Love Letter From the Future Chapter 39

Chapter 39 - The First Letter (39)


༺ The First Letter (39) ༻


  Eventually, Seria fell into my arms. It was an unavoidable situation for me.


  To be honest, when a woman as beautiful as Seria asks for a hug, is there any man who could refuse?


  Of course, there might have been some. One of them might have been me.


  However, as time passed by and no answer came from my mouth. Upon seeing Seria’s increasingly growing pale complexion, everyone would be left with no choice but to hug her.


  The fear that she might cry also played a part. Anyone could tell Seria’s current appearance was emotionally unstable to anyone.


  As she buried her face in my chest, she rubbed her head against it a few times. Feeling her touch, I felt like I was going to die due to embarrassment. Seria, however, didn’t react at all, probably still overwhelmed by her emotions.


  A little more time had passed before she finally came to her senses. She opened her eyes and then, as if a realization dawned on her, she suddenly looked up to me.


  My face turned red, and for a long time I avoided Seria’s gaze. This showed how much of an embarrassing situation this was.


  And seeing me reacting like that, Seria seemed to have realized what the situation was now.


  A junior was in her senior’s arms and felt relieved as she rubbed her face against his chest. That alone was enough room for us to be mistaken for lovers.


  Seria’s face heated up in an instant. She stepped back out of my embrace, then she began to stutter as her eyes trembled.


  “S-S-So… Ehm, Senior Ian? this, this… … .”


  “Don’t worry, I just want you to calm down… … .”


  In fact, rather than calming down, Seria seemed to be even more panic-stricken,  but I intentionally didn’t point that out.


  I was just hoping that lending my arms would help. As I was about to use that as an excuse, Seria’s next actions discouraged me.


  “Li-li-listen! S-So, this is because of my mother!”


  “…… Mother?”


  That’s how Seria’s story began. A memory of Seria’s mother, whom I’ve been hearing about lately.


  However, today’s story was not about the nightmarish memories she had shared so far. Rather, it was about the hazy, blissful memories that remained in her heart.


  Seria and I were walking along a quiet road. I had to go to the lecture soon, so it was inevitable.


  Since it was a road through the forest, there were flowers and shrubs growing here and there. It was the right atmosphere for the two of us to have a conversation.


“  When I was young, my mother used to hug me when I cried.”


  “You must have shed so many tears back then.”


  Seria lowered her head with a blush across her cheeks. Perhaps hearing my words, she recalled how profusely she cried. Her voice trembled with shame.


  “Uh, anyway, my mother was a maid, so she was often away. Even after giving birth to me, she was on duty.”


  “…… What? How is that even possible?”


  She was a woman who was pregnant and gave birth to a child. No matter how pure-blood centric the Yurdina family was, this was too much. How could they treat her like a slave?


  Then Seria’s voice deepened even more. She couldn’t even pu ont a bitter smile on her lips. Instead, she had her usual impassive expression on her face.


  Knowing that it was a mask to hide her feelings, I said nothing.


  “They didn’t really make her work like a servant. However, there were some people in the family who didn’t like her, so they called her out for nothing… It was something like that.”


  However, no matter how young she was, there was no way Seria wouldn’t have realized that her mother was being mistreated.


  Rather, the younger a child was, the more sensitive they were to the emotions of adults. Ordinary children use such an attentive eye to charm others to get what they want.


  Seria didn’t have that possibility. It must have been around that time that she started speaking less and her expression became more and more frigid.


  As if to prove my reasoning, Seria continued to confide in me.


  “Actually, it’s not something to be so anxious about, however even back then, I was vaguely aware of what was going on. I felt how atrocious the family’s treatment towards my mother was.”


  “That’s why you cried. You were afraid your mother would leave.”




  Seria then lowered her head slightly. The blush that appeared on her cheek was still there. She glanced into my eyes.


  Come to think of it, doesn’t that mean that I remind her of her mother?


  In fact, she shouldn’t consider me as her mother. However, it meant that I was just as precious to her as her mother. That’s something to be grateful for, or so I thought.


  Maybe it’s because it’s the first time she made a friend. She, too, will discover it someday as our relationship grows stronger.


  In fact, there is no friendship that can be cut off with just a few words, and moreover, there is no need to treat me as someone special.


  At that time, my heart will probably feel a little lonely, but since it was a sign of Seria’s growth, I should accept it gladly.


