I Killed the Player of the Academy Chapter 105

Chapter 105 - Sun - Claiomh Solais (13)

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    Sun – Claiomh Solais (13)



  A rampaging train crushed apart every organism on the ground as well as the ground itself, breaking, destroying, and pulverizing everything in its path.


  The unfortunate giants that were in the path of the rampaging truck were ground to pieces. Even Marie and Hua Ran, who were fighting against dozens of giants which was worth being written down as a mythological event, were dumbstruck by the might of the black bull.


  “K, Korin…!”


  So how was Korin Lork, who had to fight against that berserk monster? Without even having the time to reply to the desperate call of the girl, his body flew off after being smacked by the greatsword.


  “You damn monster…!” he shouted.


  His body drew a large parabola and went over the castle walls of the giant. Without waiting for him to get back down, Dun Scaith marched towards where he would land.




  Despite his unstable posture, Korin threw his spear. Instead of trying to hit his enemy, it was to have the never-landing spear of the Grim Reaper scatter a layer of fog at where he was going to land. 


  The Silver Spear was hurled towards the ground but before it even landed, Dun Scaith raced at an insane speed, went past him and grabbed the spear right as it was about to land. 




  Then, he firmly held onto the shaft of the spear. After coming to a rapid stop with his feet crashing through the ground, Dun Scaith rotated his body like a man doing a discus throw. 




  – Kwaang!


  The Silver Spear soared into the air. It was literally faster than the speed of sound and it seemed that getting grazed by it could only mean death. 




  Korin’s command altered the path of the Silver Spear that had been thrown by Dun Scaith. Recognizing the voice of its master, the spear slightly changed its path and barely managed to land in his hand but…


  – Kajik!


  The cost of grabbing with his bare hand the Silver Spear, which had been racing faster than the speed of sound, was big. His palm got crushed by the momentum.


  “You’re too slow…!”


  And by the time he came to himself, he found Scaith gazing down at him from above after jumping who knows when.


  – Kwang!


  Along with the great shock of the impact was a massive shockwave. Korin’s body flew off like a cannonball, breaking through several buildings inside the castle on repeat.




  Korin stood back up from the immense layer of dust, but by the time he was standing on his two feet, Dun Scaith was already in front of him.


  – Vuung!


  A greatsword sliced through the air. While looking at the greatsword striking down at him, Korin realized that he was inside the food storeroom of the giants. 


Silver Spear, Resonant Activation.


  The oak tree wasn’t the only place he had engraved rune letters into. Just in case, he had used the last 2 days to carve runes in various other places. 


  – Hwaruruk!


  Flames soared up. Dun Scaith was immediately swallowed by massive flames but…


❰Sun – Claiomh Solais❱


  The violent gush of flames were immediately devoured. Like an anglerfish swallowing fish, Claiomh Solais rapidly devoured all the flames.


  “Shit… It can’t even buy me time…!”


  Now, the greatsword even had the flames of Kenaz swirling around it as it struck down on Korin.


Lan Na Zha—


  Parrying the greatsword, he shoved it into the ground. It was a perfect defense measure but…


  – Jijijik…!


  The scorching heat of the Sun blazed out of the greatsword, burning the air and evaporating the moisture in them, while also melting the skin.




  Ignoring the intense burst of heat, Korin pressed down on Claiomh Solais and finished his move with a stab.



—Scavenging the Grass for the Snake


  Right as the Demonic Spear of Darkness was about to pierce through Dun Scaith’s head, he tilted his head and blocked it with one of his oxen horns.


  – Kuung!


  Then, Scaith threw a wide hook with his left. The punch dug into Korin’s ribs, making him gasp for breath.




  Before he could even collect his breath, Dun Scaith kicked him and made him fly like a harpoon, crashing through the walls again and again.




  By the time Korin came to himself, he found himself buried in a pile of rubble after breaking through several walls with his entire body hacked and slashed. 


  Korin turned to the large hole he had created in the stone walls. Before he could even get back up—


  – Kwaang!


  A black bull penetrated through the broken walls at an absurd speed. Without even giving him the time to run away, the two horns of the bull stabbed forward.




  Echoing after that was a thunderous roar as Korin widened his eyes. Sitting in that dense layer of dust, he realized that the only reason he was still alive was because the horns of the bull accidentally landed right above his head. 


  – Grip!


  Without caring about the fact that his reckless charge had missed, Dun Scaith grabbed Korin by his collar. 


  Dragging him along the stone ground, Scaith tossed him into the air. After breaking through two pillars in a random corridor, Korin finally came to a stop.




  The bull marched forward once again along with a violent roar. In his right hand was Claiomh Solais, which could melt everything in existence.


  – Kajik! Kaduduk! Kajiik…!


  The bull charged in.


  Korin Lork ran down the corridor running away from the mighty bull chasing after him. 


