Fated to Be Loved by Villains Chapter 168

Chapter 168 - You'll Take Responsibility?

༺ You’ll Take Responsibility? ༻



  My consciousness slipped away.


  It felt like my whole body was continuously falling into a bottomless swamp.


  I couldn’t remember when it started and I had no idea when it would end; that was how long such a sensation lasted.


  Ever since I regained my senses, I had been in this state.


  First, I tried calling out to the two people who were always around me.    




  I received no answer.    




  This time too, no answer.


  The inability to communicate with the two people who were always mentally connected to me under the pretense that my mind was intact would only suggest one thing.


  Our soul-bound connection had been severed.


  In other words…    


  My soul had left my body.    




  Which meant I had entered the White Devil’s ‘Imprisonment’ Event that I tried so hard to avoid.


  There were a few reasons why it was considered the worst event.


  It forced you to enter an emergency event without any regards whether you were in the middle of the main event or not.


  The worst part of it was when you entered the event during a critical moment. You had no choice but to enter it whether you liked it or not. The fact that it could pop up randomly and out of nowhere also added to the dreadfulness of it.


  ‘…At least I’ve prevented my body from dying for now.’    


  Since I had used the Spirit Entity as a life support device, putting it as a substitute, at least I wouldn’t need to worry about dying anytime soon.


  It also meant that the Hero Selection would still be able to proceed while I was being trapped here.


  Even if I didn’t have my memories, my knowledge and ability to act shouldn’t be too different from my usual self, so it should work out somehow.


  With that thought, I continued to fall.    




  How much time had passed?    


  When I asked that question in my mind, a spark flashed in front of my field of vision.






  And a ‘world’ was suddenly created before my eyes.


  Along with bright light, my eyes took in all the information from my surroundings.


  This was a luxurious mansion, inside a spacious bedroom…


  And I was now lying on a large bed in one corner of such a room.    




  I looked around with a bewildered expression.


  Whenever Iliya got marked by the White Devil, the game would force an instant-death event to you, such as ‘Forced Summoning to Pandemonium’ or ‘Withstand the Mental Attack of the White Devil for More than 24 Hours’.


  So, why in the world was I summoned into such a peaceful place?    


  “…Wake up. Do you even know what time it is? Why are you still sleeping?”    


  Right as I was thinking that, such a voice came from in front.


  I sat up and looked around me, following the direction of the voice and found someone sitting at the table in front of me.  


  “Aren’t you an exclusively contracted servant? Then you should take care of the schedule of the one you are serving before starting the day’s work. Waking up later than me means you’re being negligent. Do you understand?” 


  There was a girl, sipping her tea as she spoke.


  A white one-piece dress covered her body. She had long black hair with bangs that covered one of her eyes. Her skin, pale as snow.


  The beauty she possessed was comparable to a piece of art, it was as if she was made of fragmented glass.


  I recognized her face very well.


  Well, if I were to take her current appearance and increase her age by ten years, then I’d say that I knew exactly who she was.


  But, well, this was a sad thing to say…


  The thing was, that punk I knew very well would never make such a…’dignified and composed’ face…


  Even her posture looked prim and proper. If I didn’t know better, I would probably think of her as a ‘noble lady’.


  Compared to her figure that I was familiar with; With her tattered rags, slouching in a corner of the warehouse…well, it wouldn’t be fair to make such a comparison…






  It was because of such a stark difference that I managed to figure out ‘what kind of situation’ I got myself into.


  “I heard this is our first time seeing each other’s faces.”    


  The girl spoke, slowly approaching me and extending her hand.    


  “However, please be careful so that this kind of situation does not happen again.”    


  Simultaneously, a window appeared before me.    


System Message

[ You are entering the Image World of target ‘Yuria’. ]


  This was…


  ‘Yuria’s’ past.


  The Yuria of the past, back before she started to wield ‘Severer’, the time period that the original game never properly covered.


  This was a story of a girl untouched by the filth of the world, back before she was isolated from the rest of the world.




  So this was how she looked like before she wielded Severer, huh?


  It was unimaginable to think that this was the same person as the hopeless loner that didn’t even have a single friend in her life.


  If I were to exaggerate her conditions a little, I could call her Little Eleanor.


  As I was thinking this, another window popped up.    


