Love Letter From the Future Chapter 30

Chapter 30 - The First Letter (30)

༺ The First Letter (30) ༻



  That day, Seria was not feeling well.


  It was because Senior Ian didn’t come to the morning training. She didn’t know why, but knowing him, she just thought that there must have been an unavoidable situation.


  It was understandable, but nevertheless, Seria was in low spirits.


  After all, it was a time she had been waiting for. It was one of the few‌ moments in the day when Seria wasn’t being ridiculed or harassed.


  Suddenly, besides the sun, Ian became Seria’s measure of time. The morning practice with Ian was the start of the day, and the evening training with Ian was the end of it.


  The rest of the time felt meaningless because it was a routine that passed like usual.


  It was the first time in her life she looked forward to spending time with someone and went to bed with a fluttering heart.


  Although it was only a feeble emotion, we are talking about Seria, who lived a life that was more mundane than anyone else. She was gradually opening her eyes to these emotions akin to a colorblind person who first began to distinguish colors.


  So today, Seria was feeling dejected. She felt uncomfortable and frustrated.


  After you get used to eating food with salt and spices, if you were to eat meat without any seasoning, you would be surprised by its rough texture and the unique gamey stench of flesh.


  It was the same for Seria. If she hadn’t known, it wouldn’t have mattered.


  However, Seria’s tongue has already tasted that bliss. She was gradually getting used to spending time with Ian and she wanted to relish it even more. 


  The disappearance of Ian in her daily routine pained Seria more than she could have imagined. An unknown feeling of restlessness choked her heart.


  Seria remembered what had happened the day before.


  After listening to Seria’s story, Ian left.  


  He looked furious. Seria was a little surprised.


  First of all, it was surprising that she had told him the story about her mother herself. Up until now, the Yurdina Family had considered it a stain on their reputation, so Seria also didn’t deliberately bother to tell anyone about it. Especially since it was something that could be called her weakness.


  However, when she showed her humiliated appearance to Senior Ian that day, Seria unknowingly revealed the memories she had hidden in the depths of her heart . She didn’t know why.


  And what was even more surprising was Ian’s reaction after hearing that story.


  Seria thought that he would either sympathize or despise her, but Ian’s reaction was none of the two.


  He chose anger. When Seria said ‘It’s fine’, he said ‘It’s not fine’.

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  Not Seria, but he himself said that.


  It was so startling. How she buried her weakness in the depths of heart. How she would always lower her head and say ‘It can’t be helped.’ The fact that other people could get even more angry than her after knowing it.


  It felt like her heart was tightening.


  And more than that, Ian was worried.


  There were many people who hated her and bullied her. Although most of the time they were just mobs, there were also cases when their family’s prestige and their own abilities were outstanding.


  Seria was worried that Ian might have gotten so angry that he had resorted to violence against them.


  It was absurd for her to even think about it.


  She was only a junior who was a little closer to Ian. Seria realized that. For her, Senior Ian was a special existence, but it wasn’t the case for Ian.


  She felt bitter thinking about it and thought it was unfair, but it was inevitable. After all, wasn’t Senior Ian a person who shines brightly in everyone’s eyes?


  He was a person who could embrace even a person who was unfamiliar with human relationships such as her. She thought she wasn’t equal to Ian’s stature.


  Thus, she wished for only one thing. For Senior Ian to not get hurt because of her.


  Seria had already been hurt so much. It didn’t matter if she got hurt a little more, but she didn’t want Ian to go through that as well. She had already started cherishing Ian that much.


  And what made Seria feel even worse was that she could still hear mocking whispers today.


  “Hey, here comes the motherless bitch.”


  “Oh, that half-orphan?”


  During the swordsmanship practice time, as usual today, a giggling sound could be heard.


  Half orphans, orphans of some kind of heterogeneous race.


  Normally, she would have pretended to not have heard, but Seria was nervous and anxious due to not having seen Senior Ian.


  In these times, ridicule and insults tended to leave a deeper scar. She knew she had to be patient, but Seria’s eyes suddenly became cold.


  Her dark blue eyes turned to the source of that snickering sound. There were three girls in brown cloaks.


  When Seria’s icy gaze turned towards them, they stopped giggling. Instead, they met Seria’s gaze and smirked.


  Their meaning was clear, ‘So what can you do about it?’


  Strength coursed through the hand holding the hilt of the training sword. If she put her mind to it, defeating them wouldn’t even be deemed as trouble.


  She was their senior by one grade. Even if they were in her same grade, none of her classmates had the ability to surpass her. Seeing that the three of them don’t even seem familiar to her, they must be around intermediate ranks at best.


  They were people who could just draw out Aura, if they went outside the academy they would be treated as talented, but compared to Seria, they were just second rate.


