I Unknowingly Rejected My Favorite Chapter 48

I'll Confess When This Ends

༺ I’ll Confess When This Ends ༻


  That was a job well done!


  After utilizing all the knowledge I gained from consuming several romance anime, novels, and manhwa, I managed to successfully nurse Doah.


  Actually, no, that was a perfect job!




  From the thermometer, the drink and the medicine I brought…


  Even my work with the towel, everything was perfect!


  She also said that I was a real man.


  Which meant I was on the same level as Rengoku!


  After I finished reflecting on how amazing I was, I got out of bed and grabbed my phone.


  Should I text her now?




  Should I really be talking to a sick person so much?


  I decided to hold off contacting her for a while and browsed the internet.


  [A birthday present for a girl in her 20s]


  Tomorrow would be Doah’s birthday.


  If I didn’t know that Luka was Doah, I could get away with giving her a dono, but now that I knew, I couldn’t just do that.


  I had to prepare a gift for her.


  But I had never gifted something to a girl before.


  Even on White Day, I’ve never gifted a single candy to a girl, so I could only look through the internet for answers.


  「For gifts, it’s best to give your girlfriend what she wants!」


  「For example, if there were clothes that she wanted because she found them pretty, you could just give them those clothes as a gift!」


  That made sense.


  Doah’s favorite things, huh…?


  Actually I knew what she wanted very well.


  Because her favorite things should be similar to Luka’s.


  「I’m really into interior design.」


  「Lighting and pretty things, I like them a lot. Oh, I guess props count too? Anyway, I like something like that!」


  「Also, figurines, as long as they’re really pretty, I don’t mind them. You know, something like a miniature car, something really cool is also good.」


  But that would be too obvious, wouldn’t it?


  I didn’t want to reveal to her that I was a Pink Army, it wasn’t the time yet.


  But I really didn’t want to give her a random gift.


  Anyway, I pondered long enough, I should go out now.




  Fuck why was I sneezing?


  Compared to Doah’s adorable sneeze, mine sounded more like an ahjussi’s.


  As the weather got colder, I wrapped my coat tighter and got on the bus.


  My destination was IKEA, which was about 25 minutes away from home.


  There should be some good stuff there, right?


  I knew what Doah’s room looked like, so I probably could get something that went well with the color of her room.


  Before this, I’ve read various articles to look for recommendations, but most of them just mentioned expensive luxury goods or things that conflicted with her style.


  We hadn’t officially dated yet, so it would be odd if I were to give her an expensive gift.


  And honestly I didn’t have the money.


  My budget was around 50,000 won.


  I headed out assuming I would only spend a maximum of 10,000 won.


  When I got off the bus and went inside the mart, I was surprised that there were no people, contrary to my expectations.


  Maybe because it was a weekday?


  Back when I looked around to see the furniture, this place was crowded as fuck.


  When I finally arrived in front of the lighting corner, I crossed my arms and examined the entire shelves.


  Why were there so many of these?


  They arranged these little guys according to their sizes.


  As I slowly looked around, wondering what I should pick among them, my eyes were drawn to an unexpected item.


  I picked it up, before pressing a button on it. A soft pink color came up alongside a *click* sound.


  This thing’s shape was cute, but the color was the most important part here.


  Since the color reminded me of Luka, this would suit Doah really well.


  The price was reasonable too.


  It should be good as a gift.


  But, what if, because of this, she’d out me as a Pink Army?


  You know what, I’ll get this one if I couldn’t find anything else. After that, I went around for another hour, but I couldn’t find anything good, so I ended up getting the little guy anyway.


  Yeah, just because I brought her a pink gift, didn’t mean I was a Pink Army.


  Not everyone who liked pink also liked Luka.


  Yes, I was just trying to justify myself, but it wasn’t like I had other choices.


  Her birthday was tomorrow, so I couldn’t just order something on the internet, they’d arrive late.


  Right, I should get the wrapping paper later and wrap the gift myself back at home.


  “In case you want to refund or exchange the name item, you’ll need to bring the receipt within a week.”




  After receiving my card, I hummed on my way out.


  Maybe because the cold air breezed past my nose.




  I kept on sneezing.


  Now, I even have a runny nose.


  Wanting to go home quickly, I got on the bus and checked my phone.




  It seemed like Doah texted me half an hour ago.


  As soon as I read it, I sent her a reply.


  [Yes? How are you feeling?]


  [much better than yesterday hehe]


  What a relief.


