My Daughters Are Regressors Chapter 9

Naru Likes OO!

    ༺ Naru Likes OO! ༻   



  A beautiful woman with black hair opened the door and entered the study.
  After looking around for a bit, she settled herself on the couch.

  “Where’s the demon?”

  She seemed used to this.
  Crossing her legs, which were longer than I had imagined, though I’m not sure if it was because of her tight-fitting black leather pants or something else.

  Did I just get distracted?
  If this was a battlefield, I probably would have been killed more than a hundred times by now.

  But I couldn’t help it.
  Cariote, the Demon Hunter.

  I was expecting a gruff, hairy-chested man, but it turned out to be a beautiful woman.
  And to top it off, she’s a Barbaroi just like me!
  Of course, I’m not really a Barbaroi, but whatever.

  “Whatcha looking at?”

  Did she see through my secret Barbaroi skill – Sneak Peek?
  Even though I was pretending to not look at her.

  Did she notice that I was checking her chest and foot sizes?

  For reference, her chest size is beyond an F-cup, and her feet are 230mm.
  She’s 168cm tall.

  While thinking ‘Is she really the world’s greatest demon hunter?’ I quickly prepared an excuse for checking her out.

  “Brigitte, the black mage, stop glaring at people.”

  Well, it turns out, it wasn’t me.
  My ‘Sneak Peek’ is a C-Rank skill after all.
  Not just anyone can see through it.

  Brigitte was taken aback for a moment.

  “……No, I didn’t mean to stare, but are you really Cariote, the Demon Hunter? I’ve never heard of him being such a young woman. How old are you? Is it really you? Are you truly from Barbaria?”

  Isn’t being a Mage all about unveiling mysteries?
  That’s probably why she asked so many questions.
  Well, I had a lot of questions too.

  Does she have a boyfriend–
  What type of guys does she like-
  The moment I opened my mouth to ask those questions.


  “Hah. Does it really matter if the Demon Hunter is a man or a woman, or where they come from? Mages….Tsk– Always focused on useless stuff. You won’t be able to catch demons like this. You’ll just get played like a fiddle.”


  Once again, I’m witnessing the usually haughty Brigitte being taken aback.
  But it was understandable.

  This Cariote, how should I say it, she’s like–.
  A sharpened arrowhead.

  Cariote drew a small sword from her waist.
  It was short for a longsword, but it was too big to be a dagger.

  “What if I show my skills here then? The way of the devil slayers.”

  Should I call it a kodachi?
  Even though it looked a bit difficult to conceal in my sleeve or pocket, it looked practical, like my favorite dagger.

  “What’s the meaning of this? You don’t need to go that far just to impress me you know? But I’m not going to stand still if you’re drawing your weapon.”

  As Brigitte snapped her fingers, a staff appeared from nowhere.
  It’s real ‘magic’, unlike anything I could do.

  It was a wooden staff, about 1.5 meters long with a rounded end.
  It looked boring, but it was an extraordinary artifact made from the Eternal Pine’s Branch.

  Brigitte seemed angry as she pulled the staff.
  At this rate, they might actually fight.

  Sting— Sting—
  Something akin to a tingle ran down the nape of my neck.

  It was my passive C-rank skill ‘Danger Perception’ which I managed to master during my numerous struggles in this world.

  Things weren’t looking good right now.

  Maybe I should stop them here.
  Or maybe I could join one of them and fight together.


  Then someone came rushing with a ‘dododo’ sound.
  The steps were light and quick.

  “A kid……?”

  Cariote and Brigitte, who had been preparing for a fierce fight stopped.
  In the center of the room, Naru stood, looking at Cariote with wide eyes.

  “Big breasts…! A nostalgic feeling…! Are you Naru’s mom……!?”


  Cariote seemed a bit flustered.

  Then she looked around and asked us, “What’s going on? What’s this all about? What’s the trick here?”
  Of course, she was justified in feeling confused.
  If a random child calls you ‘Mom!’ It’s certainly surprising, to say the least.
  Well in my case it was “Dad!”.

  But then again……

  I could sense that her gaze held more confusion than just being called ‘Mom’. There was something strange about the way Cariote looked at Naru.

  Oddly enough, it was Brigitte who seemed the most shaken.

  “What?! Naru! Your mom?! That savage woman? No, it can’t be! Look at her! Is she really Naru’s mom? There’s no way……!”

  Brigitte was in disbelief.
  I guess it was hard to believe that Cariote could be Naru’s mother.

  But from my perspective……
  ……It wasn’t that impossible.

  Naru then explained.

  “She has Naru’s black hair! Her eyes are black too! And she has two eyes, two hands, two legs, ten fingers……And……”

  She definitely looked like Naru.
  Ethnicity-wise I mean.

  That being said……
  Could this woman, Cariote, really be Naru’s mom?

  And if that’s true……
  Doesn’t that mean I’m married to this strong-looking woman……!?

  To be honest, she is incredibly attractive.
  Even if I were to judge her on my personal scale she would be a 9 out 10 with her looks alone.

  And if she’s good with cooking or housework stuff then there couldn’t be a better match.
  Honestly……She doesn’t look like she’s good with those, but she could surprise me with her hidden talents.

  Just as I was dreaming about this, Brigitte said.

  “I can’t accept this! This woman being a mother? We just met today! I have no idea who she is or what she’s up to! She’s definitely suspicious!”

  Was she upset because Cariote made fun of mages earlier?
  Well, can’t help it.
  I should step in.

  “Even though we just met today, can’t we get to know each other gradually?”


