Gyeongseong’s Hunter Academy Chapter 26

Gate Tour

“The late bird…… wakes up!”

Good morning! However, I didn’t wake up until about 10 o’clock, long after the sun had risen.

Yesterday, Monday, I returned to the boarding house after only eating at school because I was still suffering from the effects of having had my blood drained, and I went straight to sleep as soon as I returned to the empty boarding house. And because of that,

“Completely recovered! Perfect Shirabayashi!”
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After taking medicine and getting some good rest, I recovered completely. Although my skill level was low, my ability to recover seemed better than that of my 21st-century self.…… Is this youth?

‘Shall I get going to school, then.’

Although vocational schools weren’t universities, they were still higher education institutes at the level of universities. So classes weren’t compulsory like in other middle or high schools. And on top of that, morning periods were common and theory classes, so if I mastered the terminology and did well on tests, it would be enough.

But I needed to attend the afternoon major classes, so I got up.

‘Urgh, so annoying…….’

I had gotten up, but I was already discouraged by the thought of having to go down that hill and wondering whether to take the bus or a taxi to school. Going to school was probably the most annoying task for a student in any period…….
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But I heard the front gate of the boarding house creak open outside the room. I opened the door and looked out. There were men in black suits. They were Shimazu Gumi members and, more specifically, Takahiro’s immediate subordinates.

‘What’s going on?’

And after them, Ham Won-sam, the owner of the boarding house, and his daughter, Ham Seo-ju, followed through. Ham Seo-ju saw me and asked, delighted.

“Oh my! Mister!…… You didn’t go to school?”
“Yeah. I was about to head out. Anyway, your father was discharged?”
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I looked at Ham Won-sam, who was sitting on the veranda.

“Are you better?”
“Oh, you. Can’t you tell? I got better a while ago! I mean, all I had were just a couple bruises in the first place…….”

He continued,

“Yeah, those Shimazu guys came to me saying they were sorry with their sumimasens, and thanks to them, I even got to check out the hospital for free and even get attended to…… And they even brought us in a car back home! Haha! When would I ever get to be treated like this?…….”
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As he said, a black luxury car was parked outside the gate. It seemed they had brought Ham Won-sam and his daughter back home after he got discharged.

But I couldn’t see Takahiro. If he was there, I would have at least said hi……. I asked one of the subordinates about to leave through the gate.

『Where’s Takahiro?』
『Ah, Lady Shimazu was expecting a visitor, so the Vice-Branch Manager went to pick the guest up. Young master.』

I didn’t know if it was through Takahiro’s or Renka’s orders, but even Takahiro’s men called me “young master” and spoke formally to me. Anyway, a guest at Renka’s house?

Well, it was none of my business. I asked the union member.
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『Hey, you’re going back to your office, right?』
『Then, I want you to do me a favor.』

Even if Takahiro was no longer attending to me, considering these guys were still calling me “young master” and speaking formally to me, I thought there would be no harm in making some use of them.

I smiled at the guy that was rolling his eyes, wondering what I was about to ask, and said.

『Could you drop me off at the school on your way to the office?』


Having arrived at school comfortably by car, I leisurely attended my afternoon major classes.
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A lecture hall reminiscent of a martial arts dojo, where the swordsmanship class is taught.

I arrived in time, changed into my dobok(note: Korean for martial arts uniform), and sat down like the other students when I started to hear murmuring around the place.

『It’s that guy……!』
『Eh, that guy? Was it Shirabayashi? The guy that slapped Lady Shimazu in the cheek last week?』
『I’m telling you, it’s him. I saw it myself. And that Lady Shimazu even apologized.』
『No way! What even is their relationship?』
『How would I know……! But according to rumors……』
『Come to think of it, isn’t he the guy that made Murasaki kneel down after the duel last week?』
『They say he’s a Joseon person even if his name is like that……』

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Now that I thought about it, it was Saturday morning that I slapped Renka. And then I left school in the morning, and yesterday, Monday, I was in the infirmary all morning, then ate with my squad members and went straight back to the boarding house,

So today was the first time I met other students since the incident with Renka. It seemed rumors had spread during my absence.

Shocking! A Joseon person that slapped Lady Shimazu in public and even received an apology?!

‘……Thinking about it, I went too far.’
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No matter how angry I was at the time, slapping Renka was completely uncalled for. Besides, Renka apologized for it, and I forgave her.

Since I slapped her in front of the other students, it would be better for me to apologize to her privately.

‘Anyway, is Renka not taking this class?’

