Gyeongseong’s Hunter Academy Chapter 29

A Dangerous Monster


It seemed he had been surprised as he probably never expected to get counter-slapped by me, so he stopped for a moment and,

『Ha ha…… Hahahaha! HAHAHA!』

He started laughing like if he was crazy. But, even though I had been the one who had done the slapping, I was equally as confused.

[User information]
Name 青木 比三朗 (Aoki Hisaburo)
Age 33
Mana class N/A
Awakened abilities N/A
Status Normal
[▷Main screen]

‘He’s not an Awakened?’

I couldn’t help but be surprised when I saw the status window pop up in front of me. Having been able to analyze his abilities through physical contact, they were those of a non-Awakened person.

‘A non-Awakened is acting as a Yeopsa?’

I was still confused, when the guy who had been laughing for a while looked straight into my eyes with his dark circle eyes,

『I have changed my mind. I shall kill you with as much pain as possible.』

He said, pulling out the pistol he was wearing around his waist. But I couldn’t help be surprised once more.

What he pulled out was not a pistol. No, it was a pistol, but it was a Japanese military-style pistol with a long Japanese sword attached above the handle.

‘What the hell is this?’
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If I had to give it a name, it was some sort of pistol sword – as soon as I thought that, the blade flew at me. I hurriedly pulled my practice sword and blocked.



I had infused a lot of mana into my sword, but the shock delivered through it made my wrists sore. I was surprised.

‘A non-Awakened is this strong?’
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Of course, even in the 21st century, just as not all Awakeneds were Hunters, there were rare cases of non-Awakened Hunters. Regardless of whether they were Awakened or not, it was enough if they were good at hunting monsters.

And that was only possible when a non-Awakened’s ability was at a higher level than that of an Awakened. They had to have better aim than an Awakened who could use a precision shooting ability, or be stronger than an Awakened with a strengthening ability.

And this guy’s ability was probably…… his swordsmanship.

Much the same way that I was covering the low level of my Awakened abilities through the skills and knowledge I learnt in the 21st century, this guy had probably also cut down monsters so far through his swordsmanship alone.

『Senjin no kuse ni kekko yaru nda na(You’re quite good for a senjin).』

He murmured, surprised that I, just a Joseon porter, had been able to block his sword.

『With that fushigi(不思議) swordsmanship……』(note: “mysterious”)

Even saying that, his sword strike rushed in sharply. But the speed at which he was attacking was in no way that of a non-Awakened.

‘……He’s fast?’
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I focused on his sword. The weapon he was carrying looked insane for anyone with any common sense, but unlike its funny appearance, the blade had been made properly, and every time we clashed swords, I could feel a subtle amount of mana coming from it.

‘It must be, that sword……’

Judging from his abnormal speed, could the sword be an Artifact that has the effect of increasing his speed? It was, in many ways, completely different to the steel practice sword I was wielding.

The effect combined with his skillful swordplay, he was a very difficult opponent for me to deal with.

‘……I’m in trouble.’

It wasn’t like if this was unwinnable. However, I wasn’t confident of overpowering him without hurting him.

Although it had been him who started the argument, I couldn’t injure or kill a Japanese Yeopsa. No matter how strong I was now that the Shimazu Gumi had my back, if I, a Joseon person, were to hurt or accidentally kill a Japanese Yeopsa, not even Renka would be able to protect me.

So I had to control the fight and deal with him without hurting him, but unlike Murasaki, who just mindlessly rushed in at me, this guy left no open chances even when he defended, so I couldn’t see any chance to subdue him without hurting him as I had with Murasaki.

Also, unlike Murasaki who lashed out recklessly, this guy was definitely aiming at my vital points. It wasn’t difficult to block his sharp attacks, but if I only defended without attacking, I felt that I would end up exhausted first.

I even started thinking,

‘Should I just cut off one arm?’


‘Cut him down, Shirabayashi-san!’

There was a person watching on from afar as Baek Cheol-yeon clashed swords with Aoki. It was Renka, who was hiding behind a rock.

