I Unknowingly Rejected My Favorite Chapter 29

O-Oppa is Busy Today!

༺ O-Oppa is Busy Today! ༻




  I was in deep shit.


  When Doah suddenly contacted me, I immediately set up an appointment to play tomorrow.


  Since I didn’t have enough Blue Essence to change names yet, I jumped right into a match as soon as we finished texting.


  I entered a norms in a hurry, but what I really should have done was spamming ARAM to get more BE quickly…



  [cherriestastegood: DOAH#8721, send a friend request.]



  Haaa. Average Yuumi player.


  The fuck do they act so cocky for? All they do is just mount someone while spamming buttons.


  Back in my first match…


  This motherfucker got mad when I pointed out her mistake.


  Fighting was the correct option there, the match could end in fifteen minutes if we won that fight.


  I was literally ahead in gold, one more item and their bot was done. If that fucker did anything useful, we would’ve fucked over their jungler’s pathing then he’d be completely out of the game and it’d be over.


  Stop wasting my damn time!


  Seriously, I had no time to spare!


  I had to play at least eight matches until dawn.


  Staying too long in an easy match like that was dumb.


  Anyways, I thought speaking would be more comfortable than chatting, so I asked him to get on the voicecord, but…



  [You’re already friends with that user.]



  When I typed in his username, the words appeared, making me tilt my head.


  I double checked, in case I made a typo, but apparently this was indeed his username.


  That meant this guy was already on my friend list…


  So, I read his name once again.



  “Doah… 8721…”





  …That Kim Doah?


  Suddenly feeling a shiver down my spine, I clicked on my friend list to look for Doah.


  [Playing League of Legends]


  I moved my cursor on top of it to see her play time.




  Even the time she started playing was the same as mine. 


  “…Ah, fuck. Hold on.”


  It felt like I fucked up so bad that it was hard for me to focus on the game. 


  Fuck, that meant this Yuumi player was Doah?


  [cherriestastegood: sir, why aren’t you sending me your voicecord? scared?]


  …Fuck yes, I was!




  As soon as I found out that this [cherriestastegood] was Doah, my head started spinning.


  What should I do?


  I just gave her my user, did she not notice it?


  Since she hadn’t asked me if I was Taemin or not, there was a possibility that she hadn’t noticed yet.


  Wait, my Voicecord!


  I needed to check its setting first!


  Doah had her display current activity activated, which would appear when she played games, but I didn’t.


  On my profile, I just appeared offline.


  Good, good.


  I scrolled up the game chat again to check my messages.


  So, I pinged her a lot, that was that…


  As for swearing…


  Well, I wasn’t the type to swear at others harshly, so I hadn’t said anything that crossed the line.


  But, the ‘That’s only expected from Yuumi players’ part sounded rather harsh compared to the rest of them…


  [cherriestastegood: sir, you said to get on the voicecord. why aren’t you sending a friend request?]


  I was the one who picked a fight with her, but she was coming at me like a raging bull.


  [lIllIIlI: Ah, voicecord error]


  Han Taemin, you fucking coward.


  Do you even have balls?!


  This made me feel like I was the most cowardly person in the world, but it wasn’t like I had any choices!


  There was no way I’d get on Voicecord and start a swearing match with her!


  Our plan to play together tomorrow would be ruined, and things between us would turn awkward!


  [cherriestastegood: what voicecord error lmao]


  I felt as though my innermost thoughts were exposed, which pricked my conscience, but I wanted to get over this situation no matter what.


  [lIllIIlI: Forget it. Let’s just focus on the game. Go go]


  Since we were preparing for a big teamfight, Doah no longer argued with me or typed in the chat.


  It was already late game, and the match would immediately end as soon as one side blundered.


  Both teams were positioning themselves, trying to find an opening.


  Since I thought we’d have a better chance of winning if I constantly poked them, I did just that and moved forward.


  But they managed to open the fight first, realizing that they had no chance of winning if they kept getting poked out.


  I had anticipated this to some degree, so I tried to kite them, but our team made a huge blunder.


  God knows if it was because he was too slow to react or he just couldn’t position himself properly, but our midlaner got lock and bursted down in an instant. Thanks to that, the enemy got a lot of momentum and chased us to the end.