The morning common classes are held by class, but the afternoon major classes were taken according to each student’s major, regardless of their class. However, last week, and even now, I had not seen Renka in the afternoon swordsmanship class.
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Considering she uses a sword, didn’t she have to take this class too?

‘Or does she not need to take this class since she’s already mastered swordsmanship……’

The only time I had seen Renka wield her sword was on the first day I woke up, when she cut the Tetrapod – or Takoashi, as they were called in this period – with a single slash,

That level of ability would be more than enough to make her a Hunter in the 21st century.

On top of that, she had probably mastered her swordsmanship, not by fighting beasts from the beginning but by practicing against people, going step by step. Then she certainly had no need to take such an introductory swordsmanship class.

‘On the other hand, me…….’
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Since I had learned swordsmanship by fighting against monsters inside the Gates from the beginning, I was okay with using my sword against monsters, but I couldn’t use it against people.

By this, I mean not that I would lose against someone in a swordfight, but that I wouldn’t be able to win without cutting them.

So, I needed to slowly learn swordsmanship from the very basics,

『Ichi, ni (one, two)! Ichi, ni!』

I practiced my basic posture in sync with the command, swinging my sword and slashing the air.
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The class was set up so that students that knew how to handle the sword better were put into pairs to spar, and those who were less experienced were taught basic posture lessons by Professor Kenryu. I joined the second group to learn the basics step by step.

『Ichi, ni! Ichi, ni!』
『Hey! Shirabayashi!』

As I was practicing my posture, swinging my sword in place, someone called me harshly.

『Let’s duel again!』
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It was Murasaki. Looking at his face about to burst, he had probably been holding a grudge since last week’s duel.

‘Is he that upset about losing to me?’

Murasaki snorted, wanting to fight me, but I politely refused.

『No. I’m going to learn the basics. I’m still lacking in the basics.』
『What? Basics……』
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At my words, he made a face as if what I had said was ridiculous,

『You! Are you making fun of me, saying I lost to a guy that doesn’t even know the basics?! Fuzakeruna (Don’t mess around)! Deme (You)!』

He shouted as he rushed at me with his sword in one hand. Of course, I just avoided him lightly,

『Ken o motte (Raise your sword)!』

He said, still not getting tired, as he rushed in. At this point, I thought, ‘Should I seriously just break a leg or two for him to stop?’ when,

『Murasaki Kenji-kun!』
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With a loud roar, Professor Kenryu, the old swordsman who was correcting the other students’ posture, came up and walked up to him,


And with his thick hand, he slapped Murasaki’s cheek.

『What do you think you are doing to a cadet who is practicing his kata(型)?!』
『No, but, sensei! I just-』

Professor Kenryu yelled once again at Murasaki, who was grasping for excuses.
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『Shut up! If you can’t control your temper like that, you can duel me!』
『Raise your sword! I’ll give you an advantage and use a wooden sword!』

Murasaki was taken aside by Professor Kenryu,

『Argh! S-sensei! It hurts!』
『Your head is unguarded!』
『Your waist!』
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Like that, Professor Kenryu began beating Murasaki with his wooden sword relentlessly.


Now with a spectacle and no distractions, I swung my sword with greater peace of mind.

『Ichi, ni. Ichi, ni……』

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After the afternoon major classes ended, I looked around for my squad members. Of course, I looked for everyone except for Murasaki, who was still hanging around with his gang.

The reason why I looked for my squad members was, of course……

‘The Gate!’

It was to go check out the Gate, or Spirit Door, that opened up outside Dongsomun. My purpose was, of course, not just to check it out, but to go in alone without the other guys, but acting together would be good to improve teamwork.
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First, I joined up with Song Byung-oh, finding him at the shooting range, and then I found Lee Yu-ha and Aikawa in the dormitory and greeted them in the Joseon language.

“……? Cheol-yeon.”

I asked Lee Yu-ha, who still didn’t understand my greeting.

“How are you feeling?”

Lee Yu-ha answered with a gentle smile.

“How is it that thou wouldst ask how I am every time we meet? I have completely recovered now. Even Mr. Heuk-byeon…… I mean, Mr. Kurobe has told me I am completely cured.”
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Lee Yu-ha was still more familiar with reading the Chinese characters in Korean rather than using Japanese names, so she had called professor Heuk-byeon before correcting herself and saying Kurobe.

Anyway, it was good that she had recovered completely. I went straight to the point.

“You heard a Spirit Gate opened outside Dongsomun, right? We’re going to check it out today. Want to come with us?”
“Will, perhaps, Ms. Yang also come?”

