I Don’t Need a Guillotine for My Revolution Chapter 17

The Blue Knight (1)

I Don’t Need a Guillotine for My Revolution

Written by – 카르카손
Translated by – Mara Sov


Civil War Period – The Blue Knight (1)


“Memores sumus vestri me-”


This serene song echoed around the usually silent mansion of the Marquisate.


“Ostende mihi faciem sol luceat-”



Eris continued to sing with her eyes closed in joy as Jessie brushed her snow-white hair while humming along to this unknown song.


Having gotten used to caring for myself while on the battlefields, I didn’t need a helping servant.


Therefore, Jessie, who was my personal servant, hardly had anything to do, but when I brought Eris here, they seemed to have become close friends.


Smiling at this sight, I looked at Christine who had left the room and was waiting for me outside.


“Ah, I apologize.” 


“It’s fine. She seems quite a……Lively person.” 




I walked through the hallways of the mansion with Christine.


As our rhythmic footsteps echoed down the hallways, Christine opened her mouth.


“So, this was the child you’ve been talking about?” 


“That’s correct, my Countess.” 


A child, huh? Well, Eris was only sixteen. 


Although Christine and I were only 3 years older than her, I had the memories of my past life, and Christine has such an imposing aura that I often forget her real age.


When Eris introduced herself with the full brunt of her charm and friendliness, Christine had a very awkward posture.


The contrast between the two couldn’t be more striking since Christine always wears a black dress, has deep black eyes and hair, while Eris is entirely white aside from her eyes. 


“Her charm must be truly captivating since you risked your life to fetch her. I truly hope that she proves to be worth it.” 




While I felt somewhat confused by her statement, Christine quickened her steps in silence.


As soon as we entered the reception room, Christine gestured to the maid following her.




“Yes, My Lady.” 


The maid handed Christine a scroll before leaving the room. With the scroll in hand, Christine turned towards me with a harsh glare as she began to speak.


“When you said you were going to look for her, I imagined that you’d send someone to bring her. Now, imagine my surprise when I heard that you went gallivanting around the lands where a deadly plague was at its strongest?” 


“……I’m sorry, Christine.” 


“If you consider me your partner, then I want you to take care of yourself, Pierre. I’ve invested a lot in you, and it would be troublesome for me if something were to happen to you.” 


“Don’t worry, I’ll be more cautious in the future. But didn’t you also risk your life entering an enemy territory fully aware of the assassination attempts?”  


I managed to maintain my smile even when Christine’s glare turned frosty.


“It was a necessary risk, and besides I had Sir Gaston with me. I assure you, I didn’t make a reckless decision. Besides, I made you a promise, one I intend to keep.” 


With that, I extended my hand to her as she looked at me blankly. After a couple of seconds, she smiled wryly and placed her hand in mine.


“If only promises could prevent harm……” 


Escorting her towards a nearby table, I heated the water and made us coffee, before joking.


“My Countess, your words wound me, didn’t you know that demons are supposed to honor their pacts?” 


“A demon who houses a Saint, that’s something you don’t see every day.” 


Christine finally smiled as she watched me prepare the coffee, and when I handed her a mug, she unfurled the scroll she’d received from the maid.


“This is the list of items you requested, as well as the report of the troops commissioned.” 


I took the scroll from Christine and read through it. As expected from the Aquitaine company, nearly all the items requested had been procured.


And then, the army.


I have invested my private funds, accrued from selling raw materials to Abyss Corporation into Christine’s management and the army creation.


“I see, so you managed about 1000 men.” 


“Yes. I’ll expand further in the future, but that would be somewhat difficult since Aquitaine is not a martial house.” 


“Your family’s origins don’t matter that much since handling firearms is something most independent cities are known for, not martial families. Please continue with this project” 


“I’m happy to continue as long as I’m being paid.” 


If I tried to muster this army within Lafayette, I would be under strict vigilance. 