She had come back with the water bottle and bentos, as Baek Cheol-yeong had asked, when she saw him fighting against someone. But when she looked closely, his opponent happened to be no other than Aoki-shosa.

She didn’t understand why, but Baek Cheol-yeon and Aoki were facing each other with swords.


What was even more surprising was the fact that Baek Cheol-yeon was easily blocking Aoki-shosa’s sword. Although she had felt that Baek Cheol-yeon’s swordsmanship was far beyond the level of a cadet, and even comparable to that of Aoki-shosa, he was really able to take on Aoki-shosa’s sword.

‘Maybe…… Maybe Shirabayashi-san could win……’

Renka wished for it to herself.

‘And then if Aoki-shosa dies here……’

If that were to happen, the bond of engagement that held Renka captive would also disappear.

For 17 years, Renka had followed her father’s wishes without ever rebelling or doubting him, but the one thing she didn’t want to follow through with was her marriage to Aoki-shosa.

However, Renka couldn’t do anything about Aoki-shosa herself.

With her skills, it was impossible for her to predict whether she would win or lose in a fight against Aoki-shosa, and if she were to fail, she would become the villain that tried to kill her fiancé to go against her father’s wishes.

So she had decided to just obey fate, and it wasn’t once or twice that the engagement – which she had buried deep into a corner of her memory – sprung back into her mind. And every time that memory did come back, she would shed a tear on her pillow, wishing that a stray bullet in the battlefield would kill him.

But perhaps, right now.

If Baek Cheol-yeon won.
If he defeated Aoki-shosa.
And if Aoki-shosa were to die.
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And on top of that, there would be no evidence left if Aoki-shosa was killed here. They happened to be in a volcanic cave area. It would be easy enough to just throw Aoki-shosa’s corpse into lava somewhere.

‘Cut him! Whether it’s an arm! A leg! Or his neck, it matters not!’

Renka hid behind the rock, and shouted inwardly.

‘Stop just defending! Attack! Attack! Shirabayashi-san!’

However, as if Renka’s earnest wishes didn’t reach him, Baek Cheol-yeon continued just defending.


Even if their level of swordsmanship was similar, it was Aoki-shosa who was physically superior. It was obvious that Baek Cheol-yeon would eventually run out of energy if he kept defending like that, and would then be open to a fatal blow.

‘……It cannot be.’

Renka suddenly thought that she couldn’t just wait and see Baek Cheol-yeon being hurt.

‘……I cannot allow you to get hurt. I just cannot, Shirabayashi-san. There is still so much I need to find out about you.’

Seeing that Baek Cheol-yeon was starting to get tired, Renka finally showed herself and had no choice but to stop the fight. She stood up from behind the rock and shouted at Aoki-shosa.



『Oh, My Lady. What might bring you here?』
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As Renka appeared shouting, the guy stopped attacking and bowed at Renka.

I had been looking for a chance to cut off his right arm, but I stopped and looked back-and-forth between them. But, for some reason, they seemed to know each other.

Renka glanced at me and spoke to him in a cold tone.

『He is my porter. How come you are pointing your sword at him?』
『Oh my. I had no idea he was your porter……. I just happened to see this porter without his owner, so I just asked where his owner was, but the words ended up growing into a fight and we clashed swords.』

And this guy, too, glanced at me as he continued to speak to Renka.

『But, My Lady, you have quite an excessively strong porter. I was surprised.』
『This is normal for the Shimazu Gumi.』

Renka answered back. I didn’t know what kind of the relationship the two of them had, but the man spoke with a wide smile on his face while Renka kept on responding with a cold attitude.

Renka continued to glare at the man with vigilant eyes as she asked,

『Why are you here, Aoki-shosa? This is the Joseon people’s zone.』

This was something I was wondering about, too. Why was this Japanese guy here? But wait, before that. The title Renka used to call him……
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Aoki-“shosa”, was it?

Wasn’t shosa roughly equivalent to the rank of Major in the Korean military? So then, this meant he was a soldier, and an officer at that?

