Fated to Be Loved by Villains Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - Assassination Attempt (1)

༺ Assassination Attempt (1) ༻


  “Communication to the outside seems to be completely blocked.”


  Eleanor spoke after examining the devices around her.


  “Don’t worry too much. I’m sure the Academy is taking measures as well.”


  Of course, the reason why the students weren’t freaking out was because of Eleanor, who was calmly controlling the situation.


  Well, it was more like her expression hadn’t changed at all since earlier. Was she even capable of expressing her emotions?


  “Then do we just have to wait here?”


  A particular anxious student with a small build asked this. Looking at his wand and robe, he was probably an aspiring student of the Magic School.


  “No, I don’t think so.”


  Iliya, who had been silent the whole time, spoke with her arms folded.


  She continued with a smile as Eleanor turned towards her.


  “We should probably move from here soon. It might be a big problem if we don’t. Don’t you agree?” 


  “What do you mean?”


  “I am sure the President noticed it, too. We’re not the only ones here.”


  Eleanor’s expression slightly distorted at those words.


  Seeing this reaction, the students were puzzled. These two seemed to have already figured out the situation.




  How did they do it?


  I had a mission window, and that’s why I knew. Were they some kind of martial arts masters from those cultivation novels?


  I guess they’re the main character and the final boss for a reason.


  “It seems that they’re not here for a friendly exchange considering that the Student Council President is here.”


  “What are you saying?”


  “The President belongs to a prestigious family. I reckon that’s a good enough reason to think so.”


  While it might sound like talking about criminal activities targeting high-ranking nobles, Iliya was actually mocking Eleanor.


  The Tristan Family committed evil deeds like breathing, and that was why trouble naturally followed them.


  Seemingly to have interpreted it that way, Eleanor’s gaze cooled.


  “You better choose your words carefully, freshman.”


  “Ah, I wasn’t referring to anything.”


  Iliya innocently smiled at Eleanor’s reaction.


  Now that I think about it, she was also pretty clever in the original game. She knew how to handle people.


  “Anyway, wouldn’t it be better to move somewhere than wait here?”


  “…I think so, too.”


  The biggest male student in the group said in a heavy voice.


  Looking at his getup, he seemed to be a barbarian from the eastern territories of the Empire. The large ax hanging on his back was impressive.


  “The atmosphere is certainly not good. We don’t know what’s going to happen, so I think we should move to a more favorable terrain.”


  The expressions of the other students gradually changed in response to his words.


  However, they weren’t scared. Rather, they looked like they were preparing themselves for whatever might come.


  Seeing that everyone quickly adapted to the situation, it was clear that they were top-tier students.


  And if you look closely at the members, they were definitely not just random no-names.


  Warrior Luca, Mage Falco, Healer Trisha, Marksman Grid. Then you add Iliya, the leader who also doubles as the Hero.


  ‘The original Hero Party.’


  Considering the story’s progress, this was their first meeting.


  They showed great chemistry and teamwork in the exam and ran as a party all the way through.


  In other words, all the people here were part of the story except me.




  Well, then.


  I can just proceed with the plan I came up with.


  “The central hall seems to be the best option.”


  When I opened my mouth, all eyes focused on me.


  Regardless, I continued to point to the map of the building next to me.


  “There’s various equipment and first-aid supplies inside, and there’s also a lot of space. It will be much better than a corridor prone to surprise attacks.”


  Everyone seriously nodded, probably because it was the most sensible choice. So far, everyone seemed convinced.


  The problem was this.


  “And I will go here.”


  When I pointed to a completely different place on the map, silence covered the surroundings.


  The silence was so heavy that it took a long while for someone to ask a question in an absurd voice.


  “…Why are you going there alone?”


  “Because I need to.”


  “But why?”


  “There’s a reason for it.”


  I probably look like a madman right now. In an event where a fight could break out at any time, I was insisting on acting alone.


  I also didn’t answer why. I don’t want to.




  Because I’m going alone.




  And no, I didn’t forget that the mission was to protect Eleanor.


  However, let’s think for a moment here. Common sense, if you will.


  ‘Would that woman need protection?’


  She was the Final Boss who could defeat the Hero Party, including the main character, alone.


  Why should I risk my all-stat F ass?


  Why not just let them handle everything and hide somewhere until the situation was resolved?


  “I can’t reveal it now, but it’s important. I’ll explain it later.”


  I declared in a firm, serious voice.


  Ah, it’s technically not a lie.


  After all, what could be more important than saving my life?




  “It worked.”


  I murmured as I walked in a dark corridor.


