I Don’t Need a Guillotine for My Revolution Chapter 59

Revolutionary Period - The End of the Civil War

I Don’t Need a Guillotine for My Revolution

Written by – 카르카손
Translated by – Mara Sov


༺  Revolutionary Period – The End of the Civil War  ༻



Lumiere – Capital of the Republic.


In the National Assembly, the members of the political parties gathered to discuss the proposal from Duke Lorenne delivered by the Marquis of Lafayette.


“This is absurd! Are we really planning on letting those nobles off the hook? After so many deaths? So much blood spilled?”


Naturally, the members of the Revolutionary Party opposed this proposal.


“Why do you wish to continue with this senseless conflict? If they hand us the King, we could put an end to this Civil War and the Republic will have full claim to these lands.”


Even the most radical members of the Revolutionary Party took time to consider the words of Nicolas Brisseau, the leader of the Liberals.


The Civil War was a tragedy, caused by two Princes vying for the Throne, and such tragedy gave birth to the Revolution. During these events, much blood had been shed, and many lives were lost.


Seeing the hesitation from the members of his Party, Prosecutor Maximillien Le Jidor spoke up,


“With the withdrawal of Germania and the Northern Alliance, the Duke of Lorenne and King Louis have no way of resisting us. Their defeat is certain, as the morale of their troops is nonexistent.”


Jidor paused for a moment, fixing his glasses as he continued.


“On the other hand, they have requested a safe exile with their material possessions. Since Alsace and Lorenne were relatively untouched by the Civil War, their wealth must be substantial.”


Many members swallowed dryly as they heard Jidor’s words.


The current economy of the Republic was akin to a man walking on a tightrope. Without the backing of Aquitaine, the Republic would have gone bankrupt a long time ago.


“I admit there may be some losses, but with the enemy’s morale this low, they won’t be able to put up a serious resistance. Wouldn’t it be better to shoulder just a little bloodshed, rather than let those fiends run away with the wealth accumulated by exploiting the people of Francia?”


“Hmm, I conceded that after getting this far we must be resolved to sacrifice just a little more……”


Brisseau reluctantly conceded to Jidor’s point, as another member of the Revolutionary Party spoke up.


“What if we pretend to accept their offer, but instead of granting their exile, we simply take over their properties, arrest these fools, and have them brought over to the guillotine?”


“Ohoo! What a bright Idea my friend! Indeed, these vile nobles must bleed!”


“Since they are betraying their King there should be no problem for us if we deal with them, no?”


As most members of the Assembly seemed to agree with this idea, both Jidor and Brisseau slowly turned their gazes toward the members of the Central Party.


As he received the gazes from the other Party Leaders, Count Anjou, the leader of the Central Party squirmed a bit as he looked towards the person seated on his right side.


Christine De Aquitaine was – in name only – just another member of the Central Party, however, it was a well-known fact that she was the one possessing total control over the Centrists. Sensing the Count’s gaze, Christine raised her head, meeting his eyes.


Her appearances at the Assembly were always conspicuous, simply because she was the only woman present, and also for her being dressed in black clothes akin to a mourning attire. With Count Anjou’s implicit wish, all eyes were naturally drawn to her, as Christine opened her mouth.


“As we approach the definitive end of the Civil War, I do believe it to be foolish to sign a peace treaty and break it immediately.”


“Ha-. You believe a truce with those scum to be a formal peace treaty?”


“Indeed, I do. Gentlemen allow me to enlighten you all about our current situation. As of now, most foreign nations still regard our Republic as an illegitimate power, they think we are rebels. What we need to do is to end this Civil War and quickly establish diplomatic relations with the other nations. Therefore, I must question you, why should we give those nations even more excuses to cement their preconceived ideas about our Republic?”


After explaining her reasoning, Christine paused for a moment and smiled as she continued.


“I do believe our citizens wouldn’t be pleased if our Republic were to keep relying on exclusive trade with Aquitaine and the Holy Theocracy.”


Christine herself, of course, wouldn’t mind it at all.


Although her voice was not loud, her words traveled far in the Assembly, as all the members understood its meaning as such their faces hardened.


Ultimately, if they wished to revive the Nation’s economy and stabilize the Republic, it was imperative to have business with the other nations.


“What would be the Central Party’s position then? Do you wish to accept their offer and let them go unpunished? Or will it endorse the continuation of the War?”


At this question, Christine simply leaned closer to the Count as she whispered something in his ear.


Then, the Count spoke,


“What if we reach a compromise?”



Duchy of Lorenne – At midnight.


King Louis lay in a luxurious bedroom.


His bed was soft, and his blankets were warm.


While such a room wasn’t comparable to his Royal Chambers in the Palace, such accommodations could easily befit a Duke. However, these things hardly mattered now.


Indeed, even in the middle of autumn, the King shivered in his bed, unable to sleep.



-Your Majesty.




Those cold and contemptuous eyes.


