Kidnapped Dragons Chapter 31

Episode 12: Declarer Selection (3)


“Why is she like that.”

Yu Jitae was asking Bom over the phone.

He had well known that Kaeul was in a strange state, but it was slightly more serious than he had thought. 

The person in question was none other than Yu Kaeul, and her showing a reaction like that in front of so many people was something even he hadn’t expected. 

– …Ahjussi.

From the other side of the phone, Bom hesitantly asked.

– You know that miserable friend you told me about, did you by any chance tell Kaeul about that?


He could hear Bom whispering, “Ah…”


– The gold race, you see, can immerse themselves in the emotions they feel, more than they should. 


– Normally, humans stop at sympathy after listening to others’ emotions, right? Hatchlings are usually like that as well, but the gold race has a different depth to it.

“A different depth?”

– When faced with emotions, they empathise very deeply, as if they become that person.

Hearing that, Yu Jitae could finally understand – he could understand the reason why she became a celebrity in every round of regression, as well as why she crumbled into a mess in front of the overflowing malice.

– Kaeul is excessively absorbed right now. And the person she is immersing herself to be is most likely…

It would most likely be Yu Jitae from the past.

Right now, she wasn’t something like a baby chicken.

She was a black silkie.

Episode 12: Declarer Selection (3)


The microphones of the judges were turned off. It appeared that Ha Junsoo and the member selector were trying to persuade Kaeul in a fluster.

– But I don’t think the immersion is that strong yet.

That was what Bom then said.

– If there were stages to the ‘immersion’ of the gold race, she should be at the first stage right now. It’s only the emotions and the atmosphere that she’s copying.

“Then, what about that ‘They’re all disqualified’ thing she said?”

– She probably meant that there weren’t any supports that could suit her, but I think that’s her honest opinion.

Kaeul was bad at reading the mood but because of that, she tried her hardest to read the mood. 

If she was in her baby chicken form when the choice to select supporting declarers was given, she would have glanced around in confusion before blabbering about how anyone would be fine.

“What would happen if she gets into a deeper immersive state than that.”

– If there was a second stage above that, then she would be copying the values and thoughts of the target itself. She would start imitating the thoughts and actions of the one she’s immersed in.

That wouldn’t be good.

– …Ahjussi.

Bom asked in a softer voice.

– I’m asking this just in case, but that friend within that story, is not a bad person or anything like that, right?

He was a wanted criminal.

After the second regression ended, Yu Jitae of the third regression massacred anything that irritated him regardless of whether they were a human or a demon. He had done so in a very cruel manner.

Due to that, it was important to stop Kaeul from immersing herself more than she already was.

The question though, was how.

– …I don’t know either.

That was what Bom then said.

– The fact that we got close like this is an unprecedented thing that happened because of ahjussi. Normally, we are not this close with other races. 

Feeling his neck going stiff, Yu Jitae cracked his neck. 

But then again, that person called the producer should be able to persuade her. Since he was someone that would be trying his best for the entrance ceremony, he would be thus trying the hardest he could to create the best result.

Opening his ears up, Yu Jitae eavesdropped their conversation.

“B, but what if there was someone that could be used as a decent supporting role?”

“…There’s none.”

“C, cadet Kaeul…!”

“Their expressions are all immature and their emotions are paper-thin. If you are looking for harmony between the main declarer and the supporting declarers, I think it would be better if I left.”


The black silkie spoke with an emotionless voice. Due to that, the person in charge of the selection was sweating his guts out in the middle of his bafflement. 

It seemed that the situation required Producer Ha Junsoo to give a hand.

“Indeed. She’s right.”

But unforunately, even Producer Ha Junsoo wasn’t in his right mind.

“E, excuse me?”

“Getting rid of all the supporting roles and pushing for one main is a possibility.”


He was going a step further.

“Do you understand what I’m saying, Mister producer?”

“Ah, of course I do. If you do the first and the second acts as well, then there shouldn’t be any problems there. Nn? What’s wrong with your face, Mister Junhyun? Do you have a good plan?”

“Good plan my ass! Of course you can’t do that! What’s gotten into you, Producer…!”

The person in charge of the declaring member selection started desperately persuading Ha Junsoo. He talked about how it would go against the planned procedures, as well as the contract.

Meanwhile, several other guardians faced their eyes at Yu Jitae. 

