I Don’t Need a Guillotine for My Revolution Chapter 15

Civil War Period - The Saint (2)

I Don’t Need a Guillotine for My Revolution

Written by – 카르카손
Translated by – Mara Sov


Civil War Period – The Saint (2)  ༻


Once Eris agreed with our partnership, things progressed smoothly.


After this, I went directly to the Lord of this territory, the Count of Anjou, revealed my identity, and introduced Eris as my protege. Once we rented a house for her, the residents of this domain flocked to her, so Eris didn’t even need to wander around anymore. 


Thus, as the sick were treated, she would move on to another village and repeat this process until all were cured.


“Ahhh, I thought I was going to starve to death you know……” 


Watching Eris sprawled on the floor, whining, made me chuckle a bit.


Her divine power was absurd, but the trade-off was that it seemed to consume a lot of energy. That’s why she eats so much, which no one could expect by looking at her figure. 


“Sigh, why can’t I use my powers to fill my own stomach? This divine power is a scam! Ah! I get it! If it’s really ‘Divine Power’ then doesn’t it mean the Gods are simply incompetent?”


“…..Is it okay for you to say things like that?” 


“It’s fine, it’s fine. Look, my powers don’t even decrease! Anyway, the term ‘Divine Power’ was coined by the Church of Light, no? Well, I think it’s more like a wish. If I wish for you to not be ill, then it happens.” 


“I don’t have any divine power, so I don’t know about that……” 


As I tried to trail off, Eris continued with gusto.


“In the first place, wouldn’t it be kinda odd if a God held a grudge just because their child complains a bit? That would be really petty of them.”


“……This is fascinating, but I’d appreciate it if you could restrain yourself in front of the clergy later.” 


Funnily enough, it turns out that the ‘saint’ has no faith whatsoever. 


Honestly, after being with her and hearing things like this all the time while she continued to create miracles left and right…..Made me lose what little faith I had to begin with.


With a tired sigh, I focused on the fire, checking the meat skewers. Pulling a well-done skewer, I handed it to Eris.


“Be careful, it’s hot.” 


“Wao, thanks!” 


Eris eagerly blew on the hot skewer and happily took a bite.


As I continued to pass her the skewers one by one, Eris took a moment to swallow the meat and said.


“You never really said when we should go back to the Marquisate.” 


Honestly, I wasn’t in a hurry anymore. 


Yes, the plague was still a problem, and although I had taken some measures, I was more interested in the well-being of my subjects than the residents of other territories. 


I also was a little concerned about the good Baron, who must be tearing his hair out in my absence. 


But then I remembered that I have this little Princess to take care of. 


Even though she’s hiding her secret rather well now, getting involved with me means that she will come into contact with the nobility in some shape or form. 


I managed to secure a deal with Eris, but as of now, I’m simply her sponsor, nothing more than that. 


When the Revolution breaks out, it will become chaotic, and only if she can put her complete trust in me, can I count on her as a true ally.


“If I don’t keep my words from the start, there’s no use to my promises.” 


After saying this, I took a bite off my skewer. 




I savored the taste and aroma. The meat juices spread in my mouth. 


As I swallowed, I looked at Eris and continued.


“Besides, you’ve done a good job as well. Having the Count of Anjou’s favor will surely be of help in the future.” 


While curing the Count’s youngest son, Eris made it clear that she was receiving support from the Lafayette Family.


As a reward for saving his son, the Count of Anjou gave Eris some money, which she used to buy food and gave it to the people of his territory in the name of both Lafayette and Anjou. 


With this, both Eris’s actions and the name of Lafayette would be deeply ingrained in the minds of the locals.


Moreover, the Count was pleased to have his name included in this charity act, as his reputation with his subjects increased. 


Honestly, I didn’t have a good impression of the Count, who left his territory neglected during the plague, but he didn’t seem beyond redemption. 


Or perhaps, he was a mediocre noble by Francia’s standards and was simply influenced by Eris.


“If Your Excellency hadn’t become my patron, I would have had a much harder time carrying out my duties. I can’t simply walk into a noble’s residence and gain his trust on my own, you know?” 


Despite saving an entire territory from the plague, and even after influencing the Count towards a better path, Eris continued to eat her food without a care in the world.


Maybe she doesn’t like being called a saint. 


Just then, the door opened with Sir Gaston and Francois returning. 


Perhaps their knightly bravado kicked in, as they had gone out for a sparring match.


I wanted to watch it, but Eris started throwing a fit about hunger and strong sunlight, so I stayed with her.


“I lost. I was confident in my skills, but Sir Gaston’s swordsmanship is impressive.”




Eris marveled at Fracois’ uncharacteristically confession, while I simply smirked.


Sir Gaston is probably one of the best Knights in this kingdom, and Francois is past his prime, so the outcome was expected.




“No, not at all. Had it been a real battle I might have been the one losing.” 


Sir Gaston’s words surprised me.


The hardheaded and loyal Knight wasn’t one for empty words. If he said something, then he really meant it.


Since he was a Knight guarding the Princess, I expected him to be skilled, but he might be even more of a heavy hitter than I had thought. 


Honestly, he has such an unremarkable presence that I underestimate him by instinct……


While I was lost in thought looking at Francois, Eris clapped her hands.


“Well then, since the plague in this area is almost over.” 


The girl who had kept us in the South for such a long time had a beaming smile on her face.


“Let’s go to the Marquisate, My Lordship the Marquis.” 



Since there were only four of us, getting ready and setting out was a rather swift affair.