  Our team collapsed one by one.


  While carrying Doah, I ran to the base as best I could.


  But the outcome didn’t change.


  We were ultimately unable to defend the inhib and were forced to retreat. Our nexus was destroyed and we lost.


  [ZOXYC: We could’ve won if it wasn’t for our braindead bot.]


  Fuck you! We lost because you went braindead!


  I was getting real tilted.


  This wasn’t a ranked game, I wouldn’t even gain any LP from this, but this whole thing was pissing me off.


  [cherriestastegood: sure~ if you weren’t dead, we would have already won~]




  Yeah, you tell them, Doah.


  Not Luka, not someone who was very cautious around me, but the real Doah.


  Seeing her true self like this felt refreshing.


  I left the game immediately out of fear that I’d give myself away, then I took a short break and swept my forehead.


  Anyway, how do I get out of this situation?


  Should I just let it slide? I mean, Doah didn’t seem to recognize me anyway. Either way, I still had to prepare myself for the upcoming interrogation tomorrow, or hell, she might actually ask me about it tonight.


  I couldn’t use this account because the name [Lukatanismine] would be visible if she scrolled down even a little on my match history.


  So I racked my brain and came to a conclusion.


  I played another norms.


  Bringing ignite and ghost.



  [I’m running it down! Go ahead, report me!!!]



  And that was how I got my main banned after successfully changing the name.



* * *





  I could tell without looking in the mirror.


  There were thick dark circles under my eyes.


  My goal shifted from grinding to getting banned, so I ran around Summoner’s Rift without playing the game properly like a psychopath.


  Of course, I wasn’t just running around.


  I did the most absurd plays I could while cursing at people.


  It was also at that point that I realized I really shouldn’t be doing this.


  Anyone could be a troll.


  It was really hard for a normal person to pretend to be a psycho.


  “Hey! Han Taemin!”


  Before class began, I was dozing off in the corner of the classroom when I heard a voice I knew.




  The clubber, Yoonje, sat down next to me with a wide grin as if in a good mood.


  “Why do you look so down, man?”


  “I’m just tired because I went to bed late.”


  “…Because of a woman?”


  This guy was the epitome of a ‘womanizer’.


  He was actually crazy about women.


  “No. I was playing some games.”


  “Well, whatever, look at this.”


  Yoonje held out his phone as if trying to show me something.


  “What’s this?”


  “Isn’t she hot?”


  As he made so much fuss, I glanced at the screen to find a picture of a typical Instagram influencer.


  “Who’s this?”


  “My female friend’s acquaintance, and she said she’d introduce this person to me today.”


  My instincts began tingling wildly.


  This bastard was going to ask me to do something again, wasn’t he?


  “I see.”


  “…Do you want to join me?”




  Hell no.


  “Ah. Taemin, pweeeeasee.”


  I knew it.


  My instincts had never been wrong.


  Yoonje bowed his head and made a praying posture by clasping his hands together.


  “You can just sit down for an hour, after that you can go home.”


  “No. Why are you bringing me when you and your friend are meeting her acquaintance?”


  Just go and have fun with them. Why the hell were you dragging me into this.


  “Because she’d only do it if I bring a good-looking friend of mine.”


  “Then bring someone else.”


  “Ah, I really wanted to do that, too. But my friend saw the picture I took with you and whined that she wanted to meet you.”


  Haaa… Seriously…


  I knew I should stop interacting with someone like him, but he helped me so much back when we were freshmen, so it was difficult for me to cut him off.


  Besides, he wasn’t a bad person, he was just crazy about women.


  “Is it today?”


  “Yeah, today at 8pm.”


  Then, I could just reject him since I had already promised Doah that we’d play at 9.



  “…O-Oppa is busy today!”



  Suddenly, a cracked voice echoed.


  Yoonje and I simultaneously turned around to face the voice coming from behind. 


  Doah, wearing loose-fitting oversized clothes, stood behind us as if she had been listening to our conversation.


  She turned her gaze toward me, trying to prompt me to agree with her words.






  If there was a chat window in reality, I would’ve spammed it with [Cute af].



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I Unknowingly Rejected My Favorite

I Unknowingly Rejected My Favorite

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