Lee Yu-ha’s expression changed, and she asked if Yang Bok-ja would be coming with us. But, since it was Yang Bok-ja who had suggested we should go check it out, it was only natural that she would be coming with us.
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“Then I shall not go. You may go between yourselves.”

Lee Yu-ha said firmly, turning her head. Hmm. It seemed things were still awkward between them. I asked Aikawa.

『Aikawa, what about you?』
『I’m talking about the Spirit Gate outside Dongsomun. Want to come with us?』
『Eeh, I, I…… It’s too scary.』

The timid Aikawa put her hands together, startled, saying she didn’t want to go because she was scared. Then, it was just me, Yang Bok-ja, and Song Byung-oh that would be going.
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As Song Byung-oh and I left through the school gate and made our way down the path to the school, Yang Bok-ja was already waiting for us with three rickshaws.

“Shirabayashi-kun! So-kun! Here here! Kotchi kotchi!”

Yang Bok-ja, who saw us in the distance, jumped up and down as she waved. Song Byung-oh turned his head and murmured.

“That’s a bit…… Embarrassing. A grown-up girl…… Sigh.”

As Song Byung-oh said, it was a bit embarrassing to see Yang Bok-ja, who was especially well-developed compared to other girls, jump like that. Anyway,

‘A rickshaw, huh.’
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It had already been a week since I had woken up in this era, but riding on rickshaws drawn by people still felt somewhat wrong.

And maybe I felt even worse because I lived with Ham Won-sam, a rickshaw puller. I gave a few coins to the rickshaw pullers that Yang Bok-ja had held up and sent them back.

“Oh my, thank you, sir!”
“Eh! Shirabayashi-kun? Why are you sending them off?”

After sending the rickshaw pullers off, I spoke to Song Byung-oh and Yang Bok-ja, who was bewildered, unable to understand what was happening.

“Let’s take a taxi. I’ll pay for it.”
“Hah, you seriously have a lot of money…….”

To be precise, it wasn’t me who had a lot of money, but my father who did.…… Saying this made me seem like I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth or something, but it was the truth.
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Anyway, since I was now holding my father, Baek No-pyeong’s leash through Chun-wol, Gye Chun-hee, I didn’t need to save up much money. Money is there to be used.

We took a taxi and headed to Dongsomun.

Then, as the taxi headed south, passing through Hyehwajeong-gil and crossing Dongsomun, we could see the issue over the rice fields.

“Ne ne! Shirabayashi-kun! I think it’s there!”
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Yang Bok-ja, riding in the back seat, made a fuss. Sitting in the passenger seat, I looked back and said.

“……Yang Bok-ja, could you please call me Baek Cheol-yeon when we’re not in school?”
“What! This is more comfortable! And I also told you, Shirabayashi-kun, to Tomiko yonde tteba(call me)!”

A sphere fluctuating in indescribable colors was floating in the middle of a rice field outside Dongsomun. A Gate, a Spirit Gate in this era’s words.

We got off the taxi and headed to where the Spirit Gate was. Song Byung-oh raised his glasses as he said.
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“I don’t know if we came to see the Spirit Gate or people!”
“Seriously, yoku mienai na(I can’t see it well)—”

Yang Bok-ja said as she waddled, standing on tiptoes. As they said, it was hard to see the Spirit Gate because it was surrounded by many people and covered by the temporary tents around it. I looked around and said.

“Let’s go see it from up there.”

We climbed up the old fortress wall connected to Dongsomun. The view was much better on top of the overgrown walls than when we were on the ground.

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I carefully looked at the Spirit Gate in the middle of the rice field and its surroundings.

‘Is there anywhere to sneak in…….’

Soldiers surrounded the Gate, and various temporary tents were built around it. And countless Yeopsas that came from all around.

I kept looking while I wondered how I could get in when Song Byung-oh, looking at the gate from my side, murmured.

“The ODC’s stock price is probably going to rise again!”

Yang Bok-ja chimed in.

“That’s why my father bought shares of the ODC! It never drops!”
“Hah! Using money to play with money! The bourgeoisie……”

The ODC.
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The soldiers were surrounding the Gate, but the people selecting and letting Yeopsas in were people from the ODC, the Oriental Development Company.

‘THAT Oriental Development Company, here?’

It was that Oriental Development Company, the same one I had seen in textbooks on modern and contemporary history in the 21st century. The national enterprise was established by Japan to exploit the land and resources of Joseon.

And there was something new I had learned through school classes and books these past few days.

In this era, in addition to land and resources, they managed the Gates that showed up in Joseon. This meant that Spirit Gates that opened up in Joseon land was owned by the ODC.