However, in Aquitaine, a neutral territory in the Civil War that was mainly focused on trading, it was much easier to recruit the necessary manpower, compared to Lafayette.


Above all, the army trained and equipped by Christine would be just a third party employed by me.


Although small, this army would not be known as a part of Lafayette, nor would they be influenced by the Marquis. As of now, they would become a vital asset.


While I examined the scroll, Christine took a sip of her coffee and then said.


“I’ve also been keeping an eye on the connections to the independent cities as you requested, but the response to this endeavor has been lacking.” 


“Is that so? Well, there’s no need to rush this. Just focus on making a good impression for now.”


Christine shrugged before adding.


“Among the influential figures in the cities, a famous liberal writer showed some interest. His name is Nicolau Brissau. He also studied the law and even worked as a Jury, do you recognize him?” 


Narrowing my eyes in thought, I was able to recall his name.


“Yes, I think I know who you’re talking about.”


He must have been one of the moderates in the Revolutionary Army.


“This is good. If possible, try to establish a connection with him.”


“If you say so, Pierre. He must be someone worth meeting.” 


Christine nodded.


For a moment we simply stayed silent, savoring the coffee, before I spoke.


“How is your brother doing?” 




Christine flinched and looked up from her mug with a sad smile.


“……He’s been quiet as a ghost.” 


With a deep breath, Christine seemed to collect her thoughts and continued.


“I guess I shouldn’t be the one to talk when I’m keeping a child who could become the greatest threat to my rule.” 


Her tone was bitter.


No doubt her vassals were encouraging her to eliminate Louis or at least banish him, or even send him to a monastery.


I can only imagine how many times those who professed themselves as servants of Christine De Aquitaine offered their self-serving counsel to her.


Instead of being one of those, I said something else.


“Well, my vassals tried to dissuade me when I headed south, but as you can see, I returned unscathed. It might have been dangerous, but If I gave up simply because of their pressure or because of my fears, then I would carry this regret for the rest of my life.”


Christine simply stared at me, her gaze betraying nothing as she opened her mouth.


“The so-called ‘loyalists’ defend my stance. They say that Louis, who lost his entire faction in one night can’t do anything against me, and if needed, he could be used to root out those who are discontent within our ranks.”


Instead of answering me, Christine rambled on calmly, as if she was venting her thoughts, but towards the end, her voice wavered slightly.


“But I just want to give that child the opportunity I longed for. Unlike those who wanted me dead, I won’t threaten a child who had no intention of doing me harm for fear of what he could do in the future.” 


Perhaps those were things she could only confess to me, her partner who instigated her to take action against her own family.


“Maybe I’m just trying to delude myself that I’m different from them. That I would only do something against Louis when he actually moves against me……


Because then, I would be justified in dealing with him as well.” 


After laying everything bare, Christine’s tone continued to be bitter, but her expression was somewhat relieved.


“Heh. I’m a selfish monster, aren’t I?…… Are you disappointed in me?” 


With a depressing smile, her deep black eyes trembled slightly, even then, as they stared at me, I could recognize a faint glimmer of hope in those deep orbs. 


I couldn’t help but smile at her.


“I think it’s wonderful.” 


Hearing my answer, Christine blinked blankly.




“It’s very human. I like it.” 


“Where? What part of this is human?” 


Chuckle-. You see, Christine, you may not know it yet, but you never actually said you’d go as far as to kill him, did you? You talk tough, but I can see the honest desire to protect and properly raise your little brother who lost his parents in a single night.” 


With wide eyes, Christine looked beyond stunned. 


Enjoying that look on her face, I smirked and continued.


“It’s easy to delude yourself by saying that dealing with him is for the good of the family, but nobody will compensate you for the wounds you would receive from it. That’s why I think you should be yourself. You’re doing a good job as it is, and most of all, I trust you because, despite all this bravado you have, I know that deep inside, you’re a kind-hearted woman. That’s why I’ll be relying on you for a while.” 


