Love Letter from the Future Chapter 205

Chapter 205 - Eyes of a Dragon and the Human Heart (69)

༺ Eyes of a Dragon and the Human Heart (69) ༻



  I couldn’t understand why Lupine was so angry with me.


  Yet, dwelling on issues I couldn’t understand wasn’t my style. I promptly quashed any lingering concerns and greeted him in my usual manner. 


  “Long time no see, Lupine.”


  My tone was warm, devoid of any hint of hostility.


  Despite Lupine’s past mistreatment of Seria, I believed he had settled the score after being beaten by me. Moreover, as the younger brother of Senior Elsie who was close to me, there was a certain level of familiarity between us.


  However, Lupine’s gaze bore a wary edge as he spoke.


  “Smile while you still can. This might be your only chance to smile…!” 


  Though his words dripped with hostility, Lupine soon emitted an odd chuckle.


  Regaining his composure, he wore a smirk as if he was a scheming conspirator. Then, shaking his head with an air of arrogance, he continued,


  “Fufu, aren’t you curious about what my sister is doing?”


  “Oh, right. I was just about to pay her a visit. If I head to her dormitory…”


  “No, that won’t do. You crazy bastard!”


  Interrupting my intent with evident shock, Lupine tried to dissuade me.


  I leveled a questioning gaze at him.


  “My sister’s in a state of shock right now! I don’t know the reason, but… What if you suddenly show up? How do you think she’ll react?”


  “React to what?”


  Initially met with a scowl, Lupine sighed in resignation and shook his head.


  He offered a word of caution.


  “Just hold off for now. The plan I’ve set in motion is still underway…”


  With that, Lupine departed, leaving behind a sly chuckle.


  I could only furrow my brow in confusion at his cryptic words.


  ‘What’s wrong with him?’


  Nevertheless, as her sibling, Lupine likely understood Senior Elsie better than I did. I decided to find out what Lupine’s ‘plan’ was next time and turned to greet the remaining people.


  I hugged Celine and Leto after a long time. Of course, Leto flatly refused it and escaped my grasp before I could. 


  “Get lost. I don’t want to smell the scent of a guy on me.”


  “I agree.”


  Thus, Celine could monopolize my embrace.


  With a delighted smile, Celine nestled her face into my chest, her eyes sparkling with anticipation.


  “Ian oppa, when are you heading back to your hometown?”


  “I have to pack and leave soon. Why?”


  Upon hearing my response, Celine’s laughter took on a mysterious edge. The dark glint in her eyes momentarily caught me off guard.


  “I’ve already received permission from my family. I’ll be spending the summer vacation at the Percus territory!”


  “…Is that so?”


  However, that was my only response to Celine’s proud declaration.


  It was nothing out of the ordinary. Celine, Leto, and I had been childhood friends, frequently visiting each other’s territories whenever we had the time. Given our families’ acquaintance, Celine’s sudden arrival wouldn’t raise any eyebrows in the Percus household either.


  Thus, I couldn’t understand why Celine seemed so unusually excited about this mundane matter. 


  Disregarding my question, Celine just let out a chilling giggle.


  “At last, it’s been too long. Ian Oppa was mine from the start… Once vacation begins, it’s my turn, after all. Fufu, silly girls. Stay up all night with your eyes open…”


  Celine’s fixation on me bordered on obsession.


  I glanced at Leto with a bewildered expression, and he merely shrugged in response, as if to say, ‘You brought this upon yourself’. 


  And so, Celine’s decision to visit the Percus territory was finalized. Leto, naturally, decided to accompany her.


  I couldn’t overlook the Yurdina sisters either.


  Upon seeing me, Seria immediately burst into tears and hugged me, abandoning her usual cold and aloof facade as the “Yurdina’s Bastard.”


  At least not in my presence.


  Senior Delphine offered a wistful smile and shook her head, leaving me to console Seria, who sobbed uncontrollably, while gently patting her head.


  “Seria, it’s okay now. You don’t have to worry.”


  “S-Senior Ian… H-hic….”


  Seria’s cries echoed loudly, releasing what seemed like pent-up sorrow.


  Her grip on my collar tightened as she buried her face into my chest, inadvertently pulling me into an embrace.


  Seria’s voice trembled with tears as she spoke.


  “Senior, hic… S-senior I-Ian…”


  “It’s okay, it’s okay. Seria, why are you acting like this?” 


  I comforted her gently, running my fingers through her gray locks. Suddenly, she tugged at my collar, pulling me closer.


