I Became the Villain of a Romance Fantasy Chapter 6

Not a Chance (1)

People had said the “Witch of the White Night,” the proprietor of the Dawn Tower, had reached divinity. 


Even if an individual had transcended beyond the category of humans, it was still sacrilegious to use the god’s name. Nevertheless, people all around the world revered her as a living god.


One day, a foreign deity suddenly crossed over to this world; the heavens opened while the lands turned upside down, and tens of thousands of evil spirits descended down onto earth like rainpour.


Just from the aftermath alone led to one of the seven great towers of the continent, “Twilight,” to collapse. 


Humans stood on that very earth and created a full-scale army. Their empire which had seemed indestructible, dwindled to the dozens, and ultimately fell apart.


How many species had survived when that happened? Some had already gone extinct. Even if they survived, they could barely hold onto their lives as that was to be expected.


However, this was not the end for the continent.


Who rallied those survivors, left only with despair, from the ground? Who brought together the isolated transcendentalists and made them fight against foreign invaders?


Who lifted the abyss, which one would see when peering up at the heavens, and brought light back onto this world again?


Who was the hero who accomplished the feat of murdering the untouchable god by not only dragging it down from heaven to earth, but also chopping it to pieces, utterly destroying it?


Elena Edelweiss, “The Witch of the White Night,” the proprietor of the Dawn Tower, the sun which never sets.


There was not a single person on the continent who did not know the name of the hero who accomplished such feats.


When she saved the world on the brink of destruction, people revered her as a hero. When she slew the god who was responsible for the world’s catastrophe, people worshiped her as a god. Even the gods they prayed to couldn’t achieve it, so what else could she be if anything but god, when she proved the very act before everyone’s eyes?


All the surviving transcendentalists kneeled before her. There were some among them who believed she was god. They regarded her as extraordinary, and nothing less.


Was it because of their faith? Or has she truly ascended to godhood? No deities could touch her. In the end, she had flipped the very laws of nature upside down.




“Lady Elena. Please wake up. We’ve almost arrived.”


“Ngh… Mnn… Hm?”


My consciousness, which had been submerged in darkness, began to stir, drawn into the familiar voice. 




It had been a long time since I’d been called that. Although my outward appearance maintained its youth, considering I’ve lived over 100 years, no one addressed me by such an awkward designation.


My comrade in arms would look at me and go, Goddess this, and Goddess that. It’s needless to say, what everyone else referred to me as. 


Then, who exactly is calling me in such an affectionate manner?


When I opened my eyes, a familiar face I had missed came into view. Although I lived an old life for more than 100 years, my memory was better than anyone else. My sharp perceptiveness quickly scooped out her identity from the sea of memories.




“Yes. It is I, Your Ladyship’s head maid and Melloheim’s cutie. More importantly, you still appear half asleep. How can you sleep so soundly in this wobbly carriage? You need to pull yourself together! You will be meeting your fiancé soon, but you can’t meet him with such a drowsy face full of eye gunk!!”




I couldn’t wrap my head around what she was rambling about. But I did grasp one thing she said.


When I heard that, I immediately looked out the carriage window. 


The bright spring sunlight. Big and small birds were flying around and over the well-maintained city. When the carriage turned a corner, a beautiful manor could be seen within the distance.


A towering spire and a rampart that appeared unbreakable; I knew where this place was.


All the things I was seeing, I had encountered before in my memories. I could tell the moment I saw it.


I’ve really returned…


Everything was supposed to be in ruins, but the premises were intact. The person, who had died in front of her, was alive and smiling. 


The world was what it had been before its collapse.


I only made the wish believing it wouldn’t be granted. Never did I expect it to come true. It really was a miracle. Despite the magic formulas being all in my head, they were still entirely incomprehensible. This further proved that my “regression” was simply a product of coincidence.


“What? Did you say something, miss?””


“No, nothing.”


“Ey, you’re lying. How can it be nothing when you’re making such an expression? It’s because of your fiancé, right? I knew this would happen so I prepared everything in advance. From what I discovered, your fiancé, Damian, is known for his kindness around here. He’s really handsome too! Oh, you’ve already seen his portrait…”


“Hailey. Quiet.”


Hailey shut her mouth at Elena’s cold command.


As soon as I heard his name, it hit me. It had been a long time ago, but the wounds he had left had still remained.


Elena. Oh, my beautiful Elena. You’re mine and mine only.


Why are you gazing elsewhere? Your eyes should only be on me. I said, don’t look at anyone else. If you do that again, I’ll gouge both of those eyes out.


Why would you say that? You’re going to leave me? What utter nonsense. You can never escape from me!! Elena Edelweiss, you belong to me!!! Me, Damian Kraus!!!!




