Omniscient First-Person’s Viewpoint Chapter 198

Chapter 198 - Gambling Apocalypse Puppy (Azzy Kang)

༺ Gambling Apocalypse Puppy (Azzy Kang) ༻  



  “My oh my, the husband is back.”


  “Who are you calling husband?”   


  The Regressor who had gone scouting could not escape the effects of the strong winds. No, rather, because she scouted from higher altitudes, it looked as if she had been dusted off. I greeted her warmly as she tried to fix her disheveled hair.


  “Ah, Mr. Shei. Welcome back. What would you like to do first? Eat? Bathe? Or sleep?”


  “The way you’re pretending to be trustworthy and dependable is irking me quite a bit.”


  The Regressor glanced inside the container. Inside, the cargo had been unloaded and the space had been converted into a shelter. Behind the windbreak, the savory smell of roasted meat wafted from the lamp above and makeshift beds made of sleeping bags and cloth were spread out as if to welcome one into their embrace.


  The Regressor muttered softly.  


  “And it’s even more annoying that he actually is dependable.”


  “Suppress your anger. Too much heat in your head will make your hair fall out.”


  “That’s an unnecessary worry!”  


  The Regressor shouted fiercely, glancing at me with displeasure. Her eyes resembled those of someone looking at a glutton who merely lazed around at home.


  “By the way, what did you just say? It sounded like something about school.”


  “It’s nothing. I was just sharing stories of my glorious school days with Azzy.”


  When I nonchalantly evaded the topic, the Regressor passed over it without much suspicion.


  “Glorious, my foot. You were involved in the Taboo of the Military State.”


  「He said he was involved with Hamelin, right? I didn’t intend to already antagonize the Military State. If I continue to be with him, I won’t be able to set foot in this nation.


  Last night, I got a rough outline of the Regressor’s story. She was traveling to stop the King of Sin and said she would take me to a safe place if I wanted.


  Now that I was marked by the Military State, my ordinary life was over. I expressed my desire to accompany her and the Regressor accepted it.  


  「Azzy and Tyrkanzyaka seemed to want him to come along, so I agreed for the timebeing. 


  But from that moment onwards, the Regressor treated me as some troublesome freerider. Thanks to that, every waking moment felt like I was sitting on pins and needles. 


  「The Military State is quite a well-organized country. If I’m not going to bring it down, I at least need to negotiate with them. But with this guy involved, I wonder if that’s even possible.  


  Even the cat and the dog are going around together, you know? Why am I, a human, getting abandoned by my own race? 


  As such, I took on all sorts of odd jobs to prove my worth, including cooking, cleaning, and looking after Azzy. Thanks to my relentless efforts, I was somewhat successful in positively changing the Regressor’s perception of me.


  「Right. Even if it’s for Tyrkanzyaka and Azzy, it’s better for him to stick with us. Both of them have already grown fond of this guy, after all.


  Phew. Somehow, I’ve made it through today as well. Each day was like walking through a thorny path; an irregular job where getting fired at any time wouldn’t be a strange occurrence. Who would possibly understand the feelings of a useless freerider glutton going back and forth between heaven and hell?


  Feeling relieved in my heart, I joyfully asked the Regressor.  


  “How did the scouting go?”    


  The Regressor threw off her coat and plopped onto a makeshift chair. Even though she wasn’t all that heavy, it creaked under her weight.


  “I went to check on the next terminal, but it was deserted. Seems like we’ll get through tonight quietly.”


  “The sun will set soon, after all.”


  “Exactly. They wouldn’t be so crazy as to attack at night.”  


  The Regressor pointed to the darkness deep inside. In there lay a black coffin emitting a dark aura with Tyr sleeping quietly inside.


  Tyr was near-omnipotent at night, but during the sunny day, there were various restrictions on the Bloodcraft and darkness she handled. The powerful army of vampires had been blocked by the Sanctum several times in the past, largely because of the daytime that occupied more than half of the day.  


  Thus, Tyr was conserving her strength during the day. After all, misusing the darkness under the sun could deplete her power at critical moments.  


  “The problem is the daytime. They will surely come when the sun is up.”


  “It’s fine. Tyr is hardly any different during the day now. But to handle the darkness even when the sun is up, she needs to conserve as much power as possible. That’s why she’s resting for a while.”


  “Right. Since Tyrkanzyaka regained her heart.” 


  「Regaining her heart means she has firmly established the boundary between the external and internal. She probably won’t have any harm come to her body from the sunlight. However…  


  The Regressor, alternating glances between me and Tyr, rested her chin on her hand, lost in thought.  


