Fated to Be Loved by Villains Chapter 147

Chapter 147 - Practical Exam (4)

༺ Practical Exam (4) ༻



  The path leading to the entrance was a gentle slope that stretched down under a hill.


  On our way down, an awkward silence loomed between Seras and Faenol.


  Well, they barely knew each other, so this wasn’t exactly a surprise. If anything,this was a common occurrence between two people that were merely acquaintances.


  But, both of them were aware.


  That the ‘current’ flowing between them was not so soft and mellow.   


  “…Perhaps I should be frank.”    


  Seras was the first to break the silence.


  Her next words flowed out of her mouth casually.


  “You’re affiliated with the Heretic Inquisition, aren’t you?”


  “And you’re someone from the Holy Land.”    


  As soon as that exchange happened, Seras sighed, holding her forehead.


  The Heretic Inquisition and the Holy Land. At a glance, the former sounded like an organization of the latter, but that wasn’t the case.


  In truth, they couldn’t stand each other.


  Because the way they dealt with Devils was utterly different.


  The Heretic Inquisition saw Devils as an inimical force to humanity and seeked to ostracize them at all costs. While the Holy Land believed it was better to ‘use’ Devils to their advantage.


  Furthermore, the Pope, especially, invested an astronomical amount of money in research related to Devils every year, which was an open secret among the superpowers.    


  “…You recognized me so quickly, huh?”


  “I’ve heard rumors about a Grand Assassin that serves under the Pope.”


  And, since those two were parts of such organizations…


  “I’ve heard you’re quite adept at creating corpses out of the innocents.”




  Them hurling such words, laden with poison, was quite a natural development.


  Hearing her words, Seras’ eyebrows twitched.


  One had to admit that the other woman’s insult was a refined one.


  It was one thing for the Pope to manipulate her like a pawn, leading to people’s deaths…


  But it would be a whole different story if she was insinuating that the very cause she was loyal to was utterly meaningless.


  “…I’ve heard a bit of a rumor too.”    


  Seras responded with a sharp voice.    


  “About a Devil’s Vessel being raised like a pet in the Heretic Inquisition.”




  “It’s origin is also quite contemptible too, or so I heard.”


  Faenol quietly closed her eyes.


  It didn’t seem like she was that affected by those words.    


  “And there’s another thing that I’ve heard.”


  Seras proceeded to go a step further, probably because…


  Faenol’s nonchalant appearance made her blood boil.    


  “About how you even stabbed your Master in the back. The same person who took you into the Magic Tower, a place the likes of you should have never been able to set foot in—”


  Right as Seras was about to continue, she immediately drew her dagger.


  She sensed a killing intent emanating from Faenol’s body. The aura rose immensely even before she could finish her sentence.




  But the absurd thing here was…


  The fact that the source of such killing intent, Faenol herself, seemed utterly bewildered by her own actions.


  “…I felt it.”    


  She muttered in a dumbfounded voice.    


  “I…felt it. Rage. This…what is this…what kind of—”




  ‘What in the world?’


  ‘Has she gone mad?’


  Seras watched Faenol muttering like a lunatic with an incredulous look.    


  “…It’s because of that man, isn’t it? Good… I’m…truly glad that I met him…”


  What was more baffling than that was the words that she uttered.


  Instead of the rage that should’ve erupted, she let out what sounded like a sigh of relief.


  While watching Faenol place her hands over her chest with a slightly flushed voice, Seras added to her words in an incredulous voice.    


  “…Are you Heretic Inquisitors all out of your minds?”


  “Who knows.”


  Faenol shrugged as she responded.    


  “By the way, there’s one thing you’ve mistaken, Grand Assassin. I don’t really belong to the Heretic Inquisition. Rather, I detest them.”




  ‘Then, what’s the point of us engaging in this war of nerves in the first place?’


  Seras glared at her with that thought, while Faenol continued her words with a faint smile on her face.


