I Unknowingly Rejected My Favorite Chapter 57


༺ Stalker ༻


  Despite the chilly breeze that greeted me, my cheeks were as warm as freshly baked bread.


  I got a boyfriend.


  The most handsome man in our department—


  No, maybe the most handsome one at school, even.


  Remembering the moments before Oppa held me in his arms, I dove into my bed and buried my face in the pillow.


  “What do I do…?”


  My heart tingled.




  The sight of Oppa shyly answering was so cute that it almost drove me crazy.


  I wanted to know more about him.


  He watched my streams a lot, so he must know a lot about me, but I barely knew anything about him.


  So, I got up and sat in front of my computer, trying to see what my new boyfriend looked like online.


  What I knew was that he liked to chat a lot.


  He sent more than 1,000 chats in a month, that meant he’d have over 10,000 in a year.


  Among so many Pink Army, what kind of words did he say to me?


  I went into Twitch, brought up my channel, and typed in Oppa’s username.




  He wasn’t the most memorable viewer, but I was familiar with this name.


  After a while, Oppa’s chat history appeared on the screen.


  My first impression was that the numbers alone were overwhelming.


  W-Why were there so many?!


  Where should I start, even? Should I just focus on the most recent ones first?





  [Wha why do that there…?]







  He used a bunch of emojis and abbreviations that were commonly used to spam the chat.


  At first, I thought he was a decent viewer.


  There was some slightly evil backseating here and there, but nothing that would get him banned.


  Well, actually, if he was unlucky and sent some of those chats when my mood was bad, I’d definitely have banned him.


  The further I scrolled down, the more I realized that my first impression was wrong.


  [Haa… Luka-tan… I love u…]


  Some of his chats…were a little excessive…


  [Luka-tan! I got a confession today but I said no, I have to watch your stream!]


  …Was he for real?


  Wait, when did he send this?


  When I was streaming, I could have dismissed it as bullshit, but since this was Taemin oppa, there was a chance that he was telling the truth.


  Alright, it was from August, when the semester hadn’t started yet…


  I fiddled with the mouse, wondering if this was right. Maybe I should stop here?



  [I def can lick Luka-tan’s sole]



  I didn’t remember what the fuck did I stream on July 18th, but seeing this made me scared.


  …Did I make a mistake?


  From his chats, he seemed like one of those gachikoi instead of a regular viewer.


  My head spun as I realized that I was peeking into the privacy of my boyfriend, whom I was supposed to be dating starting today.


  Too many…


  Even when I tried to look at it positively, he sent too many perverted chats!


  Honestly, whenever I came across those kinds of chats, I always wondered if those people even went outside of their houses at all…


  …Surprisingly, Season 1’s offline Pink Army was not just normal, but so handsome that it felt absurd.



* * *





  After barely getting permission to walk beside her, I called out her name.




  “Uh… T-That… How far have you seen…?”


  After she told me that she had been looking at my chat history, cold sweat started pouring down my back.


  Honestly, I couldn’t even remember everything I had sent.


  If it was only a few, maybe I could…


  But the number easily reached the thousands, there was no way I could remember all that!


  Doah stopped walking and turned toward me at an angle.






  “Do you want to lick the sole of my foot?”


  Oh, fuck.


  Her answer made my whole body writhe, as if I was an evil spirit being hit with a talisman.


  “N-No…? W-Why are you bringing up soles so suddenly?”


  “That is what you said, isn’t it?”


  “Maybe I was drunk that day.”


  “Were you also drunk when you asked me what the color of my panties was?”


  I remembered how fucking happy I was that I didn’t get banned that day.


  Still, I never expected that Luka herself would confront me directly on the way to school!


  “…Please forgive me.”


  “After going through your chats last night, I couldn’t fall asleep…”


  “It turns out that my boyfriend is such a pervert online…


  “Should I take back my confession now?


  When the word ‘take back’ came out of her mouth, my whole body flinched.


  It had only been one day, and I was about to get dumped already…? Really…?


  “…I won’t say any more perverted things in the future.”


  No, I couldn’t afford to lose the very first person I opened my heart to!


  “From now on, I’ll be a good viewer, I won’t say anything, I’ll just spam emojis in your chat…”


  I grabbed Doah’s wrist and tried to put on a pitiful face to the best of my abilities.