  As expected of a castle of giants, even the corridor was on a different level. The pillars that were there to support the roof of the gigantic buildings were as thick and heavy as small houses. 


  – Kwang! Kwaang! Kwagang!


  Walls and pillars were broken, crushed, and demolished.


  Charge after charger after charge… Even after breaking through the stone pillars, Dun Scaith didn’t slow down.




  The black mane of the bull gleamed brightly. Before long, the bull managed to catch up to the man; the spearman reacted by hiding behind a pillar but the mighty bull crushed the entire pillar itself.


  – Kwaang!


  After crushing the pillar, Dun Scaith swung Claiomh Solais to cut the one hiding behind it. The sword slashed apart the stone debris, came into contact with the pillar and scorched everything in its path. Later, what was revealed in front was… nothing.




  There was no one there.


  Korin, who had definitely concealed himself behind the pillar, was nowhere to be seen.


  – Huup…!


  Hearing a short gasp, Dun Scaith turned his gaze down and found Korin bending his back all the way down to the ground behind the pillar, looking straight at his face. While leaning down, he was fully ready to stab his spear at him.




  Dun Scaith’s instinct as an organism warned him, but it was too late. Time couldn’t serve as a restraint to those that set their foot into the Domain. 


Soaring Snake, Rearing head of the Venomous Dragon.


  In the blink of an eye, the spear pierced through the heart. It was a killing move in the Domain that Dun Scaith couldn’t react to but…






  Dun Scaith returned a laugh despite having a hole in his chest. Losing one life meant nothing to him.




  Claiomh Solais struck down, slicing the air apart. Korin knew the terrifying result that would bring if he were to let it land. 


  Immediately taking out the Silver Spear from the heart, Korin blocked the incoming attack.


  – Kajik!


  The sudden shock of receiving Dun Scaith’s downward strike pushed Korin’s feet into the ground, all the way up to the ankles, but that wasn’t the end.


  – Pakk!


  At first, it was the wrist that was holding onto the shaft of the spear. From that, it went all the way down the shoulders, ribs, and legs to the Achilles tendon. Blood oozed out from all of his wounds.




  Every part of his body was letting out a voiceless scream. His body hit its limit and had to stay still like a red-carded player.




  Pressing harder down, Dun Scaith tried to pressure him down to death. Korin’s knees failed him as his back then landed on the ground. Due to being pressed down by the immense strength of the bull, the ground beneath Korin was also being cracked in real-time.




  His strength was about to run out. His body was reaching the end. His aura was being reduced rapidly and mana was the only thing he had in abundance but something like Rune Magic…




  An ability he gained in the past at the end of an endless battle went past his head. Using one of his hands that used to be holding the spear, he grabbed onto Scaith’s arm.


  ‘Is he trying to get away from me with pure strength? Laughable!’ thought Dun Scaith.


  It was going to be a futile attempt. There was no way grabbing onto his arm instead of the spear could possibly lead to any…!




  Scaith was appalled to find out that his arm was slowly being lifted up. It was by a very miniscule amount but… his arm still went up a little. 


  “How could this be…!”


  It was a tremendous show of ‘Herculean Strength’. In that short period of time, Korin’s other hand touched Claiomh Solais. He forcibly pushed his fingers through the blazing heat and started writing.


   — Raidho


  A rune of acceleration was engraved onto Claiomh Solais. Using the same trick that had been done to himself, Korin made the greatsword accelerate out of Dun Scaith’s hand.


  “You bastard…!”


  However, every part of Scaith’s body was already a weapon in itself. After grabbing Korin’s face and squeezing him as if he wanted to burst his head to pieces, Dun Scaith lifted him up into the air and smacked him down onto the ground face-first.


  – Kwaang!


  A thud echoed across the castle, but that wasn’t the end. With Korin still stuck in the ground, the bull started racing through the corridor and started a rampage while crushing the stone floor beneath. 


  – Kwaruru! Kwarurung…!


  After creating a layer of dust and scattering the stone debris, Korin was thrown onto the empty plot of land inside the castle. 




  As soon as he came to himself, the first thing he saw was Dun Scaith falling from the sky. Korin desperately rolled across the ground, as the heavy body of the black bull crashed into the ground next to him and caught him up in the aftershock.




  Gasping desperately for breath, Korin stood up. After they both stood back up, the two warriors looked at Claiomh Solais that was stuck in the ground. 


  – Kurung.


  Sensing an ominous killing intent, Korin retrieved his gaze from the treasure. He then found the bull laying low with its arms and legs on the ground, with its back as well as its head leaning low.


  It was a killer move of utmost destruction which made the most out of the horns, the greatest weapon of a bull. Facing that, Korin Lork pulled his arm back.


  His spear was out of reach, and two of his Aura Cores that had been pushing him through the explosive use of aura of Shura were also nearing their limit. The only thing remaining was the core that inherited the demonic nature of Sebancia Duke. Korin moved that power into his left arm.


