I Killed the Player of the Academy Chapter 121

Chapter 121- The Good, the Crazy and the Bizarre (4)

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      ༺ The Good, the Crazy and the Bizarre (4)




  “Nice job. That was pretty good. You can go up.”




  The elite-businessman-looking boy with a slicked-back hairstyle tidied up his hair before heading to the stairs with a bitter frown on his face.


  He was Mark Vermillion from the Magic Department; a Grade 2 mage of this year’s freshmen students.


  Plus, there were also: 


  Hasassin Rashid Ad Din Mustali,


  Wolf siblings, Ren and Ron.


  Spy from the Old Faith, Germain Luther.


  I already dealt with most of the named freshmen characters and sent them upstairs. Now the only one left was…


  – Clap! Clap! Clap!


  The sound of someone’s applause echoed across the room. It was from Princess Miru.


  “That’s amazing. You are very strong, Senior.”


  “I am a 2nd year student after all.”


  “No, that’s not it. At least those doggies were as strong as you in terms of simple physical abilities, and yet you were able to play with them. Is this what they call experience?”


  “You shouldn’t call people ‘doggies’.”


  “What’s wrong with calling animals animals?”


  She was adamant and there was no room for persuasion. Princess Miru put a firm stop to the conversation, implying that she didn’t want me to continue on this topic. 


  “Anyway. I saw you were watching the whole time. What do you want to do?”


  “Do you want to fight? Knight Korin?”


  It was obvious why she was keeping a close eye on me. She was probably trying to see how strong I was, how much I could do… and more importantly…


  I slowly walked up to her. After stopping right in front of her face, I rested one of my hands on the wall behind her back and wrapped my other arm around her waist.


  If we were to fight… she would probably have to reveal the ‘snake’ under her dress at the very least.


  “Who knows. Maybe I might have to use the Sun if you use what’s hiding under your dress.”


  “I wonder what you mean? I thought undressing wasn’t enough to win you over.”




  It became evident from that conversation that this woman had no intention of fighting against me. To be exact, she had no plans of revealing her hands just yet. 


  Nevertheless, it was still impressive that she didn’t seem surprised in the slightest despite me seeing through her strongest trump card. That was strange because the only reason I knew about her 3 familiars was because I heard about them in the last iteration.


  “Step back if you have no plans to fight. This is a place for warriors.”


  There were still quite a lot of freshmen students left. Although I had already achieved my goal, I was going to carry on with my duty as the senior and stick through with it until the end. 


  “Well, that was quite the pleasant attraction.”


  Leaving those words behind, Princess Miru retraced her steps. 


  What did I have to do to open her up this time, I wonder…? In the last iteration, there were a lot of things that had to be done for her to open up including walking, dancing, having meals together and making kids…




  The prac lesson at the Hunting Grounds ended with the setting sun, in a manner that could be considered rather harsh for the freshmen students this year. 


  “Ah, seriously…! If only there wasn’t that madman!”


  “Who could have guessed there would be a person that crazy a year above us…”


  “We were supposed to get at least a Grade 4 magic stone just from reaching the destination and yet…! Haa…”


  “I was going to make a weapon with that, bro…”


  The original prac lesson at the Hunting Grounds was an event that was there to give students decent rewards and magic stones, granting them opportunities to create their own weapons. The process of receiving magic stones, connecting with blacksmiths, ordering weapons, and receiving them was supposed to be a part of the learning process.


  Therefore, the new students who couldn’t even approach the final destination let alone receive a magic stone because of one crazy clown were incredibly disheartened and upset.


  His crazy laughs and his strange outfit were obviously there to harass the new students, and he was nothing like the nicer seniors like Alicia and Yuel. 


  In addition, the students were shocked at the fact that they were disqualified all because of that one clown wearing a laughable costume. 


  “By the way, where are we going?”


  “I don’t know. Apparently a senior from the year above us called Korin Lork is gathering everyone.”




  A senior gathering juniors? Wasn’t that something that came out in novels and newspapers?


  Usually, it was a story of evil seniors harassing their juniors, and was often seen in schools and colleges. However, it was a different story when it came to 400 students. That was essentially every freshman student in the grade and yet it seemed that none of the seniors had been against it. 


  In turn, that meant that everyone was in agreement or that specific senior must be a bigshot among bigshots…


  “What was the name of that clown again?”


  “Uhh… Korin Lork, was it?”




  “What’s up? Do you know him?”


  “Do you not read the Guardians magazine? He’s a celebrity! He’s the guy that fought on equal grounds with Sword Master Lunia Arden that became Grade 1 from Grade 5!”