  「Either way, getting Tyrkanzyaka her heart back was a significant achievement. After all, it could even influence the Duchy in the future. Right, if it’s really something Hughes did, that alone is enough. Alright, let’s travel together. Except for the part where he is being chased by the Military State, he’s a pretty decent companion, after all….


  Who am I, you ask? The man acknowledged as a companion by the Regressor.


  Historia, Lankart, are you seeing this? Your classmate has made it this far in the world. See? I’m employed as a housekeeper in a party that will save the world….


  Though, it’s true that it’s a gathering of criminals. But still, if I’m gonna revel in this vast world, I might as well play in bigger waters.




  Just as we were talking, Azzy came over and tapped my sleeve. When I looked back, Azzy pointed to my injured left arm.  


  “Woof! Give hurt spot!”


  “Is it already time to do that?” 


  While muttering, I rolled up my sleeve to show the torn wound. The large wound I received from fighting Wolfen was now barely a faint mark thanks to the power possessed by a Beast King. Azzy grabbed my arm with her front paws and diligently licked the wound.  


  The sting turned into a tickle and the tickle spoon became a comfortable sensation. The act of a dog licking my arm didn’t feel unpleasant at all due to the sensation of the wound healing.    


  After meticulously licking the wound, Azzy tapped my arm and exclaimed. 


  “Woof! Be healthy! Healthy!”


  “Thanks, Azzy. Want some meat?”


  “You eat! Woof!! Eat a lot when hurt!”    


  Azzy tapped my shoulder as if to encourage me and then sat down on her belly. The soft gaze on me was so warm that it was slightly burdensome.  


  Oh my word, how could this be?


  Just because Azzy didn’t attack humans didn’t mean she was particularly caring to them; she saw humans as no different from a walking toy stand. But when did such an Azzy grow up this much? I’m so proud of her. Was it true that there are no bad dogs, only bad people?


  No, don’t be fooled. This is just me just looking at her in a favorable light because she did one good deed after all her usual mischievous and annoying actions.


  A dog would never not be a dog. Over my dead body. I shall prove it! Let me test your true nature.


  I took out a disc and shook it.  


  “Azzy. Want to play discus?”


  Her tail wagged first. Azzy stood up excitedly at the all too welcome suggestion.  


  “Woof! Want, want!”


  “Owowow, ouch. But my arm hurts because I just got treated.”


  “Woof? Then, next time!”     


  Without a hint of disappointment, she laid her half-risen body back down. It was real. Azzy had actually developed something called consideration.  


  Azzy was originally friendly towards humans. But to now even show such high-levels of consideration… Was this a true dog? Has the King of Dogs awakened the trait of an Angel Dog?


  Was a human originally such an existence that is moved by such small changes? It was right when I couldn’t hold back my emotions and was wiping away a tear.  


  “Azzy seems a bit different than usual. Did you do something?”  


  The Regressor tilted her head towards me. I shrugged my shoulders and answered the ever so curious Regressor.  


  “I didn’t really do anything. It seems like Azzy is expecting something from me.”


  “Expecting what?”


  “What was it again? According to Nabi, she wants a fulfillment of promise from me, I think? Something like that.”


  Just as humans couldn’t distinguish the meaning behind an animal’s cry, the thoughts of Nabi and Azzy were unreadable. As such, I could only relay the story as I heard it.


  Sigh, what am I even doing? To think I would have to convey what a dog and a cat said. It’s not like I’m some translator, you know?   


  “She asked me if I’m someone high up. Like someone with a high position. To a petty criminal who ran away with nowhere to go? Ridiculous, isn’t it?”  


  I spoke with a laugh as if I had heard a joke. It wasn’t that serious of a matter, after all.  


  I shrugged with a bashful smile, but suddenly, the Regressor’s expression changed. As if a welcome guest had arrived, the Regressor stood up from the chair and came straight to me.


  “Are you, by any chance, the Prince of the destroyed kingdom?! Or the descendant of the King who is secretly sought by the Resistance?!”


  “What are you saying! Don’t speak such dangerous words! I’m not, okay? Do you really think I would live like this if I were a Prince?”


  「Mm, I guess that’s a bit of a stretch. It’s not like there were twins, so that couldn’t be the case. 


  The Regressor glanced away briefly, before urging me once again.  


  “Then? Are you the leader of some secret organization that I don’t know about?”


  “If I had my own secret organization, I would have used it by now. Would I have lived miserably in the back alleys only to flee like I was chased away?”


  “What in the world are you exactly?”