After saying this, I took a long sip of my coffee, enjoying its flavor as she remained silent for a while. When I looked up, I saw Christine with a flushed face, staring at me, before she belatedly spoke.


“……Ah, yes, well. Ahem. The Marquis will be returning soon, so you must have a lot of matters to deal with. I should be going back as well.” 


“Indeed. But as I said, I trust you, Christine. And I look forward to continuing our partnership.” 


As Christine bolted from her seat, I stood up as well and offered her a handshake.


“If I don’t honor the trust that you invested in me, I’d be ashamed to represent the Aquitaine’s name. You can count on me.”


Christine replied while shaking my hand and took her leave. 


However, just before departing, she added in a soft tone.


“……Because I trust you too, Pierre.” 



Without an heir to the throne to support, the First Prince’s faction retreated from the northern front.  The Second Prince entered the capital – Lumiere and declared his ascension, being crowned King Louis. The Civil War, however, was still far from over.


The remnants of the First Prince’s faction, represented by Duke Lorenne, entered peace negotiations with the Second Prince’s faction, which was the last chance to stop the civil war before the Revolution erupted.


However, the gap between the victors, who were eager to make up for their losses not caring about the state of the kingdom, and the losers, unable to accept defeat at the hands of a disease, remained as wide as before.


The negotiations eventually broke down, and King Louis declared the remnants of the First Prince’s faction as rebels and ordered their destruction.


A few days after Christine and the Aquitaine merchants left.


The organized procession of the Lafayette army returning from the northern front, marched into Toulouse in an orderly fashion.


A force of thousands strong seemed imposing at first, but to me, they looked miserable.


Their ragged appearance was proof of all the long hours of fighting and shedding of so much blood.


Wasn’t this just a stubborn demonstration of those who lost their Lord to a plague, trying to deny reality thinking they didn’t lose the war and could still fight?


Leading the army, the chief denier, was the Knight in symbolic blue armor.


Alongside the vassals, I kneeled in front of the Marquis, paying my respects to him.


“Pierre De Lafayette, son of Lafayette, greets his Excellency the Marquis of Lafayette, the great ‘Blue Knight’, Hubert de Lafayette.”


The Marquis dismounted from his horse and lifted the visor of his helmet.


His bearded face remained expressionless as he slowly scanned the retainers who paid their respects to me and then gave me a faint smile.


“Hm, you’ve done well. I had my concerns, but you managed to perform your duties as the acting Lord more competently than I had expected.” 


My eyebrows almost rose in response to his unexpected praise, which was something very alien coming from him.


Well, if I think about it, it’s not that strange.


I defeated the second son of Millbeau, enhanced Lafayette’s reputation, and also supplied him with excessive military funds.


In his eyes, I am someone who finally contributed to Lafayette’s prestige and his own ego.


The Marquis barely glanced at Baron Robert Le Domont, who struggled to support me, and the fact he praised me in front of all the vassals was clearly intentional.


I bowed even lower so he wouldn’t be able to see my sneer.


“I’m honored by your praise, Your Excellency. Please let us proceed.” 




With a nod, the Marquis headed towards the mansion, his gaze fixed towards the back of the group.


……Where Eris was clad in both robe and veil.


I felt every muscle in my body tense, but the Marquis simply watched her for a moment before stepping inside the mansion as if nothing had happened.


With a relieved sigh, I followed after him.




No sooner had the soldiers and the lower servants of the mansion been dismissed and the doors closing behind us, that the Marquis stopped in his tracks.


“……Your Excellency?”


Without looking at me, the Marquis stomped towards Eris.


“Who are you, to be veiled in my presence?” 


Before Eris could respond, I intervened between her and the Marquis.


“Your Grace, she is an artist under my patronage. She is sensitive to sunlight, so I allowed her to use the veil. My apologies for not informing you sooner.” 


“Then she can remove it now, can’t she?” 


“Yes. I apologize for my rudeness, Your Excellency. I’m Eris, invited by the Young Master to take residence at this manor.” 


