I Unknowingly Rejected My Favorite Chapter 33

It's Her Main Job

༺ It’s Her Main Job ༻


  Aaah! How could this happen?!




  This stupid, stupid glitch!


  I wanted to show Oppa, who was not very familiar with VR, how it worked, but this stupid glitch just had to happen!


  「Um, do you need some help?」


  Oppa didn’t notice my predicaments and came over to me.


  「No! Don’t look this waaay!」


  In my desperation, I freaked out.


  Look, it was embarrassing, so I couldn’t help it!


  Yes, I knew this was just an avatar, not my real body, but that didn’t make this any less embarrassing! I still showed him my underwear!


  「Ah. Sorry.」


  「Don’t look this way until I say it’s okay!」




  Aah… Seriously…


  Honestly, I didn’t expect him to take a liking to this sort of thing, but I was hoping he’d at least find it interesting or something similar, so I made an effort to get a simple reaction from him.


  With this, I hoped that in the future, when I finally told him that I did this as a job, he wouldn’t look at me coldly…


  But this—!!


  I regretted my life decision now thanks to this!


  No matter how much I moved my body, this skirt just wouldn’t come down!


  Also, whoever made this avatar paid too much attention to details! Why the hell did they add patterns to the underwear?!


  Should I just change the avatar and pull out Luka instead? …No, wait, that was a terrible idea.


  He’d notice that I am the real Luka if I were to do that.


  Since our album hadn’t been released yet, they hadn’t put up any ads or something like that, but once they did, more people would know about Luka.


  Since our group project was about VR, it was only a matter of time before he found out.


  For now, I wanted to hide my identity for as long as possible.


  Instead of rushing to reveal my identity and getting into trouble, I wanted to tell him about it when he really started to trust me.






  「I can’t fix this glitch, so I’ll just show you the rest next time with other members of our group, okay?」


  「Alright… I’m okay with it though…」


  「…But I’m not!」


  Sure it was just an avatar, but I still didn’t want to walk around flashing my panties in front of my crush!


  Fuck, why was I feeling so embarrassed over virtual panties?!


  「Anyway, I’m logging out! See you tomorrow!」


  「Yeah. See you at school.」


  Hastily pressing the end button, I took off the headset and threw my body on the bed.


  “Ah! The heck is thaaat!?”


  Annoying. Annoying. Annoying. Annoying.


  Oppa must have thought that it was funny.


  Thinking about how I had shown off my underwear with a big smile, I kicked the blanket in frustration while lying on the bed.


  “Kim Doah. You dumbass…”


  I felt like I couldn’t look at Oppa’s face properly tomorrow.


* * *


  “Hmm~ Hummm~ Hummmmmm~”


  I couldn’t stop humming.


  After turning off the shower and drying my hair with a towel, I looked in the mirror.


  Bastard. Why did you look so happy, hm?


  My face in the mirror looked so happy I might as well write ‘I feel great today’ on my forehead, and it wouldn’t look out of place.


  But, who could blame me?


  I felt amazing.


  Though it was only for a brief moment, I was able to have a VR date with Luka that I had been longing for.


  The kawaii moves Doah did for me…


  Fuck, I shoulda recorded it back then!


  Ugh, I hate my life.


  As I dressed up and hit the streets, I realized that winter was just around the corner.


  I straightened the front of my coat to shield my body against the cold wind.


  My plan was to hurry to the school and wait for Doah.


  Hoping to see her quickly, I quickened my pace and headed for the classroom.


  “Taemin oppa!”


  There! The greeting that I was hoping to hear!


  Too bad it wasn’t Doah who was calling me, but Minji, another member of our group.




  “You came way too early, Oppa!?”


  “…You literally came before me.”


  “Because I have another class before this one.”


  “At nine?”


  “Yes, general education.”


  Haiyaa… Poor girl…


  I’d flinch at the mention of 9am class.


  Even back before college, I still despised the first period classes. 


  “Where’s Junseok and Doah?”


  “I don’t think they’re here yet?”


  Normally, I didn’t feel very comfortable talking alone with a girl like this, but as we spent more time together during the group project, I got used to talking with her.


  Though she was overly extroverted, I didn’t think she was a bad kid at all.


  “How’s Doah? Is everything well with you two?”


  She wore a mischievous look.


  Why did people enjoy teasing others so much?


  “There’s nothing between us.”


  “Really~? Weren’t you smiling because you’ll be meeting her today, Oppa~?”


  Apparently, she saw my grin when I was by myself earlier.




  “Oppa, if you keep doing this, hanging around with her without being able to control your expression, rumors will start to spread.”


