Love Letter from the Future Chapter 203

Chapter 203 - Eyes of a Dragon and the Human Heart (67)

༺ Eyes of a Dragon and the Human Heart (67) ༻



  The academy had once again settled into its usual tranquility.


  The investigation neared its conclusion, with the demonic beast remnants thoroughly subdued.


  Thankfully, no further betrayals surfaced within the academy.


  Though the Dark Order had infiltrated the Imperial Family’s inner circle, it remained uncertain if their spy lingered within the academy. Regardless, the conclusion was that no one was involved at least in the recent attack.


  The joint investigation team representing the Empire, the Holy Nation, and the Ten Southern Kingdoms had reached this conclusion after a meticulous inquiry. Their findings left little room for doubt, allowing the academy’s students to finally make arrangements for their delayed return home.


  However, since the demonic beast attack the academy had not truly seen a single peaceful day. 


  A student, who was once vilified, suddenly found himself a hero amongst his  peers, while the Imperial Princess bore the brunt of blame, left to lament on the roadside in a state of mental breakdown.


  Amidst this turmoil, Central Avenue became a stage for violence.


  The perpetrator was the man who had transformed from public enemy to a hero during the attack: Ian Percus. 


  And that man was me.


  Honestly, it was a somewhat spur-of-the-moment decision.


  It happened shortly after I had barely regained consciousness from the coma I was in. However, witnessing the Imperial Princess whom I had rescued despite all I had gone through, succumb to the weight of her past traumas filled me with a profound sense of absurdity.


  Moreover, the circumstances were such that nobody could even guess the cause.


  While some, like Senior Neris and members of the press club, grasped the situation to some extent, they relinquished control to me following my fight with them.


  In other words, even the esteemed Imperial Intelligence had no way to intervene.


  In fact, despite having some discretionary authority and a desire for the Imperial Intelligence Agency to address the situations surrounding the Imperial Princess, there remained a gap between the plan and reality.


  After all, I had never truly confided my feelings to the Imperial Intelligence Agency. They had to tread cautiously, and to some extent, this was something I had brought upon myself.


  So, I took steps to untangle that knot.


  The results were remarkable.


  Now, no one at the academy harbored animosity towards the Imperial Princess. Instead, even public sentiment leaned sympathetically towards her. There were no negative comments about me either, so everything appeared to be progressing smoothly.


  At least, it seemed that way on the surface.


  On that particular day, the Saintess arrived early in the morning to scold me for leaving my room.


  She barged into my room while raising her voice angrily, but her expression quickly morphed into one of uncertainty as soon as she laid eyes on me.


  “Ian… I clearly told you not to engage in any strenuous activity for a while… Ian?”


  Strangely, my hands were trembling.


  I released a sigh, finding it difficult to conceal my anxious emotions.


  Nevertheless, I mustered a smile, attempting to mask it. 


  “Ah, Saintess.”


  “… What’s wrong?”


  The Saintess’s gaze had already turned frigid as she asked me. Suspicion lingered in her light pink eyes.


  It was understandable. I was someone who had never wavered, even in the face of life-threatening situations.


  So, she likely hadn’t seen me looking so anxious before.


  But, some circumstances could be explained, while others couldn’t.


  Still, I had to wear a bitter smile while shaking my head.


  “It’s nothing. It seems the muscle pain hasn’t subsided yet.”


  How could I possibly explain the information Senior Neris had told me during her secret visit this early morning?


  That the Imperial family intended to visit me today.


  Although she mentioned their visit was scheduled for a few days later, it was undoubtedly to discuss the Dragonblood Script. It was evident that they would dispatch someone of equal importance on their end.


  At the very least, this individual was expected to be the bearer of the Dragonblood Script. 


  And if he wielded such authority, he likely possessed the power to erase someone like the second son of a rural Viscountcy without leaving a trace.


  No, it would be fortunate if they merely disposed of me discreetly.


  Even if they fabricated various charges, accusing me of disrespecting a member of the Imperial Family, exterminating my entire family, and subjecting me to torture, I would have nothing to say.


  While supposedly a mission to save the world, it was evident that I would struggle to make that statement believable.


  This realization was both exhausting and worrisome.


  Hence, I found myself not only groaning but even trembling, to the extent that even my hands quivered. 


  I couldn’t possibly explain all these confusing circumstances to the Saintess. Although there might come a time when our relationship would permit such honesty, today was not that day.


  Even if I did speak up, the Saintess wouldn’t be able to offer assistance, given the limited time remaining. 


  So, I could only clear my throat and feign a cough.


  “… It’s true.”


  “Who says otherwise?”


  The Saintess rebuked me while wearing a broad smile. Yet, her light pink eyes lingered on my face for a while, betraying no intention to avert her gaze.


  The intense scrutiny from those eyes was uncomfortably overwhelming.


  Eventually, I could only heave a long sigh.




  “… Hmph, what is it?”


  The silver-haired girl was clearly showing signs of being upset. It wasn’t merely an illusion; rather, she seemed to be conveying her feelings through her piercing glare.


