Main Quest

Chapter 8 - Main Quest

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  ‘…You’re finally awake.’



  Kania clearly captured the figure of Frey getting out of bed. 



  Of course, if she had opened her eyes even a little, Frey, who was secretly infusing his life force into her, would have noticed right away. That was why she didn’t open her eyes.



  If that was indeed the case, then how on earth was she observing Frey when her eyes weren’t even open?






  It was because her soul was currently \in the black cat doll placed on the desk.



  She didn’t know why, but for some reason, she was in exceptionally good condition during yesterday’s training class. So, she gathered dark mana in her palm and summoned a creature.



  Using that as a medium for the elementary black magic ‘Hidden Gaze,’ Kania fell into deep slumber, and at the same time, she possessed the black cat doll which she had created earlier.  



  She had never shown this black magic spell to Frey before. Therefore, since there was no risk of being caught, Kania thought to herself.



  ‘…Show me what the hell you’re doing in the middle of the night, Frey.’



  As soon as she muttered this in her mind, Frey began approaching her as he extended his right arm. Meanwhile, Kania was glaring at Frey, but then quickly returned to her normal expression.



  Currently, she was completely assimilated with the cat doll, so she could even move like an actual cat. However, if she did that, there was a risk of being discovered by Frey. So, she stayed as immobile as possible as she observed him.



  “Well then, shall we get started for today?”


  ‘…As expected, you are doing something.’



  Hearing his murmuring, Kania grinned inwardly in satisfaction, thinking she could hopefully could get a hold of his weakness…



 – Sshhh…






   Her smile froze and turned to an appalled expression when Frey, who was standing in front of her, reached out his hand towards her sleeping self. 



  ‘Hey, this disgusting son of a bitch…’



  Kania felt her blood boil as she watched Frey reaching out to her with a concerned expression on his face. She even felt a sense of helplessness as she was unable to do anything.



  This was because once someone possessed a creature using the black magic ‘Hidden Gaze,’ they couldn’t return to their original body no matter what they did until a certain period of time had passed.



  Of course, using an advanced black magic spell would solve such a problem, but because of the ‘Curse of Self-Destruction’, Kania could only use elementary black magic even when she was in good condition. So, even after knowing the risks involved, she had no choice but to use elementary black magic.



  And now, that misjudgment had proved to become the most fatal defeat and experience in Kania’s life.






  Unaware of Kania’s thoughts, Frey touched her body with a nonchalant expression. As she watched the scene with contempt and disgust, she suddenly realized one possibility.



  ‘You fucking bastard…no way… even before…!’



  Frey’s natural and carefree behavior raised the possibility that this might not be the first time.



  And the moment she realized it wasn’t just a possibility, but rather an actual fact, Kania’s strings of reason snapped.



  When she first regressed, she was blinded by vengeance, and just wanted to kill Frey one way or another, but she soon realized that killing him outright was far too generous of a treatment for the man who destroyed the world.



  So, Kania made up her mind.



  She would become Frey’s servant, then slowly recover her mana by his side, and then at the  right time, when her mana recovered to a certain extent, she would cast a black magic spell on him that would inflict pain worse than death. 



  She would also try secretly getting hold of his weaknesses, and eventually reveal them to the entire world in order to ruin him.  In the final moment, she would personally end his life with her own hands.  



  However, after witnessing Frey touching her sleeping body, Kania decided to put aside her plans.



  Her goal was to kill that filthy, hideous and repulsive man as soon as she returned to her original body first thing in the morning, even if she ran out of dark mana and died in the process.



   ‘My younger sister is still taking refuge in the family far away. She’s a girl who knows how to take care of herself. Tomorrow, Frey Raon Starlight must die.’



  As she finished her thoughts, Kania watched what he was doing to her with eyes that blazed with hatred.



  She was even willing to go to hell to fulfill her revenge, and even in death she didn’t want to forget her hatred for Frey. 



  “Ha… Haa…”





  But something seemed a little off.



  ‘…Why is he behaving like that?’



  Frey, who she clearly believed was about to do something disgusting, just quietly put his hand on her stomach then closed his eyes.






  Then, he groaned as he broke out in a cold sweat.



  Kania absentmindedly stared at him after witnessing such a strange sight, but soon came to her senses and fell into thought. 



  ‘…He’s doing something to me.’



  Clearly, Frey is doing something to me with his hand on my stomach.



  If so, what the hell is he doing?



  Why does he look so distressed and even break out in a cold sweat while touching my stomach?



  ‘…I don’t know what it is, but it’s definitely not an honorable thing.’



  It’s definitely not a good thing if he is doing it in the dead of night, after confirming that I’m sound asleep. Certainly, such a behavior can only mean he is up to something bad.   



