Hassan, Slave in Another World (3)

Hassan, Slave in Another World (3)



  “Hassan, go there and retrieve it. It’s simple.”




  “Did you not hear me? Don’t make me repeat myself for the third time.”


  In the large clearance of the ‘Underground Labyrinth’. A pedestal was located at the center of the room, lit by the torches hanging on the wall. A rod was plunged into the pedestal.


  That relic had an unusual air about it. Anyone could tell at a glance that it was extremely valuable.


  It looked like it was made out of gold and multiple jewels were embedded in it. It seemed otherworldly at a glance, and definitely precious and expensive.


  “What the hell are you doing? Leave your luggage here and go.”


  Elfriede was rushing me.


  I couldn’t help but feel anxious.


  Most underground labyrinths were filled with traps, even more so for the case of those that had precious relics.


  This was an undeniable fact to me, who had already followed Elfriede to many underground labyrinths and ruins. So, I didn’t dare take a single step.


  “Why are you still not moving?”


  She wants to use me as a sacrificial pawn, but I have no other choice.


  No matter how absurd and unreasonable her orders were, I couldn’t refuse them because of the slave imprint. That’s why hiring slaves was so appealing to adventurers.


  Oh God.


  Just when I thought things were going well.


  I put down my luggage and stretched my shoulders, arms, and legs. There was a cracking sensation and a cold feeling surged over my body.


  I don’t know what kind of traps await me. I had to at least make sure my body wouldn’t falter.



  “What the hell are you doing? Are we supposed to wait for you all day?”


  I was still stretching when I felt Elfriede’s finger pressing on my back. I took a deep breath and advanced forward.






  Each step was heavy.


  Fortunately, there was at least no trap installed on the floors.


  I could easily reach the pedestal without a hitch.




  The platform was fairly high, and a long rod was plunged into it. I unknowingly opened my mouth wide and uttered a sound of admiration.


  The rod, seen up close, was adorned with beautiful carvings in addition to precious jewels. It looked like some sort of staff or a King’s scepter.


  On the top, several snakes with jewels in their mouths were intertwined. A glance was enough to realize it was worth a lot of money.


  “Hurry up and retrieve it!”


  Elfriede was urging me from afar.


  It isn’t like I could carelessly pick up the rod. A trap would most likely be triggered if I’m not cautious.


  However, I have no choice but to do it.


  A fireball launched by Elfriede might end my life before any of the traps here might even activate.


  As such I resolved myself and gripped the rod.






Achievement: “1st come 1st served” unlocked』
You are the 1st to acquire the Epic-Grade Relic ‘Asclepius’ Staff’.





『Task Points: +100』
『In the meantime, ‘Blessings’ will be unlocked by settling tasks.』




  Huh? Achievement? Settling tasks? Blessings?


  My gaze narrowed at the words floating in front of my eyes.


  Swoosh-! Swoosh-!


  Then, the snake head on the scepter’s top puffed gas on my face. Of course, there would be a trap, god damn it.




  An indescribable pain started running and surged over my eyes and nose.


  Tears welled up in my eyes due to the excruciating pain as if I entered a biochemical lab without my gas mask. 


  “Fuck, it hurts! My eyes! My eyes!”


  “Oh! Hassan!”


  “Careful Elfriede, it’s dangerous!”

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  “What’s going on?”


  “Oh, my god! The labyrinth is collapsing!”


  As I lost my vision, I heard rumbling noises due to the labyrinth collapsing. 


  Unable to open my eyes due to the pain, I was shaking my arms around until I was suddenly hit on the head, and I blanked out.








  “Hey, how are you feeling? Can you see me?”


  I regained consciousness atop a soft mattress and under a warm blanket…


  I wanted to sleep more but I was sobered up after noticing Elfriede’s fierce gaze directed at me.


  “Why don’t you wake up quickly?”


 “Well, let me check first. How are you feeling? Can you see me? How many fingers am I raising?”


  It was a woman with blue bobbed-hair, who raised her fingers while I was still dazed. 


  What caught my attention weren’t her fingers, but rather her fluttering white attire. She might be a healer.

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  “How many are these?”




  “What about these?”




  “Can you tell me which part of your body I’m pointing to right now?”


 “That’s my bust. Head. Leg. Arm. Chest. Stomach. Arm. Leg. Wait, how long are we going to keep up this farce?”


  “Well, looks like there’s nothing wrong with you. The treatment went well. If you had arrived even a little later, the snake venom would have deprived you of your sight. The venom of ‘Flame Serpents’ can only be treated with intermediate-grade or Advanced-grade holy water.”


  I sighed and averted my gaze to scan my surroundings.


  I could see other beds with people lying there groaning.

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This Novel was taken from https://genesistls.com/
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  I could vaguely understand that I was in a treatment center. Even if I was the victim, I felt so disconnected because it looked like quite the fancy clinic.


  I never thought I’d wear anything other than the usual rags. Wait, who changed me into this gown?


  No wait, wait, wait.


  I panicked as I started running my hands through my clothes. I couldn’t find it no matter what I did, it was even more important than my own life. How could I lose it?


 “Are you looking for this?”


  Elfriede was holding a familiar pouch in front of my flustered self. 


  “Well, that’s……”


  “When did you save all this money? It’s about 30 silver coins. What were you planning to do with it?”


  “That’s mine!”


  I floundered my arms and tried to take the bag from this cheeky elf’s hand.


  But Elfriede moved her arms and took the coin pouch out of my reach.


