Love Letter From the Future Chapter 34

Chapter 34 - The First Letter (34)

༺ The First Letter (34) ༻


  At dawn, the woodland was engulfed in absolute silence.


  Unlike the forest located south of the academy, this one was like a grove. Since it was located near the dormitory, many students visited it, although their purposes differed.


  Camping clubs chose this place as a campsite, and it was also a place for those students who did not want to be seen by others during their training. Besides that, there were all sorts of people in the woods, ranging from those taking a walk to lovers whispering passionate words to each other.


  The purpose of my visit to the wood today was no different. I headed to a glade in the forest to train with Seria.


  Walking away from pure white buildings that radiated civilization towards nature created a serene atmosphere, even if it was a forest that had been encroached on by many visitors.


  I passed along the well-leveled trails amidst the trees.


  The early morning air filled my lungs with a refreshing feeling. The slightly moist feeling tickled my nose. I hadn’t felt this energetic in a long while.


  After all, too much had happened lately.


  I suddenly lost my memories for a week. I fought in a duel against the top ranking student from the second year. I managed to solve Seria’s bullying case right after being discharged from the temple. I thought I would have a chance to be able to live a normal life for a while.


  However, there were still some unresolved issues. It was because I still didn’t know the identity of the person who orchestrated Seria’s bullying.


  However, since rumors spread that Thean had been beaten to a pulp by me, it was impossible for Seria to be harassed so openly again. While some do find pleasure in inflicting violence one-sidedly, when they realize those actions might result in their own injury, it was a different story.


  So I could say that there was only one problem left for me now.


  ‘The Hunting Festival’, one of the academy’s biggest festivals, which was just two weeks away.


  The academy holds a festival every season. The festivals symbolize their respective seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Among them, the Hunting Festival was the one representing summer.


  Before the glorious harvest season arrived, the academy students would form groups of four to hunt down demonic beasts, and pray for a good harvest by sacrificing their blood.


  It was a festival said to have been particularly loved by Aedalus, the ‘Empire’s Legendary Conqueror’ and the man who gave the academy the title of ‘Protectorate’ in front of its sign.


  Naturally, it was an event of special significance to the Empire and the Academy. Who could have imagined that a fearsome beast was lurking in the place where such an important festival was going to be held?


  It was such an important event that even the Emperor would personally visit and watch if he had a free schedule. If the academy students ran into such a beast, there was the fear that not only the pride of the Empire but also the academy’s authority would be weakened.


  Above all, it would be pitiful for the students to be murdered by the demonic beast.


  It had to be stopped. There could not be more victims like Emma. I resolved as such and prayed that other problems would not arise.


  The burden was already too heavy for me. Just imagining the appearance of a named-class demonic beast made me shudder in fear.


  After contemplating for a while, I finally reached my destination, the glade in the woodland.


  Basking under the cold sunlight shining through the gaps in the leaves, a woman was sitting as she meditated quietly atop a rock. 


  Her ashen hair reflected the sunlight, giving it a silver luster. Her skin was so transparent that I could see her veins, and her attractive curves made it hard to look away.


  She was a beautiful woman. Even though it was dawn, just looking at her made me think of the moon.


  The very same moon that emits mellow light, and sways up above the wind.


  Fearing that I might interfere with her meditation, I walked on my tiptoes. Still, I couldn’t escape Seria’s trained senses.


  Her sapphire-like eyes slowly opened as if they just slowly came to life.


  At that moment, my image reflected in her eyes.


  “I-I-Ian… Ian-op— uh… Senior Ian!”


  Seria was startled, and immediately got up as if she would jump. It was an exaggerated welcome when I was only the second son of a countryside Viscountcy.


  Even though it had only been two days since I last saw her, Seria seemed elated to see me. A pale blush flashed across her stiff face, which rarely had a change in expression.


  It meant that she was very fond of me.


  We had gotten to know each other quite well, and she was an adorable junior who respected me.


  I smiled at her reaction and greeted her.


  “How have you been?”