『Ah. I came here at the request of Manager Kimitsu, head of the Department of Spirit Gate Development of the ODC, My Lady.』
『Manager Kimitsu, you say?』
『Yes. I was investigating the disappearance of Joseon Yeopsas. There is a rumor that a dangerous monster appeared here.』

The rumor that a dangerous monster had appeared in the Joseon zone was one that I had heard as well, and it was also the reason why I had sneaked into the Joseon are with Renka.

Was that Aoki guy trying to find out about that as well? However, Renka kept on asking as if she was still suspicious.

『Why are you, a soldier, and not the police making the investigation?』
『As you must be well aware, My Lady, if the police were to handle this investigation, it would affect, not only the owners of the Spirit Gate, but also those who are hunting inside the Spirit Gate negatively in various ways……』

Aoki calmly answered.

『And most importantly, I am personally acquainted with Manager Kimitsu, which is why he has asked me to do this. He happens to be in the central barracks, so you may go and ask him yourself.』

Renka wanted to say something, but she couldn’t think of anything to say, so she bit her lips. Aoki, having seen this, smiled and said,

『Well, that is it. The Joseon zone is dangerous, so please enjoy hunting in the Japanese zone, My Lady.』

Then, as he finished his sentence, he bowed to Renka, turned around, and went off in a different direction.

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On the way back to the basecamp after collecting all the mana stones from the monsters. Walking ahead, carrying a bag full of mana stones, I looked back at Renka, who was walking behind me.

Renka’s expression had been gloomy ever since we had run into that man called Aoki.

It didn’t seem that Renka and Aoki had a good relationship. However, it was Aoki who seemed more at ease, whereas Renka seemed withdrawn and on edge.

What was the reason that Renka, daughter of the leader of the Shimazu clan and branch manager of the Shimazu Gumi Gyeongseong Branch, was so intimidated?

I asked Renka.

『……That guy, do you know him? Who is he?』

Renka didn’t even look at me and replied in a dry tone.

『Aoki Hisaburo. Special Forces officer of the 11th Regiment of the 7th Division of the Kwantung Army in Shenyang, Manchuria. Rank, shosa. ……and,』

Renka avoided my gaze and looked in the distance, and continued with a somewhat bitter smile.

『He is my fiancé.』


As soon as I heard that, my hair stood on end and only one thought came into my mind.

‘Shit, am I fucked?’

He was a military officer in the Japanese Imperial army, and the Kwantung Army, the most powerful at that, and he was also the fiancé of Renka, Lady of the Shimazu family and head of the Shimazu Gumi Gyeongseong Branch.

Even though it was for self-defense, I slapped someone like that and even got dragged into a sword fight against him……

Was I really fucked? Was now the time to run away to the US?

As I put my brain into overdrive to think up a way to get to the US, we were closing in on the basecamp,


Renka asked me from behind. I pretended to be calm as I asked back.

『Yeah, what?』

But Renka didn’t seem to be angry at me,

『Are you hurt?』

She asked, as if she was worried.

『Uh? I’m okay.』
『I have been watching you since yesterday, but Shirabayashi-san, your swordsmanship is amazing. You were even able to stop Aoki-shosa’s sword, one of the best swordsmen in the Mainland…….』

She suddenly complimented my swordsmanship, and yet she continued again.

『However, I could see you were focusing too much on your defense. With your ability, would you not have been able to fight back?』

‘What is this? Is she testing me?’
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Even if they didn’t seem to get along superficially, they were still engaged. If I said I intended to hurt her fiancé, Renka had the social position and power to just make me disappear.

I replied in a cold sweat.

『Didn’t you say he was an officer in the Kwantung Army and your fiancé? How could I attack someone like that?』
『……Fufu! But you did not know when you were clashing swords, did you? You could have attacked.』
『No, I’m not the kind of person who hurts others.』
『Is that so? However, would not the fact that a man cannot hurt others make him less of a man?』
『I mean……』

When I turned around, Renka was asking with a grin on her face, as if she was enjoying the fact that I was so nervous.

‘Is this fucking funny?’

When I’m so nervous I could die?

Fortunately, though, Renka didn’t seem to have any intention to hurt me or do anything to me despite the fact that I had fought her fiancé.