  “I can see it on you.”


  “What are you talking—


  “You’ll become one of those people rubbing themselves against that man. It’s so obvious.”




  Seras looked at Faenol with a dumbfounded expression.


  Before she could get angry, no, before she could even react, she realized the absurdity of those words.


  To insinuate that she would be fussing over that man. What on earth was that supposed to mean?    


  “What kind of nonsense are you—”    


  She tried to retort, but…    


  Despite her words, she could feel her heart throbbed painfully.






  ‘Just stay quiet, whatever you are.’


  With those thoughts in her mind, a blush appeared on her face. Meanwhile, Faenol threw her a knowing smile.


  That expression only twisted Seras’ already uncomfortable mood even further.    


  “Consider this as an advanced warning from a future competitor. It’s your fate to fall for him deeply, after all.”


  “…What nonsense.”


  “Think what you wish for now.”    


  Faenol replied in an even tone.    


  “After all, it’ll be fun to watch how deeply you fall for him eventually.”    


  ‘At the very least, no one had managed to escape such a fate so far.’    






  ‘One day, perhaps I will too.’


  As Faenol thought that with a faint smile…


  “…What an utterly pointless conversation.”    


  Seras grumbled and swept her hair back.    


  “Let’s quickly go and stop all the attackers from coming. Since we’ve come this war, let’s try not to be a nuisance to each—”


  Seras’ sentence ended abruptly.


  A rhythmical sound that went ‘Thump, thump’ was coming from the ground nearby.






  Both of them simultaneously lifted their heads.    


  “…What’s that noise?”


  “No way it’s something like a High-Grade Demonic Creature, right…?”


  As if to render such a conversation useless, they quickly identified the source of the noise.


  To give an advantage to the defenders, who had smaller numbers to begin with, they shaped the entrance to the exam grounds into a narrow gorge.




  There was someone who leaped over those two’s heads, practically flying through the air, ‘skipping’ the aforementioned terrain altogether.


  The thumping noise was the ground breaking apart each time that person slammed into it.    






  Seras and Faenol both fell silent.


  While stopping a regular student shouldn’t be too hard for them…


  That was a whole different case entirely.


  “…Should we have stopped that too?”






  Even two Devil’s Vessels like them weren’t enough of monsters to stop something like that.    



  [So, what are you going to do?]




  Fuck that. How could you even ask me that kind of question?


  I looked at Eleanor with an expression of disbelief, before glancing at the Chancellor in the stands over a distance away.


  Was this woman really going to cause such a scene in a place where a state dignitary attended? 


  […The other person must have let it pass too.]  


  Caliban let out a bitter laugh and said that.


  Fuck, yeah, that should be the case.


  In the game, Sullivan was portrayed as a typical schemer; Someone who bred dozens of snake pits to the point that she herself became the very definition of a snake. It was unthinkable that she was unaware of such ridiculous disguise.


  That was why…


  It meant that she also ‘condoned’ the antics that was currently unfolding.    


  “Then, I am coming.”    


  Together with such words…    


System Message

[ A moment of danger has been detected.]

[ Determined the situation as life-threatening. ]

[ Skill: Desperation raised to EX-Grade. ]


  In such a natural manner, Desperation was immediately set to EX-Grade.


  Well, it wasn’t like she’d actually kill me, but…


  The difference in our stats was just ridiculously immense.


  Even though I had recently been working out and improving my physical abilities, this woman was one of those people who’d rise to the peak of the world by merely using her physical capabilities!




  When I tilted my head back, horrified, Eleanor’s lightly thrown punch swept past.


  Lightly from the standard of someone who could change the entire landscape with a single sword strike, that was.


  “Eleanor, you do know that I could die if I get hit by that, right?!”


  “…Don’t worry. I precisely controlled it to a level that would only knock you out.”   


  Eleanor, who unleashed such a punch with a disgruntled look, replied with a pout.    


