had wind wrapped around herself as she glided down. When she landed, she quickly stood between me and Kaya.


  Silver-blue ponytail tied to the side. Deep red eyes.


  ‘Elder sister?’


  Isaac’s older sister appeared out of nowhere.



[Eve Ropenheim]
Lv: 87
Race: Human
Elements: Ice, Wind
Danger: X
Psychology: [Intends to protect you from Kaya Astrea.]


  Eve had her back faced towards me as she cautiously analyzed Kaya. 


  “Isaac, are you okay?!”


  Okay or not, who do you think you are to even ask me that…?


  ‘What happened to the messenger? How did she chase me all the way here?’


  Judging from the timing, there was no doubt that Eve had come here without even clearing the fourth gate.


  But the messenger should have blocked her… Wasn’t it impossible for her to be here?


  ‘…No way, did it get destroyed in our fight with Professor Phillip?’


  It could be possible since the tug-of-war between Professor Phillip and Kaya was extensive and powerful.


  Why was it made so flimsy?


  “I can’t believe an existence with such sinister power… was hidden in the academy.”


  “Uh, what do you think you’re doing?”


  “N-no, what do you think you’re doing…!?”


  It felt bizarre to me.


  I could not understand why she suddenly appeared now of all times when she had been stalking me since forever ago.


  Kaya’s eyes started to fill with killing intent. However, Eve squashed her rising fear and maintained eye contact with Kaya.


  “S-someone like you doesn’t scare me at all okay?! Do you know Helga the Two-Headed Dog? That ferocious magic beast is my familiar! Also, I-i have 7-star protection on me, you know? If you lay a hand on me, uh, my subordinates hidden in the academy will know who you are! I also have reflection magic on me! I’m dangerous, okay?! If you attack me, you’re dead!”


  Her way of speaking was so childish…!


  It was so obvious that everything she said was a lie.


  Unfortunately, Eve’s voice was trembling as much as her legs were so she sounded extremely unconvincing.




  Kaya’s light green wind started to aggressively stir the surrounding area.


  It was magic so intense that its mere pressure felt like it would be enough to squash her. Eve must have felt terrified since her body started trembling even more violently.


  “…You seem to keep talking about me as if I’m a bad person.”


  “Y-you! Fuah! Y-you are just my junior! How dare you! Why don’t you hide that ominous magic first? I felt enormous amounts of it earlier. I sensed an aura of a demon and it’s obvious that your mana is reminiscent of a demon as well. It doesn’t take much to put two and two together. You’re a demon, right? Right, the Black Monster is also considered a demon…! You’re the Black Monster, aren’t you?!”


  Hearing Eve theorize conspiracy after conspiracy made my head pound. My hand automatically rose to face-palm myself.


  Eve Ropenheim.


  A silver-blue ponytail tied to the side and crimson eyes. From my memories, she was an NPC that everyone hated due to her pathological lies and delusional nature.


  Her two eyes were always lifeless and she never appeared sane.


  When she mentioned Helga the Two-Headed Dog, I recalled a cringe-worthy scene where she proudly showed a doll with two heads and proceeded to make it growl with her own voice.


  Obviously, no one remained within her vicinity. She always was, is, and will be a loner.


  ‘Isn’t her condition way better than what was shown in the game though?’


  The lies she was spouting right now could be considered cute. She looked nothing like the version of her in-game self, who was a pitiful person with her sanity already in shambles. 


  She pointed the staff in her hand towards Kaya.


  Actually, because her hand was shaking too much, she had to grasp it with both hands.


  Although her body was drenched in fear, her two eyes remained resolute. It looked like she had no intention of backing off.


  “Do you think I would ever trust a demon?! I don’t know what kind of nasty plot you’re planning, but if you touch my younger brother… I will never forgive you.”




  What is this?


  I fell into deep confusion.


  She won’t forgive anyone who laid a hand on me? It clearly meant that she was on my side.


  ‘Weren’t we on bad terms though?’


  Isaac hated his older sister. I didn’t know the exact situation, but the emotions I felt during the Trial of Frost could not be mistaken.


  Is there… some kind of misunderstanding?


  Let’s think about that later. At the very least, I had already deciphered the current situation.


  I should probably fix this first.


  “I don’t know who you are but… I can’t accept that you attacked me out of nowhere and tried to take Sir Isaac away from me. No matter what reasoning you bring forth, you are the one crossing the line right n-”


  “This person is my elder sister.”


  I put a hand on Eve’s shoulder and spoke clearly.




  Eve let out a shocked exclamation as she looked towards my face in embarrassment. She must have been startled when I touched her.




  Kaya replied with a puzzled look on her face as if she failed to comprehend the situation.


  For a while, her head rotated as she looked at both me and Eve alternatively. After noticing that we had similar features, her jaw dropped.


  Soon thereafter, her expression morphed into one of horror.


  As if she had sinned greatly, her complexion turned utterly pale.





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