King Louis would never forget the old general’s face, the face of a man who once fought against his father the ‘Knight King’.


“How dare he……”


King Louis’s eyes became bloodshot as he heard faint footsteps approaching his chambers.


The King may have fallen from grace, but some instincts of his time as a promising Knight still remained, as King Louis realized that these footsteps weren’t those of a servant, but of several people.


Getting up, the King quickly grabbed his sword and stood in the corner of the wall.


Just as the footsteps paused, King Louis silently drew his sword as the doorknob began to turn.


Slowly…But surely…


His eyes sparkled in fury as he realized that those who barged into his chambers were clad in black clothes with masks, armed with both swords and pistols.


The sheer audacity to attempt something like this to the King!


The gal of these vermins!


Enraged, King Louis raised his sword and rushed at his assassins.






The assassins panicked, some fired their guns, others clumsily swung their swords, but the King slaughtered them, as his mana protected him from their blows.


Blood stained his nightgown and skin.


After killing his assassins, King Louis barged into the hallway and ran.


Although he flinched at the cold sensation of his bare feet touching the floor, he quickly shouted.


“Guards! Guards-!! Assassins dared to go after this King! Protect me at once-“


But at that moment, King Louis saw the fully armored soldiers drawing their swords at him.


As their eyes met, the King realized those swords weren’t meant to protect him.



-That Duke Lorenne, he’s a turncoat I say! He can’t be trusted!



The words he once said to the Grand Duke echoed in his mind.


As such, King Louis quickly retreated to his room.


His bare feet slashed through the blood of his assassins, leaving crimson footprints in his wake.


King Louis then proceeded to run towards his balcony.


The luxurious and opulent carpet was marked with his bloody footprints.


As he rushed to his balcony, the autumn wind clashed against his body.


Below, he could see numerous torches surrounding the mansion.


“Do not kill him! But don’t let him escape!”


King Louis rushed back to his room as he heard Duke Lorenne’s cries.


Outside the mansion, countless footsteps could be heard.


Despicable traitors, every last one of them.



-If Your Majesty is truly the honorable monarch of the Knight Kingdom of Francia.




Filthy rebels.



-The owner of these lands.




How dare they rise against the rightful King of Francia.



-The leader of a nation allied with the Glorious Empire of Germania.




As his cold, pale body trembled, the words of a man he wished he could forget continued to echo in his ears.


Bang-! Bang-!


The doors began to shake violently.


King Louis, overwhelmed by all this, collapsed onto the floor.


There, before his knees lay a pistol from one of his assassins.



-It would be better for Your Majesty to end your pathetic life now, to at least redeem your past mistakes and protect the honor of the people that were born on this land.



Only The Grand Duke’s words flashed through his chaotic mind.


The Duke of Lorenne betrayed him.


He had betrayed his King to save himself. He would offer his King to those savages.


King Louis grasped the pistol with shaking hands


Tears streamed from his eyes.


Even in death, he wished for an end befitting that of a King of the Knight Kingdom.


He didn’t want to die a miserable death, violated and jeered by those vile commoners.


As he slowly raised the pistol to his chin, the cold metal from the pistol made King Louis’s entire body shake.


Finally, as the door burst open, the soldiers of Lorenne rushed in……And gaped at the sight of King Louis.


“I choose to die as a King.”


His pathetic, trembling voice pierced the silent room-




“No! Don’t-!”



Amidst the soldier’s screams, a single gunshot rang out.




As a result of the discussion in the National Assembly, it was decided that the Republic would accept the proposal from Duke Lorenne, and the peace treaty was concluded.


Duke Lorenne would surrender the custody of King Louis, as well as his lands to the Republic. While we would grant him exile and the right to take their wealth without interference on our part.


White flags were raised in the capital of the Duchy – Nancy – and we entered the city without shedding a single drop of blood.


Valliant and I stood at the forefront of our army as we surveyed the city.


The inhabitants of the city gathered in small parties to watch us, they appeared frail and impoverished.


While I observed them, my gaze met that of Louis Desaix, who stood behind me.


Nodding his head at me, Desaix broke away from the formation.


Finally, as our procession reached the Duke’s mansion, he welcomed us.


All kinds of carriages, filled to the brim were parked in front of his mansion, showing us his sincere intent of fleeing at the first opportunity.


“Welcome Marquis Lafayette, and…Hmmm…”


“Raphael, Raphael Valliant, your Grace.”


“Ah, General Valliant! I am aware of your illustrious deeds!”


While Valliant smiled at the praise, I quickly asked the Duke about our priority here.


“May we see the King? I believe you claimed to have him secured.”


“Ah. Yes. The King. We have him secured, yes. But you’ll have to come and see him yourself.”


The combination of his odd expression and his nervous words made both Valliant and I exchange puzzled glances.


Only after following him did we realize the reason behind his behavior.


There, tied to a chair facing us, stood King Louis. Contrary to my expectations the man didn’t shout or scream at us.


Well, if he could do that I would have been scared actually.