It made me shudder recalling the days when I had been a victim to his nasty obsession. To think I went back in time to the monumental day when I had first met him. The more I thought about it, the more nauseous I felt. 


The great thing was that it wasn’t after the engagement ceremony. Now was the best time to break the engagement without having to go through any complicated procedures.


Just you wait, Damian. I’ll blow your head off as soon as we meet.


Hailey saw Elena cracking her knuckles while looking out the window, eyes blazing. Meanwhile, the confused maid wondered if she was the same lady she had always known. 


It didn’t take long to reach House Kraus’ estate. When I opened my eyes, I had already entered Sarham, and the manor was so close that I could practically see it.


The large and luxurious estate was befitting of the lord of the south. It wasn’t in ruins like the last time I saw it. Rather, it appeared to be a work of art, created by an outstanding sculptor who poured their heart and soul into the work.


The front gate of the manor was engraved with House Kraus’ emblem, a dragon wrapped around a sword. It gave off the feeling as though a dragon was guarding the entrance.


Likewise, the knights were wearing uniforms with the family emblem on it, and guarding the main gate. They were very strong just like their master, one of the best swordsmen in the empire.


Count Kraus, the lord of the estate, was one of the only five swordmasters in the continent. Hence there was no way his soldiers were lacking in the skills department. 


Now that I think about it, Damian really was some mutant. Count Kraus’ son, Alphonse – obviously, Damian’s younger brother – was a man of great character, excelling in everything. Damian, alone, was full of shortcomings, with only his face resembling his father’s.


The knights checked the wolf engraving on the carriage, which was House Edelweiss’ emblem. Hailey then showed a platinum plaque of identification to the approaching knights. After that, we were able to enter the manor smoothly without any more check-ups.


“Miss, don’t be nervous. Just act as usual. Oh, that doesn’t mean you should look dispirited. They did say Damian was a big shot, but what about my lady? Of course, my lady is the best. The most beautiful lady in the North! No, in the empire, wait, the entire continent! Our Milky white Elena!!!”


“Hailey. I’m getting more nervous by you saying that.”


“Gosh! I understand! I’ll hold my breath until the two of you finish your talks! Hph!


“Pfft… I’m just kidding. Also, don’t worry too much, it’ll be over in an instant.”


I had no plans on holding a conversation with him. The only thing that was on my mind right now was punching Damian with my own two hands. 


Before I regressed, Damian had been excommunicated from his household. Even if he had tried to seek revenge later on, the destruction of the world was just around the corner, so it didn’t matter whether he was dead or alive.


However, by returning back in time, I was given the chance to punish him myself. I was not going to let this opportunity go. He had not done anything wrong yet, but he was a trash human being anyway. It was also good for my mental health to break off the engagement.


Therefore, hearing Hailey spout off about Damian’s virtues was very unpleasant as I knew his real nature. For some reason, I’ve never heard those things about him in my previous life, but it’s obvious they were all fabricated. I didn’t have to pay heed to it.


“You got this, miss!”


Before I knew it, I arrived in front of the room where Damian was. Hailey clenched her hands to cheer for me. I, too, clenched my hands and prepared myself.


Although I was a magician, this body of mine was one that fought against warriors who have attained their peak strength. I don’t know what would happen if he were a typical child from a swordsman family, but I knew for certain that it would be possible to squash that indolent Damian with a simple martial arts move.


I felt a new sensation coming from inside the room. It might not have been a swordmaster, but there was someone strong near him. It wasn’t Damian, so maybe it was his personal butler, Ken? I wasn’t sure since I didn’t come across him often before, but I never knew he had been hiding his skills.


“Lady Elena Edelweiss has arrived.”


Hailey knocked on the door and announced my arrival. I could sense the energy emanating from the room.


It was showtime. As soon as Hailey opened the door, I went so far as to use 「Haste」 to prevent Ken from intervening, and bolted towards Damian, swiftly slamming my magic-enhanced fist at his chin.




I could hear the sound of a thud at the collision. Since the punch I threw had been enhanced with magic, the impact would’ve been enough to break something if it hit his bare body.


On the contrary, the outcome was completely different from what I had imagined.


“What is the meaning of this, Elena Edelweiss?”


Damian, who should have dropped to the ground with a broken jaw, had caught my fist with ease. He stared at me, those eyes, a shiny gold like House Kraus’ symbolic dragon.


It was the first time Elena met him.

Translator’s Note

The story shifts to Elena’s point of view in the second half of the chapter.

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Private: I Became the Villain of a Romance Fantasy

Private: I Became the Villain of a Romance Fantasy

로맨스 판타지의 악당이 되었습니다
Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
I possessed the villain of a romance fantasy story. My engagement with the heroine had been called off and I became the EXP mob character who fell to his own ruin. But for some reason, the female lead won’t let me go.


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