Despite the minor hiccup along the way when the Count of Anjou wanted to throw a farewell party we declined, I managed to obtain horses for Eris and Francois before going back to the Marquisate.


Since Eris was sensitive to the sun, we rode from dusk to dawn and rested during the day.


The journey back was far from boring due to Eris’s antics, unlike the quiet trip made with only Sir Gaston and me.


But, just before we arrived at the Marquisate.


We witnessed a village being raided along the way.


“They are already plundering?” 


During our time in the South the plague seemed to have died down a bit, but to think that plundering would resume before the scars left by the plague even began to heal……


They must be desperate.


Looking ahead, there were about 50 soldiers with three Knights. 


Unlike the ambush made on the Millbeaul’s soldiers during their raid on a village, this one was situated on a plain.


A surprise snipe with my bow would be difficult, and they would soon notice us even while busy with their raid.


I quietly assessed our strengths and decided.


“We’ll take a detour and move on.” 


But Eris protested.


“Are we just going to leave those people to their fate?” 


“This isn’t my territory, so I have no obligation to protect them, and we simply don’t have the numbers to try anything.” 


Eris looked at the burning village filled with wails and screams and turned back to me.


“Would intervening here cause a political problem for your Excellency?” 


This land belonged to Count Lionel, who was in the First Prince faction, so these troops raiding the village must be from the Second Prince’s side.


If we intervene we would support an ‘allied’ territory, which is a just cause, and might even earn Count Lionel’s gratitude. 




“Then, my Lord. Are you and the two Knights here weaker than this bunch of ragtag marauders and those sorry excuses for Knights?” 


“……Perhaps not. But they have the numerical advantage. If a fight breaks out, we won’t have the leisure to protect you while dealing with the enemy.” 


Eris didn’t back down.


“I can fight too. At the very least, I won’t be a burden. So if you can help them, please do.” 


“Eris, I want to avoid any situation where you might be injured, unlikely as they are.” 


As much as I felt sorry for these villagers, the Princess’s life was simply more important.


What irked me as well was that Francois, who should have been the first to dissuade her, continued to listen to our argument in silence. 


“My Lordship, we all die someday. You and I will too. Do you think that the value of the many who will die if we don’t act now outweighs the potential harm that might come to me if we do?” 


The value of many commoners’ lives who might cease to exist or the value of the Princess’s life.


While we argued, I could see a soldier in the village reporting to a Knight after spotting us.


“I disagree with that. These people are suffering because they have no power and were born as helpless commoners. I thought you were the one who said this Kingdom needed a change?” 


Sir Gaston gripped the hilt of his sword, eager to jump in the fray as he glanced at Eris and me. 


As my Knight and a commoner one at that, he could only wait for my command.


I quietly looked at the girl, who was dyed red by the setting sun.


“You said you wanted to win the hearts of the people through me. But are those who suffer right now just convenient objects of use to you, while you sit in your high seat? Are they deemed expandable to you? Are they not worth the effort of being saved?” 


The deep purple eyes behind her veil bore holes into me, as she pleaded desperately for them.


But I could also hear the whispers of another voice over hers.



-That is why noble scum like you are called blue blood.



The voice filled with mockery I heard at the guillotine.




So that’s how it is.


Was I still looking down on them?


To use these people simply as a means to survive the Revolution.


Eris is both the Saint and the Princess, that’s why I’m protecting her, she will be a key piece in the future.


I despised my father, the Marquis, who judged all people, even his family, only based on their worth to him, all in order to feed his own greed and ego.


Didn’t I scorn him for not seeing people as humans, but only as tools for him? 


“Please, My Lord. I don’t want to feel like I turned my back on those that I could have saved.” 


Even though she could have lived modestly hidden away forever, the girl who was heralded as a Saint for saving those in need, the girl who was ultimately dragged to the guillotine for being a Princess, continued to plead with me.


Only now have I realized the difference between her and I, who both died on the guillotine, mere days apart.


Her words struck deep into my heart.


As such, for the first time, I drew my sword not for a plan I had devised to survive the Revolution.


But in response to the heartfelt cries of others.


Sir Gaston and Francois both drew their swords, as if just waiting for my actions, and that brought a smile to my face.


“You’ll owe me one, Eris.” 


“If there’s anything I can do to help, please just ask.” 


The girl’s voice was overjoyed, it was like a push on my back, as I spurred my horse forward.


For the first time since I regressed, my mind, which had always been devising plans or calculating my next actions, was blank.


It doesn’t matter if this girl is a Saint or a Princess.


It doesn’t matter if these people I’ll save will be of help to me in the future or not.


What’s the point of trying to change the future if I turn a blind eye to the injustice happening right in front of my eyes? 


As Sir Gaston and Francois rode beside me, the warm light emanating from Eris enveloped my body.


While the soldiers were busy with their plunder, the Knights and their cavalry were the first to respond to us.


Their coat of arms was familiar. 


……The coat of arms of Count Millbeau.




These fellows truly have shitty luck.


I almost feel sorry for them.


What shall we do, I wonder? 


Feeling the overwhelming might flowing in me due to Eris’s blessing, I couldn’t help but laugh.


For some reason.


It didn’t seem like we could lose.


TL Note: Bruh I kinda of pitty MIllbeau at this point Lmao, can’t get a rest.

I Don’t Need a Guillotine for My Revolution

I Don’t Need a Guillotine for My Revolution

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Status: Ongoing Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
As a noble of a corrupt kingdom, I died after failing to quell the Revolution. When I opened my eyes, I returned to the time before the Revolution erupted. Now, to survive, I must join the Revolution.


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