I Killed the Player of the Academy Chapter 102

Chapter 102 - Sun - Claiomh Solais (10)

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    Sun – Claiomh Solais (10)






  No one was able to move.


  Pressed under an extreme sense of tension, their survival instincts rang alarm bells in their heads. 




  There was a smirk on the monster’s face. The appearance of a fiend smiling with its head tilted to a side—




  Darkness was cast on the world. The world with its light reduced by the Solar Eclipse was soon drenched by the wave of darkness that was brought by the Sword Fiend entering the Domain.


  Like that, the world turned dark once again.


  Eight Dancing Blades.




  The Domain ended in a flash. Blood spurted out from the slashed wrists and knees.


  “Mr. Korin?!”


  In that split second, the Sword Fiend started off by cutting Korin Lork inside the Domain. 


  Crushing Korin’s Rearing Head of the Venomous Dragon that he used to fight against the Eight Dancing Blades, the Sword Fiend twisted its arms to slash at his wrists and knees, the two important parts of his body.


  – Kaduk!


  Following the end of the Domain was a wide kick. The demonic beast smacked Korin on his chest after slashing him with its swords. Korin swallowed his scream while allowing his body to be pushed back by the kick.




  His chest, wrists, and knees were all heavily hit in that short moment. Alicia was about to run to him to help but was stopped by him before she could.


  “Don’t come here…!”


  – Cough…!


  “Look forward… and only forward when you’re fighting!”




  After being scolded by him, Alicia turned back to the monster, who immediately pounced at her, punishing her for looking away for even a split second. 


  Meanwhile, Lunia, who was protecting her body with her protective aura, noticed that none of the attacks had been facing her.




  She was being completely looked down on. After realizing that she was half a step slower than itself inside the Domain from that last fight… the demonic beast didn’t even see her as a target worth attacking. 


  That was a wrong judgment on its part though. Although she might be slow inside the Domain, Lunia was stronger and faster than both Korin and Alicia when outside.


  — False Domain Severance.








  The thing that happened next gave chills to everyone that perceived the Domain including Lunia and Alicia. The Sword Fiend entered the Domain again.


  ‘…Second Domain?’


  They were lost for words. Entering the Domain once was already a marvelous feat that almost no one in the world would be able to do, so… how could a mere monster enter the Domain again on repeat?


  Although they knew it had incredible talents that the world might not have seen for the past 1,000 years… they weren’t expecting it to be this much.


  ❰Domain Severance – Eight Dancing Blades❱


  The two arms traced 8 lines once again, but this time, it was slightly different.


  All of those eight attacks… were facing Alicia.


  Even though Lunia was using her False Domain Severance… the Sword Fiend focused all of its attacks on Alicia without bothering about Lunia. It was going for Alicia even at the cost of allowing an attack.


  ‘It’s trying to deal with all the actual Domain users…!’


  The purple eyes of the monster were facing Alicia Arden from the start to the end. The Sword Fiend seemed to have realized from the previous battle that Alicia was the most threatening Domain user out of all of them.


  Despite trying to fight back inside the Domain, Alicia’s eyes were filled with shock and fear. With her current ability, she could only fend off 3 of those 8 attacks, which meant that the remaining 5 attacks would land on her body. 


  The only one that could change this flow of battle was…




  Lunia Arden had half a step of room to play with. She had to choose between two options.


  Either attack the demonic beast with the sword or…


  – Chaak…!


  What echoed at the end of the Domain was Alicia’s ear-splitting shriek.


  “S, SISTER…!”


  Blood splattered from Lunia’s body after being cut along with her sword. She staggered after allowing a bunch of attacks to her body but even then, she clenched her teeth and reached out.


  “You think something like that is enough!!”


  She grabbed onto the Sword Fiend’s neck with her left hand enveloped in aura and pierced the broken sword into its neck.




  It was a shocking display of pure willpower but the beast still retaliated.


  Eye for an eye, neck for neck.


  After being stabbed in the neck by Lunia’s sword, the demonic beast crunched on Lunia’s collarbone with its teeth. 


  – Kaaa–


  “Go awayyy…!”


  Dodging the rushed and sloppy stab of Alicia, the Sword Fiend stepped back. 


  – Ptui!


  It then spit on the ground a piece of Lunia’s bone along with some of her flesh.




  Lunia fell powerlessly while coughing out blood but was supported by Alicia before she landed on the ground.


  “…Let go.”


  “S, Sister. We should…”


  “Once you’re in battle… don’t look back… you stupid little sister of mine.”


  Korin was neutralized with his arms, ankles, and chest crushed down, whereas Lunia’s entire body had been hacked with her sword broken.