When Kaeul was put on the judges’ seats, they had complained about it, saying how a management like this could ever be allowed. But when Ha Junsoo replied to them by saying, “You can leave if you are discontent” they suddenly turned quiet.

They were thus staring at Yu Jitae with a myriad of emotions but there wasn’t anyone approaching him for a conversation.

“Mister Yu Jitae.”

Except for one person, that is.


“What a joyous thing could this be? It’s a happy day for the Yu household. Congratulations.”

Wei Yan had an amiable smile on his face. 

“Thank you.”

“Ahh, seriously though, congratulations. By the way, as fellow people who both support cadets, will it be possible for me to request you with something?”

His true intention immediately seeped out and it would surely be about using Gong Juhee as a supporting declarer at the very least.

Although he was seeing Wei Yan several times already, he thought that it could even be considered a wondrous thing that a demon could lower their head so low.

Wei Yan’s favourability hanging on the Eyes of Equilibrium was absolute hate. Inwardly, he hated Yu Jitae so much that he could kill him and yet he still wore a bright smile on the outside, in order to back up a cadet belonging to his study group.

At least his patience was at a top level amongst demons.

“Who knows…”

Thus, Yu Jitae decided to test his patience.

“I don’t think we are close enough to support each other though.”

“Ahh, you’re right. In fact, I do feel cautious about sharing a conversation like this. There was an unfavourable event as well.”

“Indeed there was.”

“But isn’t it better to forget the things of the past? Just like how I did, I would like to ask you for your generosity, sir guardian.”

In other words, he was saying, ‘I held it in despite Yeorum’s incident offending me so you should brush aside Gong Juhee’s actions as well.’

“…Yes. Let’s do as you say.”

“Ah, thank you very much. In that case, in order to create an even better declaration, could you ask Cadet Yu Kaeul to recommend Cadet Gong Juhee as one of the supporting declarers?”

Yu Jitae remained quiet.

He had been talking solely with Wei Yan, but all the nearby guardians were pointing their ears at their conversation and Wei Yan must be aware of that as well.

When the silence continued, they perked their ears up even more.

“By the way, there are two supporting declarers, right?”

“Ah, yes. You’re right.”

“When I suggest someone to Kaeul, I can tell her two names… who would be good for the other person?”

Wei Yan formed a faint frown.


That was when one of the other guardians opened their mouth.

“Hello Mister Yu Jitae. I’m sorry for interrupting your conversation.”

“…Ah, yes.”

“I am the guardian of the candidate Ayase, called Hasegawa. If possible, could you tell Ayase’s name as well when you’re suggesting the supporting declarers to Cadet Kaeul?”

Seeing Yu Jitae not giving him a response, Hasegawa requested with a slightly more rushed expression.

“My cadet had been preparing for this event for more than one and a half years. I can’t send her back empty-handedly after making it to the final audition.”

“Ah, please wait.”

Another guardian chimed in. This time, it was a white person.

“Sir guardian. My cadet, Jefferson, had been preparing for the entrance ceremony’s declaration for more than 2 years now. Please give him a chance.”

“Austin. I’m speaking right now, am I not?”

Hasegawa glared with wide-open eyes but the white guardian did not even spare him a glance as he bent his back in front of Yu Jitae.


“Ah, please wait a second. Guardian Yu Jitae.”

This time was another white person.

“To Hansen, this declaration is a huge chance that could regain the honour of Denmark’s royal family. In the previous monster attack, Denmark’s royal family…”

With them as the signal, other guardians also came up to him while pushing at each other and before long, a rowdy atmosphere was created.

They, who had been watching the situation unfold with eager emotions, all shot out of their seats and approached him. “Our cadet…!”, “As sister nations…”. With those words, they contested for the remaining position that could be given to their respective cadets.

There were people who rubbed their fingers and said, “Do you need some help by any chance…?” while some pleaded with their knees on the ground.

That was how desperate they were for this opportunity.

Currently, the atmosphere was miles away from how it had been at the start. Wei Yan, who naturally believed that he had already won a spot, had taken a step back while watching the situation unfold like a bystander.

And when the person leading the conversation went from the guardians to Yu Jitae, the Regressor slowly opened his mouth.

“…It seems that one spot wouldn’t be enough.”

One spot? Who, what?

They thought, but soon understood his words.

“What? Is that true?”