< Event Info >

▶Sweet Play◀

[ Persuade target ‘Yuria/White Devil’. ]

[ Your assigned ‘role’ is ‘Lady Yuria’s exclusively contracted servant’. Do not break character! ]

[ A time limit of 3 days is given. If you break character or fail to escape the Image World within that time, you will be trapped in the world in question forever! ]




  The fuck was all this gibberish? What were all those things supposed to mean?


  Persuade her? Assigned role? Not to break character? What the fuck did those words even mean?


  Why was the White Devil showing me this anyway?


  But, despite those questions…  




  Intuitively, I understood.


  I had somehow become this punk’s ‘exclusively contracted servant’. And if I were to deviate from that world, the result wouldn’t be pleasant.


  “…Hello, My Lady.”    


  That was why, what I needed to do was to play along for now.


  With that, I firmly grasped the hand that Yuria extended.


  “…?! —–!!!!”


  However, the moment I did so…


  As if being jolted by electricity, she jumped back before retreating. I swear I could hear her silent scream.


  When I looked at her in bewilderment, Yuria, whose dignified facade had shattered to pieces, yelled out in indignation.


  “…W-What do you think you are doing…?!”


  “…Weren’t you offering your hand for a handshake?”


  “When a lady extends her hand, you are supposed to lightly grasp only the very tips and kiss it! You fool! Idiot! Barbarian!”




  Seeing her tightly-closed eyes well up with tears while shrieking, I was at a loss for words.


  Was that how it was?


  “Holding it t-that tightly is s-something t-that only lovers can—!”    


  Yuria was about to say something, but her body suddenly recoiled in shock, as she covered her own mouth.    


  Then, with her eyes tightly shut, she blurted out words at a rapidfire pace.    


  “…F-Forget it! I-I don’t know! H-Hurry up and get ready. Today is a very busy day, after all!”




  I silently watched Young Yuria dash out of the room with a Swoosh-.


  ‘…Now, this seems more like the Yuria I know.’  


  She was so sensitive to physical touch, just like what I was familiar with.


  Well, I never tried to touch her before, but I always felt like if our skin grazed even a little, she’d react the same way.




  Anyway, that aside…


  First and foremost, I needed to gather information about the current situation.


  Only then might I understand why the White Devil had placed me here.    


  ‘…An exclusively contracted servant, huh?’   


  As I stepped out of the bed, I mused over the term.


  Just as Yuria said, I’d probably become really busy because of the position.


  And it definitely wouldn’t be surprising if I were to get involved in some kind of strange incident through the process.



  “…So, are you trying to say that I shouldn’t let those women meet each other at the same time?”


  [Yes. No matter what, don’t do that.]




  Walking down the corridor, Dowd frowned slightly at the suggestion.


  He was on his way back to his quarters after receiving a vague confirmation from Dame Indra that it was okay to check out of the infirmary.


  No matter how much he asked why such an action would be dangerous, Caliban remained silent, hence his reaction.    




  Dowd scratched his head in dissatisfaction and sighed.


  It was obvious to anyone that he was being advised not to delve too deeply into his past. As such, he could not help but react in such a manner.    


  “…Then for now, I’ll head back to my quarters and think about it there.”


  [Good. Well thought.]    


  As soon as he returned back to his accommodations…


  Dowd encountered Riru, who seemed to be waiting for him, with a dumbfounded expression.


  It seemed she was waiting in front of his room.    




  What. Why? Again?


  What now?


  Perhaps Dowd’s thoughts were too apparent on his face, seeing as how Riru spoke up with a frown.    


  “What’s with that face? It’s like you’ve seen a ghost or something.”


  “…N-No. It’s nothing.”    


  Dowd forced a smile, barely managed to respond.


  Riru gave him a weirded out look, but instead of pressing the issue further, she handed him a bag.


  Inside were neatly packed snacks and a few simple medicines.    


  “Here, to celebrate your discharge. I’ve brought a few things that are commonly used in the Tribal Alliance.”




  “Don’t push yourself too hard. You still have to participate in the Hero Selection in your current state. Dame Indra said that you’re okay, but still…take care of yourself.”




  “…What’s with your face this time?!”    


  Tears welled up on Dowd’s face, prompting Riru to exclaim in horror at the sight.


  ‘Seriously, what’s wrong with him?! Was it really something to be so moved about?!’ 


  “…Excuse me, Miss Riru.”


  “Just call me Riru, ‘Miss’ is too formal.”