  “I can’t. It cost me about 30 silvers to fix your eyes. This money will be used for the treatment. In addition, if you take into account the cost to move you here and manage a few other things–”




  “Besides, what are you going to do with this money? Were you thinking about freeing yourself by saving whatever you usually spent on food and lodgings? Ungrateful fool.”


  “Fuck you, fuck you! You’re the reason my eyes were hurt in the first place, fucking bitch!”




  “Shit, give me my money back! It’s mine, it’s mine!”


  “Did this bastard turn crazy?”



  Two years.


  How much humiliation and shit I had to go through just to save that amount of money!


  Everything I went through, I could only endure because of the hope that someday I would buy my freedom and strive to live a better life. The hope embodied by that coin pouch.


  I could no longer maintain my reason. It wasn’t just because of a mere 30 silver coins; it was a matter concerning my freedom itself.


  “Haa! Arghh! Garghh!”


  So, after getting up from the bed, I firmly grabbed Elfriede’s hands. Elfriede was bewildered, as she never thought I’d ever be violent with her.


  “He-Hey, what are you doing?”


  And just when I took hold of her wrist.






Name: Elfriede Desmund
Level: 35
Strength: 12
Agility: 11
Stamina: 12
Characteristics: Sadistic 》 Selfish
Status: Stiff shoulder 》 Cold hands and feet 》 Menstrual irregularity



  Bizarre words appeared in front of my eyes with a strange sound effect.


  “Fuck, what is this again?”


  “Let go of me, you bastard! How dare you touch me without my permission?”




  With a big slap imprinted on my cheek, the world gradually darkened.


  The last thing I heard in the back of my fading consciousness was Elfriede’s grumblings,


 “That’s why these black-haired savages—?”


   I finally lost consciousness amidst the commotion and hustle around me.





  When I opened my eyes, all I saw was darkness.


  As I slowly woke up, I was able to discern what was around me thanks to the candle that was burning with a faint glimmer beside me.


 -Tap, Tap.


  As I stroked my temple in frustration, I could feel a bandage wrapped from my chin to my forehead.




  When I took it off, I felt like my skull was being split open, like it was being penetrated by an ice-cold awl.




  There was nothing else I could do other than wrap the bandage around my head again.


  The only thing that comes to mind is my rough understanding of the acupressure method. 


  Which improves the blood flow to cure headaches.


  It was at the moment I looked at my palms with a frown as I felt a pang in my head.





  In the joint of my middle finger, a red light was shining. It was visible even in the dark.



  As if possessed by something, I pressed at that part with the thumb of my other hand.


  Then, with a cracking sound, blood started dripping out of my nose.




  At the same moment, my nosebleed started, and the headache that was tearing my skull apart suddenly subsided.


  I felt refreshed as if I had washed my head with cold spring water.




Status:The ❰Medusa’s Curse❱ has been lifted』
Task Points: +100』




  What the fuck is this?


  “The words floating in front of me gave me great news. Didn’t this mean that the Slave curse that I used to swear at and hated so much was finally gone?”


  “…Long live Chaos”


  After chanting that hateful incantation again, several letters appeared in front of my eyes.




Name: Hassan
Level: 7
Strength: 2
Agility: 2
Stamina: 3
Task: 287
Blessing: ❰The Blessing of Chaos❱ 》 ❰Imperfect Dexterity❱



  Indeed, it was different from my usual status.


  The task value rose by 150 from 137 to 287, and the state I had also changed to blessing.




  What does it mean by blessing?


  I felt like screaming at this incredulous discovery.


  There are numerous Gods with countless believers in this world.


  Some believers received ‘Blessings’ from the ‘Gods’ they believed in.


  With that, people could use magic or perform awe-inspiring miracles. It was a power beyond recognition.


  Could this have been a result of holding the staff? I somehow remember reading something regarding Blessing when it happened.


  Anyway, what was certain was that the curse had finally been lifted.


  So I closed my eyes and stroked my soft, tender, and warm meat stick. 


  It didn’t take long for the blood to rush into my lower body and as it raised its head with glory and full honor. 


  “Nice to see you again, little brother.”


  I really couldn’t be any happier. So happy that I wanted to test its functions right away.


  But I didn’t know what to think of since I hadn’t done it in 2 years now.


  What immediately came to my mind were Elfriede’s white thighs, thin ankles, and voluptuous breasts that I sometimes stole a glance at.

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  “Fucking bitch, the only good thing about you is your tits…”


  Of course, that was more than enough to have a satisfying time.


  I felt refreshed and my body trembled as I inwardly vented my pent-up wrath in my fantasy.


  It was also inevitable for me to be taken over by the sage’s clarity.


  Even that was welcome right now.


 “Now what?”


  I began to ponder about the future with a clearer and wiser head.


  That evil witch has taken the money I had barely saved so far.


  I have no idea how much harder it’s going to be to save money from now on. I’m not confident in being able to pull it off again. It’s going to take longer this time.


  Should I just run away?


  The ❰Medusa’s Curse❱ which previously bound me is gone anyway. Can’t I just run away and hide in a place where no one can find me?


  No, that’s not it.


  I quickly remembered that there were people who specialized in chasing runaway slaves.


  Only nobles and adventurers could afford to hire slaves. It wouldn’t be hard for them to hire some hunting dogs to chase and kill a runaway slave.


 What about Elfriede?


 I’m sure she’d capture and torture me with her own hands.


 Either way, unless I formally bought my freedom, I will be bound to live a miserable life utterly spent in hiding.


 “Oh, you’re awake?”


  It was then that someone spoke to me and I turned my head in astonishment.



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