  “If it’s not a philosophical question about the nature of my existence, I can only say I’m just me. Isn’t it likely that Azzy is just mistaken?”


  I answered in a half-joking manner, but the Regressor’s demeanor was quite serious. After pressing for confirmation several times, she mumbled, deep in thought.  


  “No. A Beast King is a Herald. An existence that doesn’t just relay words to one human, but to humanity as a whole.”


  “I roughly know as well.”   


  “So, to convey something to that many, a Beast King can see the influence that one human possesses. How to put it? They can test one’s qualifications, I guess?”


  “Forget qualifications. What could she possibly want from a mere petty criminal from the back alleys like me? It’s just absurd to me.”


  “You’re sure you’re a petty criminal, right?”


  “I already told you I was!”


  Normally, I might have tried to dodge the question no matter what, but now, I was merely a freerider. A useless existence. The first to be sacrificed if needed. To appease the Regressor’s questions, I vaguely explained exactly what Nabi had said and a brief overview of what kind of person I was.


  “So, I was a friendly neighbor known throughout the back alleys. I solved all sorts of odd jobs and sincerely helped those in need. That’s really all there was to it.”


  “And you haven’t been anywhere other than Hamelin and Amitengrad?”

  “Yes. Since the entire secondary school was a dormitory system, I practically lived in Amitengrad, aside from that time. At best, I might be considered some Village Chief of Amitengrad’s back alleys?”  


  「To be fair, if he was really some big shot, she wouldn’t have used the term ‘narrowly’. Anyway, it means he isn’t qualified. But! Maybe…! 


  Ah, this isn’t looking too good. By that, I’m talking about an odd situation where a mere gluttonous freeriding pawn like me will have to prepare to emerge from a cocoon into something more significant.


  While living cautiously had always made me anxious, at least my physical body was comfortable and safe. To the point that I would prefer to live like that forever if possible. However, the fear of transforming into a different being through hardships and trials was a completely different kind of anxiety. So, even though an opportunity to become fake confidence and be assertive presented itself, it was not all that welcoming.  


  The Regressor then scrutinized me as if she had finally found a use for some tool.  


  “She said ‘very narrowly’, right? Maybe, if we can fill in the missing parts, you might qualify?”


  “No! No way! Just look at me! What qualification could a burned-out failure like me possibly have?! Azzy, do I have any qualifications?”  


  Azzy, who had been quietly wagging her tail, perked up her ears upon hearing her name and stood up. After scrutinizing me carefully, she quickly shook her head.  




  “See? What qualifications could a fugitive, chased by the Military Police, possibly have? At best, it would probably be the qualifications of a wanted criminal.”


  “Not yet!”


  “Don’t give him hope! What more are you even expecting from me?!”  


  “Woof! Become a bigger person!”


  “This doggie dares!” 


  That eyes lit up with hope wasn’t unconditional belief or trust. It was like that of a farmer seeing me as a delicious crop, ensuring I grow well by giving me water and fertilizer.


  Damn it! I would have noticed the impure intentions sooner if she was a human, but being a dog, I just took it at face value! 


  「Come to think of it, the King of Dogs came out completely fine this time! Maybe this could be the key to preventing the Fragment of the Apocalypse! Even if there is animosity with the beastkin, as long as the King of Dogs doesn’t join…! 


  The Regressor’s eyes sparkled similarly to Azzy’s; a face that placed a heavy expectation onto me.


  Agh, I’m in trouble. Do I really have to break out of the egg and step into the frightening world outside?


  I don’t want to. I’m gonna resist. The shell of the egg is incomparably hard! I will resist to make sure they can not crack it open rashly!  


  “Azzy, are you thinking of using me?”


  “Woof? Not, use! This is, investment!”




  That really doesn’t sound like a word that I should be hearing from a dog… 


  “Low probability, high results! It’s high risk, high return! I, Woof! Will take care of you!”  


  “What do you even see me as?! I’m not some card on a gambling table! And what? You’re gonna invest in a criminal on the run? Who would foolishly bet on a card that’s not even worth a Pair?! Even an idiot wouldn’t make such an investment!”


  “I’m, not an idiot! That’s why investing!”


  “The fact that you don’t understand that context proves you’re an idiot!”


  I tried to punish Azzy by tugging on her ear, but she resisted by only exerting the slightest amount of strength. To think that the strength of her perky ears was greater than the power of my entire arm. Seriously, what in the world was going on? Was this the difference in level? In class? Had we reached a situation where human life was to be trifled with? 


  That was when the Regressor spoke.



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