Love Letter From the Future Chapter 15

Chapter 15 - The First Letter (1)

༺ The First Letter (15) ༻


  Celine has been dissatisfied lately. To be more precise. This started after she heard that I had started training with Seria.


  Today was the day I went to practice swordsmanship with Celine. This time, we were instructed to gather in the forest located south of the academy, not at the knight’s training ground.


  Unlike the knight’s training grounds, the forest was quite far away, so Celine and I joined halfway through and then started walking together. She snorted and looked at me as if I was pathetic.


  “Ian oppa, are you a pervert?”


  “…… What do you mean?”


  Her left hand rested on her waist while her right hand was rustling and massaging her temples. It was the reaction you had when you were astonished.


  “You have to be one? After being beaten to the dust on that day, just because she asked you, you actually started helping that bitch? No, if you aren’t a pervert, are you retarded?”


  “In that sense, I have beaten Seria as well.”


  “That’s it!”


  Celine growled, standing upright like an angry cat. No matter how much I thought about it, she didn’t seem to like Seria at all.


  “A senior can beat a junior for the purpose of giving her guidance, right? However, how can a junior beat their seniors to such an extent?”


  “What do seniors and juniors have to do with a duel? When seniors duel with juniors, should they go easy on them?”


  The more I sided with Seria, the more I grew dissatisfied with Celine. She tried to persuade me with a frown, but it didn’t change my mind.


  Seria, who I had been watching for a few days, was just often misunderstood, and was not a person without flaws. On the contrary, I even got the impression that she was a little fragile.


  At first, I didn’t think much of it, but it was true that I started getting a little worried after being together with her for a few days. I had a sense of crisis that if I left her as she was, she might remain in the society as a socially dysfunctional person.


  At the very least, she needed some common sense about the intricacies of human relationships. As a senior, it was natural to have that kind of care.


  I felt like I had to stick around and take care of her for a while. I’m also concerned about the relationship between her and my future lover, ‘Sepia’.


  Come to think of it, today’s lecture was also related to that letter from the future.


  Swordsmanship practice in the forest, isn’t it the same lecture where there would be an attack by a demonic beast?


  The letter stated that no casualties were caused thanks to the appropriate measures having been taken. On the other hand, it meant that human casualties might occur if not properly dealt with.


  I had to stop it. I then arrived at that conclusion.


  The problem was that he could not guess the identity of the demonic beast.


  Even the demonic beast had very different characteristics depending on the type of creature that could be termed as the prototype.


  In the first place, when the density of unrefined mana becomes too high, a demonic beast is born from contaminating the nearby creatures. Depending on the characteristics of the creature, the characteristics of the beast had no choice but to change.


  Demonic beasts mainly take the form of animals, but sometimes plants can also be considered to be one. Even humans could become demonic beasts when their mana density was abnormally high.


  These demonic beasts had only one thing in common. The fact that they were excessively hostile to external life forms.


  Other than that, everything was different. This was the case for most of their other characteristics, such as ecology, habits and weaknesses. So I had no choice but to suffer from a headache.

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  In fact, I was still not sure if this letter was from the future.


  Isn’t that a letter from the future 7 years from now?


  If I were to grab a passer-by and ask if the letter was genuine or just someone else’s prank, he would most likely choose the latter. Naturally, I was still not sure.


  However, if the letter is real, an incident will occur during today’s lecture.


  I calmed my mind in advance and steeled my resolve.


  Unlike me, who was infinitely serious, Celine was still babbling beside me. She looked at me suspiciously.


  “Ian oppa, are you listening to me?”


  “……Yes? Oh yeah, I am listening.”


  “What was I talking about?”


  I was so immersed in my thoughts that I had forgotten that I was walking with Celine. Celine would be even more furious if it went on like this, so I decided to use the skills I had learned from Leto.


  The scent I praised last time. The belonged to the girl who was approaching while pointing her finger.




  ‘What? Maybe Celine of the Haster family has disrespected Ian oppa? What’s the matter, is Ian oppa annoyed? I’m so scared that I might cry…….’


  “You smell good today.”


  Celine, who had been taunting me nonstop, froze upon hearing my words, and remained paralyzed for a while.


  She blushed slightly and avoided my gaze. ‘Sigh,’ she then sighed and folded her arms.


  “Is it true?”


  “Is that the same shampoo you used last time? It suits you.”


  Then Celine looked a little bubbly and shy. She coughed unnaturally, Ahum, Ahum, and cleared her throat.


  “Wh-What… I’m not using it just because Ian oppa likes it, you know? Ar-Aren’t you glad that we met today?”


The tone of her voice was strangely high, but Celine didn’t seem to notice that.


  I’m glad it worked. I sensed that she was relieved, and heaved a sigh of relief inwardly.


  I felt like I owed Leto. Who would have thought that there was a way to control the pouty Celine?


  Thinking that I should put it to good use for a while, I hastened my steps.


  A forest could be seen in the distance.


  The dense forest where the demonic beasts reside, and everyone rarely enters, exuded a grim atmosphere.


