Love Letter from the Future Chapter 180

Chapter 180 - Eyes of a Dragon and the Human Heart (44)

༺ Eyes of a Dragon and the Human Heart (44) ༻





  Even with knights accompanying her through the secret passageway known only to the imperial family, Cien couldn’t get rid of the slight unease that was pricking at the back of her mind.


  Below Verlata Pavilion was a centuries-old tunnel that was still stable and secure. Numerous lights lined the path, illuminating the tunnel with a vermillion hue.


  It reflected how meticulously the imperial family built and maintained this hidden passage, but Cien, one of the imperial princesses, couldn’t grasp the reason for it.


  It was still fundamentally just a tunnel. If they had wanted to build a secret place, it would have been more logical to undertake full-scale construction. Yet, as evidenced by the detailed work in various areas, it wasn’t as if it was built carelessly.


  There was no leeway for her to let her mind wander as there were still hundreds of demonic beasts ravaging through the academy above them, but she still found herself habitually engulfed in her worries.


  Something was amiss.


  It was odd that no one had noticed the presence of countless beasts stationed around the academy and that the beasts that ambushed the procession were unlike any other typical demonic beasts.


  Initially disguised as stray cats, they either self-destructed, causing explosions, or directly attacked after enlarging their bodies.


  Even she, who was privy to all sorts of information, had never heard of such demonic beasts.


  But more than anything, these beasts didn’t exhibit any emotions. It wasn’t that they were devoid of all emotions—they simply didn’t display any sort of hostility or murderous intent. Even masters of emotional control normally revealed some form of aggression just before taking action.


  However, the beasts attacking the academy deviated from this norm. Not only did they not reveal any before engaging in combat, but they didn’t display even a ripple in their emotions in battle. Their emotions remained calm even when they were ferociously baring their fangs or swinging their claws, as if they were relaxedly sunbathing while on a stroll.


  This deeply unsettled the princess.


  Since the earliest time of mankind, sight was akin to power. Human history started with observation. What could be seen could be controlled, and what could be controlled could be dominated.


  It was why Cien simultaneously loathed and cherished her eyes. Its ability allowed her to manipulate others’ emotions.


  Yet, at this moment, she faced the limits of her abilities.


  The sudden ambush, coupled with her mental turmoil, left the usually proud and resolute princess mired in anxiety.


  Her ash-gray eyes darted around, capturing the turbulent emotions around her—tension, apprehension, and a mix of friendliness and other complicated emotions directed towards her.


  They were normal emotions.


  If anything, she felt reassured and dismissed her worries as mere baseless concerns after noticing that there wasn’t any malice.


  ‘Right. These people were carefully chosen for their trustworthiness. There’s no need to worry about getting stabbed in the back.’


  Noticing Cien’s restlessness, a beautiful knight with blue hair carefully inquired.


  “Your Imperial Highness, is something troubling you?”


  The eyes of her entire entourage discreetly turned towards her, the one with the noblest lineage and the subject of their protection.


  Detecting the faint anxiety wafting through the group, a bitter smile formed on Cien’s lips. It seemed that she had caused unnecessary concern for her subordinates.


  Determined not to let her concerns show again, she shook her head.


  “No… I was just a little startled. Anyways, how much farther do we have to go?”


  Irene, who had served at her side for a long time, looked slightly skeptical.


  However, the princess’ words were final, and as her knights, they could only follow.


  Briefly closing her eyes, Irene gauged how far they had traveled.


  “We have covered about a third of the way. If you so wish, we can continue, or we can rest, considering we may encounter demonic beasts once outside.”


  Cien fell into thought.


  The secrecy of the hidden tunnel passageway was guaranteed, known perhaps only to the heirs of the top five households, and there was no way the demonic beasts had intel of this place.


  If so, taking a break seemed prudent, as exiting the tunnel too early could entangle them in the battle outside. 


  And even though the demonic beasts were numerous, the academy wasn’t to be underestimated either.


  She believed that the situation would eventually be resolved.


  Having made up her mind, Cien calmly announced her decision.


  “…Then let’s rest here. Not for too long, though. We’ll continue after taking a brief moment to collect our breaths.”


  The knights sighed in relief.


  Even if they were experts, they were bound to be exhausted. Not only had they rushed to the academy, they had also slain countless demonic beasts on the way.


  The head maid, who was now long retired from being a former intelligence agent for the empire, was no exception.




  Heaving a sigh, the head maid trudged towards Irene.


