My Daughters Are Regressors Chapter 12

Storm-Summoning Entrance Exam (1)

    ༺ Storm-Summoning Entrance Exam (1) ༻   


  “H-Hello…? I’m Naru…! Naru likes Dad, Mom, and butterflies…! Also… friends… I want to make a lot of friends by enrolling in Graham Academy…!”

  “What should I do? No matter how much I tell her to use polite language, she still uses this strange way of speaking. I don’t know where this habit comes from.”

  Brigitte chimed in, her arms crossed and shook her head.
  A couple of days had passed in the blink of an eye.
  Naru’s peculiar way of speaking, as she prepared for the interview, seemed to annoy Brigitte.

  “Hey, Judas, do you have any idea why she speaks this way?”


  “No, don’t we have more important things to deal with right now? It’s already 10 o’clock. We don’t have time anymore. We have to leave for the test venue by 11. Where’s Cariote?”

  At Brigitte’s question, I looked around.

  Demon Hunter Cariote had said this yesterday, “I’ll take a closer look at this city and come back,” and had yet to return.
  She seemed like the usually chic type, so I let it slide.

  The important thing today wasn’t Cariote, but Naru.

  Entrance exam day.
  Will Naru do well?

  “N-Naru! Will do her best…!”

  “It’s about time. Judas, go to the exam venue with Naru. I can’t accompany you there since I’m a professor at the academy. Only guardians can accompany the attendants.”

  So, there was such a thing?
  I thought I could rely on Brigitte today, but it seems like she would not be able to help us anymore. It was a pity, and just as I felt that way, Naru spoke.

  “I wish Brigitte was my mom. Then we could have gone in together…!”

  “What? Wh-What is this child saying? She wishes I were her mother!? I haven’t even gotten married yet. Besides, female mages suffer in many ways if they get married…”

  Brigitte babbled on.
  I wondered why she took this one statement so seriously.

  “Well, anyway, I wish you luck.”

  Swoosh— Swoosh—
  Brigitte waved her hand toward us.

  Naru and I left the research room and headed for the school’s park.
  It was a bright spring day.

  There were trees and multiple kinds of grass planted in the school’s park.
  Everything was radiantly colorful.

  “Will our son do well? Just do as we practiced. Just like he practiced.”
  “Don’t forget to go to the bathroom before the exam.”
  “Mom…! If I get into the school, will you buy me a chipmunk? The one with black stripes on its back!”

  There were so many parents holding their children’s hands.
  Were there these many kids and parents in the world?

  “Yohan, if the interviewer asks you who you like more between Mom and Dad, what will you say? You’ll definitely say you like Dad more, right?”
  “No, he’ll undoubtedly choose his Mom.”
  “Ugh…m-maybe whoever gives me more allowance…”

  A mom and a dad.
  The lively scene of children holding hands with their parents and laughing was quite dazzling.

  I had a time like that too.
  Now, I have become such a dull grownup.

  I suddenly wondered what the me at that age would say if he saw me now.

  He probably wouldn’t say anything good.
  He might even say something like ‘Change!’
  It’s something I would say, for sure.


  At that moment, Naru murmured softly.

  It was a very faint sound, but I heard the child’s voice clearly in my ear.

  Amidst this chaos, it was almost surprising that Naru’s voice could be heard so distinctly.
  And on the other hand, what I was feeling… was a bit hard to explain.

  Naru and I had known each other for almost a week now.
  I now vaguely understood that this little one was my ‘daughter.’
  I have been baffled several times by how I couldn’t understand what this child was thinking.

  Because of my bafflement, I had forgotten the simplest thing.

  Naru was only about six years old.
  How difficult it must be for this little girl to be separated from her mother and face such an unfamiliar situation.

  If I had been separated from my mom when I was six…
  And was left with no choice but to spend time with my dad…

  Oh, holy shh—
  I didn’t even want to imagine it.
  Surely, I would have cried and thrown a tantrum the whole time I was separated from my mom.

  Compared to me, Naru was composed.

  Except for when we first met, she didn’t have the typical whining of a child, nor did she lie down on the floor of a stationery store, throwing a tantrum to get a red fire truck toy.

  How could a child like this come out of me?
  It’s surprising, to say the least.

  …Did all my genes disappear, and only her mom’s genes were inherited?
  No way, she can’t be someone else’s daughter, right?
  No, but then again, the clover shape of our Ha family is so distinct…


  At that moment, Naru grabbed my pants with her little hand.

  Was she afraid of being pushed by the crowd?
  Or did she not want to be separated from me, her only blood relative in this world? I wasn’t sure.

  Kids are difficult, after all.
  With such thoughts in my mind, I turned to Naru.

  “Naru, if you pass, is there something you want?”

  “Something I want… Mom!”

  “…Well, I’ll work hard to make that happen, but aside from that.”

  “Um…, um…, uuummm…”

  She couldn’t immediately think of anything.
  Well, I couldn’t have answered quickly if I were asked something like that either.

