I Don’t Need a Guillotine for My Revolution Chapter 19

Civil War Period - The Herald of War

I Don’t Need a Guillotine for My Revolution

Written by – 카르카손
Translated by – Mara Sov


༺  Civil War Period – The Herald of War  ༻



The Marquis eventually agreed to my ‘suggestion’ and a gag order was issued regarding Eris’s existence.


Before the law, the closing thing helping keep order within the territory was the Marquis’s sword.


Since only a few vassals and retainers were aware of Eris’s existence, they knew the consequences of ignoring the Marquis’s orders. 


Although it’s natural that some rumors about Eris might circulate, it’s unlikely that they would be believed.


On another topic, the sight of vassals and retainers trying to curry my favor the moment the Marquis left the meeting was quite a spectacle. 


Everything I’ve done from repelling Damien de Millbeau, putting Christine as the head of her family, and earning funds through the Abyss Corporation is finally bearing fruit.


Now, everyone must have realized that the Marquis was no longer in control.


It was rather bizarre and amusing seeing Baron Domont breaking down in tears while saying he could die without regrets now.


Those who were long-time servants of the Earl of Toulouse harbored a lot of grievances towards the Marquis. They were simply enduring, since I, the one who should be their anchor, refused to fulfill my role.


Even the servants tasked with lowly duties around the mansion now showed utmost courtesy towards me.


While I was lost in thought, I reached my room.


There, leaning against the walls, stood a girl with pale skin bouncing on her feet, who showed a beautiful smile towards me as she waved her hand.



Inside the drawing room, where Eris had dragged me.


“So, you’re enjoying it?” 


Sitting in the chair, I felt so at ease I even had a slight difficulty articulating my words, but I managed to spill a lethargic reply towards the owner of that voice.


“Haah, it’s good.” 


A jovial giggle tickled my ears, and I admit this was a little shameful of me, but the sheer stress relief my body was undergoing kept the rational part of my mind in check, as that wonderful warm feeling spread through my muscles as those angelic hands did their sacred work.


“I don’t do this for just anyone, you know? Even Uncle Francois didn’t receive this special treatment from me, you know?” 


“Ah, such indulgence is beyond my station.” 


Having a Princess utilize her Divine Power to enhance a massage was something so absurd that any resistance left within me seemed to melt in an instant.


“……My mother always loved when I did this.”




Eris’s mother.


The late King’s cherished concubine.


When the King died, Lord Beaumont disappeared as he escaped with Eris, but now that I think about it, her mother vanished……


As if trying to lighten up the mood, Eris patted my shoulder as her tone returned to its usual cheer.


“Jeez, look at those knots! You’re way worse than Uncle Francois! And he’s almost triple your age! Honestly, I can’t understand how someone so young can have this much stress…….”


“You’re not one to talk as well, you know?”


Since when does a 16-year-old say things like that?


Eris, of course, ignored me as she continued to prattle.


“Anyway! I just wanted to say, thank you. I may have been a little, just a tiny bitsy doubtful if you would save me, but you did……”


“I told you, I always keep my word.”


I do seem to be saying this a lot these days, huh……


“But for a person who has been saved, you sure spend a lot of time cooped up in your room, don’t you?”


“Well, even with the gag order a lot of people in the Marquisate know my identity. So I could cause some disturbance if I wandered around too much, and besides, I don’t like dealing with them.”


“Since King Louis has ordered the subjugation of the First Prince’s faction, our forces will be mobilized soon, and when this happens, this place will become rather deserted. When that happens, you can proceed with your plans as you want, and as promised, I’ll provide you with the necessary support.”


“In the name of Toulouse and not Lafayette?”


“It’s always refreshing when someone is this quick to grasp things as you do, Your Highness.”


Before my regression, I remember struggling against King Louis’s forces as several incidents happened around the Capital – Lumiere. And by the time winter approached, the Revolutionaries rose up.


Therefore, my plan for now is to focus on blocking King Louis’s offensive, buying time to let Eris captivate the people’s hearts.


The situation this time isn’t as dire. The territory is in good shape and the Marquis is still alive which will be of great help in our efforts to hold King Louis’s forces off.


Should we manage to strike a crippling blow to King Louis’s forces, the Revolutionaries might rise up earlier.


“Ah Eris, may I ask you something?”


“Hmm? Sure. What is it?”


“What are the limits of your Divine Power? For instance, how many people could you strengthen and heal at the same time?”


“……Well, my limit is around 20 to 30 people, but at this point, it’s quite difficult to maintain my powers.”


“I see.”