  I tried to deny her words, but when I heard the word ‘rumor,’ my body shuddered.


  “There are rumors about us?”


  I couldn’t help but react sensitively.


  Because the rumors surrounding me always made both me and those around me suffer.


  The things I did without much meaning always ended up getting someone on the chopping board.


  For people whose faces I didn’t know, I was just a tasty snack to gossip about, and sometimes I would be criticized even if I didn’t do anything.


  When I was a freshman, I even came under fire for thoughtlessly giving away my extra from a BOGO item to a female classmate.


  How the fuck did that lead to rumors of me targeting Baek Jihyun?


  I swear, the world had gone mad.


  Did I really need to go as far as carefully deciding who I should give extras to from a BOGO drink coupon?


  The girl even confessed to me, thinking that I gave her a green signal. That made me seriously consider taking a leave of absence.


  After that, rumors started to spread, saying that I was a scumbag for flirting with a girl, but when she actually confessed to me, I rejected her.


  “Hm? No, there aren’t any.”


  I let out a sigh of relief at Minji’s answer and ran a hand through my hair.


  Good. Please, don’t let there be any rumors in the future as well…


  I finally could experience this quiet life after finishing my military service…


  Obviously I didn’t want anyone to gossip about me, but I was more concerned if strange rumors about Doah started to spread because of me. I didn’t want to make her upset because of that…




  At that moment, Doah came in through the front door and approached us.


  “Doah hi~”




  “Hello Doah.”


  When I smiled lightly and greeted her, Doah bowed slightly before taking a seat next to Minji.


  “Right, Doah, have you tried the VR headset yet?”


  “Uh. Yeah.”


  “How was it? Was it fun?”


  I quietly pretended to look somewhere else while eavesdropping on Minji and Doah’s conversation.


  “Well… It isn’t that much different from what we saw in the reference videos. It does feel pretty realistic trying it with the headset on though.”


  “Have you gone around the places there yet?”


  “Um, I didn’t go around much…”


  “I see! Have you tried talking to other people there?”


  “There were some who tried to talk to me, but I just ignored them.”




  Knowing the full reason, I let out a bitter smile.


  There were bound to be bad people on any kind of platform.


  That was also the case with VRWorld.


  Even someone with the least understanding of it would know that if a female were to walk around by herself, some people would try to hit on her relentlessly.


  “Because they’re annoying…”


  “Wow. Prima donna Doah.”


  Prima donna Doah, huh.1T/N: Original sentence goes like, Dodohan Doah, which is just like ‘Haughty Doah’, couldn’t find a way to make it work in English.


  It had a nice ring to it.


  “Huh, everyone’s here already? What’s up?”


  Junseok looked surprised to see that everyone had arrived even though there were still three minutes left before the class started.


  He took out his laptop and prepared the materials that the professor was going to check today.




  At his call, Doah turned around.




  “The ones you sent are this and this, right?”




  “Huh? What’s that?”


  That was the first time I saw those videos.


  “What? You guys haven’t seen these yet?”


  After seeing Minji nodding, indicating that, like me, she hadn’t seen the video either, Junseok clicked on the file.


  “Doah sent me a short video as a preview to see what it’s like.”


  The video was around fifteen seconds long.


  In it was the avatar that Doah showed me yesterday.


  Perhaps because it was a beach map, the blue sea stretched out behind Doah.


  The waves made the sea rippled.


  Doah’s avatar made a hooray pose, smiled, and then scurried off toward the sea.


  “I don’t know if it’s easier than I thought or if Doah is just good at it, but damn it looks really good.”


  Hearing his praise of admiration, I could only let out a sour smile.


  Dude… She was a literal pro.


  She made a living out of this.


  “I know right? Wouldn’t it be easy to make a hit ad in no time with this?”


  Minji spoke hopefully while looking at the laptop alongside us, but Doah shook her head.


  “This one is easy to shoot because you could just place a camera on an already existing world and be done with it. If we want to do it properly for our project though, it’ll take a longer time. First we have to choose or make a new avatar, then we have to look for a suitable world to shoot in.”


  “I see.”


  “And if we want the camera to be dynamic while we shoot, or use other techniques, it’ll be more complicated. We essentially have to learn those from scratch.”


  Her explanation was really helpful for the ad production itself, but…


  “But Doah.”


  Junseok pushed his glasses up with his fingertip.





  “How do you know that so well?”



  Hearing his question, Doah’s face immediately turned pale.



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    T/N: Original sentence goes like, Dodohan Doah, which is just like ‘Haughty Doah’, couldn’t find a way to make it work in English.
I Unknowingly Rejected My Favorite

I Unknowingly Rejected My Favorite

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