I Became the Villain of a Romance Fantasy Chapter 16

The Younger Sibling needs an Older Sister (4)

By the time evening rolled around, Elena had been neatly dressing up in her room while waiting for the dinner arrangement tonight. 


Damian’s butler, Ken, briefly entered Elena’s room, to inform her that they would not be present for dinner.


“The count and Lord Damian will not be able to attend dinner tonight due to unforeseen circumstances.”


“Oh, I see. Thank you for letting me know, Ken.”


Elena was disappointed by the news of the canceled dinner. She could guess the reason why, but that didn’t stop her disappointment.


Damian wouldn’t have let go of what happened at the Isilia Pavillion today.


She recalled the young boy she met there. Alphonse’s face came to her mind.


Unlike Damian, who resembled Count Kraus, the young child resembled Arwen Kraus, the woman in the portrait who she saw earlier today.


Alphonse Kraus. Like Damian, that child had a connection with Elena in her previous life.


Due to Damian’s twisted possessiveness in her first life, Elena lived in the manor and bumped into him often. After she broke up with Damian, time passed by and Elena bumped into the grown Alphonse again in a future event.


By then, Alphonse was a man who could be called a hero. He gave words of encouragement to all the families who lost their homes. Despite being the successor to House Kraus, he charged to the collapsing frontline and led the army himself.


The situation had been so dire at the time that even children had to take arms. However, no ordinary person could carry the lives of tens of thousands of people on his shoulder and advance forward at such a young age.


After Damian had disappeared, he had been under great pressure to fill the vacant seat of the successor. Alphonse had risen on his own under such unfavorable conditions; he was a hero.


However, when “he” took over, not Damian, the story of Alphonse Kraus began to change.


“If you would like, I could bring your meal to your room.”


Elena shook her head.


“No, that’s okay. Will Lord Alphonse be dining at the same place as yesterday?”


“Yes, he will.”


“Then I should head there too. I’m Damian’s fiancé and future wife to this household. I cannot miss dinner with my family. Above all, I can’t possibly leave the young master alone by himself.” Elena said with a smile.


Ken stared at her for a moment, mesmerized, before replying to Elena with a small smile of his own.


“Of course. Your Ladyship is part of the Kraus now as well. It was a slip of my tongue, I apologize. The meal will be ready before the bell rings at 6 o’clock, you may arrive after the bell.”


Shortly after Ken left, the sound of the bell rang throughout the manor to signal that it was six o’clock.


Elena headed straight to the restaurant. She certainly didn’t seem like someone who had been there for a day. Hailey had been trying to memorize the manor’s layout all day to assist her ladyship. As such she was bitter when her smart lady naturally found her way around.


When they arrived in front of the door, Hailey knocked two times and opened it.


As Elena stepped inside, she saw the same view of the restaurant as yesterday. However, the head seat was empty, and the man who was supposed to be seated next to Elena was not there either. Only Alphonse had taken his seat, alone.


When the boy saw Elena, he had a welcoming expression.


The Alphonse in Elena’s memory, was lonely like the child in front of her. She knew Damian went to talk to the count because of him, but his timing was too early. Damian’s actions in wanting to quickly solve the problem, coincidently left Alphonse by himself again.


However, right now, he has Elena.


“Good evening, Lord Alphonse.”


“Ah! Yes. Good evening. Um, Elena… N-Noona?”


The boy had been brooding about what to call her and ended up blurting “Noona.” Alphonse immediately looked at Elena, wondering if he had been rude. Elena, on the other hand, looked rather happy with the nickname.


“Noona, huh… I like it. I only have an older brother, not a younger one.”


“Is it really okay for me to call you Noona?”


“Of course. You’re Damian’s little brother and I’m his fiancé. We may not be officially engaged yet, but we’re family.”


Alphonse was pleased to hear that, but when he saw the empty seat next to her, his face began to darken again. He also knew why Count Kraus and Damian were not there.


Alphonse lowered his head and spoke to Elena in a faint voice.


“I’m sorry. My brother and father would have normally been here. I’ve caused you trouble because of me…”


Arthur Kraus was one of the continent’s top swordsmen and Damian was an outstanding Hyung, who proved he was the perfect successor despite his young age. 