  I was worried that she’d have to take a break from streaming on her birthday because of her cold.


  [do you have time this weekend?]


  [This weekend?]


  [oh, it’s my birthday tomorrow, but it’s a bit hard for me to see you that day because I have other plans…]


  Doah put three dots at the end of her text, she seemed to be sorry for not being able to see me tomorrow.


  [It’s okay! You don’t need to worry about it.]


  Your other plans were with me too, Luka-tan.


  Also, there was no way I’d get in the way of your birthday stream.


  It was a once a year event, after all.


  Rather, I’d stop you with all my might if you were to say that you wouldn’t be streaming because of me.


  [Which day do you prefer on the weekend? Saturday or sunday?]


  [saturday! hehe]


  Maybe it was because she felt better already, but it was nice to see that energetic exclamation mark.


  [Alright, let’s get something tasty that day.]


  [sounds good!]


  [Take care of yourself, see you this weekend!]




  …Now, I’d have to look for a good restaurant.


  I thought it would be good to confess this Saturday after celebrating her birthday together.



* * *



  [Luka-tan, are you okay?]


  [my god… it’s my birthday, but im sick.]


  [unnie, don’t dieeeee :<<<<]


  An hour before the stream. 


  The Closer’s Voicecord chatroom was throwing my birthday party.


  [im not dying! can you not kill me in your head, please, murin?]


  [Yeah, I bet our Luka isn’t closing her eyes thinking about all the donations she’ll be getting today lmaoooo]


  [Ah, seriously! Clover unnie!]


  She kept trying to push this money-grubbing image on me, but I would never let her get her way!


  Of course, it didn’t mean that I don’t like money.


  Who doesn’t like money anyway?


  But I wouldn’t take an unreasonable amount of it!


  [By the way, don’t you have any plans today, Luka? Is it okay if you don’t spend your birthday with your friends or family?]


  [i got a birthday message from my mom this morning, and my friends… my fans are my friends!]


  [what about your boyfriend, unnie?]


  In Closer’s contract, being in a relationship wasn’t a problem.


  It would become a problem if you got caught, though.


  Well, I couldn’t remember the contents of the contract exactly, but I could remember what the manager said clearly.


  Which meant, I should never, ever, at any cost, for my own sake, not just the company, get caught.


  [i don’t have one! now i see… this is how you’re planning to assassinate me, huh? should i discipline you, my dear murin?]


  Honestly, I never thought that I’d get surprised by the word ‘boyfriend’.


  Ever since Taemin oppa rejected me, I thought I’d never associate myself with that word ever again, so I felt strange now.


  Anyway, about Taemin oppa, it surely would happen soon, right?!


  If we kept this pace, we’d eventually become a couple, right?!


  When I recalled Oppa’s face as he put a towel on my head, I could feel my cheeks getting hotter again.


  You didn’t even put on any makeup, how could you look so handsome?!


  As I joked around with the Closer members, the time was approaching 8 o’clock.


  [I’ll do my best on today’s stream, and thanks for congratulating me everyone~]


  [Yep, yep! Do your best, Luka~]


  [Happy birthday~]


  Phew… Time to start…


  This was the first time I’d be celebrating my birthday as an idol. 


  Thinking it would be one of the most unforgettable birthdays of my entire life, I closed my eyes tightly and began the stream.


  「Ah~~~~~~~ Hello~~~~~~」


  As if I wasn’t sick.


  As if I had never felt better.



  「As you know, today is the birthday of everyone’s idol, Luka-tan! Yahoo!」



  I was flustered by the chat that went up three times faster than usual, but I still did my best to speak.


  「SushiOmakase-nim! Thank you for the 10,000 won dono! I’ll use it well!」


  「Lukashousemold-nim, too. Thank you so much for the 10.000 won~」


  「No way! LukaLukatantan-nim! 20,000 won! Thank you so much! But why are you giving me this much?!」


  I was trying to talk about my birthday while reading the chat.


  But because of the sheer amount of donos, I couldn’t even talk properly!


  G-Guys! S-Slow down!


  I wanted to give you a proper reaction!


  「Happyhamster-nim! Thank you for the 5,000 won!」



  「Wow! Lucario-nim! A 20,000 won dono! Thank you so much! I’ll continue to work hard~」



  I’ve never been congratulated by so many people before.


  It was truly a heartwarming birthday.



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I Unknowingly Rejected My Favorite

I Unknowingly Rejected My Favorite

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I was the reason my idol cancelled her stream...?


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