Omniscient First-Person’s Viewpoint Chapter 203

Chapter 203 - Land That Flows Like A River - 5

༺ Land That Flows Like A River – 5 ༻  



  As morning arrived, the Military State’s troops began their march. They raced along the narrow Meta Conveyor Belt, avoiding containers that appeared from time to time, with troops divided and loaded into the airborne automaton carriages.    


  Running on the flowing land, their marching speed was tremendous. They leaped over five administrative regions in a single breath and passed by well-known mountains and rivers in an instant. At the end of their miraculous march, which was as if they had employed some sort of warping method, a sinisterly black container surrounded by ominous darkness appeared in the distance. It was the container where the enemy entities, including the Progenitor, resided.


  The advancing troops, led by the Sunderspear, came to a halt. And then, without even using a loudspeaker, he shouted robustly.  


  “You are surrounded. Surrender obedien….”  


  Mid-sentence, the Sunderspear frowned and immediately readjusted his spear. Swoosh. Without uttering another word, he held his long spear over his shoulder and hurled it with all his might.  


  Like a blue meteor, it flew along the land that flowed beneath it.  


  Cutting through the wind, it pierced through the container. The spear, which disappeared into the back, soon burst out through the front cover. Along with a loud noise, the contents inside, like shattered innards, spewed out.


  Everything inside the container was swept away by the Sunderspear’s spear throw. Patraxion calmly observed the items that poured out.


  Rolling against the wind came beans, flour, and scrap metal for alchemy.  


  “…It seems my spear throw did not eliminate the enemy. Isn’t that so?”  


  The first to rush out and check inside the container was Colonel Gand, the Sunderspear’s adjutant and disciple. After confirming, he shouted.


  “That is correct. It is a regular cargo container!”


  “Right. We’ve been deceived.”  


  Reconnaissance had not been neglected, nor lazily done. However, to scout those moving along the belt, they also needed to approach via the belt. Otherwise, they would just fall behind.


  But if the opponent was a terrifying powerhouse, the distance at which a scout could approach would gradually increase.  


  Moreover, the opponent was Progenitor Tyrkanzyaka. The master of a power that could manipulate darkness itself. Though darkness was usually an ally of scouts, it was not this time. They had all but lost contact with scouts that had discovered something.


  It seemed during the reconnaissance blackout when she was cloaked in darkness, the containers were switched.   


  “They switched the containers overnight.”    


  The Sunderspear stated calmly and leaped onto the automaton carriage. The momentarily halted vehicle started moving once again.


  Despite knowing they had hidden their presence and moved further away during the night, not a single general officer felt disheartened or disappointed.


  Because, had the Military State been in their position, they would have done the exact same thing.  


  “…It is just as expected. Seeing as they knew they had pursuers, it is highly likely they took some action during the night, when they had more freedom of movement.”


  “They seemed to have also used their brains a bit. Choosing to move forward was quite the logical decision.”  


  During the night, the power of their group, with Tyrkanzyaka included, far outweighed the Military State’s forces.


  This fact alone was somewhat irrational and frustrating, much to their chagrin, but it was an unchangeable truth. Fighting against an undying legion was something that should never be done. 


  Moreover, the Military State had to engage in active avoidance, while the enemy had the freedom to act to their heart’s content. On this Meta Conveyor Belt, their freedom would be determined by either moving ahead or backwards, after all.     


  The logical choice was forward. Moving forward brought them closer to their goal while delaying the State’s pursuit. It also wore down the physical strength of regular soldiers who had to walk against the wind. There might not be much difference in total force, though.


  Since the outcome was already anticipated, the countermeasure that came was…  


  A golem beside the Sunderspear took note of the empty container and reported calmly.  


  『I am Captain Piyu, the Military State Signaller in charge of the Meta Conveyor Belt. Updating observation information, Point 1 is a dummy. Switching target to Point 2.』


  The Sunderspear, without even looking at the golem, directed his gaze ahead and ordered.  


  “Tell the Daughter of the Military State. That this was a dummy.”  


  『I have already finished reporting to Major General Historia. After all, this information is more urgent for the troops detached for special operation.』 


  “Ah, is that so?”  


  Scratching his head, Patraxion then shouted loudly towards the main forces that were awaiting further orders.  


  “Anyway, they can’t move as fast during the day as they can at night. Alright, prepare to march again! We are pursuing the enemy!”


  “Yes sir!”


  The well-trained army began their march once again in perfect order. They advanced forward, avoiding containers scattered along the path as if they were completely unrelated to the current situation.  


  “Hey. Colonel Gand. Come over here for a moment.”  


  Right then, Patraxion called over his disciple. Responding to the summons, Colonel Gand quickly ran over.