  The Sword Fiend did not sit there watching Alicia be perturbed by everything going around her. Even after a sword stab to its neck, the monster was still keen to fight.




  Death was nearing her. Right when she was thinking it was too late to react;


  – Bam!


  A large fist came flying from somewhere and struck down on the Sword Fiend from above.




  A wooden doll, Wickerman, was raised by Yuel and was smacking down on the Sword Fiend.


  “Alicia…! Step back!!”


  She had summoned a Wickerman the second time without even using a sacrifice. The toll of that spell was therefore placed on her body, and Yuel screamed at her with blood flowing down her lips.


  The druid was desperately putting everything on the line in order to protect her comrades but even that act of desperation was nothing but a way to buy time. 


  Duel Swords of Arden,


  Demonic Sky of Twin Dragons, Twin-fanged Beast.


  Like tofu being cut up by a knife, it only took 1 second for the large Wickerman to be silently divided into 3 pieces. 


  The deactivation of the spell following straight after its activation caused Yuel to fall on her knees while grasping her chest. 




  The demonic beast closed in. With a sword still stabbing into its neck, it stared at Alicia.


  Realizing that she was the only one that could fight against the Sword Fiend, Alicia started to shiver. By herself, she had to fight against the monster who had neutralized both Korin and Lunia in the blink of an eye.




  She shivered in fear.


  It was scary and frightening. She wanted to run away.


  The fact that she had to fight against that monster without a single ally made her want to give up. Because the one in front of her was so powerful… she immediately thought to herself that there was no way she would be able to beat it. 


  However, she couldn’t turn around. Taking a step back here meant the death of everyone else. If so…


  Become a fiend, Alicia. Focus and indulge yourself in nothing but the act of slicing. Indulge and indulge yourself. Look for every method possible.


  She opened her eyes.


  Her trembling legs were back to being stable. 


  The razor-sharp edge of her blade was facing her enemy. 


  “I have to do it. I have to do it. I have to do it…”


  In the darkness cast by the Solar Eclipse,


  ❰Eyes of the Boundary❱


  Her eyes gleamed and looked into the purple eyes of the Sword Fiend. The two of them walked towards each other in silence and—


  Heavenly Strike


  Reverse Kill


  – Kaang!


  They swung their swords at each other without any warning.


  Twin swords against a single sword.


  Power against the softness of waves.


  The two swordsmen with nothing in common created embers and sparks in the darkness under the hidden Sun.








  “Damn it…”


  Korin, who had been neutralized from the first Domain use of the Sword Fiend, continued coughing out blood in pain while supporting his crushed sternum.


  “Korin… Are you okay?”


  Leaving the heat of the battle, Yuel came to him while dragging the injured Lunia behind her.


  “I’m fine… We need to heal Miss Lunia first…”


  He had yet to lose his fighting spirit. As long as he didn’t give up, the regeneration of his would make its warrior back into a fightable state.


  However, with his current body, he couldn’t even move his body properly. Therefore, Yuel took out the elixir from Korin’s inner pockets and fed it to Lunia, who was in a much worse state. 




  Barely keeping herself conscious, Lunia gasped for breath and Korin gritted his teeth while seeing that.


  “Damn it… The Precept doesn’t really activate against that guy yet…”


  Sword Fiend.


  That monster was the strongest swordsman of ❰Heroic Legends of Arhan❱ who would later join the King’s army but right now, it was just a simple demonic beast with little relation to the end of the world. With his current body and without much backup from the Precept, Korin couldn’t react to the monster’s speed.


  “Alicia. Please hold on for just a little bit more…”


  “Hello? You seem very hurt!”




  Korin immediately turned his eyes towards the source of the sound and standing there was a tall man… Dun Scaith was looking at them with a mischievous look on his face.


  “That’s impossible… Did you kill all the giants already?”


  That didn’t make any sense. There were more than 50 giants with every one of them being semi-Grade 1 at the very least. How could Dun Scaith possibly deal with all of them in that short period of time?


  “Hihihi. Not really; I just brought them here with us.”


  Hearing that, Korin turned his eyes to the distance and saw giants sprinting forward with their footsteps shaking the floating island.


  – Kill them!


  – Eat them all…!


  “Sword Fiend… this bastard!”


  They had been hindered for too long. When the giants enter the fight… unlike Scaith, everyone in Korin’s group was bound to end up trampled on the ground.


  “Hihi. Now’s not the time for you to worry about them.”


  – Kwack!


  Dun Scaith reached out towards the immobilized Korin. Grabbing him with his hand, he tossed him away over the island.




  Thrown out of the floating island in the blink of an eye, Korin started falling endlessly towards the ground.