  I was worried if it would work, but it seemed that defeating Iliya on one punch had an effective impact. As expected, does credibility come from performance?


  The goal was to hide until the event was over. In the first place, Eleanor was the assassins’ target. There was a high probability that they wouldn’t even care about me.


  I’ll just quietly enjoy myself somewhere, like pass some time—


  “Wait, student!”


  —Well, that’s not happening now.


  It seems that I, indeed, have bad luck.


  Thinking inwardly, I looked at where the voice came from.


  A middle-aged man rushed towards me.


  “You’re really alive…!”


  Soon, he arrived in front of me.


  On his chest was a faculty nameplate. He looked like he was having a hard time moving because of the darkness.


  His movements did seem uncomfortable.


  “Can you escort me somewhere? I’ll ask others for help.”


  “…But isn’t the power in the building cut off?”


  “Ehei, fixing something as simple as this is a piece of cake for me. Shouldn’t we restore it first?”


  I looked at the faculty member without answering.




  This man…


  [ Danger Detected. ]


  [ Hostility detected, no direct threat yet. ]


  [ Skill: Desperation raised to F Class. ]


  He was blatantly lying without batting an eye.




  ‘An assassin?’


  If there’s hostility coming from someone in this situation, what other things could they be?


  No, shouldn’t they be after the MC’s group that I had sent to another place? Why was I meeting an assassin like this?


  My bad luck was simply impeccable.




  I answered with a forced smile.


  Still, I think I can make do with this.




  ‘This is easier than I thought.’


  Hasmed thought as he looked at the student in front of him.


  The man looked like an ordinary student without any particular features. It was foolish of him to be deceived so easily without having any doubt.


  Of course, even a quick-witted person would easily fall for Hasmed’s performance, so you really can’t blame the kid.


  Crescent Moon’s Hasmed.


  The head of this assassination squad.


  He was a famous face-changing assassin, known for perfectly copying his victim’s identities.


  And his next target was this student.


  ‘If I’m a fellow student, even that Tristan girl won’t expect it.’


  He had heard that an earlier team had already been caught and wiped out by that devil-like woman.


  However, even such a human being should lower her guard towards a student.


  Even now, Hasmed disguising himself as a faculty has worked flawlessly against this student.


  “So, this is the equipment room.”


  Hearing this, Hasmed insidiously smiled on the inside.


  Making this student guide him was all for evaluating their skill.


  A professional assassin such as him could easily figure out a person’s level just by observing their movements.


  This guy was a total noob.


  Killing him was the same as butchering chickens.


  ‘Yosh, let’s seize this guy’s body and kill Lady Tristan.’


  Info said that Lady Tristan and the other students were gathered at the central hall.


  Once they’re distracted by his subordinates, it would be very easy to sneak in as this guy.


  “Is that so?”


  Hasmed smiled and pulled something out.


  “You’ve worked hard. I’ll give you a reward.”


  He lifted his blade and said in a dreary tone.


  Of course, said reward was death.


  At this point, the victims usually ask questions, then deny the situation, and finally panic and fear.


  He enjoyed such reactions the most—


  “Ah, thank god, it’s Hasmed.”




  However, the student in front of him just thanked god…


  Obviously, this guy wasn’t asking questions nor was he panicked, let alone scared.


  On the contrary, he was wiping his forehead with a sigh of relief.


  “It could have been dangerous if it was someone who was only mediocre, how lucky~.”


  “…What the hell are you talking about?”


  “I wasn’t sure at first so I hesitated. Honestly, a mediocre guy would’ve been more dangerous for me. I probably would’ve ran away if you weren’t that strong, you know?”




  “Rhinitis, shaking fingers, weird walk… It’s relieving to see the habits I knew.”




  Hasmed’s face hardened.


  This guy was also scrutinizing him.


  This was unexpected.


  He was always hunting others, but now he was in a position where he was being hunted by his prey!


  ‘I can’t let this guy die easily.’


  Hasmed had to make him spit out how he knew all that before killing him.


  After vowing so, Hasmed rushed immediately.


  Even if the other person knew all that, his combat power remained nil. Hasmed planned to finish him in one go!


  “Let’s see, Desperation is at an A Grade…”


  However, this guy was acting strange, mumbling unknown sounds despite Hasmed rushing at him.


  He even picked up a stick on the ground nearby as if it would do something.




  He sneered inwardly and swung his blade for a fatal blow.




  The scene that followed was completely beyond his expectations.







Fated to Be Loved by Villains

Fated to Be Loved by Villains

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