  “R, really?”


  “There’s more. There are also rumors that he will be the son-in-law of the Dunareff family!”


  “What! The Potato Empire of the south?! Are you talking about that Dunareff?? The one in the 3rd grade?”


  There was only one Dunareff attending Merkarva Academy.


  Marie Dunareff.


  She was the princess of the agricultural empire of the south, who was also essentially a Unique-Grade mage herself. Besides, she was the very one who would be inheriting 2 million hectares of farmland, 17 luxury mines, 22 gold and coal mines!


  “I, I’m so jealous…!”


  “There’s even more than that! Apparently the Arden sisters of the east want him so bad they can kill! They even had a fervent fight of blood over him!”


  “H, how does that even make sense?”


  Despite wondering how their peer was so knowledgeable about these gossips, everyone including those around him were deeply intrigued by the said topic.


  “You all know who Miss Lunia Arden is, right?”


  “Who doesn’t?”


  Sword Master Lunia Arden. She was the strongest knight of the east and the future successor of the Arden family.


  “He was supposed to be engaged to her.”


  “What? Bullcrap!”


  “I’m not lying. My dad runs a dojo in the east, and he got invited to the engagement ceremony.”


  “S, so? What do you mean, ‘supposed to’? And what’s with this fight of blood?”


  “Her sister suddenly appeared at the engagement ceremony! Alicia Arden… She showed up herself!”


  “Alicia Arden…? You mean the senior we saw at the forest?”


  “Yeah. She suddenly showed up, screamed, ‘I am against this engagement!’ and dragged Senior Korin out of the ceremony!”


  “Holy shit… that’s insane.”


  “Did they both fall for him?”


  “W, where are my popcorns?”




  One of them suddenly raised their hand in doubt.


  “Didn’t you just say he’s the son-in-law of the Dunareff family?”






  What… was going on? That didn’t make sense.


  Soon, one of the imaginative students shared the conclusion he came to. 


  “…Is he three-timing?”


  “That can’t be…”


  “Three-timing the Dunareff and the Arden? Unless he has a death wish…”


  They were the two most powerful families of the kingdom, so what kind of person was this Korin Lork, that he had intimate relationships with both families at the same time?


  Because of the rumors that slowly spread among the students as well as the horrifying act inside the forest, there was not a single student who was unaware of who Korin Lork was.


  Soon, the 400 freshmen boys and girls arrived at the field of the Academy and witnessed a mountain of magic stones.




  There was a whole mountain of Grade 4 and Grade 5 magic stones. The students were baffled by the sight of the sheer amount of gems and were late to notice the man wearing the makeup of a clown and a purple suit, who was standing on top of the mountain of magic stones.


  “HA. HI. HO.”


  “T, that guy…!”


  As soon as he started to laugh, a few of the freshmen gasped after being reminded of their traumatic experiences. Without even looking at them, the clown kicked the magic stones around. 


  Swirling in his hand was a glass of brilliant gold cocktail. 


  “Nice to meet you all, dear freshmen.”


  The clown said with a smile. Despite being the center of attention of 400 new students, a few 2nd year students and the professors that were dumbfoundedly watching everything unfold, he did not seem dismayed or nervous in the slightest.


  “Let me ask you one question. Did you enjoy the prac lesson today?”


  – What the hell is he…


  “Confronting your peers in the forest; and challenging your seniors! What was all that for? Did you enjoy the strife; the fierce aspiration of the path to being stronger??”


  “…What is he talking about?”


  “Who knows.”


  It was just a lesson. They were doing it because they were told to, and the only reason they tried their best was because of the sweet rewards and yet even that was taken away from them because of that very clown.


  “You cannot do that! Fighting for rewards and material possession is wrong!”


  Of course they would fight for rewards; what else would they strive for?


  “These are the items that were supposed to be handed out to you guys after this prac lesson. They start off with Grade 4 and Grade 5 magic stones, and there are even some items that are much better.”


  This mountain of items was all supposed to be their rewards… and yet how many of them were able to lay their hands on one?


  None. Pretty much no one.


  It was all because he burnt down the shed, which was the final destination and built a strange fortress, which only allowed a small number of students to climb up to the top.


  That was all because of him, and only him!!!


  “That is some passion in your eyes! Is it because you worked hard in the forest and didn’t even get a single worthless pebble?”


  “That freaking…!”


  “T, that bitch! He’s picking a fight!”


  “I would love to rip his mouth to pieces!”


  It was then. Korin tilted his glass and poured the cocktail down. Suddenly, a lit-up matchstick appeared in his hand.


  “H, huh?”