  The place where Emma was attacked by an unknown beast. Which people still dismissed as an accident, but well.


  You would have to go inside to know what was inside.

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  A little further into the forest, most of the students were already seated in a large vacant lot. It seemed that we were late for the class and the lecture had already started while I was having a leisurely conversation with Celine.


  Fortunately, it wasn’t the case as Professor Derek nodded his head in a pleased manner after confirming that Celine and I had arrived.


  Then, as always, he drew the students’ attention with his robust voice. It was a voice brimming with vitality, it didn’t sound like his age as he had already reached the twilight of his life.


  “Come on, everyone, pay attention! Today we are going to have special training!”


  As I shifted my gaze to Professor Derek, my eyes met Seria, who was in the front seat.


  When I bowed my head as a greeting, Seria also bowed her head. Still, it was proof that we were close enough to exchange greetings.


  At first, I remember how she bit her tongue while saying hello and then looked at me with shaky eyes because she didn’t know what to do. If anyone saw us, they might think I was threatening her.


  In fact, the fact that Seria was particularly kind to me was also affected by the last ‘Yurdina’s Beating Incident,’ so it was painful to admit that it wasn’t really wrong.


  What the hell happened to my personality while I lost my memory?


  It was still unknown. However, since the follow-up had already been completed to some extent, I decided not to worry about it any more.


  If there is a chance that I will lose my memory again, then I’ll start thinking about it a little more seriously.


  For now, he was also busy paying attention to the contents of the letter from the future.


  “If you are a swordsman, you should know the importance of your surrounding environment. Among them, a dense forest is one of the most demanding environments.”


  And as such, Professor Derek went into the crevice of the trees next to him, wanting to give us a demonstration. As soon as he drew his sword, it became clear how narrow the space was.


  Anyone who is an academy student can read the power behind the opponent’s attack to some extent. In that way, there were only three trees that stood in the way of the attack.


  There was also the issue of standing still on the spot. Considering that actual combat requires fluid movement, there were more than one or two trees that bothered Professor Derek while he was wielding his sword.


  And this was probably not just a problem limited to Professor Derek. Me, Celine, or even Seria.


  Unless you used a weapon such as a sword specialized for stabbing, movement in the forest was inevitably uncomfortable.


  “Look, in this narrow space between trees, even swinging a sword becomes difficult. It would be nice if your opponent is the type of enemy who lacked intelligence, but if the opponent is a named-class demonic beast or a human, if the sword’s path is limited, the attack can be easily read.”


  Even if it was a beast he encountered in the forest, it was highly likely that it was a native creature that had already adapted to its environment. Then a swordsman in the forest would become even more at a disadvantage.


  Professor Derek recited such a common-sense statement, then imbued aura into his sword.


  The mana that bloomed like a hazy mist was soon united with a dazzling light. That bloody aura was proof that Professor Derek had already reached the level of maturity as a swordsman.


  A sword expert, a step that enables one to crystallize Aura. Among them, Professor Derek had skills belonging to the higher ranks.


  As I was in my 3rd year at the academy, I was also able to materialize the aura, but it was impossible to conjure a cohesive aura like him. Among the students who are here right now, maybe Seria was the best?


  She was at the entry level into the ‘Sword Expert.’ In this place, there were no students who could defeat the legendary hunter who devoted his whole life to hunting monsters and demonic beasts, relying solely on pure skill.


  “But if you can crystallize Aura, the story is a little different. Whether the sword is blocked or not, if you swing it, it will slash the thing that stands in its path.”


  And then Professor Derek casually swung his sword. A silent sword strike that didn’t even make a sound.


  Not even the cutting sound could be heard. Everything that stood in his path was cleaved when he swung his sword. Trees, the wind, and even the sound.


  It was an unrealistic sight. When I blinked, a solid line was drawn in the world as if I was looking at a picture that was slashed. It was a skill reserved only to those who became a sword expert.


  “However, no matter how strong you are as a sword expert, there is a limit to ignoring the environment. Now, see this tree?”


  Professor Derek pointed to a tree full of dents caught in the trail of his sword slash. Then he went back to the tree and kicked the tree.


  A shock that was not even that strong. However, with that alone, the tree collapsed in the direction of the forest with a roaring sound.


  Of course, the tree could have also collapsed on the groove cleaved by his sword’s trajectory afterwards. In other words, the Professor could have died under that tree if he didn’t kick it beforehand.


  Of course, when it comes to Sword Expert, they wouldn’t die so easily, but it was undeniable that the surrounding environment was quite annoying nonetheless.


  What if you’re in battle? There is nothing to say. The eyes of the students became a little serious.


  “As you can see, swordsmen in the forest have to fight under quite a bit of a disadvantage. So, it would be best not to use the forest as the battlefield as much as possible, but there are many times when this is not possible during the subjugation of demonic beasts. So today, we will practice getting used to the environment of the forest.”


  Then Professor Derek sheathed his sword. Soon the bloody aura vanished without a trace.