Eight Trigrams: Extreme Fist of Darkness.


  That was the piercing strike that had broken through even the defense of the Unbreakable Vajra Body. 


  It was a reckless and self-destructive attack. After sensing the extraordinary aura behind it, Scaith realized that his enemy was putting everything on the line. 




  The beast let out a large roar. It was a massive howl that incited primal fear in all the organisms of the island. 


  —He – Korin Lork – started to run.


  Korin was the one to start running even before the powerful roar of the monster came to an end. The black bull matched him with a furious charge.


  Fighting spirit and killing intent intertwined and so did the orange eyes and the black murky gaze of the monster. Immediately, the two cannonballs collided.


Crushing through All Evil: Mixed Origin


  He hurled a fist. His seemingly reckless punch crashed into the horns of the bull.


  – Kajik!


  It cracked.


  After coming into contact with the fist, one of the horns of the bull crashed and scattered. It looked like the victor had been decided for a second, but the bull continued its charge nonetheless.




  The single-horned bull pushed its horn into his ribs and raised its head at the same time.


  – Pang!


  Korin got flung into the air with a loud thud. Meanwhile, Dun Scaith changed his body once again.


  From a standing bull with a broken horn, he changed into a large dragon.


  Get scorched to death by the breath of cosmos!


  Dun Scaith pointed his mouth at Korin and opened it. That was when Korin reached his arm out towards the ground.




  Scaith knew what he was trying to do. He was retrieving the Silver Spear using the Rune of Return that was engraved onto the spear. It was the traditional method used by Rune Mages to retrieve their weapons.


  But what about that? What could someone like him ever do even if he were to retrieve his weapon?


  However, breaking through his expectations, what soared towards Korin’s hand wasn’t the Silver Spear.


  – Pakk!


  Forcibly lifting itself from the ground where it was stuck in, the ‘greatsword’ soared into the air.


  Claiomh Solais…!?


  Back when engraving the rune letter on the Sun, Korin had written 2 runes. One was the Rune of Acceleration and the other was the Rune of Return.


  “You are terribly worse than Eochaid Bres at using the Sun.”


  Eochaid Bres was the owner of Claiomh Solais in the last iteration but there was no one in this current era who knew the proper way to manipulate that power. Soon, the Sun entered the hands of the only human who knew how to use it… Korin Lork.


  Dun Scaith doubted his eyes.


  The 2-meter-long greatsword, which had been enveloped in flames until just then, suddenly got compressed into a tiny sphere that looked like a small version of the actual Sun.


  Sensing that something was not right, Scaith immediately let out a breath at Korin.


  ——— Kwaaaaa!!


  The blazing breath soared all the way up from his chest and left through his mouth. Meanwhile, while staring at the breath that was threatening to destroy him, Korin Lork swallowed the Sun.


You have consumed the Sun, Claiomh Solais.

Claiomh Solais is choosing its owner.

The Sun, Claiomh Solais, has acknowledged you as its Champion.


Divinity of the Sun – Korin Lork Airgetlam.

– You have acquired the Light of the Sun.

– The Sun will protect you while it is up.



  “Second time using the Sun, huh.”




  What happened next made Dun Scaith’s eyes contort from shock. The breath that had been shot at the sky towards Korin Lork had all been swallowed by his finger, just like how Claiomh Solais had swallowed up all the flames of Kenaz that had burned down the food storeroom of the giants. 


  Instead of falling due to the force of gravity, Korin Lork slowly descended onto the ground like a descending god and landed on his two feet.


  After his descent, the Divinity of the Sun called his cherished weapon from a distance. In the blink of an eye, the Silver Spear was in his hand.


  The air boiled from the heat and the stone floors melted but the Silver Spear remained glistening in its shiny magnificence.


  “I told you.”




  Holding onto the Silver Spear, he arrogantly gazed at Dun Scaith with a burning pair of orange eyes.


  “Both here and where you are standing – they all belong to me.”


Silver Spear Resonant Activation.


   — Kenaz


   — Sowilo


  A sudden burst of flames and a radiant heat covered the castle of giants. But before long, all those flames were removed from the castle and gathered at the Silver Spear.


  Every speck of heat and flames gathered together. Everything.


  Bastard…! That belongs to me…!


  The evil dragon lifted up its enormous hand but that was when Korin Lork’s inner qi gathered into an orb.


  He compressed the power of the Sun which then suddenly turned into a large sphere covering Dun Scaith and…


❰Concentrated Sun – Claiomh Solais❱


  All the way from the sky to the ground, the portable Sun pressured the dragon.




  Everything under the Sun melted. The evil dragon got scorched down into molecules.


  “It doesn’t matter if you have thousands, or hundreds of thousands of lives.”






  The descent of the Sun scorched everything nearby with its horrendous yet mighty heat.





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