  In order to not let him get away, Dun Scaith jumped down after him.


  “You fucker…!”


  “Little kid who killed Fermack! Let me have a look at your skills!”


  – Kururuk!


  Scaith’s arms suddenly began to wriggle as tens of snakes emerged from it. He swung his arm and tossed the snakes. 


  It was a battle in mid-air with no footholds beneath. Korin’s body used to be powerless because of the injuries caused by the Sword Fiend but—


Starting System Back-up. Reviewing the Precept.


  His body began to move again. During his descent without anything to rest on, Korin started rotating his spear.


  ❰Void Spinning Heaven, Turbulent Spear❱


  Chajajak! The silver spear immediately sliced apart the snakes. After punishing all the snakes, he stepped on the silver spear with an acrobatic set of movements.


  – Pang!


  Kicking off the silver spear, he jumped forward at the oak tree 50 meters away from him. At the same time, he reached his hand out towards the Silver Spear without even looking at it and the spear, which had acted as the foothold, replied to the call of its master and returned to his hand.


  After flying in a straight line, it landed in Korin’s hand and Korin immediately stabbed it into the oak tree to create another scaffold.




  “Wow~. That was a great performance!”


  Korin landed on the Silver Spear and gazed up at Scaith, who had changed his arm into a large snake and made it bite into the oak tree. 


  “I thought we couldn’t attack each other because of the geass.”


  “Hihihi! You’re right. You’re right. So…”


  – Boom!


  Suddenly, his head exploded due to going against the vow of not attacking each other, but…


  Dozens of toads jumped out of the hole in his head before coming together like clay to form a new head.


  “Well, something like that.”


  Dun Scaith.


  He was one of the King’s subjects but at the same time, he was the King of Beasts.


  And… the Fort of Shadow (Dun Scaith).


  An assembly of tons of snakes, toads, and three dragons… placed inside Undry, the Magic Cauldron of Dagda. Being both an individual and a legion at the same time, a restrictive pledge for individuals like a geass were meaningless against him.


  “You had no plans of accepting your defeat in the first place, did you?”


  “Hihi. Isn’t that the same to you?”


  Naturally, neither of them was interested in a fair fight from the beginning.


  ❰Blood Spear❱


  That was when a red spear emerged from underneath and pierced through Scaith’s body.


  “Korin…! Are you okay?!”


  A familiar voice reached Korin’s ears from beneath.


  “Senior Marie? Hua Ran?”


  Below him, Marie and Hua Ran were climbing the oak tree. Because they didn’t have a druid to guide them along the way and because of the barrier of the floating island that stopped flight in its nearby regions, they were in the middle of climbing up the tree.


  “Ahah. Are they your friends? That’s not good. No interruptions!”


  Dun Scaith was quick. Ignoring the icy spear piercing through his body, he marched forward for a physical fight. 


  After getting a hold of Korin, Dun Scaith fell further down from the sky. In that instant, Korin came to a quick judgment.


  He was at a disadvantage in an aerial fight. He needed support. With the help of Marie and Hua Ran, their chance of victory would rise all the way up to 60%, but…


  “Don’t worry about me and hurry up and go up! Quick…!!”


  If he were to get their help here,


  Everyone else would end up dead.








  After falling for about hundreds… or even thousands of kilometers, the two of them landed on the oak tree once again after a few aerial bouts.


  “Hihihirk…! We’re by ourselves now! What will you do?”


  “I know right.”


  Korin had to go back up but there was no way that Dun Scaith would sit there watching him do that. In the end, there was no other option for Korin but to stand against a legion by himself.


  “You see. I have a question for you.”


  “What is it? I’ll be killing you soon, so I guess I can spare some of my time to listen to your last words.”


  “Hihihik…! My question is… why do you oppose us?”




  “As the Spear of the Queen, you should know the truth better than anyone else. You can become a god in this world if you just stand on a slightly different side. Hihik…! My master will definitely give you some divinity if you join.”


  “And here I was wondering what you were going to ask… God of the new world, huh? That’s gotten pretty old now buddy.”



Starting System Back-up. Reviewing the Precept.


  “Fermack, Dumnorix, you… and even Valtazar; your method is horribly wrong. Did you ask why I’m going to shit on you now? It’s very simple.”



〚I will not disregard the misfortune of the good.〛


〚I do not perceive spirits.〛


〚I will save the world.〛



  “I hate you guys. You freaking psychopaths that think of humans like ants. I hate you guys so fucking much…”


『Dun Scaith: Correlation A+
Back-up: 120% Increase in Stats』


  “That I just have to beat you up.”

Hero Korin Lork. Defeat all evil and save the world.




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I Killed the Player of the Academy

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