  “Don’t tell me…”


  Their eyes were shivering like crazy but Korin was unmoved. He dropped the matchstick and slid down from the mountain of items all the way to the ground.


  – Hwaruruk!


  The magic stones and rewards immediately caught on fire. The blazing flames were scorching everything that was supposed to go into the hands of the new students. 


  “Phew~. I love fire!”


  After setting the rewards of 400 students on fire, the 2nd-year senior chuckled nonchalantly like it was none of his business. He then scoffed at the freshmen students who couldn’t take their eyes off of the burning mountain.


  “Look at those eyes engulfed in greed. Let us repent for our worthless selves and our unremovable greed. I shall forgive you.”


  His words made the freshmen students erupt in fury.




  “L, let go! Let go of me right now!!”


  “Let me hit him once! Please just let me bash that guy up!”






  The students were roaring like madmen. The only reason they couldn’t pounce at him was because of their traumatic experience at the Hunting Grounds holding them back. 


  However, the crowd was becoming more and more violent with their fury all pointing at one person. Korin, however, enjoyed receiving their gazes with a content smile on his face.


  It was then.


  A shadow was cast over the ground and before long, an enormous flying beast landed from the sky.


  “Umm, hi guys?”


  Riding the beast, wearing an awkward smile on her face, was an amicable girl with light-blue-colored hair. That was when the container that was being carried by the large flying monster, Hresvelgr, opened up and poured out a countless number of magic stones. 


  “H, huh?”


  “T, that’s Demon Steel – a Grade 3 magic stone!”


  “That’s Magnetic Iron Stone! Grade 2 magic stone!!!”


  The Grade 4 and Grade 5 magic stones were enveloped in flames while higher grade magic stones were falling like pebbles. The clown in a purple suit raised his voice to wake them up from their stupor.


  “We will not give you any low grade magic stones this year! Only preeemiummmm!!”


  “H, huhh?!”


  “F, for real?”


  “Do you believe nowwwww…!!?”


  “…I believe.”


  “I belieeveee…! Oh, god…!”


  “This can’t beeeeeeee!”


  Savoring the enthusiastic responses of the students, Korin gestured with his hands.


  “This is not the end of what your seniors have prepared for you all. Everyone. What else needs to be done after finding yourselves a magic stone?”


  “M, make weapons?”


  “We need to make weapons!”


  “That’s exactly right! We are talking about weapons of you, the future guardians of humanity! Can we assign the task to some random blacksmiths??!”




  As soon as the crowd replied with a shout, a girl wearing nun clothes flew down from the sky. She was the invincible jiangshi who had been stopping them on the 2nd floor of the fortress, Hua Ran. After dropping down on the ground, she opened up the large bag that was in her hands.


  “Uhp… uhp!”


  “H, help me!”




  Three people emerged from the bag with their limbs restricted and their mouths gagged. The three of them were flustered from the sudden turn of events but none of them were defiant in fear that Korin would reveal what they had been doing to their poor customers.


  “Now, introducing to you the greatest craftsmen of our kingdom! They are absolutely generous people who will be crafting your weapons for free!”


  “Ferghus the Weapon Breaker! Kiri the Ladybug! And Hollgrehenn the Broooookennn…!”










  The students were fanatical and some of them were even shedding tears. They weren’t expecting to obtain such expensive magic stones let alone get to meet these renowned master craftsmen…!


  “But wait, we have more. Guys, what were you trying to have today? Tonkatsu? Udon? We eat none of that cheap stuff here…!


  “Our beloved 3rd year senior, Lady Marie Dunareff has invited the greatest of chefs and has provided you all with the best ingredients!”




  “Please, a round of applause also to our 2nd year senior who has helped carry the ingredients and craftsmen here, Sister Hua Ran…!”


  Clap clap clap clap! Loud and sonorous rounds of applause echoed across the entire field. Even this wasn’t the end.


  – Pop! Shuuu!


  Something suddenly erupted out of the pile of original rewards that was still on fire.


  “H, huhh?”


  – Shuuuuuuuu!


  The starlight soared into the sky. After reaching the black canvas above, it exploded with a boom. 


  That wasn’t the only firework in store.


  – Shuuuuuu!


  – Shuuuuuu!


  With the first firework in the lead, countless fireworks followed suit. Right – only the outside was covered in magic stones from the pile of rewards that were supposed to be given out to the students, and there were in fact numerous fireworks hiding inside it. 


  – Shuuuuuu!


  – Shuuuuuu!




  Countless palettes were embroidering the black ocean above. Many freshmen students were in awe watching the rare fireworks go off right in front of them. 