That’s impressive. Those snotty priests are ready to collapse after healing two or three patients during a day, so it’s no wonder Eris is qualified to be called a Saint.


But this doesn’t mean that Eris’s gifts are capable of turning the tide of an entire war on her own.


“Now, do not misunderstand. As promised, I have no intention of using you on the front lines. And as long as you are within the Marquisate, no one will be insane enough to make such a demand against my orders. I simply wanted to know the extent of your gifts in advance.”


“You don’t have to explain it like you have a guilty conscience; I understand.”


Although she said this, her hands pressed hard against a bundle of nerves near my shoulders.




She’s doing this on purpose, isn’t she?


“So, you’re curious about what else I can do?”


“Hm, Yes. That whip you used before. It seemed like a construct made by your Divine Power, is it possible to create weapons like that?”


“If it’s a small number I could do it. But if you want to know if I would enhance a soldier’s weapon, then I’ll refuse.”


“I wouldn’t go that far. I simply wanted to ask a personal favor. Your Highness, would you mind lending a little bit of your strength for the sake of his humble patron who went through a lot of trouble to protect you?”


Eris stopped massaging me for a moment before answering me in such a flat tone I didn’t even need to look at her face to know her current expression.


“I think it’s a bit cowardly of you to say things like that.”


“Well, I’ve always been rather blunt, haven’t I?”


“Sigh-. Fine, since there’s nothing for me to do until the army’s departure, I’ll do it as a form of repaying your gratitude.”


“I’m truly grateful.”




“Ah, I see. What would Your Highness desire then? Surely you aren’t rewarding this lowly patron with a massage simply because you’re bored–Ouch!”


This, this crazy Princess just smacked my head with her stupid harp!


How is she this strong?!


“What was that for?!”


As I turned around filled with injustice for being assaulted without a reason, Eris pushed me out with an aggrieved expression that mirrored my own.


“Get out!” 


“What’s with you all of sudden?”


While I was being pushed off by an angry Eris, Jessie, my personal maid who had been silently watching this scene unfold, looked at me and said.


“The Master is very dense…..”


……You know what? I’m not sure if I should get angry at her or be happy that she’s finally easing up in my presence.



In the capital of Francia – Lumiere.


After the four-year-long civil war, King Louis frowned as he observed the quarreling nobles and clergy making fools of themselves before his presence.


“Your Majesty, the mightiest of Kings. During this long and tortuous Civil War, the church became unable to collect the rightful tithes as per God’s will. Now that you’ve ascended to the throne, please prove your faith to God and lighten the path ahead for the Kingdom!”


“Now is not the time for this nonsense! The Civil War is not even over yet! We’re short on funds as it is, and you speak of fattening the church’s coffers!?”


“Ah, what a disgrace this is! The Enemy must have drawn a veil over the Count’s eyes, blinding you to the right path. After all, what could be more important than proving that the Blessed Knight Kingdom of Francia stands with God?”


“This is why I can’t stand the clergy! Do you not see the commoners’ clamor? Their demands to be heard? We have already donated too much money to the church. If you want more, then find a way to shut those lowlifes up!”


“Your Majesty, only you can see reason, the church in this domain—”


“Your Majesty! Now it’s the time to show your faith—”




The clergy and nobles ceased all their discussion when King Louis’s patience was tested as he shouted while hitting his royal cane on the floor.


“Prime Minister, is the discontent among the commoners this severe?”


“With all due respect, Your Majesty, but indeed it is so. The frequency of peasant uprisings is increasing drastically, and they demand the convening of the Estates-General, invoking century-old customs.”


King Louis frowned as he listened to the report from his Prime Minister, the Duke of Orleans.


“How are our efforts in smoldering those rebels fairing?”


“Forgive me, Your Majesty, but at present, we can only muster about 10,000 troops……”


“How could that be!”


“My apologies, Your Majesty.”


The King’s outburst as he heard the state of his military force, which was incomparable before the Civil War with his brother, didn’t change the grim reality he was facing.


Moreover, unlike when they decided to obliterate the remnants of his brother’s faction, which would bestow them their lands and wealth, the nobles now opted for a wait-and-see approach as they weren’t so receptive to the idea of wasting even more resources participating in this rebel subjugation.


Finally, through clenched teeth, King Louis spoke with a disgorged tone.


“Convene the Estates-General.”


“B-but, Your Majesty…….”


The Estates-General.


A gathering where the representatives of the three estates — The Clergy, The Nobility, and finally, the Commoners — are convened.


“It’s just a show of selecting a few representatives and paying lip service. 


Since we’re about to march to quell these traitors of the Kingdom, it won’t hurt to buy us some more time.”