The surveyors and Yeopsas affiliated to the ODC were the first to go into the Gate to determine its type and size, and then Yeopsas from other unions or individual Yeopsas were subcontracted to wipe out the monsters.

The Spirit Gate was taken on in this way, and the ownership was later divided between different Yeopsa unions based on how much each had contributed to defeating the monsters and other factors, but ultimately it was still managed by the ODC.

‘If the Shimazu Gumi had taken ownership of this Spirit Gate, I would have asked Renka somehow, but now that’s difficult…….’

In front of the Spirit Gate, an ODC employee checked the Yeopsas’ licenses before letting them in. There didn’t seem to be any way to sneak in.

But I found something peculiar while watching the scene and asked.
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“Hey, look over there. Why are those people just getting let in?”

Some people were let in without getting their licenses checked. They weren’t even well-dressed Yeopsas, and most of them looked shabby.
Yang Bok-ja answered.

“Shirabayashi-kun, you don’t know? Those are 「nakashi」! In other words…… they’re porters!”

When I asked back, Song Byung-oh spoke, raising his glasses.
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“Baek Cheol-yeon, lad, even if you haven’t seen a genba(scene) before, you lack common sense in unexpected areas! Obviously, shouldn’t there be someone to follow around and tetsudai(assist) the Yeopsas?”

When I heard this, I looked back at the scene and saw that after the Yeopsas who had their licenses checked to enter the Gate, all the shabby-looking people that went through behind their respective Yeopsa without a license check were carrying bags or boxes in their hands or backs.

‘……That’s it! Porter!’

Although the Yeopsas were checking one by one, the “porter” brought by the Yeopsa was not searched or inspected as if they were the property of the Yeopsa.

‘That’s it!’

I had found an unexpected way to enter the Spirit Gate.
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At the same time, with a flash of light, a piece of bamboo is cut across.


The top of the horizontally cut bamboo target fell off, and soon a fire roared from the cut cross-section. However, Renka wasn’t as satisfied as usual.


Due to the news of an unexpected guest coming, her troubled heart had been difficult to calm down since yesterday. Renka lowered her sword in front of her, and with her eyes closed, she cleared her mind and began to raise it again. Then,

『Just cutting bamboo won’t improve your practical skills.』

Saying this, someone overlapped the hand that Renka was holding her sword in from behind.

『After all, although the bamboo is stiff, living enemies are bound to put up resistance. Now, slowly raise your sword like this-』

Renka felt shivers running down her spine from the whispering voice in her ear and swung her arms around to push off the overlapping hand. Renka frowned,

『I have defeated countless monsters myself. It is a pity, but I do not need to hear that advice from you.』

She continued, turning and glaring at the man in front of her.

『Hahaha…… I am truly sorry.』
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Only then did Aoki take off his military cap and bow politely to Renka.

『You have grown even more beautiful since I last saw you, Lady Renka. Has it been 5 years?』

Renka continued staring at the man with sharp eyes.

5 years. As Aoki-shosa said, it was the first time they had met since she had been forced into an engagement with him when she graduated elementary school in Tokyo.

When she was a child, the first thought that came to mind when facing this man was ‘fear.’

It was as if she was a grasshopper in a mantis’s presence, even though she thought the spiny arm wouldn’t be directed at her.

And that abominable attitude, as if he was hiding something from her! That attitude, as if showing off that he was favored by her father, despite being in the army!…… This was what Renka didn’t like.


This was why the only thing she hated more than the harsh training from her childhood was meeting this man. However, the marriage was something of the distant future, and she thought there was some meaning behind her father’s decision, so she had just kept it to one side of her memory. However,
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‘I had forgotten about it.’

He had appeared in front of her eyes. And seeing Aoki again, his impression hadn’t changed at all.

Aoki grinned and said as if he had just noticed Renka’s spiteful gaze.

『Ah, I’m late, am I not? Truth is, after arriving in Gyeongseong, I looked around for a bit. Compared to war-torn China and Manchuria, it is still quite peaceful here in Joseon.』

Renka frowned again. She didn’t feel like being polite to this person at all. Renka asked directly.

『Why had you come to Gyeongseong?』
『Ah, first of all, of course, I came to see you as I am on vacation. But secondly……』

Aoki kept a grin on his face as he put his military cap back on and said.

『When I arrived in Gyeongseong, I heard a Spirit Gate opened not very far from here. I was thinking about comfortably enjoying myself there…… Would you come with me?』

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Private: Gyeongseong’s Hunter Academy- Dropped

Private: Gyeongseong’s Hunter Academy- Dropped

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