  “Eat! Drink! And enjoy to your heart’s content! Today is a day for you all!”


  The evil senior who had been wearing the outfit of a strange clown, now appeared like an angel sent from above. 








  The craftsmen started moving around the group of students, marking the type of weapons each person was after. Meanwhile, the freshmen students were mind-blown by the best welcoming ceremony of the continent provided thanks to the incredible ingredients and chefs.


  They were shouting and cheering for Korin and the other seniors, who had been the target of their hatred and profanity until just then. 


  “Guys. Are you enjoying the food? Would you like some more potato purees?”


  “Thank you!”


  “Thanks for the food!”


  Marie, who had always been a human capybara, easily made herself at home among the group of new students. That was nothing strange, but something unexpected was how Hua Ran was faring very well inside the group.


  “Hello. Do you want more drinks?”




  The freshmen students were dumbstruck by the bright smile on Ran’s face, because the demi-human who had been mercilessly bashing them up in the forest had suddenly turned into a friendly senior with a sweet smile.


  ‘She gets serious in a fight but must be a very nice person otherwise…!’


  It was inevitable for the new students to get a different impression of her.


  “Is everyone having a good time…!”




  If one was to name someone, who had completely won them over, it would have to be Korin Lork. Now, his cosplay as a clown was no longer seen as the crazy act of a psychopath but the mischievous prank of a funny and friendly senior.


  “If any one of you has a problem making your weapon, feel free to look for me. I will help you anytime.”


  ““Okay! Thank you very much sir!””


  He, who had become a celebrity in just one night, walked into the cheering crowd and sat down.


  “Umm… Mr. Korin. Is this okay? That must have cost a lot of money…”


  Alicia worriedly whispered into his ears. And she was definitely right.


  The craftsmen were pretty much forced to ‘donate their talents’ because of a threat and Marie provided the ingredients and the chefs, but the 400 higher-grade magic stones had all come from Korin’s own pocket.


  He had to pretty much use up all the money he had earned, except for his actual assets like his hotel.


  “What’s important is not the money. It’s about sending a message.”


  “A message?”


  Looking at the girls who were now mixed into the crowd of new students, Korin said with a relieved look on his face. He didn’t seem to find it wasteful in the slightest.


  “There’s nothing more expensive than a person’s life.”


  This small yet meaningful present, would help save many in the future.




  It wasn’t rare to see mages in Merkarva City, which possessed one of the guardian academies. They always wore a robe and carried with them a staff, which were like the proof of them being a mage.


  However, most of the mages in Merkarva City were young boys and girls with a naive yet innocent air around them. 


  A long line of old mages walking down the road was a lot different from what was usually seen in the city.


  “We are almost there, Elder Admelech.”


  A man said to an old mage wearing a red robe.


  “Knn… How dare they prohibit us from flying; those insolent bastards of the Academy.”


  The leader of the Red Magic Cult of the Tower of Mages, Elder Admelech, repeatedly displayed his irritation at the fact that he was made to walk there at such an old age. 


  “More importantly… I hope you weren’t lying about the test subjects.”


  Next to him was a mage wearing a black robe who was equally leading a line of dozens of mages. He was the leader representing the Black Magic Cult, Elder Morushtan.


  “Most certainly not. There are a bunch of interesting specimens living there… Including those that are neither beasts nor humans.”


  “…It won’t fare well for us either if we create a ruckus. More than anything… they have the Dimensional Witch with them.”


  Dimensional Witch, Josephine Clara.


  She was the living proof of history who came out in textbooks, that represented the Cult of Space. As long as she was in this city, none of the mages would be able to escape from her hands.


  “Don’t worry. We have more than enough countermeasures in plan against the witch. Besides…”


  The elder continued while glancing at the large group of disciples following them from behind. 


  “For this occasion… even the Golden Mage, Lord Adelene is going to be with us.”


  “Even the great mage huh… I knew it. Is it a part of ‘his’ great plan?”


  “Yes. The 2nd Princess has also entered the Academy. Although it’s for reasons unknown, it should still be helpful to our plan.”


  It was the start of the main scenario.


  The predestined history was about to repeat itself with the same goals in the minds of the mages.


  “Marie Dunareff. We must lay our hands on that vampire.”


  The vampire girl that was supposed to be locked up in the basement, being forced to cooperate in the research for better healing measures… the uproar of mages, with the excuse of borrowing materials from the Great Library and their extortion.


  However, despite the same exact goals, the future ahead of them this time around was bound to be different from the original scenario.


  Fate had been reversed, and unbeknownst to them, there was a knight readying himself to ruin their plans.



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