  I think it was during Christmas when I was seven.
  I originally wanted a golden Transformers, but when my mom asked, “What do you want for Christmas? You should make a wish to Santa Claus.” I was so taken aback that I couldn’t answer.

  It was as if I couldn’t recall what I wanted.
  So, when I was struggling for a while, Mom asked, “Crayons? Do you like Crayons?” I mindlessly nodded.

  After that, I exclaimed, “Ah, a Transformers!” but my mom said, “You’ve already made a wish to Santa Claus so it probably won’t be a Transformers.”

  The next day, I received a box of 12 crayons under my pillow and cried my eyes out.

  Thinking about it now, I wondered if my mother had already prepared the crayons when she asked me what gift I wanted.

  Even now that I somehow became a parent, I feel like I can understand my mom’s feelings back then.

  Now, what if Naru suddenly said, “I want a unicorn! Or, if not, a dragon hatchling! Or maybe King Ordor’s crown!” What if she asked for something absurd as a gift?
  So, I decided to play it safe as an adult.

  “How about crayons?”
  “…Crayons? Um, hmmm, ugh…”

  Her reaction was quite subtle.
  I wonder if I had a face like that on the eve of my seventh Christmas.

  I recalled my long-forgotten memories of my mom and dad.
  I wonder how they’re doing now.
  I never was a filial son, but well…

  Ding— Dong—
  At that moment, the bell rang.

  ─To those of you preparing for admission, please move to the designated location. I’ll repeat the announcement. For those of you preparing for admission─.

  Is it time already?

   * * *

  Graham Academy.
  A nationally recognized top educational institution.

  It also had quite a long history.
  Countless remarkable individuals, including emperors, and famous figures who contributed to human progress of humanity have passed through it.

  If someone were to ask why they were able to produce so many remarkable individuals, many would probably answer like this.

  Because Graham Academy has the best teachers and professors.

  Dumas in literature.
  Pelagius in theology.
  Salieri for Music.
  Isaac for Science-.

  All of them were exceptional professors and further supported the above-made argument.
  With the exception of Isaac, a physics professor in his early thirties, the rest of the teaching staff had received the “outstanding” evaluation at Graham Academy for over 30 years.

  Truly ironclad.

  “That, that’s absurd! My son Scout was rejected in the interview! I am the Minister of Justice of the Strah Kingdom, an ally of Freesia! And my son has been rejected just like that?”

  “Whether it’s you or anyone else, rejection is rejection.”
  “Are you challenging our decision?”

  Professionals of education.
  Their principle is to give correct evaluations no matter who the examinee is.


  But despite their average of over 25 years of experience on the lectern, they were currently showing the greatest confusion.
  The reason was the name written on the ‘application form’.

  “Naru… Judas’ daughter, Naru. What do you all think of this name?”

  Dumas of literature groaned as he looked at the letters.
  The form was then passed to the theology teacher, Pelagius, who began stroking his white beard.

  “Surely it can’t be Judas himself, right? I think there’s no need to worry too much. According to the rumors, Judas is a blasphemer and a criminal. It’s hard to believe he would send his child to Graham Academy…”

  At that, the maestro of music, Salieri, shook his pointed beard like a pheasant.

  “An impostor. The one who received the application also thought the same. After all, to think Judas would have a daughter and a family, it’s too implausible.”

  Soon, the scientist Isaac adjusted his round glasses.

  “However, there’s a rumor that the real Judas has been seen in Freesia. It seems he was witnessed with Professor Brigitte.”

  Opinions were divided.
  The name Judas had bewildered even the veteran teachers.
  The main character of their debate was now about to open that door and step in.

  Literature professor Dumas cleared his voice, and then spoke.

  “Next person, come in.”

  The door opened.

  The first thing that caught their eye was a girl in a white dress.
  Around six years old, the age for entering the academy’s first grade.
  She had a fair and cute face.

  Although she looked like a typical young child, there was potential that she might become an extraordinary beauty as she grew up – a potential that the professors, experts in uncovering students’ potential, could recognize. Some might even exclaim, “Wow.”

  The reason why such admiration didn’t last long was because of the man who had entered behind her as if guarding her.

  Broad shoulders.
  White shirt slightly dampened on the chest.
  Black leather pants clinging to his legs, the characteristic outfit of adventurers and thieves.

  A proud jawline.
  Sharp eyes.

  Even ominous scars scattered across his body.


  He exuded an aura that could be called the presence of evil.

  Just by his presence, the temperature in the vicinity seemed to drop by 2 degrees. The capable professors present all had the same thought.

  “Is that truly the Judas from Barbaria? Not an imposter.”

  Just by appearance, he had a sharpness that could tear everything apart.

  “Jack Knife.”

  Who murmured that?
  Probably Professor Dumas, the literature expert.

  He was fond of using metaphors like that.
  And he was right.

  This man was like a Jack Knife, a sinister figure.

  Honestly speaking, everyone wanted to either send this man away or leave themselves. Then, Pelagius, the eldest among the professors, spoke with composure.