  Hearing how she was addressed with honorifics, she waved her hands in disgust. Upon seeing that, Dowd’s face relaxed as he patted his chest in relief..


  After all, unlike others, this woman clearly didn’t harbor twisted desires toward him. The vibe that she exuded was that of a ‘best friend’.


  Since that was the case…


  He figured that it would be okay for him to ask this question.   


  “…W-We’re just friends, right?”




  At that moment, Riru’s expression instantly turned rotten.




  ‘Friends, huh…?’


  ‘For some reason, the word felt incredibly unpleasant…’


  ‘My relationship with him should be more…um…’




  ‘…Should I just outright deceive him?’    


  Such wicked thoughts wriggled its way into her mind.


  After all, Dame Indra did say he was in quite a gullible and naive state.    






  Riru slapped her own cheek with a loud smack.    


  ‘…What in the world am I thinking?’    


  ‘Did I not decide to compete fairly?’


  ‘I wouldn’t stoop so low! Scamming him or whatnot!’


  She could figure the blue figure behind her clicking her tongue, but that wouldn’t be enough to shake her reso—


  “You’re different from the others, right? We’re just friends, right…?”


  “…The others?”




  When Riru responded blankly, Dowd stepped back in utter shock.


  Anyone could see that he had realized he made a mistake. As such, Riru narrowed her eyes and stepped closer.    


  “What about the others? What did they tell you?”






  ‘Some of those women definitely approached him and told him that they were more than just ‘friends’.’




  ‘No, they aren’t women. They’re just vixen-like bitches.’


  ‘And here I am, trying to play fair, but those bitches dared to throw away all their conscience and do whatever they pleased—!’


  “…Did I perhaps also behave… inappropriately towards Miss Riru?”    


  And when she heard Dowd’s anxious query after such wrathful thoughts she had….


  Riru’s heart sank with a thud.


  For some reason…


  For some odd reason…


  Seeing him so ‘vulnerable’…


  Stirred up a mischievous desire she had originally decided not to indulge in.


  If this guy, who was usually so immaculate and meticulous, showed such a ‘clingy’ demeanor towards her…


  If he showed a ‘possibility’ that indicated she could have her way with him…


  Riru swallowed dryly.    




  On top of that, if she considered how the others had already made their moves without giving a damn…




  “…What if we had that kind of relationship? Then what are you going to do?”    


  Maybe just once…


  Couldn’t she also take such ‘deviant’ actions?


  Dowd’s expression instantaneously turned to one of deep grief. His face practically crumpled in despair before he weakly drooped his head with tightly-shut eyes.     






  At the whisper-like voice, Riru leaned her ear closer to catch what he was saying.    


  “I said, I’ll take…responsibility. Even though I do not know what I did to Miss Riru…”




  “Whatever it may be, I will definitely…take full responsibility…!”    




  ‘Is that so?’


  Riru’s breath quickened slightly.


  Warmth spread across her face, as well as her entire body. A smile involuntarily formed on her lips.    




  Simultaneously, Riru flung open the door to Dowd’s personal room.


  Then, before he could say anything, she threw his body onto the bed.


  She quickly climbed on top of Dowd, who was sprawled on top, and immediately pinned his arms down with both her hands.    


  “…Miss Riru?”    


  Such a voice emerged from Dowd, who was held beneath her.


  Almost as if…


  His voice was laden with slight fear.


  Riru’s entire body heated up even more. Her heart raced faster than usual and her lower abdomen became hotter.


  “W-Why are you doing this…?”    


  A sadistic urge arose from within her.


  Compared to his usual know-it-all, conceited demeanor…


  His vulnerable look as she pinned him under her…


  Made him look more defenseless…more feeble…


  As if he would go along with whatever she decided to do with him.


  “…What did you do to me, you ask?”


  Heat coursed through her body. It flared passionately.


  She herself wasn’t sure what kind of words that came out of her mouth…


  As she only let herself drown in her own desire.


  “You asked me to ‘raise your child’.”    


  That was the truth.


  While it was a very, very nitpicky thing to say and she skipped a lot of hoops, her words weren’t a lie.


  Dowd’s face turned into one of sheer horror.    


  “Just a moment ago, you said…”    


  A grin formed in Riru’s face   


  “…That you would take responsibility, ‘whatever it may be’, right?”    


  There was not a shadow of a doubt.


  It was the smile of a savage beast eyeing the prey right before her eyes.     



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