  ‘Magic, bloodstains, cursed artifacts… and even his suspicious actions towards me…hopefully, I’ll get a clue to destroy him.’



  Once again, Kania calmed herself down and began monitoring Frey’s every move, thinking that she hopefully could find a clue to destroy him.






  After a while, Frey staggered away from Kania. She left her regrets behind since she couldn’t find any clues and tried to organize her future plans until her magic spell was almost dispelled…



  “…Hey, it’s really cute.”





  She started panicking when suddenly Frey turned his gaze to the cat doll placed on the desk, the doll in which she is currently possessing.



  “…Oh, it’s soft.”





  Kania intuitively realized that something was wrong when Frey took a seat on the chair next to the desk, then lifted the doll up and began stroking her gently.

 However, since she didn’t want to get caught, all she could do was remain still and let Frey gently stroke her.



  Frey, who had been stroking the cat doll, suddenly stopped, then gazed at it.  



  ‘…is he going to stop now?’



  Seeing Frey’s actions filled Kania with the hope she could finally escape this hellish torture. 






  Despite her expectations, Frey soon flipped over the doll and started pressing down on her soft belly. 






  Since Kania was completely assimilated with the doll, she also shared her senses with it. Therefore, when she was unexpectedly pressed on her stomach, she involuntarily let out a moan as she was running out of breath. 






  And for a moment, silence reigned in the room.






  Eventually Frey tilted his head in confusion while holding the doll. Meanwhile, Kania, who was in a state of panic, desperately started racking her brains. Frey’s expression gradually grew stiff each passing moment.



  “…mew, meow.”



  Kania made a soft kitten’s mew.



  “Ha, what…”



  Frey, who had been staring at the cat for a while, chuckled and mumbled.



  “…Is it a doll that makes a sound when you press on its belly?”



  Completely deceived by Kania’s wit, Frey looked at the doll with interest, and then immediately started pressing the doll’s belly in quick succession.



  “Meow… Meow…”


  “…I should buy one of these.”


  “Mew, meow… meow…”



  Thanks to this, Kania, whose stomach was continuously being pressed on, had no choice but to keep meowing.



  And so, at the crack of dawn, the sound of a cat’s shameful moans echoed through Frey’s dormitory.










 – Ring! Ring!



  The morning was bright.



  I got up with a stiff body, turned off the alarm clock, then started doing some extensive stretches.






  At dawn, after sharing life force with Kania, I tried to go to bed, but soon I lost myself playing with the cute cat doll on the desk, so I couldn’t sleep well today.



  However, my stress seems to have been relieved quite a bit, probably because I felt soothed while petting the fluffy cat doll which also makes a cute sound. 



  “…Kania, breakfast.”







  Anyway, today as well, I ordered Kania to prepare breakfast in order to commit more evil, but I heard a cry of some sort instead of her response.



  I glanced over to the side, wondering what was going on, and found Kania staring at me with a blush on her face while holding her belly. 



  “What’s the matter?”


  “…Oh, no. It’s just a little stomach ache …”


  “Tsk, disgusting.”



  That’s what I said, but deep down I was worried that I might have done something wrong while infusing my life force yesterday. I tried to rescind my earlier instruction by stating I was going to skip breakfast.



  “Well then… I’ll prepare breakfast…”



  While looking at me, Kania hastily finished speaking, then scurried out of the room.



  “…What’s wrong with her?”



  The moment I tilted my head at her strange behavior, a system window appeared in front of me.



[Acquired False Evil Points: 200pts! (Misunderstanding Occurred)]






  I tilted my head for a while, then soon inferred that the system notification must have appeared because Kania misinterpreted her stomach ache as one of my ploys. 



  It seems like I earned quite a lot of points, but anyway, it doesn’t matter since the more points I have, the better.



System Level Up Notice

 [Beginner -> Elementary]


– Level 1 Elementary Skills Store Unlocked
– Item Store Unlocked






  While I was pondering, the system alerted me to a level up notification.



  “…Skill Store.”



  When I saw that, I opened the skill store to check the newly unlocked skills.



[Store / Elementary Skills Level 1]

– Silence (500 pts)
Description: You can open and operate the system window with a monologue.

– False Evil’s Deception Lv1 (250 pts)
Description: Permanently slightly increases the persuasiveness of lies.

– Inspect Lv2 (300pts)
Description: The Inspect skill has a function that displays a person’s disposition on the status window.


[Accumulated Points: 665pts]







  I contemplated over at the newly unlocked skill window, and immediately selected one skill without hesitation.



  “Of course it has to be Silence.”



  Shouting out phrases such as the ‘System Window’ or ‘Status Window’ in public was way more embarrassing than I had thought.



  Last time, I was so embarrassed when Isolet tilted her head after hearing me mutter that during our conversation. 