  As close personnel to the princess, they often consulted each other before proposing ideas to Cien as part of a process that clarified the hierarchy—the subordinates advise, and the princess makes the final decision.


  Familiar with this process, Cien shifted her attention away from the two and proceeded to drift away from the present reality for a while.




  Then, the sound of flesh being pierced and blood spurting out flowed into her ears.


  Caught off guard by the sound, Cien was slow in directing her gaze towards the sound. She simply wondered what was going on.


  It wasn’t just her.


  Everyone present was unable to react.


  Even Irene, who had a dagger stuck in her shoulder, merely stared blankly at the woman in front of her as if she was numb to the pain.


  It was a woman with jet-black hair.


  Her tired gaze held no hostility or murderous intent, creating a bizarre disparity that muddled the entire group.


  A thread of mana formed in her stiff hand.


  “H-Head… maid…?”


  Irene stammered while clutching her injured shoulder.


  Having known her for many years, Irene was well aware of how deep the head maid’s affection and loyalty to their princess were.


  However, the head maid merely tilted her head, puzzled.


  “Yes, Knight Irene? What’s wrong?”


  Her calm demeanor lacked any sign of guilt.


  Irene glanced at her bleeding shoulder, then back at the head maid, who seemed unaware of the abnormal situation.


  This disconnect was uncanny.


  Irene’s instincts began sounding alarms as she felt a sudden chill climb up her spine.


  Without any hesitation, Irene reached for her sword with her spare hand and issued a sharp command to the stunned knights.


  “Immediately subdue her and protect Her Imperial Highness!”


  “What? What are you sa-”


  The head maid appeared perplexed by what was happening.


  Undeterred, Irene quickly drew her sword, leaving a trail of blue aura similar to the color of her hair.


  Yet, the head maid managed to smoothly evade the sword like grass floating on water.


  Then, spinning twice in the air, her magic threads weaved through the air in a complex dance before burrowing into Irene’s shoulder like a snake.


  Although it was the first time Irene had seen such a technique, she recognized its origin.


  It was a technique of the Imperial Intelligence Agency.


  While the Imperial Intelligence Agency trained in many unorthodox weapons, she had heard that there was an expert in unarmed combat.


  And the skill just now was from the head maid’s active time as an agent.


  Even so, Irene, having reached the expert level years ago, was in her peak physical condition and believed she wouldn’t be pushed back by some retired agent.


  Yet, the moment the magic thread wound around her sword, Irene sensed something amiss. 


  The mana flow within her was inexplicably blocked.


  Before she could even question why, the mana thread climbed her sword and up her arm.




  Her mind went white with a bone-crushing pain as she stifled a cry.


  “Miss Irene!”


  The knights swiftly organized themselves and sprang into action as Irene endured the pain.


  The knights’ organized assault was formidable and relentless, resembling a cannonball capable of breaking through all defenses.


  Only a few were able to withstand their coordinated attack, but the head maid easily overcame it.


  It was the end the moment a single mana thread subtly caught a knight’s ankle.


  Then, unbeknownst to even the knight himself, his body started to swell from his ankle.




  In mere moments, an explosion rocked their ears before they could reach her as a burst of light and heat swept through the tunnel.


  The knights became incapacitated, and the knight who served as the bomb disintegrated into a mist of blood.


  Nevertheless, the head maid remained composed, even appearing unable to comprehend what was transpiring as her hands shot out several poison needles.




  They were knights who should have been able to gradually recover to their feet even after suffering a blast. However, paralyzed by the poisoned needles, the knights could only squirm on the ground.


  Irene’s consciousness also began to fade.


  Her mana refused to operate, and she eventually fell to her knees with labored breaths, struggling to maintain her focus on the head maid with a fierce voice. 


  “W-What… have you… done…?”


  Yet, the head maid continued to simply tilt her head in confusion.


  “Knight Irene, why are you like that? Why is everyone lying down… Your Imperial Highness?”


  Her gaze shifted towards Cien, and Cien cautiously retreated step by step with fear evident in her eyes.


  The head maid, seen through her vertically split eyes, appeared no different than usual. Rather, she appeared concerned.


  It was as if the person moving her body and her inner self were entirely separate entities—just like the demonic beasts attacking the academy.


  A terrifying chill crawled up her spine as she came to a realization.


  The beasts’ target wasn’t the procession nor the academy.


  It was her.


  And the head maid, oblivious to the horror in the princess’ eyes, slowly advanced towards her.


  All while donning a face of clueless innocence.


  This disparity instilled even greater fear in Cien.



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