Because on the spot where his jaw should have been…There was nothing but a hideous wound, hastily covered with blood-soaked bandages.


After all, with a wound like this, I doubt the King would be able to speak in a language we would understand……


“Ah. Well, you see…While we attempted to capture him, he tried to kill himself with a pistol…and…this was the result.”


The Duke explained the situation in a nervous tone, while the King, who was still alive, wept as he let out a pitiful gargle of despair.


Perhaps he tried to move his head at the last second after pulling the trigger?


For a King who was once regarded as a valiant Knight, and had the support of the Kingdom’s military, his current sight was nothing but pathetic.


“Phew-. Eh, I have to ask, will he…well…survive the trip back to Lumiere? Perhaps we should have the Saint treat him……?”


I furrowed my brows at Valliant’s words and looked at the gruesome state of King Louis.


Even though they were born from different mothers, he was Eris’s brother. So I wonder what she would feel while seeing him like this.


“Can we consider our part of the treaty complete?”


While I was pondering about Eris’s reaction, I couldn’t help but snort at the Duke’s question.


“Yes, we can. You may go, Duke. The Republic will not interfere with you any longer.”


“Ah! You’re truly an honorable noble, Marquis! Though our paths have diverged, I shall remember the honor you upheld even while surrounded by these rabbles!”


While the Duke ran away, Valliant whistled.


“Phew-. Was that okay? I’m having some doubts about our agreement, you know?”




I looked towards the door which the Duke had left.


“The people of this land will decide.”



As the Republican Army entered the city, the residents who had gathered began to move towards the city’s exit, as they watched the procession led by Duke Lorenne.


The spectacle of nobles, dressed in luxurious clothes, hauling countless carriages filled with goods and wealth they amassed, was met with blank stares from the residents.


“Hehehehehe-. Well done, Count Belfort. Well done!”


“It’s all thanks to your superior wisdom, Your Grace! It was you who recognized the Marquis’ honor after all! Hahaha-.”


The Duke Lorenne shared a laugh with the Count, expressing their satisfaction and relief.


They had levied harsh taxes during the Civil War and ruthlessly plundered the land until this day, reasoning that if they would forsake these territories, then they would take whatever they could.


Though his exile pained him, with such wealth, the Duke would be able to live comfortably wherever he went.


After all, what was the point of defending their land anyway? Just remembering that fool, the Count of Lionel made the Duke snort.


What did he gain from fighting to the end?




As the Duke continued to gloat about this, his carriage came to a halt, as he frowned.


Then, he opened his carriage’s window.


“What is going on here? Why did we stop?”


“My apologies, Your Grace, but the mayor is blocking our way.”


“Tch-. Then remove him, you useless fool! Beat him or chase him away…I don’t care, just get it done!”




Before the soldiers could do anything, the mayor shouted.


“The taxes we paid while enduring hunger and cold were given in the belief that as our lord, you would fulfill your duties to us! But look at them now! Aren’t they fleeing with the wealth they amassed by exploiting us?”


“Kill that filthy wretch immediately!”


At Duke Lorenne’s order, the soldiers moved to approach the mayor, but the city’s guards blocked them.


“Those loyal to the Duke, listen! Do you think that the fat pig will care for you overseas? Just as he has abandoned us, you too shall be discarded! Citizens! Let us reclaim what is ours!”


The once vacant and powerless gaze of the residents now burned with a mad fury.


Seeing this, the Duke and Count felt a chill crawl down their spines.


Looking through the window, the Duke frantically sought a man wearing a Republican uniform among the crowd.


“You there! Summon the Republican Army now! Protect us from this mob!”


The man in question, Louis Desaix, stared at the Duke for a moment before responding.


“My apologies, Your Grace. But wasn’t it clearly stated in the treaty signed with the Marquis Lafayette, that the Republican Army wouldn’t interfere?”


-The terms of our treaty will be as follows then. The Republic will allow the Duke of Lorenne and his faction to leave our lands with their possessions, and we shall not interfere with you in any shape or form.


The Duke had foolishly interpreted the terms of their agreement, believing that those words meant the Republic would ensure their safety.


However, those who blocked his path weren’t part of the ‘Republic’.


The Duke’s face went blank, then after a few seconds, it became a bright red as he grabbed Count Belfort’s collar and shouted.


“What is the meaning of this!”


“M-My apologies, Your Grace! This must be a misunderstanding! A misunderstanding, I say!”


As the angry mob surged over them like a flood, the Duke’s soldiers began to throw away their weapons, either surrendering or outright fleeing.


“S-Summon the Marquis! Get the Marquis La-Lafayette-“


Before the Duke could even finish, the crowd swarmed his carriage.


His tragic shouts, his pleas, and his wimpers……Were drowned in the tumult.



TL Note:

Welp, Duke Lorenne and King Louis got fucked




I Don’t Need a Guillotine for My Revolution

I Don’t Need a Guillotine for My Revolution

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