  Even if it wasn’t for that, if I kept uttering such phrases, sooner or later people might get suspicious.



  So, for now, it would naturally make sense to buy the ‘Silence’ skill.



  ‘…Item Store.’



  Having completed the purchase of the ‘Silence’ skill, I muttered ‘Item Store’ in my mind to check out the skill’s functionability.



[Store / Elementary Items]

Mask of Deception (300pts)
Description: Wearing it will allow you to completely hide your identity for 1 minute.
(Cooldown: 7 days)

Whip of False Evil (500pts)
Description: The person being whipped doesn’t really feel any pain.

Elixir of Potential Lv1 (700pts)
Description: This mysterious elixir can draw out the potential of the person who drinks it.
(Purchase Limit: 0/1)



  “…There it is. The elixir of potential.”



  According to my ancestor’s strategy mentioned in the prophetic book, the ‘Elixir of Potential‘ was essential to rapidly develop the healing powers of Kania’s younger sister.‘ 



  Originally, it was an item that could only be obtained by overcoming all sorts of hardships. However, I could easily get it by committing evil deeds.



 ‘…By the way, was there nothing helpful besides the elixir of potential? Was it because it was still just an elementary level store?’



  It had some pretty useful skills and items for effectively committing evil deeds, but it didn’t have any overpowered skills. Thinking that, I clicked my tongue, but soon remembered how “The Path of False Evil” system was structured.



  “…Well, there’s nothing I can do about it.”



  The ‘Path of False Evil’ system differed in its structure and its objectives in many ways from the system that my ancestor used, which slowly but surely helped a person grow stronger.



  This is because, unlike a thousand years ago, no matter how strong you are or powerful items you possess, you can’t face the Demon King unless you have the ‘Hero’s Armament’.



  Therefore, the ‘Path of False Evil’ system is developed only to beat the grim scenario of this hopeless Dark Fantasy World while simultaneously awakening the hero’s armament earlier than the standard route.



  Of course, I fear the heroines who are constantly looking for an opportunity to kill me. However, since this is an anomaly that’s not even mentioned in the prophecy, the system probably isn’t prepared for it either.



  Anyway, the heroines also have no choice but to take matters into their own hands.



  To conclude, it’s really sad and daunting… I must prevent myself from getting shanked by the Heroines in the future, while at the same time, I need to level up the system as fast as possible by committing evil deeds.



  Because only then it’s possible to awaken the hero’s armament decades earlier in order to give this world a ‘True Happy Ending‘ and beat the scenario that directly leads to the bad ending.  



[There is a new notification!]



  After organizing my thoughts, I was about to close the system, but a single notification window appeared in front of me. When I pressed it, the following phrase popped up in my mind.



Congratulations on your advancement to the Elementary Level! May you continue being incompetent, repulsive, and cowardly while committing evil deeds to save the world.






  I chuckled and mumbled, glancing at the system notification, which I couldn’t tell whether it was a poor joke or a snide remark.  


 “Good gracious, I guess you only mentioned the key factors.”



  ‘Incompetence’, ‘repulsiveness’ and ‘cowardice’ are the three factors that the system deems as important. This is because the compensated points for evil deeds are rewarded by judging all these three factors.



  However, the right words can sometimes be hateful.






  I sighed and pushed the annoying notification window out with my hand, but this time a new notification window with a slightly different design appeared before me.



 Main Quest: Raid on the Commoner’s Dormitory

Quest Content:
Stop the raid and capture the culprit behind it.

Increases the awakening progress of the hero’s Armament.

Failure Penalty:
Slight decrease in health and lifespan.



 “…It’s finally here, the main quest.”



  As I stared at the notification window about the main quest that finally started, I quickly checked the schedule marked on the wall calendar, then muttered to myself.



  “…I must get that item in the back alley.”



  There is one item that I must obtain in the back alley when I’ll be going there soon with Isolet.



  If I don’t get it, I won’t be able to prevent the upcoming ‘raid on the commoner’s dormitory.‘



  So, no matter what kind of hardship I have to go through… even if I have to suffer, I’ll make sure to get my hands on it.



  ‘…Well, Isolet will be the one suffering.’










  Around the same time, Frey was muttering about his plans in the dormitory.



  “…After all, in the future, if I want to keep Frey in check with ease, I need to get that item.”


  “This time, I’ll definitely secure that item…”


  “In order to grow my forces faster than the previous timeline… I’ll need that item…”



  Kania, Ferloche, and Clana were also aiming for the same thing as Frey.

This Novel was taken from
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The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

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To save the hopeless Dark Fantasy World, I held back my tears and destroyed the world, then killed the Demon King and returned.   Now, I'm trying to save the world using the 'System' I gained as the 'Regressor's Privilege'...   But the Main Heroines have also awakened their memories of the previous timeline.   God dammit.


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