  “Judas, one of the demon subjugators. It’s an honor to meet you in person, although I’ve heard the rumors. If Judas’ daughter wishes to attend Graham Academy, she’s more than welcome. However, there are procedures in place…”

  “I understand. Procedures are important, aren’t they?”

  Judas chuckled.
  His white teeth gleamed sharply.
  Pelagius shivered at his laughter, feeling chills down his spine.

  ‘A smile. It’s said to have evolved from beasts baring their fangs in order to threaten other beasts. I wonder if he’s threatening us. Will he tear us apart with his teeth if we don’t admit his daughter…!?’

  He was truly formidable.
  When Pelagius cleared his throat with a hem-hem, the musicology professor Salieri spoke.

  “Young lady. What’s your name?”

  “I… I’m Naru! I’m six years old! I like Mom, Dad, butterflies, spring, the city of Ordor Saint Fabrium Wingbrook Orchos Valta Maria Sanchovelaia!”

  Why did she suddenly mention such long city names?
  What’s the significance?

  The professors exchanged sidelong glances.

  Soon, Isaac, the science professor, raised his glasses.
  He hailed from Sanchovela.

  “Wow, Naru. Do you know about my hometown? I haven’t heard that Judas, your father, got married, but from your appearance, I assume your mother must also be a beauty from Barbaria.”

  The professors were tense.
  Now in his early 30s, a young professor.
  His youthful vigor made them nervous about what provocative question he might ask the hungry, beast-like man.

  Isaac then said.

  “I’ll be straightforward. There’s no precedent for a student from Barbaria entering Graham Academy. Your daughter might face discrimination or disadvantages. Are you okay with that?”

  Everyone was taken aback.
  The conversation was so direct, as expected of a science professor!

  “You, Isaac…”
  “Um, hem. Hem.”

  All eyes were on the man named Judas.
  And after 5 seconds, that felt more like an eternity, the most dangerous ruffian in the world opened his mouth.

  “I agree. Discrimination against people with black hair is inevitable. However, if you graduate from this school, which is considered the best educational institution in the world, people’s gazes might change a bit.”


  “Also, my daughter Naru is not that weak.”

  “Naru’s strong! I am…!”

  Naru raised her hand energetically.
  Seeing her, Dumas thought.

  ‘Her intellect might not seem impressive… Yet Judas’ theory is correct. Even if she’s the daughter of Judas, if she graduates from Graham Academy, even a child from Barbaria might gain recognition in society.’

  Though he was a villain.
  Parents are parents, aren’t they?

  Everyone had similar thoughts.
  And they all became serious.

  Now, they were not confronting a villain but facing him as ‘parents’ and ‘teachers’.
  With these thoughts in mind, Naru raised her hand.


  Then, she poured water from a nearby pitcher into cups, passing them to the professors one by one.
  Watching this, the aged theology professor Pelagius asked.

  “What’s this?”

  “Grandpa, uncles…! You kept talking to the other kids besides Naru, so I thought you’d get thirsty… That’s why…! I did it…!”

  “Oh, I see. Indeed. That’s the case.”

  Pelagius, who had spent a long time with children, was quite adept at dealing with them.
  Seeing her, he could tell that Naru was innocent and good-hearted.

  ‘I’ve seen thousands of children every year. I can tell. What she did just now wasn’t to earn favors by offering something in return. It’s a grace that couldn’t be expressed if she hadn’t been living like that all along.’

  To the point that one might actually believe she wasn’t Judas’ daughter.
  Then, he suddenly started to reflect on himself.

  ‘A child is a mirror of their parents. However, that’s not always the case. I’ve been looking at Judas through a biased lens, and I’m seeing his daughter in the same way. I’m disqualified as a teacher.’

  All the professors had similar thoughts.
  Perhaps this man named ‘Judas’ wasn’t as much of a villain as they had thought.

  Now, looking back calmly, they realized that there were plenty of exaggerated and ridiculous rumors about Judas.

  ‘Exaggerated and ridiculous rumors about Judas are probably inevitable. Humans can’t commit such evil deeds. Perhaps people were afraid just by looking at his appearance and hearing the rumors. Above all, I can sense that the kind daughter really adores her father, Judas. Children are pure. The people that they like are good people. To think I’ve been biased against such people…’

  Blaming himself for such a shameful display, Pelagius asked another question.

  “Naru, what’s the thing you like the most? Your answer will determine your interview score, so answer carefully.”

  No matter how she answered, she would get full points for her kindness.
  As everyone was having such thoughts and smiling contentedly, little Naru’s expression turned serious.

  “Um, well… The thing I like the most… The thing I like the most…”

  Volunteer work.
  Singing nursery rhymes.
  Massaging mom and dad’s shoulders.
  Petting squirrels in the park.

  Perhaps such admirable and adorable stories might come up, they thought, smiling contentedly.

  “Oh…! I remember!”

  Naru shouted.

  “It’s endless slaughter!”

  —She was indeed Judas’ daughter.

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