“Guardian Yu Jitae!”

At that moment, Wei Yan’s eyes distorted like a devil’s but it only lasted for a split second. Immediately reverting back to a gentleman-like expression, Wei Yan interjected. 

“What do you mean by that, Mister Yu Jitae?”

“Ah, professor.”

“But why would you suddenly take our Juhee’s…”

“…I can relate to their circumstances and would love to help.”

“Like, who here isn’t desperate though? Do you help others like that often?”


“Ah… haha… I see. But I thought you promised…”

Yu Jitae did not respond. 

It was a negation. 

That was when Wei Yan’s lips were lifted in a distorted state. Although the smile appeared natural, the excessive power that had gone into his chin, as well as the bright, burning neck could not be hidden. 

His favourability was reaching an explosive level of hate. Having his true nature showing up here would be fine as well because a demon with their nature revealed would become a common enemy.

However, despite blood soaring up to the top of his head, Wei Yan did not make any rash judgments. 

The guardians, however, were staring at Wei Yan with blades in their eyes.

Few minutes ago, they had been encouraging each other for good luck and yet when the position of a supporting declarer was in question, their attitudes changed in an instant.

Licking his lips, Wei Yan made an awkward smile and the same was with Gong Juhee’s guardian. He hadn’t even found the right timing to chime in.

It was then. 

Wei Yan’s phone suddenly rang and seeing the number showing on his phone, he quickly turned his body around and left the audition venue.

Yu Jitae deeply stared at his distancing back.

– Please be quiet. We will now announce the main and the supporting declarers.

Perhaps due to the disputes of the guardians taking too long, the judges had made their own decision. Seeing the opportunity escape from their grasp, the guardians secretly let out sighs.

– The main declarer will be Cadet Yu Kaeul, and…

After listening up to that point, Yu Jitae decided to leave the venue for a while.


Receiving a phone call in a situation this important and leaving outside meant that an even more important incident had occurred. Walking onto the corridor in large strides, he concealed his presence and followed Wei Yan from a distance.

He already had somewhat of a guess.

Right after the teaching staff Oh Minsung was insulted by Ha Junsoo, he had thrown a glare at Ha Junsoo and Kaeul. In that instant, his nature that was revealed by the Eyes of Equilibrium was exploding in evil. This only occurred when someone truly decided to do something evil.

So he was thinking that something might happen and he seemed to have been on the mark.

However, there were footsteps following Yu Jitae from behind. Looking back, he found Bom standing there.

“What about Gyeoul.”

“I left her with Yeorum. Where are you going?”

“…No need for you to know.”

“I want to follow along.”


Her expression was serious. It seemed that she had seen something via Providence.



With silence, he rejected her request. Situations that diverged from daily lives shouldn’t be shared with the dragons. Hereafter, he would be killing someone, and that process wasn’t for the dragons to see.

“I want to go with you.”

“Like I said, you can’t.”

“…I won’t disturb you. Please just let me go along.”

Bom remained stubborn, but he had no time for a conversation. Turning his body around, he looked directly into Bom’s eyes and slowly opened his mouth.

“Yu Bom.”

With a dry voice, and a short sentence calling her name, the atmosphere immediately changed. Her eyes widened into circles.

“Go back.”

Bom opened her lips but was unable to say anything, and her lips faintly trembled. Soon, she turned around without another word.

Only then did Yu Jitae turn around and chase after Wei Yan. A demonic aura mixed within the surrounding mana, resembled a drop of blood in a pond which was moments away from dispersing, but it still led him with a direction.

Soon, Yu Jitae walked into Lair’s restricted area (prohibited entry).

Buildings abandoned in the middle of demolishment entered his sight.

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A black silkie (

Kidnapped Dragons

Kidnapped Dragons

Status: Completed
– The planet [Earth] has entered the abnormal state [Apocalypse]. – You have failed in saving the Earth. The Authority, [Vintage Clock (EX)] rewinds the world’s time. For Yu Jitae, it was a message he had seen many times. It was tiresome. It would have been great had he died with everyone else. But he couldn’t, for his authorities that made him the strongest existence, brought him back in time whenever he died. And even with his strength, he couldn’t protect the broad earth against the maddened dragons. – The world’s time will soon begin. As the clock resumed ticking in the direction it should, his 7th iteration came to a start. Fortunately, he finally had the gist of it.


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