‘It seems she really doesn’t get along with that guy.’

As we walked towards the Spirit Gate heading outwards, I looked around the basecamp to avoid Renka’s gaze, and, although I hadn’t realized yesterday, I could see that the surrounding facilities were well equipped. They had a cafeteria, a breakroom, and even shower rooms.

‘The facilities are better than I thought.’

Well, even in the 21st century, wiping out monsters inside Gates of this size took weeks or even months, and even after the monsters were completely wiped out, they still needed manpower to extract resources. It was only natural for the basecamp to have basic amenities.

‘Come to think of it, yesterday I just went back to the boarding house and wiped my body with a towel soaked in water, so it was uncomfortable.’

Since there were adequate facilities, it was only right to make use of them. I told Renka.

『What is it, yobo-san-』
『I told you not to do that when nobody’s watching. Anyway, can you get permission to use the shower rooms from the employee over there?』
『……? Pardon?』
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I mean, of course I’m not planning on going with you.

『I mean, I don’t think he’d allow me to use the shower if I, a Joseon porter, ask him myself. So I want you to ask for permission for me.』
『……Was that it? Fufu……! That, of course, is easy for me.』

In the end, Renka called the ODC employee over and got permission for the porter to use the shower.

『Okay. Thank you. Anyway, I’ll wash up, so you back first.』
『……Alright. Then, I shall go home first. I shall see you at school tomorrow.』

I watched until Renka left through the Spirit Gate, and then entered the shower tent.

Just like the other facilities in the basecamp, the tent shower are was divided between Joseon and Japanese sections from the very entrance. I thought this was discrimination, but,

‘Well, I won’t see any Japanese guys, so better.’

I thought positively as I went in, there was nobody inside. I took off my clothes and stood on the stone floor as I turned the water on. It was cold, but it’s better than not having any shower facilities.

I was washing myself, relatively satisfied, when I heard voices coming from beyond the tarp that acted as a screen dividing the Joseon and Japanese areas. I didn’t put much thought to it when,

『Aoki-shosa! If it doesn’t bother you, let’s go in together!』

Someone called out.

‘Aoki-shosa in the shower?’

Curious, I turned the water off as I paused my shower, tore a seam on the screen slightly open and peeped through it. I saw the Japanese shower room, which was much better equipped than the Joseon one, and could see Aoki-shosa taking a shower.

‘Damn, he’s got a good body.’
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I couldn’t see his privates because he had it covered with a towel, but he was about a head taller than I was right now, and had a slim and strong body. To be honest, he was just a bit scary, but you could easily say he was good-looking.

‘Please, let his dick be 3 cm……’

While looking at Aoki-shosa, I saw that there was a middle-aged man next to him, covering only his privates with a towel just like him, and asking him in secrecy.

『Today and yesterday, how many did you get?』

Aoki lifted three fingers without saying a word. The middle-aged man asked.

『Thirty, Manager Kimitsu.』

The middle-aged man was speechless at Aoki’s words. Now that I thought about it, I had also heard the name “Manager Kimitsu” before.

‘Manager Kimitsu, head of the Department of Spirit Gate Development of the ODC, was it? So that’s him.’

『You are truly amazing! Aoki-shosa! That should be enough to scare the Joseon people, but they still come running, like moths attracted to fire! Please, keep this going on! ……Ah! Of course, you did not leave any traces, right?』

Aoki nodded without saying a word, and next to him, Manager Kimitsu bowed and uttered.

『Seriously, the old days were better! Nowadays there are so many Joseon Yeopsas that the Mainland Yeopsas don’t have anywhere to stand.』
『That is why we need to reduce their numbers, Manager Kimitsu.』
『That is exactly what I mean! Aoki-shosa!』

Looking at that scene, I realized.

‘It wasn’t a dangerous monster that appeard.’

The disappearance of the Joseon Yeopsas. It wasn’t because some dangerous monster had appeared in the Joseon Yeopsa zone.

‘These fuckers are the monster.’

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Private: Gyeongseong’s Hunter Academy- Dropped

Private: Gyeongseong’s Hunter Academy- Dropped

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