  To be precise, as her hand grasped my collar, my head naturally followed the movement.


  The girl who had been sobbing with her head bowed suddenly lifted it up. 


  The shadows in her deep blue eyes seemed to dissipate.


  “…Why is there a scent of a different girl on you?”


  Her tone was icy cold, sending a shiver down my spine. 


  I was taken aback, but before I could respond, Senior Delphine intervened with a soft sigh, gently rebuking her sister.


  “Seria… Is that an appropriate way to speak?”


  With just those words, the light returned to Seria’s eyes.


  Realizing the situation, she quickly released her hold on my collar and stepped back, her face flushing with embarrassment.


  “Ah, uh, uh… I-I mean, this is…”


  “No need for explanations. Step back for now. Remember, the actions of a Yurdina woman reflect on the family’s honor.”


  Seria seemed indignant at having to part ways with me so abruptly. Yet, unable to disobey her elder sister, the heiress of the Yurdina family, she had no choice but to respond with a defeated voice.


  “…Yes, Sister.”


  As Seria stepped back, Senior Delphine approached me with a satisfied smile, and our hands met once more.


  “You’re truly impressive. Another victory, this time against a member of the Imperial Family.”


  “Technically, it’s not the entire Imperial family, just the Princess. Why? Planning to reward me?”


  I teased, and Senior Delphine chuckled, finding my joke amusing.


  Leaning closer to my ear, she whispered in a voice as sweet as honey.


  “…The reward is me, Master.”


  Before I could respond, she pulled away, as if it were time to depart.


  But just before leaving, Senior Delphine winked at me and silently mouthed something.


  ‘I’ll be waiting for my punishment next time.’


  Punishment, she said, even when she hadn’t done anything wrong. She had become shameless.


  But it reminded me of the Senior Delphine I knew from before.


  That day, we spent laughing and chatting, momentarily forgetting about the weight of the Imperial Family. Yet, it was just a temporary escape.


  As night fell and I found myself alone in the dormitory room, anxiety crept back in.


  ‘Can I really handle all of this in the end?’


  Since it had been mentioned that a visit from someone dispatched by the Imperial Family could happen within a few days, it wasn’t surprising for someone to come tonight. Considering it had been at least two days, an encounter should have occurred by tomorrow or the day after.


  Even for the Imperial Family, there shouldn’t be many urgent matters as pressing as the ‘Dragonblood Script.’


  The ominous feeling kept me from falling asleep. Eventually, I got up and reached for the whiskey bottle I had stashed away in the cupboard.


  If I had to stay awake all night anyway, it might be better to just gulp down a bottle of whiskey and pass out.


  Lost in thought for a moment, I was suddenly startled by a sound.


  Someone was tapping on the door.


  Instantly, I was alert. I hurriedly set the whiskey bottle down on the table, walked over, and opened the door.


  And there she stood, amidst the hues of the flowing night sky.


  With her dark blue hair, pale skin, and light gray eyes, she exuded an air of nobility, creating a mysterious aura.


  There was no mistaking who she was. 


  She was the fifth Imperial Princess of the Empire, Cien.


  She had come alone to find me.


  My words caught in my throat at such an unexpected visit. Her situation seemed as uncertain as mine.


  As soon as our eyes met, the Imperial Princess took a breath, struggling with her composure.


  It felt like time stood still for her alone. 


  After a few moments, time resumed its flow. The Imperial Princess regained her composure, releasing the breath she had been holding. A cute cough followed, and her face flushed red.


  Her pupils darted around as she extended both hands, as if trying to deny something.


  But there was nothing to deny. 


  “Uh, um, t-that, Sir Ian!”

  Her words stumbled out in confusion.


  However, the confusion didn’t last long. The Imperial Princess fixed her determined gaze on me and spoke. 


  The reason for her visit became clear.


  “I-I’m sorry!”


  Immediately, she bowed her head to the floor, the impact producing an unintentional ‘ack’ sound as she rubbed her forehead.


  It was a sight that was hard to believe in many ways.


  I stood there dumbfounded, unable to process what I was seeing. 


  What the heck, why was a member of an Imperial Family kneeling?


  It defied logic.


  Yet, there she was, pressing her head against the ground, trembling, more concerned about me than anything else


  It was then that I realized.


  No matter how I thought about it, the Imperial Princess was not normal either.


Love Letter from the Future

Love Letter from the Future

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Ian Percus, the second son of countryside Viscountcy. One day he received a love letter from the future. 'If we don't protect the future, the world will perish.' With an ominous warning scribbled by someone  


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