  Brigitte made a random noise.
  Soon Cariote, who was watching the situation with her sharp gaze, said “Tsk……The fun’s over.” and put her sword back in its sheath.

  * * * * * * * * * *

  “Well, this kid here is like, my daughter.”

  “I’m not ‘like’ a daughter, Naru is a daughter! Judas’ daughter!”

  “Yeah, that, well, anyway. She got separated from her mother at an early age you see. So, when she sees a woman around her mother’s age……She tends to think they are her mom.”

  “Naru’s mom is a pretty person! Cariote is very pretty! So she’s Naru’s mom! See? Naru’s smart!”

  Naru raised her hands energetically.

  Cariote, who had been sitting on the couch with her legs crossed, seemed to accept my made-up explanation, and said “Well so that’s what happened. It’s not rare for kids to mistake someone else for their mother.”

  “So, what do you think?”

  I asked.
  It’s very important to ask in a casual manner.
  Like I’m not really interested, just a casual question.

  In response to my innocent question, Cariote raised an eyebrow.

  “What do you mean, ‘what do I think?’”

  “I mean, does she look like your daughter?”

  Part of me wanted to say. “You see, she’s a kid from six years in the future. And she might actually be your daughter. So do you feel something when you look at her?”

  But now I realized how much impact the concept of ‘someone from the future’ could have. I can’t just say that casually anymore.

  Even if Brigitte and I were old colleagues, let’s be honest, I just met this Cariote today and we don’t know each other.
  Of course, as time goes on, we might get close later.
  But anyway……

  “I’m not married, nor do I have a daughter. When it comes to demon hunting, having a family……it’s not really a thing……”

  Cariote mumbled the last part as she studied Naru’s face carefully.
  Her gaze was quite neutral.
  Of course, I was the kind of dude who could perceive hidden emotions even from that.

  At that moment, Brigitte, who was sitting in a chair a bit further away, looked very annoyed.

  “How could a savage demon hunter like her even get married? There’s nothing remotely feminine about her. Naru’s mom was supposed to be pretty, right?”

  At first glance, Cariote exuded more of a ‘warrior’ vibe than a ‘feminine’ one.

  She looked more like a ‘Demon Hunter’ than a ‘Mother’.

  But her breasts were more feminine than any other woman.
  Big breasts meant bigger maternal instincts.
  That’s what made the most sense to me.

  Then, after staying quiet for a while, Cariote opened her mouth.

  “The Demon Lord’s subjugation party. I always wanted to meet you all, but this turned out to be disappointing. Especially you, Judas of Barbaria. I’ve heard you were a heartless, wicked villain without blood or tears.”


  “Seeing you like this now makes one doubt the fact that you slaughtered a hundred members of the Aluvian’s thieves. Honestly, when I opened the door, I could have killed you twice.”

  Slaughtering a hundred people, wait–
  Isn’t this something very bad to say in front of the six-year-old Naru?

  “Slautheger? Dad, what’s Slautheged? Is it something like a lot of thieves!? If there are six thieves, is it called a slauthered? Did Dad slaughtered them?”

  Naru’s interested now!
  Shaking my head in disbelief I said.

  “Hmm, you see Naru, ‘Slaughter’ means giving people lots of praise.”

  “Wow, so cool! Naru wants to slaughter too!”

  Raising kids sure is hard.
  It would be so much easier to kill a hundred thieves who engage in human trafficking.

  Whether Cariote knew what I was thinking about or not she sighed.

  “I suppose it was just a rumor after all. Then again, they said the Aluvian’s thieves were as dreadful as demons. They were supposed to be all veteran fighters at the peak of Bronze-Tier or something?”

  “Is that so?”

  “No matter how strong one is, wiping them out in a single night is impossible. Even I would need at least 3 days.”

  “Yeah, yeah, that’s right. I don’t do that kind of stuff.”

  “In that case, all those stories about you extorting the Queen dry, the same Queen who should be a Platinum-rank, or stories about you trafficking some nymphs to merchants were just lies. Even the tale about you raiding the treasure room of Ordor too. And of course, about you stealing candy from kids passing by, would be a lie as well.”


  ……No, I didn’t do those things.
  What kind of nutjob is making these bloody rumors about me again?

  Because of those idiots, even though I became a Hero who breached the Demon Lord’s castle, I still hear things like ‘Hey, savage!’.
  And why on earth I would steal candy from a random kid on the street?

  Reeling with real indignation, I said.

  “I didn’t do those barbarian acts. And what was that? Extortion? That’s a total misunderstanding. I don’t know about the other people, but I’m a normal cultured person.”

  And what’s with this about robbing kids?
  I’m afraid that Naru heard that.


  Luckily, Naru’s attention was focused on the butterfly dagger I gave her.
  The way she twirled the dagger in her small hands was pretty skillful.

  Swoosh— Twirl— twirl—

  No way, Is she actually good at this?

  At that moment, Cariote shifted her legs to the opposite side and clicked her tongue.

  “Heh, I see it now. It was just a bunch of lies. I thought those achievements were unbelievable. Honestly, if such a man existed I wanted to meet him once. I would even offer him my virginity.”

  “Y-Your Virginity……!?”

  Brigitte squeaked.
  But at this moment, I had become the most composed man in the whole world, as I calmly spoke up.

  “On second thought, it seems like I did do all of that. In fact, it’s all true! I’m the most wicked man in this world. Me! Judas the Barbaroi!”

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My Daughters Are Regressors

My Daughters Are Regressors

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My daughters started regressing out of nowhere, stirring up a storm because they missed their mother. ...But I haven't even married yet, let alone have any daughters!?


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