Immediately after the Marquis spoke, Eris took off her veil and curtsied to him.


Her snow-white hair cascaded down, as her deep purple eyes and pale face were revealed.


The Marquis appraised Eris for a moment, before turning to me with a particular smile.


“Hmm, not bad. She may be young now, but there’s promise for the future. A man should be able to recognize a good woman.”


After saying this, the Marquis turned his gaze towards Francois, who was standing close to Eris.


As he looked at him for a moment, he turned his back.


Although I felt sorry for Eris, this misunderstanding was not a bad outcome.


Sending an apologetic look towards her, I prepared to follow the Marquis once more.


However, the Marquis paused once more before returning his gaze, not to Eris, but to Francois.


“And who might you be?” 


“This one is but a humble man who is honored to meet the great ‘Blue Knight’, His Excellency, Hubert De Lafayette. This one’s name is Francois. I am Eris’ guardian, invited by the Young Master to take residence in this manor.” 


The Marquis gestured towards Eris with his chin.


“She’s your daughter then?” 


“No, Your Excellency. She is the child of a benefactor whom I am protecting.” 


“Protecting you say……” 


What? Why is he taking such an interest in Francois?!


While I was trying to understand his thought process, the Marquis drew his sword.


As everyone gasped and froze, the Marquis addressed Francois with his sword drawn.


“Draw your sword.” 


“Y-Your Excellency?” 


The Marquis didn’t repeat himself. With a slow, yet powerful movement, he swung his sword towards Francois.


With astonishing speed, Francois drew his sword and blocked the Marquis’s blow as the steel screeched through the mansion.


This cursed madman was actually trying to kill him!


“Uncle Francois!” 


Amid Eris’s cry of horror,


The Marquis raised his trembling sword arm, and looked at Francois who managed to block his blow, and then……


“Ha Ha, Hahahaha! Hahahahahahaha!” 


Burst into laughter.


The Marquis’s lips twisted into a hungry smile to everyone’s shock and bewilderment.


“It’s been a long time, Sir Frederick De Beaumont. To hear that a Knight who once guarded the beloved concubine of the late King, calling himself a humble man is a good joke, isn’t it?” 


Francois, no, Sir Frederick De Beaumont’s eyes widened as the Marquis’s smile only widened.


“You may not remember me. However, I had the opportunity to witness your deeds as a mere Knight……That was a beautiful swordsmanship. Though your appearance has changed, the swords do not lie or hide!” 


In the tense silence, the Marquis turned his head towards me.


“Pierre, many times I believed that you were hopeless. But it seems I was wrong. To think you managed to pick such a gem in my absence……” 


No, it can’t be—


“The Knight who threw away his title to remain loyal to the dead king, the one who rescued the King’s beloved concubine and her daughter from the palace on the brink of Civil War. If a man such as you is guarding a young girl, then……” 


As soon as he finished speaking, the Marquis knelt before Eris, took her hand, and kissed the back of it.


Looking at her, the Marquis’s eyes now had an intense and swirling emotion I couldn’t even begin to describe.


Before the pale and shocked Eris could respond, the Marquis spoke with a twisted smile.


“The Missing Princess Erisliste Lilianne De Francia……That’s is you, is it not, Your Highness?” 


TL Note: I tried to translate the Latim, but the sentence seemed incomplete I couldn’t be sure of the meaning but it’s something like this:

“We are mindful of you, my/me…” and “Show me your face, may the sun shine…”

Again Mama is not a Latim nutjob, so if any Latim master here can make a more accurate translation please do,

Also also, shit hit the fun lads! Daddy Marquis is not stupid!

I Don’t Need a Guillotine for My Revolution

I Don’t Need a Guillotine for My Revolution

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As a noble of a corrupt kingdom, I died after failing to quell the Revolution. When I opened my eyes, I returned to the time before the Revolution erupted. Now, to survive, I must join the Revolution.


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