  Still, I felt like something was bothering me, so I spoke to Seria in a serious tone.


  “Am I so precious? Am I comparable to your mother?”




  Seria immediately panicked and tried to make excuses, but her blushing face was already telling her true intentions.


  I chuckled and burst into laughter. My two hands naturally grabbed Seria’s hand. Seria’s surprised eyes met the gaze of my own. I then opened my mouth with a sincere glint in my eyes.


  “I won’t ever leave, so don’t worry.”


  I told her not to worry in the future.


  According to Leto’s advice, holding a woman’s hand and speaking in an assertive tone will make you seem more convincing. Of course, I had to make eye contact as well.


  The blush across Seria’s face was testament to the effectiveness of Leto’s words. Then, lowering her gaze slightly, she spoke in a voice filled with strange emotions.




  In the future, I won’t do this again, feeling satisfied I let go of Seria’s hand. Seria seemed to think that it was a pity, so she quietly took my hand in her arms.


  It seems that she still wants to feel human warmth. She was quite a lonely child.


  I will have to pay more attention to her in the future. At least until Seria makes a few more friends.


  With that thought in mind, I stopped walking with Seria when I found a flower blooming on the street.


  Its sky-blue petals stood out. The six petals were wide open, showing off their beauty. The name of that flower which seemed oddly familiar.


  When I came to a standstill, Seria followed my gaze with a puzzled look. And soon she let out a small exclamation.


  There was a hint of joy mixed in her voice.


  “Ah, sepia flowers.”


  “……You know?”


  I inadvertently asked the question. My voice was somewhat low, and Seria didn’t notice such a sign as she kept looking at the sepia flower.


  She spoke in her usual tone.


  “Yes, it’s my mother’s favorite flower. When I was young, my mother would pick these flowers and put them on my ear.”


  As such a subtle smile flickered across Seria’s lips. It was a rare sight. Seria rarely smiled, so it seemed that she had many memories related to the sepia flower.


  That’s why I didn’t say anything.


  That name, written at the end of the letter.


  The nickname ‘Sepia’ suddenly flashed through my mind. The attack of the demonic beasts during the swordsmanship training class, and even the hunting festival which was going to be held in the future.


  My eyes quietly turned to the woman standing next to me. She, who had always acted like a statue of ice, was looking down at the flowers with a warm gaze now. The difference was quite noticeable.


  For an instant, my heart fluttered.


  “When I look at the sepia flowers, I still feel my heart warming up. Because it’s one of the few memories my mother left for me…….”


  Maybe she’s ‘Sepia’?


  It was the moment when the question that had been buried in the depths of my heart resurfaced.




  That afternoon, I was walking down the academy’s courtyard without saying a word.


  My mind was complicated. Memories of Seria today were wandering through my mind like fishes released into the pool of water.


  ‘Sepia’, is she really Seria?


  Based on the scribbled words of the person who sent a love letter from the future, she and I should have been lovers.


  Only then could the destruction of the world be prevented. To be honest, it was a story that didn’t make any sense at all, but nevertheless, that phrase was etched in my heart like a pointed stone.


  If so, will I be courting Seria in the future? It would be a glorious conquest for the second son of a countryside Viscount. Even though Seria is a young maiden, she still bears the surname of Yurdina.


  It meant that I could be tied by blood to one of the Empire’s five most prestigious families. In addition, Seria not only excelled both in beauty and talent, but she also had outstanding financial resources, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to welcome such an event with open arms.


  But on the contrary, I felt skeptical.


  Really…Me? Am I going to court her?


  Compared to Seria, I’m rather inferior. Maybe I wasn’t thinking right. I couldn’t be sure that Seria was ‘Sepia’ just because of that.


  As I was walking while being immersed in those thoughts. At one point, something soft touched my arm. I was startled and turned my attention to the person I believed to be the cause.


  Black hair, brown eyes. The lovely-looking girl was a person I was quite familiar with.


  Celine Haster, she clinged to my arm with an awkward smile unbefitting of her.


  “W-W-What a coincidence! I-Ian O-Op…Oppa? How have you been?”




  I looked at her with an expression that asked ‘What is this girl doing?’, but Celine was still observing me. Then I remembered the conversation I had with Leto this morning.