  Though he was the disciple of the Sunderspear and his military prowess was not inferior to that of a general officer, he was merely a young adjutant in terms of rank. Compared to him, the Sunderspear was a commander who even general officers would defer to a few ranks.


  Colonel Gand moved as swiftly and efficiently as an ordinary soldier to stand by the Sunderspear’s side.  


  With an endlessly serious demeanor, the Sunderspear pointed to the container he had pierced and spoke.  


  “Hey. You know, seeing it pierced like that, doesn’t it seem like it was speared from the asshole to the mouth? When I did that before, the innards burst through the mouth, remember? Doesn’t the container look somewhat similar to back then?” 




  Though they tried not to show it, the expressions of the general officers nearby soured drastically.  




  The destined morning dawned. As the time for sunrise came, a spherical light peeked out from the distant horizon in the east, shining towards the world.


  The sun was often described as the face of a god or an absolute being, but it was clear it lacked any sort of personality.


  Otherwise, it wouldn’t stick out its face from the east every day for eternity without getting tired of it.  


  “Woof! It’s morning! Woof!”  


  Cancel that. This dog, having met me not too long ago, wakes me up every morning without getting tired of it at all. If I didn’t refuse, she seemed ready to wake me up for all eternity.


  Just let me sleep some more. Why does this damn dog insist on waking me when it isn’t even the Abyss anymore….


  “King of Dogs, leave it be. Let us rest as much as we can.”


  “Woof? No! Must get up, in morning, to be healthy! Regular life, important!”


  “We will not die from getting a bit less of that detestable sunlight. Besides, it has not been long since dawn broke. What is the rush?”  


  As expected of Tyr. Only she truly cared about me.


  What? Morning is the time to wake up? Who decided that?


  Don’t adjust to the world. Adjust the world to you! The time you wake up is what morning is and today lasts until you go to sleep!  


  “Woof! Pampering bad! Bad for health!”


  “If the absence of that sun harms Hu’s body, then I shall take responsibility and make it so that cannot happen.”  


  「Hu likes to sleep, so even if he becomes a vampire, it might not be so bad after all….  


  “Hoit! I am waking up like Azzy! Nice to meet you, today’s sun!”  


  Being alive was important. Being able to face the morning of the day squarely; how could this not be delightful?  


  At any rate, as I was now fully awake, I opened the door of the container and surveyed outside. Between the cold that had settled overnight and the warmth of dawn, the world atop the Meta Conveyor Belt continued to recede into the distance.


  Far off in the vast farmland, crops were growing lushly, and among the mountains and fields, people were bustling about, greeting the morning.  


  The land, lush with vegetation, seemed to swell as it soaked up the morning sun, clearly having moved quite a bit during the night.  


  “It seems we’ve moved quite a bit during the night. I’m sure we were quite heavy.”  


  “Like how an object submerged in water weighs nothing, so it is with things in the darkness. No matter how heavy, it is not an issue.”


  Last night, we swapped the dummy container for ours. While the Regressor was setting traps around, Tyr lifted and moved our residing container in its entirety.


  The container, floating in the darkness, offered a surprisingly smooth ride despite its imposing appearance. Even I, who had been anxious, fell asleep before long.


  Thanks to that, the Military State, unable to notice our movement, lagged far behind. Even if they chased at full speed, they wouldn’t arrive until after midday.  


  “However, as I said yesterday, due to the strong winds, we could not move far.”


  “Well, I mean, that’s to be expected. Tyr’s method of movement is akin to floating, after all.”  


  Those walking on the ground could move faster with just a bit of wind resistance, but Tyr, lifting through darkness, didn’t take full advantage of the Meta Conveyor Belt’s benefits.


  But well, still, distancing ourselves, even just a bit, was enough of a result to be satisfied with.


  “By the way. Hu, I have a question. Would it not have been better to defeat the enemy during the night instead of fleeing like this?”


  Tyr seemed displeased with the passive approach as she asked me.  


  「Would it not be better to teach those who dare block my path a lesson? If we gave them a thorough breathing, they would not dare to punish us.


  Was this the mindset of a strong being? It seemed that existences capable of fighting an army alone thought this way.


  Well, if it were possible, it wouldn’t be a bad take, but… it felt a bit unnecessary, you know?


  I repeated the explanation I gave yesterday calmly.  


  “To do that, we’d have to turn back. There’s no reason for us, who need to leave the State as soon as possible, to go back deliberately.”


  “Sometimes turning back is the quicker way, is it not?”


  “In most cases, the shortest road is the fastest way. There’s no reason for us, who are pressed for time, to choose the longer route.”


  “…Hmm. If that is what you say.”


  Tyr showed her dissatisfaction, as if not understanding. Ahhh, this is what modern tactics are like. And it’s a bit different from a thousand years ago, you know?