  Seria’s mana fluctuated according to the rush of emotions. A clear blue aura was formed on her blade.


  With all her heart, she sincerely wanted to swing her sword, but she knew just like the gang that mocked her.


  That Seria can’t wield her sword.

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  Eventually, she bit her lip and dispelled the aura that had formed on her sword. Swoosh, the aura disappeared like a candlelight in the wind.


  It was proof that not only her mana reserve was outstanding, but also her control over it was excellent. If that blade were to dance, the gang that ridiculed Seria would be slaughtered in just a few seconds.


  But it wasn’t that simple. A more explicit reason was needed. Seria longed for someone to cross the line one day.


  She didn’t love violence, but the ridicule and bullying of the past few days drained her psyche.


   She was able to stand it so far only thanks to Senior Ian. But today, Senior Ian wasn’t there. It was a natural result for Seria’s patience to reach its limit.


  Seeing Seria reluctantly turn her back, the three girls giggled and laughed again.


  An enemy whom they could never compete against with their swordsmanship skills had to keep his mouth shut despite their blatant ridicule.


  It was such an enjoyable situation. At least for them it was.


  The vulgar pleasure of trampling a superior being they weren’t even worthy of looking at tickled their hearts. It was such a wonderful sensation.


  No one, no matter how strong, could overcome the power of group and rules. Their dark desires fueled their ridicule even more.


  “She must have not received a proper home education. Did you see the look in her eyes? Oh, how scary?”


  “It’s not that she didn’t get it, it’s that she only got half of it. Not to mention given her mother’s blood flowing through her vein, how could she even hope for education? That’s why, I’ll let this slide.”




  Every word penetrated Seria’s painful side. Memories of her mother, who were both precious and nightmarish at the same time.


  Others who were unfamiliar with it were trampling on them casually. Although they don’t mock her directly, the gazes are subtly thrilled and delightful.


  Malice without a cause was hard to bear these days.


  Seria’s body trembled. She wanted to shake off that miserable feeling somehow. She had to focus on the sword, but it didn’t work out the way she wanted it to because of her lack of focus.


  “Is she going to cry over that?”


  “Cry, yes. It looks like she has tears in her eyes. Do you think she can’t bear to hear the story about her mother?”


  “In the meantime, she has heard fewer insults because of Senior Ian, but today she doesn’t have that senior. What can she do?”


  In the end, Seria’s icy gaze turned to them again. She thought.


  Even if it’s not the sword, I should at least use my tongue.


  It was best to ignore them.


  The more they respond, the more joyous and blissful they become. She knew very well the ugly side of a human that everyone has, since she had been ridiculed for being an outcast since her childhood. 

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  But reason could not always overpower emotions. Seria’s mood right now was at its worst, and she was tired of just putting up with it.


  Fine, let’s have a word with them.


  She didn’t even know what to say. However, her unstable mind commanded to express as much anger as possible. Even if not even a tenth of that might be properly expressed with her words, she still decided to carry out the order for now.


  The moment she decided to take a step.


  “…… Stop.”


  A hoarse voice resounded through the knight’s training ground.


  Seria’s body trembled at the women who were mocking her. Like children caught doing bad things.


  That’s the atmosphere. No matter how bad you act, unless someone points it out, it’s not your fault. However, the moment someone points it out, the audience realizes it.


  The fact that it’s wrong.


  Everyone in the knight’s training ground looked at the place where the voice came from. The first to react was the clique, who was mocking Seria.


  Their brows narrowed in an instant, and a ferocious tone flowed out of their throats.


  “What the hell are you saying…….”


  The voice, which was sharp at first, lost its momentum.


  Everyone’s expression darkened. Surprised by the atmosphere that had subsided in an instant, Seria followed their gaze to find the source of the voice.


  There was a man standing there.


  Thean Eitri, a strong man who hails from the Southern Kingdoms.


  He was one of the top 3rd graders. Although he wasn’t on Seria’s level, most of the students who were currently standing in the knight’s training ground weren’t his match.


  So everyone had no choice but to open their eyes wide in shock.


  His face was a bloody mess. It was swollen and bruised, and just looking at the traces remaining was enough to comprehend just how brutal the violence it had suffered from.


  With a face which would be unrecognizable even by his own brother, Thean sighed and scratched his head.


  “I was only beaten because of you, you bastards…….”


  As always, he spat out a vulgar curse.


  The three women who mocked Seria, their hairs stood on end. 




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Love Letter from the Future

Love Letter from the Future

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Ian Percus, the second son of countryside Viscountcy. One day he received a love letter from the future. 'If we don't protect the future, the world will perish.' With an ominous warning scribbled by someone  


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