  “Especially after a while, you know there will be a hunting festival, right? Since the hunting festival system will take place in the forest, it would be quite helpful if you were to familiarize yourself with the field in advance today. I don’t know how many of you will participate in the hunting festival, though!”

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  Professor Derek ended his speech with such a loud chuckle. And, as usual, he waved his hands to tell the students to take care of themselves, but he paused for a moment as he forgot something.


  He shook his head, then added one last word.


  “For reference, you must not carelessly swing your sword today, you will be allowed to freely roam around and will compete in pairs of two. However, it is imperative for you to carefully analyze the surrounding environment, whether you climb a tree or hide in the grass, you are free to do anything. Anyway, be prepared for all possibilities. I’m keeping an eye on you, so don’t overdo it.”


  You can roam freely.


  Hearing those words, my eyes gradually darkened. It was information that was both beneficial and unfavorable to me.


  First of all, if the two-person group moved separately, there was the risk of being defeated individually when the attack of the demonic beasts became a reality. However, it was impossible to warn my partner about a massive stampede of the demonic beasts since there was no proper evidence right now.


  Then there was only one answer. Before the attack of the demonic beasts, first notice the situation and then report it to Professor Derek.


  I don’t know how strong the demonic beasts lurking in the forest were, but Professor Derek still had a history of subjugating famous demonic beasts countless times. There was no way he could lose in a place where there were even 100 students enrolled in the academy.


  But if there was one problem, it was that I needed someone who would completely believe my words and follow me?


  My eyes naturally turned to Celine. Even though I didn’t say anything, as if she knew my thoughts, she came over to me with a smirk.


  “How are you, Ian oppa? It’s a party of two-person, but what about us two going together after a long time?”


  “To have a date while the two of us are armed with our swords, in a place where demonic beasts might be lurking. Isn’t that romantic?”


  Celine chuckled upon hearing my sarcasm. She seemed to be quite enthusiastic about this new training we will be doing.


  “Aren’t they supposed to just be low-level beasts? Even if this place is on the outskirts, after all, it’s still within the academy grounds.”


  That was the general idea. No matter how neglected the breeding of demonic beasts was, this place was still within the academy grounds, even the hunting festival was held here every year.


  He could tell just by looking at what people thought of the earlier incident with Emma. The predominant view was that a student in the Alchemy Department, unable to protect herself, had an accident.


  But what if it wasn’t the case?


  Because of that ‘letter’, various emotions were swirling in my mind. Anxiety, nervousness, and feelings of duty and guilt.


  No one believed this letter. Only I, on the premise that this letter was saying the truth, could prevent the loss of lives that would appear today.


  I felt lonely and painful. I momentarily bit my lips, then, as usual, tried to invite Celine to accompany me.


  If it was Celine, she was someone whom I knew well, and above all else, she was someone I could trust and rely on to watch my back. However, I kept my mouth shut when I felt someone’s gaze.


  My eyes flickered to the side. There, eyes resembling the sea were staring at me.


  Her eyelids drooped again after having been filled with hope for a brief moment, as if she didn’t want to feel disappointed.


  While thinking something like that, I couldn’t help but stare at those eyes whose glitter soon faded.


  I was troubled for a while. But the hesitation was short-lived.


  “…… Celine, partner up with someone else today.”


  “Yes, yes. Anyway, Ian oppa only has this Celine… what?’


  Celine, who had already swelled up in anticipation of what was going to come out of my mouth, immediately frowned and asked me.


  I confirmed my intent to her again.


  “Today, I’m going to group up with someone else. Not to mention there are many other people besides me.”


  “Well, yes, but… Aha.”


  Celine, who was shocked, soon realized that my gaze was on someone else and uttered in an icy voice.


  A cold light flashed in her eyes.


  “…… Do you want to partner up with that bitch?”


  “She seems to have no one but me.”


  Celine’s eyebrows furrowed in irritation. She whimpered and turned coldly away from me.


  “Are you seriously going to do it? From now on, we are going to be adversaries.”


  She left after uttering such an angry remark. She must have been furious.


  I hoped she would let this slide but still things turned this way. Thinking as such, I sighed and walked over to Seria.


  Seria, who was left alone among the people who were forming a group, seemed particularly lonely. However, now I’m a bit acquainted with her.


  In fact, Seria wasn’t ignoring anybody, and surprisingly, she was someone who feared loneliness.


  I called Seria, who was looking only at her toes with her head lowered.






  Seria jumped with a cute scream, perhaps startled by my sudden call. She looked at me with bewildered eyes.


  To such Seria, I made a simple proposal.


  “Let’s team up.”


  “…… Pardon?”


  Seria tilted her head as if she had no idea what I was talking about. So I had to utter one more time as if to assert my intent.


  “I want you to team up with me.”


  Seria then looked blankly at me.


  She avoided my gaze and hesitated for a moment, then soon she coughed in vain as her former arrogant expression returned to her face.  


“…… Yes, gla-gladly.”


  She bit her tongue again.


  Seria was still the same.



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