  “Not well, Senior Ian wasn’t here…….”


  Seria involuntarily answered with a gloomy face, but shook her head in surprise as if she had just noticed something.


  A blush appeared across her cheek. Today, Seria was expressing her emotions quite well.


  “……O-Of course I’m doing fine. W-What about Ian-Oppa?”


  Seeing her shyly fidgeting with her fingers for some reason, I started having some doubts, but I stopped myself from commenting on them.


  There was no need to dig into Seria’s life. After all, she must have been heartbroken due to the recent bullying, so I thought I should at least treat her kindly.


  I answered in a calm voice to soothe her.


  “I’m fine, don’t worry too much.”


  Thean added that he thought that Seria would have heard the rumors too.


  Even if she didn’t hang out with anyone, it was still a rumor about her. I didn’t hear the details of Thean’s actions, but I could at least tell by looking at how she was talking.


  He behaved well in his own way.


  Since he was a human being who tormented Seria, and many others, I didn’t really want to admit it. However, I had to concede that he wasn’t a fool.


  He didn’t decide to hide his conflict with me, and instead moved according to my intentions, all while maintaining his gang’s prestige to some extent.


  It was as expected from a native of the Southern Kingdom, which was full of jungles and swamps. I had heard that it was a place where the weak perish, and the prevailing mindset was that the winner takes all.


  And when I said that Thean ‘behaved well’, it also meant that he had spread the fact that he had been crushed by me. He also specified that it was due to him and his gang messing with Seria that I had beaten them.


  There was no way Seria didn’t hear about it.




  She exclaimed, bowing her head slightly.


  Her cheeks blushed once more. She tapped her two index fingers together, then said to me.


  “Uhm…t-thank you…….”


  “You don’t have to.”


  But before she could continue further, I cut her off.


  Confused, Seria kept her mouth shut. If she had a little more social skills, she would have expressed her gratitude again, even if it meant ignoring my words. But Seria didn’t have such an ability.


  That was what I was aiming for.


  To be honest, for her to be thankful to me was natural. After all, lately I’d done so much for Seria.


  However, Seria was unfamiliar with social relationships. She gave me a lot of money just because I had become her ‘friend’, so what would happen in the future if she felt more and more indebted to me?


  Just imagining it was terrifying. For the sake of a healthy relationship between us, it was better to reduce her sense of debt.


  “I told you, I did it simply because I couldn’t stand it anymore. While in your eyes it may seem like you were hiding behind me, at the end there is nothing to be grateful for since it’s something I did of my own accord.”


  “That… however…….”


  No matter how much Seria was influenced by my statements, she still seemed to want to express her gratitude again.


  So I decided to apply the skills I learned from Leto. He told me to do this if a girl didn’t listen to me.


  I grabbed Seria’s forearm with my hand. She flinched. All of a sudden, her eyes widened as she stared at me.


  Seria’s breath stopped. I said to her in a firm voice.


  “Seria, do you believe me?”




  Seria nodded her head as if she had just been hypnotized, with a face so red that seemed like she was on the verge of exploding.


  Then, after I was satisfied, I eased my grip. Indeed, Leto’s advice was effective today as well.


  Maybe it’s because he was in the Magic Department, but I resolved myself to listen more carefully to the advice of the clever Leto from now on. I then said in a satisfied tone.


  “After all, we’re friends. If one of us is in trouble, we help the other out.”


  It was such an obvious statement. It was like greeting each other to confirm our friendship.


  However, Seria’s reaction was a little strange.


  “……Since we’re ‘friends’, Senior Ian helped me.”


  Seria kept her head down, but her eyes looked a little blurry as she recounted my words. Her muttering continued.


  ““Whenever I’m troubled, whenever I encounter any difficulties…..”


  The appearance of Seria repeating similar words over and over again was akin to a priest reciting verses from the ‘Holy Book.’ No, it felt more zealous than that.


  However, when in that voice, a tinge of madness lingered.


  I began panicking.




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Love Letter from the Future

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