  Come to think of it, he predicted that Celine would soon come to relieve my anger. It seems that his prediction was correct, as they had grown up together like real siblings. The sad thing is that Leto, who wanted to see Celine’s expression in this state, wasn’t present.


  I was about to tell her that my anger had calmed down, but my curiosity soared and I looked down at her without saying a word.


  I wanted to see how Celine would act. At that moment, Celine’s eyes became even more anxious.


  Soon she began to act as if she was crying while pretending to rub her eyes with her sleeve.


  “This Celine didn’t feel comfortable even for a day at the thought of her Oppa’s… cold harsh face riddled with anger…….”


  “Not even a day has passed yet, so how could you feel uncomfortable for a whole day?”




  Celine, who had been annoyed as usual when I retorted, began examining my eyes again to see if I was still angry. She then started grinning again and clung to my arm.


  “Anyway, I deeply regret my actions… At that time since this Celine was a little harsh, I must have made Ian Oppa feel uncomfortable. So, have you calmed down now?”






  Celine wept at my resolute refusal and began fidgetting. She clung to me and uttered in a sweet, pitiful voice. 


  “Calm your anger, right? right? I was wrong… I won’t fight like that in front of Ian Oppa from now on.”


  “So, are you still going to fight behind my back in the future?”


  “No, but it’s because that bastard kept scratching my nerves… Ahhh! I’m sorry, I’m sorry! This Celine surrenders! I will listen carefully to Ian Oppa!”


  Upon hearing my question, Celine tried to express her true intentions in an annoyed voice, but as soon as I tried to drive her away, she immediately declared surrender.


  I chuckle seeing Celine’s adorable appearance.


  Upon hearing my laughter, Celine’s face immediately turned red. She then inquired excitedly.


  “W-Why are you laughing? Oppa, did you just laugh? Are you still mad?”


  “Well, after seeing your sincerity.”


  “Ah, I’m relieved~”


  Then she poked me on the side. Even so, she still secretly stole a glance at my eyes to check if I was still angry or not.


  Of course, my anger had subsided long ago, so there was no need for that. I then shook my head as a sign of surrender.


  Celine didn’t hide her joy. She immediately felt better and whispered in my ear in a soft voice.


  “If this still doesn’t work out… Would you like to touch my breast?”


  A seductively sweet voice. The sensation of her breath tickling and brushing my ears surged through my spine.


  But my response was only one. My fists slammed into Celine’s forehead.




  “You are still joking, again.”


  “I-It hurts!”


  Celine screamed like that, and then immediately began to groan.


  She started saying how could I be a man, rejecting a woman as pretty as her, and that I was the greatest sinner in history. She was simply making too much of ruckus.


  Of course, I pretended to ignore her. There would be no end if I were to go along with Celine’s pranks one by one. I just felt satisfied that my relationship with her had been restored.


  Me and Celine soon started kidding around with each other as usual. That was when she and I were walking alone.


  Gaze, I felt someone blocking my way.


  My curious gaze turned in that direction. There stood a girl wearing the characteristic wide-brimmed hat of mages.


  Cute brown hair, blue eyes brimming with curiosity. She was shorter than Celine, but thanks to the hat, she looked a little taller. Yes, she looked like a child.


  I immediately recognized her identity due to the crying man next to her. He looked familiar.


  Lupine Rinella. It was a guy who I had beaten once. I had warned him that there would be no next time, but unfortunately, he appeared in front of me again.


  No, maybe he had been dragged out involuntarily. As soon as he saw me, he started trembling like a leaf. My eyes quietly turned to the girl.


  Looking back, she wasn’t just any girl. The black cloak draped over her shoulders symbolized her grade.


  It was 4th year, the highest grade. Come to think of it, I heard that they were returning one by one for the hunting festival, and she seemed to be one of them as well.


  ‘Elsie Rinella’, was one of the top talents of the famous Rinella family. Of course, she was a 4th year senior.


  And along with her, some tall 4th year seniors started to gather around me. It was probably the gang that Elsie Rinella ruled over.


  She might look like a doll, but I’d heard rumors that their activities weren’t much different from a criminal organization.


  I let out a groan.


  I think I knew what their business was, but I still decided to ask her that question to show the minimum courtesy towards my seniors.


  “Senior Elsie, what’s going on?”


  “I heard you beat up my brother”


  It was a straightforward statement. My eyes slowly turned to Lupine, who was standing behind Senior Elsie. Contrary to his elegant appearance, he let out a shrill scream and clung to Senior Elsie.