  “…And did I not already say that I am not Eleanor?”    


  You were still going with that bit?!


  What the fuck were you doing…!    


  [What else? She’s trying to establish her place by your side, obviously. You’ve been surrounding yourself with a lot of girls, haven’t you? It’s obvious that she’s feeling threatened by that.]




  [Why don’t you just let her squeeze you dry once? Be a man and take her for once. It isn’t like you hate it anyway.]    


  ‘You only said whatever the fuck you want because you aren’t involved in this!’


  ‘I already said it before, but my goal is to live with all six of the Devils who would approach me.’


  ‘If I were to do something like that with Eleanor now, I couldn’t even imagine where my plan would start to fall apart.’


  ‘Anyway, I can’t just let myself get sucked dry…!’    


  […You didn’t deny that you wouldn’t mind letting her sucking you dry.] 


  Of course I wouldn’t, I’m still a man!


  ‘Also, I know my place. Eleanor’s really pretty. Normally, someone like me could only dream to hold her hands, so ain’t no way I’m going to reject something like that willingly!’






  […That’s why I can’t hate you, no matter how retarded you act. At least you’re honest.]


  ‘Shut the fuck up.’    




  Like I said, I couldn’t just lose here.


  My goal aside, if I got a low score on the exam, who knew what the Chancellor would do. I didn’t want to unnecessarily kick the hornet nest.


  I dodged Eleanor’s relentless onslaught by using all the abilities in my arsenal.    


System Message

[ ‘Skill: Swordsman’s Focus’ Activated!]

[ Reaction speed and precision are increased! ]


  Fortunately, with this and Desperation buff, I at least felt like I could somewhat react to her attacks.


  Even as the scenery around me changed with every one of Eleanor’s strikes, I could somehow keep myself safe and without harm.


  I was the one who had previously played Yuria like a fiddle, yet still managed to dodge all her deadly attacks and run away. Though I ended up being sliced in half at the last moment, I still had the senses I honed then.


  The problem was that I lacked a proper means of attack…    


  [Didn’t you fight and win against a Demonic Creature at the level of an Ancient God before? Use that Law Technique or whatever you call it back then and—]


  ‘I can’t win even if I use that!’    


  Fighting Arts combined with Law Technique was something formidable in itself, but it would only be useful if the opponent got hit by it.


  Gathering and circulating Law Technique took time to begin with, and to hit someone moving that quickly, I’d have to rely entirely on my combat sense.


  And I was below average in that field, that was me putting it mildly.


  That was why…


  I had absolutely no means of winning this ‘duel’. Not a single one.    


  [Then what are you going to do?]    


  ‘There’s one way.’


  ‘I have to change the entire game.’   


  ‘…The answer lies in what you said earlier.’    


  Ultimately, Eleanor was doing this because she felt anxious about me being surrounded by other girls.


  To resolve this situation, I had to approach it while keeping that angle in mind.    




  I looked around.


  Because of the Chancellor, this test particularly had many ‘watching eyes’.


  Based on the reaction that Eleanor showed when I kissed her before…    


  Eleanor was very likely to be extremely concerned about those watching.    


  […Are you trying to do some gigolo bullshit again?]   




  ‘Language, please.’


  [You’re not denying it, huh.]




  [What did I tell you? I like the fact that you’re honest.]    


  ‘Shut up.’    





  It was often difficult to understand the thoughts of those in high positions.


  This was especially true for Chancellor Sullivan.


  Conrad looked at her with a puzzled expression, as if unable to understand what she was thinking.


  The amiable smile that she always wore was still on her face. 


  In fact, even though the Student Council President of Elfante was up to such selfish mischief, she didn’t even bat an eye.  


  ‘…Well, I do understand, but…’    


  Such pranks between seniors and juniors were not uncommon in the past.


  However, the problem now was that a figure comparable to the Empress was attending this event incognito.