Could the little boy have confidence when he grew up under them?


Alphonse was not without talent. Elena could confirm that from the future she’d lived through. But the people around him were too skilled. Damian also became the youngest Sword Master in the continent along with Reinhard of House Cromwell, so the gap grew even wider.


This was Alphonse’s case that Elena knew of from the future.


Elena did not accept the boy’s apology. She asked him a question instead.


“Is there something you’re upset about with Damian?”


“What? No! There’s nothing I’m…”


“Then why didn’t you answer him at the Isilia Pavillion earlier?” Elena asked Alphonse, who was stumbling over his words again.




“Alphonse. People won’t be able to understand each other if they don’t talk. A conversation is the easiest way to convey your feelings to someone. If you keep waiting for the other person to notice first, things would end with you having accomplished nothing.”


No one would know if you didn’t speak up. 


This was one of the things Elena realized in her previous life. Alphonse had no confidence in himself. As a result, it wasn’t easy for him to speak to his brother and father even if there was something he wanted from them.


What Elena said might have affected Alphonse. It was evident that he came to a decision just now.


Elena’s kind voice flowed in Alphonse’s ears.


“Young Master, if there’s something you’re upset about, don’t keep it inside you. You’re still young, so let yourself be pampered if that’s what you want. Is Damian someone who can’t care for his little brother? If so, how disappointing…”


“N-No, that’s not it! Hyung isn’t like that. It’s because I didn’t say anything… That’s why he doesn’t know.”


Alphonse Kraus was a good person to the core. He might be young, but he had deep thoughts. The reason why he couldn’t say them out loud was not only due to his lack of confidence, but also because he did not want to add to his brother’s burden, who also missed his mother. However, holding it in without having a conversation was neither good for Alphonse nor Damian.


Alphonse had immediately denied it when she mentioned her disappointment. Elena smiled and acknowledged his words.


“I know. A person who can’t eat sweets yet does not throw away the caramel he received from his servants can’t be such a narrow-minded person. So, Alphonse, trust your brother and tell him.”


Elena took a spoonful of the soup in front of her. It had cooled down slightly to a lukewarm temperature, which was adequate enough to eat.


“Shall we start eating again before the food gets too cold?”


“Yes.” Alphonse replied with a smile.


Their meal resumed.




I’m happy.


What happened today with Alphonse and Damian was important as it went beyond mere sibling friction. In my previous life, when “he” was Damian, a new story began after the year we broke off the engagement. He would then enter the academy one year later, which was where I met him again. 


Right now, our engagement was still on and I’d been slowly integrating into his life. I was happy to know about the things that he didn’t know, such as what he thought of Arwen Kraus and what happened between his father and his little brother.


Does he know that the future and fate he knows of has already become null due to his existence?


There would be no more misfortune left for us in the future. I’d make it happen like I did today.


“Hum hum hum~”


I hummed as I walked towards his room.


On my hand were refreshments and dinner as he had not eaten yet. Normally, the servants would have brought it to him. I was carrying them because I wanted to talk to him. Hailey wondered how I knew where his room was when I hadn’t been there yet, but that was a trivial matter.


Although I was only here to deliver the meal, I was a little excited since it felt like I was out on a secret rendezvous in the middle of the night.


Knock. Knock.


“Come in.”


I could hear a reply as soon as I knocked on the door. 


Did he think I was a servant? Well, whatever. My sudden entry could lead me to see his startled expression.


Looking forward to the sight, I opened the door with all my strength.


“Is meat stew for dinner tonight? I could smell it from the door. I’m sorry, you just got here, but I need you to get some bandages and medicine… Elena? Wait, why are you here? No, wait! Please leave for…”


“Your arm…”


I could certainly see that he was flustered along with that bleeding right arm of his.

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I Became the Villain of a Romance Fantasy

I Became the Villain of a Romance Fantasy

로맨스 판타지의 악당이 되었습니다
Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
I possessed the villain of a romance fantasy story. My engagement with the heroine had been called off and I became the EXP mob character who fell to his own ruin. But for some reason, the female lead won’t let me go.


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