  「If only I could show a magnificent victory over the enemy. Then, Hu would trust and follow me more. Lately, it seems I have only shown my unreliable sides. Is it because of that? He seems to refuse becoming a vampire so stubbornly….


  Or maybe it’s not that. Was it just a desire to show off? It’s not like you’re some hot-blooded youth! Why are you thinking that way?


  Sure, you’re quite sanguine, but it’s not that kind of sanguine, you know?!


  I should be more patient and more detailed when dealing with Tyr from now on.


  “If we launch an offensive and they simply retreat, we’re back to square one. We’ll be forced to choose again. Whether to close the distance or turn back. Either choice leads to more losses than our original plan entailed. We won’t even be able to break even. Our goal isn’t to annihilate the enemy but to escape. Therefore, it’s rational to prioritize that above all else.”


  “Would a nation’s army really retreat that easily?”


  “The Military State would. It’s that kind of country. Perhaps you might not be familiar with the term Active Engagement Avoidance.”


  「Active Engagement Avoidance…. Ah, so is that why they were told to avoid engaging in combat? Since it would only lead to losses?


  Having experienced it firsthand on her way to the capital from the Abyss, Tyr accepted this explanation much more easily, Still, she couldn’t quite imagine an army that would abandon everything just to flee.


  “What if we retreat and they still cling to us like dogs?”


  “When they doggedly cling to us by the teeth, that’s exactly the moment we fight.”


  “Woof? Me? Cling? Teeth?”


  As soon as a dog was mentioned, Azzy, thinking she was called, came over. With her tail weakly wagging, she spoke with an apologetic tone.  


  “Sorry, I, can’t bite humans! It’s a pity!”


  “It truly is quite a pity.”


  “But, I, try my best! Woof! Don’t like, tissue paper!”


  “Why are you suddenly talking about tissue paper…. No way, are you talking about me? Are you saying if I become ripped into shreds like tissue paper, then your investment will be destroyed and reduced to mere tissue, instead of cash? That it’ll be worthless and nothing more than tissue paper? Is that what you mean?”




  Azzy’s cheerfully affirmative response was as if she considered herself my owner or creditor.


  She should at least give me money before saying something like that. How unbelievable. I bonked Azzy on the head. My hand hurt more, but there were dignities humans must defend even through pain.


  “I’ve hardly received any investment from you, you know? Investment, you see, has to be worth something to be recognized.”


  Azzy didn’t particularly retaliate after being bonked and instead spoke.


  “I’ll do it!”


  “What can you do if you can’t even bite humans?”    


  Even if a dog helped, she was still a dog in the end. As I chided her with a look that said I didn’t expect much from her, Azzy hesitated briefly then lifted her head. In her large, clear brown eyes, there was a determination uncharacteristic of a dog.  


  “Woof! I’ll bite everything but humans!”  


  Hehh? How reassuring, huh?


  Azzy, filled with firm resolve, then turned away from me and moved a bit further inside. There, the Regressor who had stayed behind briefly to keep an eye on any reconnaissance and arrived late, lay powerless on the bed.


  As if waking humans was her duty, Azzy approached the Regressor’s bedside and barked loudly.


  “Woof! Wake up! It’s morning!”


  “Azzy. Bad girl. Daddy came home late last night and is tired. Wake him up later.”


  “Who are you calling daddy….”  


  「Maybe mom, but…. Ugh. No, that’s not it. Is it that punk’s influence? I feel like I’m starting to see Azzy and Nabi as pets….   


  The Regressor, holding her head and quickly gathering herself, got up.  


  “The sun’s up… The enemy hasn’t shown up yet, right?”


  “Not yet.”


  “Let’s grab a quick bite… Then get ready.”  


  As if familiar with eating during battle, the Regressor started slurping down hastily prepared food without even pulling out the Bountiful Table. I also opened cans for Azzy and Nabi, setting one in front of each, before forcing down the canned food myself.


  Meanwhile, Tyr, who had no need to eat, just watched silently until we were done, then urged us.


  “Let us hurry. If we had to move at night, it might also be better to keep moving during the day.”


  “Ah, there’s no need for that.”     


  No sooner had I finished speaking, gunfire rang out from far away.


  Bang Bang Bang Bang. It came from a distance, but it was clear they were targeting us. The familiar sounds of bullets pinging against the container’s outer walls echoed.


  The Regressor, seemingly used to it, threw aside the can and gulped down water from a canteen. I, too, swallowed what was left in my mouth. Though I hadn’t eaten much, the tension and nerves made my stomach tighten, not feeling the lack of food at all.  


  “After all, we can’t move as easily during the day.”


  Delaying action.


  The forces meant to tie us down before the main force caught up had arrived.



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