  I had thought I gained some insight into the female heart through Leto’s intensive lessons. 


  However, every time I encountered a new dilemma, that illusion shattered without fail. While I could guess the reason for the Saintess’s irritation, I struggled to find a way to appease her.


  Since it felt like we had a close relationship, discovering someone hiding a secret could understandably make one upset. 


  Unable to figure out what to do, I eventually opted to divert the conversation


  “By the way, how is Her Imperial Princess doing?”


  “Ah, that woman…”


  In response to my question, the Saintess’s expression soured slightly. She averted her gaze momentarily, then, as if a realization dawned on her, she shot me a subtle glance and asked.


  “Didn’t you hit her? Perhaps were you worried because of that?”


  “No, well… it’s something similar.”


  More precisely, I was worried about the ‘Dragonblood Script.’


  Publicly confronting a member of the Imperial Family could be construed as an insult to the Imperial Family. However, since the Imperial Princess had sworn on the “honor of the Imperial Family,” the Imperial Family wouldn’t openly retaliate.


  However, things were different when it came to the Dragonblood Script.


  While the sight of the Imperial Princess being assaulted on the roadside was undoubtedly shocking, it paled in comparison to the ramifications of the Dragonblood Script’s potential exposure.


  It was an improvised explanation because I couldn’t explain the circumstances, but the Saintess nodded in understanding.


  She understood all too well the daunting power wielded by the Imperial Family over the Empire’s nobility.


  “Don’t worry too much. When I went to treat that woman, she looked like… she had finally lost a screw, you know.” 


  Lost a screw?


  I arched an eyebrow, but the Saintess only responded with a knowing smile.


  “So, I gave her a little lesson before coming here. We don’t want any rumors spreading later.”


  “…It’s not anything strange, right?”


  “What do you mean by something strange? I simply helped her realize her own position again. After all, your grave injuries were a result of that woman’s incompetency.“


  A stifled groan escaped my lips once more.


  Well, it wasn’t entirely incorrect.


  The failure to oversee close associates ultimately fell upon the leader’s shoulders. Hence, it could be argued that the Imperial Princess bore some responsibility for allowing a vulnerability that the Dark Priest exploited.


  But, it was a harsh truth to acknowledge.


  It seemed unjust to burden a girl who had recently come of age with such a weighty responsibility. However, within royalty, rights and duties were equally intertwined from birth.


  Picking and choosing between them wasn’t an option.


  Understanding this point, I sighed and opted not to add any more words.


  If the situation seemed strange later on, there would still be time to intervene. Instead, the sudden issue that confronted me demanded immediate attention. 


  As my expression turned grave once more, the Saintess emitted a soft, ambiguous sound.


  Her light pink eyes now narrowed slightly. Seated on the chair beside my bed, she prodded my side with her finger.


  “As expected, you’re hiding something, aren’t you? Come on, tell me.”


  “What will you do even if I tell you?”


  In response to my indifferent tone, the Saintess seemed even more intrigued.


  She even used a somewhat cajoling tone, as if trying to coax me.


  “Don’t play coy, just tell me, okay? We’re close enough for that, aren’t we.”


  “What exactly are we to each other?”


  To my question, the Saintess briefly displayed a surprised expression, as if realizing something belatedly. 


  However, that, too, lasted only for a moment. She heaved a deep sigh, as if resigning herself to not expecting much.


  Then, after her sigh, the Saintess spoke with a resolute expression.


  “…Fine, if you tell me the secret, I’ll grant you one wish.”


  “A wish?”


  In response to my absentminded question, the Saintess nodded with a benevolent smile.


  It was an expression I hadn’t seen in quite some time.


  Her beauty was captivating enough to set any heart aflutter. Before I knew it, even my own heart was quickening with excitement.


  But my anticipation stemmed from a different reason.


  Rather than being swayed by the Saintess’s allure, it was a fleeting memory that stirred within me.


  Come to think of it, I had made a promise with the Saintess.


  She had promised to fulfill one wish once I had resolved everything and returned.


  The Saintess seemed yet to recall that pact. Instead, she subtly emphasized her ample breasts, seemingly oblivious of the danger she was in.


  It was akin to a butterfly ensnared in a spider’s web, fluttering its delicate wings.


  The Saintess’s voice, tinged with coquettishness, enveloped my senses entirely.


  “Yes, a wish… I’ll grant you anything.” 


  Unable to contain my growing anticipation, I blurted out. 


  “If it’s a wish, can it be anything?”


  In response, the Saintess subtly smiled with her eyes as if anticipating my question. The smile traced a breathtakingly alluring arc.


  Her arm lifted ever so slightly, accentuating the curves of her chest.


  And then, she delivered the final blow.


  “…Yes, of course. It’s a wish, isn’t it?”


  If that was the case, there was no longer a need to hesitate. 


  My hand instinctively reached out, grasping the supple flesh of the Saintess.



Love Letter from the Future

Love Letter from the Future

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