  “Si-Si-Siister… Lets stop! This bastard is not normal! He is a lunatic!”


  However, Senior Elsie frowned slightly and uttered coldly.


  “Can’t you just keep quiet? You are making our entire family look bad… Does it make sense for the Young Master of the Rinella family to be beaten by the second son of a countryside Viscount, and not say anything in return?”


  Lupine shut his mouth as if he had been convinced by those words. However, the way he glanced at me and looked into my eyes showed that he was still afraid of me.


  Celine’s grip around my arm strengthened. I glanced at her and noticed that she was looking around with quite scared eyes.


  The opponents were seniors. and high-ranking nobles at that. She couldn’t help but be afraid.


  Originally, I was supposed to be the same, but after losing my memories, I became unusually bold. As such, I once more asked Senior Elsie.


  “Are you fine with this? We are in the middle of the academy.”


  “Yes, we shouldn’t. So let’s go somewhere quiet together.”


  And then, Senior Elsie pointed in a direction with a nod of her head. I don’t know the exact location, but she must mean to go to a vacant lot with fewer people.


  Students passing by gathered one by one and began gossiping. No one would be so stupid as to not be able to guess what the situation was, but nonetheless, no one came forward.


  The Rinella family was a prestigious family, and senior Elsie’s reputation was also excellent. The gang she managed might be average in terms of skill, but in one way or another, they were still people who survived until the 4th year at the academy.


  If you don’t want to stir up some shit for nothing, it’s better to stay quiet. Celine tugged at the hem of my clothes.


  “I-Ian Oppa… … .”


  I looked at Celine for a moment, then heaved a deep sigh.


  I couldn’t help it. I said to Senior Elsie in a plain tone.


  “Let Celine go. She is not the one you have business with anyway.”


  Upon hearing those words, Senior Elsie looked at me without saying anything for a while, then smiled and said.


  “You want to act like a man? Fine, I don’t want to overwork myself either.”


  Now that I was paying attention, she looked cute and lovely. However,  the problem is that her personality is not like that at all.


  When Senior Elsie glanced, a few mobs moved away.


  I pushed Celine there. She stepped back and looked at me worriedly.


  The situation was different from last time. A surprise attack is impossible, and the opponents were smart and knowledgeable 4th year seniors. Not taking into account the presence of a talented mage such as Elsie Rainella.


  I think I will have to be in the intensive care unit one more time, and I knew I was going to be scolded by the Saintess once again.


  I sighed, and Celine, who was looking at me with quivering eyes, bit her lips as if she had made up her mind.




  A sharp sound resounded. And the body of one of the mobs surrounding me fell forward.


  Thud, the sound of a giant collapsing, resounded.


  Silence descended. No one standing here had expected it. Everyone’s astonished eyes turned to the back of the head of the fallen man.


  There remained a small notebook. Maybe he was hit with its edge, but no matter how firm a notebook was, it wouldn’t be able to knock out an academy’s 4th year student with a single blow.


  Then there was only one answer. The person who threw the notebook was just that powerful.


  Everyone’s gazes moved slowly. Everyone’s eyes were focused on the supposed direction the notebook had flown from.


  The crowd split in two and retreated. They made way for one person. However, that woman took this treatment as if she was entitled to it.


  Her brilliant golden hair caught my attention. Next, her crimson eyes, the pure white skin, and that slim body.


  She was a beautiful woman of northern descent. She seemed like a real life painting. With her jet-black cloak on, she walked proudly. A few people followed behind her.


  I had never seen such a woman boasting beauty akin to that of the sun, someone who gathered people like moths attracted to the light.


  The heir of the Yurdina family, the ‘Golden Lion’ protecting the north.


  “…… Delphine, Yurdina.”


  Grinding her teeth, Senior Elsie uttered that name. Blatant hostility flickered across her blue eyes.


  Either way, Delphine Yurdina smiled.


  She had such a confident attitude, as if Senior Elsie and her gang were nothing compared to her.


  “Some full grown cats are bothering the kittens, which is a little annoying… In the old days, they would call you ‘a splinter in the eye’?”


  She was the biggest wall Seria had to overcome.


Translator’s Note:

A splinter in the eye:

A poetic use of hanja, the actual meaning is thorn in the eye or someone who is annoying to look at. I went with splinter in the eye.




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