I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 84

Chapter 84 - The Women In The Academy

༺ The Women In The Academy ༻  



  “Are you going to just ignore him like that?”


  Ignoring Gideon, I continued walking ahead while Findenai followed me from behind. As we walked past him, she glanced at Gideon, who was bowing deeply.


  “It does not matter. If we just wait a little more, he will come crawling from over there by himself.” 


  King Orpheus had already begun taking action against the noble coalition’s power to keep them contained. Though we simply referred to it as containment, in reality, each blow from the Royal Family must have left those households reeling.


  “Also, his rebellious spirit has not completely died yet.”


  As I observed Gideon struggle to suppress his anger, his trembling body hinted at the possibility of his rebellious spirit intensifying the instant he found some relief later.


  If you were going to step on someone, you might as well crush them completely.


  Even though they had not caused any trouble yet, I heard that it was important to ensure that the thought of rebellion would never cross their minds.


  “You can be affectionate at times and cruel otherwise.”


  Finding it amusing, Findenai chuckled. Since it was still class hours, we walked through the empty corridor and headed towards the Dean’s office.


  The purpose was to inform the Dean of my return.


  As I climbed the staircase, my eyes caught sight of a blonde girl at the center.




  It was Eleanor Luden Griffin.


  Folding her arms across her chest, the Princess of the Griffin Kingdom boldly called my name.


  Her bright smile reminded me of the naive look I had seen before, but her eyes and demeanor now conveyed confidence and assertiveness, characteristic of a princess.


  “Ah, is that her?”


  Findenai, who had never seen Eleanor before, gestured with her head out of curiosity.


  On the contrary, Eleanor frowned at Findenai’s revealing outfit. However, not wanting to ruin the reunion, she quickly came down the stairs.


  “You’ve finally returned! Brother only informed me personally, so I’ve been waiting for you!”


  Considering the considerable distance, even if she had been personally informed, could she have timed it so perfectly?




  I uttered a sentence while observing the smiling princess, who seemed eager for me to respond to her quickly.


  “Student Eleanor, call me Professor.”




  “Also, why are you in the corridor when it is supposed to be class hours? The lectures for the mandatory first-year subjects should be taking place right now.”


  “I-I came to welcome you…”


  “Come to my laboratory later.”




  “Of course, it is to deduct your points.”




  Eleanor puffed up her cheeks and glared at me. After glancing at her indifferently, I continued climbing up the stairs.


  Findenai, who was standing beside me, stifled a laugh. Eleanor, feeling jealous, asked with a shriek.


  “Deus! Is this reality?!”


  “What the heck is she talking about?”


  Since Findenai didn’t understand the meaning of her words, she responded indifferently while digging her ear.


  I paused for a moment.


  I had stopped walking and slowly turned around to look down at Eleanor.


  I responded to Eleanor, who was looking up at me with a hopeful and radiant smile from the stairs below.


  “I just told you to change how you address me. Another point deduction.”


  Ignoring Eleanor, who gaped as if her whole world had just come crumbling down, I continued ascending the stairs.


  If I kept tolerating such things, they would slowly become a habit. Besides, it made me uncomfortable to reveal too much information about my previous world.


  I gave a brief report of my return to the Dean’s office. Despite the Dean’s insistence on giving me treats like tea and expensive pastries, I didn’t want to waste time with him.


  “Gyaaahhh, I thought a bear was dancing when I saw that potbellied guy’s butt shake.”


  Findenai chortled outside the Dean’s office. Perhaps he heard us inside, but it shouldn’t be a big problem.


  After becoming a Soul Whisperer and being directly affiliated with the Royal Family, even the Dean couldn’t treat me disrespectfully.


  Instead, he should be thankful that I chose to return to the academy.


  It seemed like the lectures had ended because I saw another student waiting for me with both hands clasped together outside the Dean’s office.


  It was the protagonist, Aria Rias.


  Aria briefly greeted Findenai. I observed the two for a while before indirectly talking to Findenai.


  “Go to the Centrant Hotel and bring back Illuania.”


  Thinking about the woman who was resting in her suite room, Findenai quickly shot up.


  “That’s it! Wow, while everyone else was struggling, she’s living her best life. Damn, I’m so jealous.”


  Watching Findenai leave while stomping her feet, I added a few more words.


  “She is a pregnant woman. Do not go to her smelling of cigarettes.”


  I just said it in case it might have a bad effect on the fetus, but Findenai immediately turned her head with annoyance. 


  “Why? Since walking is dangerous as well, should I just carry her instead?”


  “If you want to.”


  “Ah, yes…! If she hasn’t bathed, I’ll make sure she does! If it’s too hard for her, I’ll even take her place and get pregnant!”


  Facing Findenai’s fierce glare, I just shrugged and replied.


  “If you want to.”


  “You motherf—!”


  Findenai fired off a stream of curses as she descended the stairs. Anyway, if I didn’t stand firm against her, she would do as she pleased.