  “S-So… Can you overlook it? Just this once…?”


  Doah’s eyes turned back to the front.


  Without looking in my direction, she turned around and asked.


  “What if I catch you sending another weird message in chat?”


  “…You can…ban me…?”


  Honestly, there was nothing I could do in that situation.


  “Hm, actually, that will do.”


  She said, as if she had come up with something in her mind.


  “If I catch you sending weird chats again, I’ll cancel the next stream after that.”




  “Luka-tan’s being harassed by her boyfriend, waah.”


  Using Luka’s voice, she pretended to cry.


  “T-There’s no way I can stream in after going through that…right…?”


  Such a forceful measure—!


  She threatened to not stream if I were to send a perverted chat…


  If something like this actually happened, the Pink Army would definitely send me death threats—


  No, wait, just by dating her, I’ve already become their enemy! Her 100,000 subscribers were now my enemies!


  A chill ran down my spine.


  Whenever Luka played something with her viewers, I would spam the chat with PArmyBonk if there was even the slightest hint of a flirty atmosphere between them.


  It was like saying, how dare they flirt with Luka-tan in front of the rest of us!


  But now…


  “Okay. From now on, I‘ll behave.”


  “Then, promise me, Lucario-ssi.”


  She stuck out her tiny little finger.


  “Promise me that from now on you’ll only send nice chats whenever you watch my streams.”


  Was this how pets felt when they got neutered by their beloved owner?


  The thought of me being turned into an eunuch among the proud members of the Pink Army made me shed some tears inwardly.


  “Mm, I promise.”


  I held out my pinky to make a pinky promise, and only then did Doah become willing to hold my hands.






  “Are we going to make our relationship public at school?”


  Right. I’ve been focused on the fact that we were dating so much that I forgot to think about the reactions of those around us.


  “Well, what do you want to do?”


  Still, wouldn’t it be better to keep a low profile?


  “I don’t intend to brag all over the place, but…”


  She also didn’t seem to be particularly interested in public displays of affection.


  “They’ll catch on eventually, no? Unless we go around separately all the time, of course…”


  “I guess?”


  “But I want us to be able to walk around together even at school…”


  Doah glanced up at me sneakily.


  It seemed like her desire to make our relationship public was bigger than mine.




  There were still a few things that made me a little nervous, though.


  Like, there were currently a lot of women that I rejected in the past.


  While they wouldn’t do anything to me, god knows what they would do to Doah.


  There were also the matters of rumors. As someone who had gone through hell because of those, I really didn’t want Doah to become the subject of gossip as much as possible.


  “…Do you not like it…?”


  When she looked at me pitifully, like a cat begging for treats, I let out a sigh.


  “No, it’s just… There were a lot of things that happened in the past…”


  This would be a little rude of a topic to talk about with your girlfriend, but it would be better to tell her in advance.


  “It’s just… I don’t want you to attract too much of people’s attention because you’re dating me… It bothers me…”


  When I answered in a low and serious voice, Doah quietly let go of my hand.


  “…I see.”


  Her dejected voice made me want to retract my words and said, ‘Nevermind’, but she had already shoved her hands deep into her pockets.


  “Then, we can’t hold hands from here on…?”


  We were getting so close to the school’s gate, so her words were extremely sensible.


  “…It would be better that way, but….”


  “Does that mean we need to go around separately at campus as well…??”


  “T-That… I think, as long as we keep a reasonable distance, it should be fine…?”


  Sometimes we go together, sometimes we go separately.


  As long as people thought that we were only close friends, it should be okay.


  “I get it. Let’s go with that, for now.”


  Pretending to look at me coldly, Doah swiftly turned her head and briskly moved her short legs to take the lead.


  With a little distance between us, we walked up the stairs to the lecture hall, and the moment we arrived.




  A familiar female voice echoed.


  “Minji, hi?”


  Minji happily called Doah. I was about to sit down and let them talk to each other when…


  “I heard that Taemin oppa is stalking you, is that true?”



  …What did she just say?



  For a moment, I couldn’t believe my ears.



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I Unknowingly Rejected My Favorite

I Unknowingly Rejected My Favorite

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