Words may be pleasant to the ears, but in reality, they wouldn’t matter unless the King chose to hear them.


Even if the representatives of the third state spoke for the commoners, their small votes would be worthless against the vested interests of the second state who were the nobles and the first state, the clergy.


“I hear and obey, Your Majesty.”


King Louis half-listened to the response as he waved a lazy hand in order to dismiss the assembly in the throne room.


A small and lonely human sat on the glorious throne of the Kingdom of Knights.


This contrast only made King Louis appear more pitiful.


He had incurred countless debts during the long Civil War, believing that everything would be fine as long as he ascended to the Throne.


He thought that he was the heaven-favored one when his brother, the firstborn, met divine retribution and died a worthless death. However, upon his ascendency, things remained the same.


The same fools who chose to support his brother refused to surrender as they tried to protect their tiles and wealth, instead of protecting their lives.


While the throne was vacant, the peasants were somewhat quiet, but now they had someone to direct their displeasure at, they became bolder.


He thought that things would be fine once he rounded those traitors and eliminated them, but both he and the nobles were already on the verge of ruin from the mountain of debt obtained during the war, and as such they lacked the funds to muster a proper army.


Then, a black bird flew in through the windows.


The bird could be mistaken as a crow at first glance, but a closer look revealed its true nature as a pigeon, which was primarily used as a messenger bird.


King Louis’s eye twitched, but he didn’t stop the bird as it flew down to his feet. As soon as the pigeon landed, an ominous black silhouette materialized as it opened its mouth with a gargle of bizarre sounds before speaking in the human language.


“Greetings, Your Majesty. I’m Halphas, representing the ‘Pride Corps’ of Abyss Company.”


“Begone demon. For I’m not in the mood for your honey-laced words.”


The pigeon cooed at King Louis’s sharp remark.


This innocent sound, however, resonated with the dark silhouette, creating a deep twisted sound like a bastardization of a laugh.


Just as King Louis’s patience was about to run out, the pigeon’s eyes glowed red, as the bizarre voice was transmitted once more.


“As a company of Abyss Corporation that prides itself in our efficiency and innovation, Your Majesty’s intentions are somewhat difficult to grasp. We can, however, provide you with funds and weapons that you and the nobles of Francia desire. All of this at an obscene discounted price, in exchange for something you possess.”


King Louis grimaced, but he offered no more attempts to dismiss his unexpected guest.


After winning the war and becoming the King, Louis banned human trafficking.


Even though he encouraged it during the war as a necessary means to raise funds, now that he had become King, he worried about the aftermath of such dealings.


“Your Majesty, I was under the impression that ‘Honesty’ was also part of the Knightly virtues, and as such let us be honest. 


Do you really think that those ‘inferior’ beings will amount to something other than voicing their incessant complaints? And would the kingdom suffer if its population decreased a little? No, it would not.”




King Louis’s tone expressed his dissatisfaction, but the silhouette continued speaking as if unperturbed. 


“If you dismiss our help now, how many more years will you struggle with the finances of this Kingdom? And during this time, how much more blood of your subjects will be spilled? 


Since they would have such a miserable fate anyway, wouldn’t it be better if they at least served to benefit their King?


 Even if some subjects are lost, you will gain rulership of all of those under the traitor’s rule. It’s a clear win-win situation, and yet, Your Majesty hesitates to take on such a great deal……Truly regretting.”


Compared to the clergy who demanded donations under the guise of God’s will, at least these demons offered some profit from their dealings.


As King Louis contemplated, Halphas took the opportunity to hammer the final nail in the coffin.


“Your Majesty just needs to lift the ban on ‘human commerce’. After all, the nobles will be the ones doing the selling, so Your Majesty’s hands won’t be sullied.


And isn’t it amazing that just by selling some of your more useless subjects you can gain riches and weapons? The Abyss Corporation is always looking forward to a beneficial relationship with our prized clients! Should you accept our offer now, we will even give you a bonus at a special price.”


“What do you want?”


As King Louis demonstrated his interest, the same twisted laugh was heard in the throne room.


Just as King Louis’s displeasure was increasing once again, the silhouette spoke.


“We just ask you this. Ensure the total destruction of the Lafayette Marquisate. We also request that special attention be given to the Lafayette heir.”


TL Note: Daum boy HES A THICK ASS BOY!


I Don’t Need a Guillotine for My Revolution

I Don’t Need a Guillotine for My Revolution

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Status: Ongoing Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
As a noble of a corrupt kingdom, I died after failing to quell the Revolution. When I opened my eyes, I returned to the time before the Revolution erupted. Now, to survive, I must join the Revolution.


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