  Upon seeing me interacting with Findenai like that, Aria wore a slightly surprised expression.


  “Honestly, I was surprised when you took Findenai as your maid, but I’m even more surprised because it seems that your relationship with her is better than I expected.”


  “It is not particularly good or bad.”


  “Professor, you don’t happen to remember the events from the previous round by any chance, do you? How did you manage to bring Eleanor and Findenai to your side?”


  She seemingly found it fascinating as to how the two who had appeared as powerful enemies in the previous round had now become allies.


  I didn’t have any intention to answer her, but suddenly I became curious.


  “I was not like this in the previous round?”


  Aria’s expression darkened for a moment. It felt like she didn’t want to say anything, but since I was waiting for her answer, she sighed and spoke.


  “Professor, you were continuously hospitalized around this time.”




  I thought that since Aria had enrolled, I would have supported her as much as possible, but I just stayed put in the hospital? 


  “Yes, it was because of the original owner of the body.”




  Hearing those words, I somehow figured it out. I must have come to the academy using the connection from Erica.


  However, without Aria’s help, I wouldn’t have learned anything about necromancy, and I probably would have continued to be overwhelmed by Deus’ soul, resorting to suicide.


  “Therefore, I was honestly surprised. I didn’t expect the future to change like this just by quickly informing you about necromancy, Professor.”




  “As expected, you are a very competent person, Professor. If the previous owner of that body hadn’t forced things….”


  “Stop right there.”


  The original Deus had already entered a peaceful rest. There was no need to bring him up again and embarrass him.


  Aria, who accepted my words, stepped aside with a subtle smile, clearing the way.


  “So, are you heading to the laboratory now?”


  “Yes, but before that.”


  I stood in front of her as she made way for me. All of a sudden, I pressed her against the wall, almost as if I was cornering her.


  A flush of embarrassment appeared on Aria’s face.


  “Why are you doing this?”


  I didn’t know what she was expecting, but this was most likely not something she wanted.


  “I should make sure of one thing before I go. How much do you know about the original me?” 




  This was quite important.


  Until now, only two people knew that I was not Deus Verdi but Kim Shinwoo.


  They were Deia and Eleanor.


  I only told them because it didn’t really matter if they knew, but with Aria, I hadn’t been able to figure out how much she knew about me.


  I wondered if she would tell me.


  Aria answered with a big grin.


  “That your original name is Kim Shinwoo and that you dislike being called that in your current appearance?”




  “After all, you were still you, even in the previous round, Professor. So, you didn’t reveal much.”


  “I see.”


  Although it seemed implausible when I thought about it rationally, I couldn’t completely rule out the possibility.


  Since there was a possibility that I could have blurted out something like, ‘If this world was originally a game, and you are the protagonist,’ I needed to make sure of it.


  “Professor, you always said that I could do this and that only I could do it whenever I lost my determination and was having a hard time.”




  “Do you know how much of a comfort you’ve been to me, Professor?”


  Aria had a big grin as she subtly extended her hand towards me. The moment her hand touched mine, I felt a sudden impulse to withdraw it.


  However, I gently held her hand.




  “I am here now.”




  “I have become much stronger than before, firmly established my position within the Kingdom, and have become the only dark mage who can walk with his head held high.” 


  There was a need to instill trust.


  The reason she showed an almost fanatical response towards me was due to the fear of losing me once again.


  So, I needed to make it clear.


  This could be the first step towards healing her shattered heart.


  “Still, I’m afraid of losing my professor.”


  “—I am not yours.”


  When I felt the need to address this aspect clearly, Aria smiled faintly. Beyond her usual mischievousness, there was a creepy yet alluring expression.


  “That’s right, for now.”




  “Fufu, this time, you have no annoying fiancée, so it’s okay.”


  The bell rang.


  As the time for the next lecture approached, Aria put on a regretful expression and let go of my hand.


  “Since Professor likes students who follow the rules, I’ll go attend the lecture now.”




  Aria, who was just about to leave, suddenly infused mana into my body and hugged me while tightly clinging to my chest, not giving me enough time to react.




  Aria took a deep breath, inhaling my scent, and smiled broadly.


  I was about to say something to her with a frown on my face. However…


  “It’s to keep you in check. So, you won’t be stolen away this time.”


  Aria left after letting go of me. I was puzzled by what she said, but the Dark Spiritualist who had been behind me all this time called for my attention. 


  [Excuse me?]




  I refrained from speaking to her while we were at the academy inorder to prevent unnecessary rumors from spreading, so I just stared at her without responding.


  At the end of the corridor, where the Dark Spiritualist’s finger was pointing to, stood Erica Bright, staring at me with a shocked expression.


  It was only now that I understood why Aria had said those words and left.


  [She has been watching you since the two of you were holding hands.]


  The Dark Spiritualist added sullenly from the side. I briefly pondered over what to say to Erica.


  However, as soon as our eyes met, she quickly fled as if escaping a crime scene.


I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy

I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy

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