  “…I apologize, Your Excellency. This exam has turned a bit chaotic.”


  “No, it’s fine. It’s good to see them being so lively.”




  ‘The problem is that they are a little too lively.’


  Conrad awkwardly smiled as he watched Eleanor sweeping around the area like a human-shaped typhoon.


  She had always been a promising individual, but now she seemed like a walking weapon of mass destruction.


  Among the knights on the frontlines, only someone like Margrave Kendride could even come close to handling such power. If not him, there was only the Sword Saint in the Imperial Palace.


  As such, though Dowd, despite being just a student, was showing incredible resilience, it was a clearly visible fact that he was barely avoiding death by a hair’s breadth.


  In fact, one individual seemed quite pleased with this spectacle.    


  “Ha, HAHA-!”    


  A male student, watching Dowd Campbell being pushed into a corner, burst into triumphant laughter.


  He was clearly delighted by that man’s misfortune.    


  “Look at him scurrying away? And he dares to call himself a man? What a pathetic retard!”    


  Hearing this, the Chancellor tilted her head and asked Conrad.    


  “Sir Conrad. Who is that man?”


  “That is… Brix Chester… The eldest son of the Chester County. He is the leader of the attack team for this exam.”


  “Ah, near Cornwall? It’s not that large of a county, so I forgot they had a son.”




  Right. For someone of her stature, the Chester County might as well not exist.


  Though why such a person would show this level of interest in a mere baron’s son was beyond understanding.    


  “I don’t know. His atmosphere seems a bit…frivolous. I might need to mention this to Count Chester later.”


  With that, Sullivan’s golden eyes momentarily filled with a chill.    




  Conrad observed such a sight without a word.


  Of course, the behavior of that punk might not look good objectively.


  But there was something that he had noticed since earlier.


  The fact that this woman seemed to overtly favor Dowd Campbell despite coming here to ‘inspect’ him? 


  ‘What is she really here for then?’


  As he pondered this, Dowd Campbell was increasingly getting cornered.


  He had barely managed to stay near the flag, but now that he was being pushed back, Brix was approaching in that gap to seize it.


  If the leader of the attack team captured the flag, the exam would immediately end. The defense team would receive harsh deductions.    


  “Yes, that’s it! Smash that bastard completely! Look at this freshman! How useful! I thought you were just some weird lunatic when you suddenly asked to join my attack team!”    




  As soon as Brix reached the vicinity while saying such words…    




  He was abruptly floored.    


  It was because Dowd had seemingly appeared out of nowhere and immediately sent his jaw flying.    


  “Don’t speak like that. If you don’t want to die.”




  Conrad couldn’t help but let out a burst of laughter when he saw that.


  Just now, that punk…


  Didn’t it kind of feel like he was ‘waiting’ for just the right moment to strike?


  It seemed like he could have done it so much earlier, though.


  Conrad sighed inwardly at this thought.


  “Speak like that about my woman again and you’ll die. Got it?”   


  Such words followed.


  Conrad knew Dowd’s usual behavior well enough to find this act laughably atrocious.


  But upon hearing those words, even the fierce attack of the Student Council President halted stiffly.    






  “My woman? W-What are you saying when t-there are o-other people looking-”


  Conrad internally sighed at the flow of this new conversation.    


  ‘…Was that what he was aiming for?’    


  Had he left Brix alone until now just to set the perfect stage for a dramatic confrontation?


  This guy was like a professional gigolo. How was he able to prepare something like that in such a situation?


  He chuckled inwardly at the thought.




  “…Sir Conrad.”    


  A voice that sent a shiver down his spine came from beside him.


  The warm smile that had always adorned Sullivan’s face…


  Had vanished in an instant.    


  “What exactly does he mean by ‘my woman’?”    


  Such a question trickled out of her lips in a low voice.    




  And the moment he heard that, Conrad realized.




  Something had gone terribly wrong.   



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