Omniscient First-Person’s Viewpoint Chapter 80

Chapter 80 - Halves of the Heart

Halves of the Heart  



  Tyrkanzyaka wanted to cook on her own, but the kitchen was a paradise of foreign objects to a girl who had never set foot in one for twelve centuries. She was more accustomed to maces than spatulas, halberds than ladles, and saw-edged swords than tongs. All aimed at her at that.


  With no other option, she settled for the golem providing a demonstration.


  The golem turned out remarkably adept at cooking. The only drawback was its small size, limiting its ability to work alone. However, Tyrkanzyaka easily resolved that issue.


  With a casual wave of her hand, a swirling black current formed around the golem. It gradually took shape from below, gently pushing up and enveloping the golem’s body.


  Momentarily, the golem struggled to adjust to its elevated perspective and glanced around. The shadow cast above the golem mimicked the latter’s restless movements, raising its arm when the golem raised its own and taking a step forward when the golem did. It resembled a shadow puppet.


『What…! No, but this is impossible, even with the technological prowess of the Military State!』


  “A shadow-woven form can grow infinitely or shrink to the size of a mote. The shadow is exactly three times your own size. It will mirror your every move.”


  Having grown accustomed to the presence of the shadow, the golem extended its hand. The shadow obediently retrieved a pot from the cupboard and turned on the faucet. It was a shadow, yet it possessed substance.


  The golem was astounded by the shadow reproducing movements three times larger than its own.


  “Surprised, are you? Feel free to be as astonished as you wish. The ability to dominate and manipulate is my true power, far beyond the realm of your people’s playthings made of tin or soil.”


『…Tin… Argh. I wish, to refute, but I cannot…』


  With its newfound body, the golem busily worked its hands and feet. It soaked beans in water, drained them through a sieve into a pot, and set the pot to boil. At the same time, it sautéed the beans on a pan. Tyrkanzyaka observed attentively, taking mental notes.


  After putting in considerable effort, the golem presented the completed dish.


『It’s done. Braised canned bean and broth.』


  “So this is how cooking is done. Thank you.”


『Not at all. I intend to provide you with ample convenience.』


  The golem’s actions were calculated in its own way. The laborer openly staged a mutiny, and the other trainees couldn’t be relied on. Furthermore, as Tyrkanzyaka was currently the strongest and most influential presence in Tantalus, it was only natural for the golem, in need of inside information, to seek a connection.


  “Good. A tin can that has fulfilled its purpose should be discarded then.”




  But there was one problem. Tyrkanzyaka never intended to cooperate with the State in the first place.


  “Now go back to sleep.”


『Mff? Wai—?!』


  Pop. The shadow removed the golem’s speaker. The golem tried to grab it as it was being taken, but more shadows suddenly converged from all directions, restraining its arms and legs.


  This conclusion had been foreseen from the start. Or more precisely, from the moment the golem showed hostility towards the laborer. Tyrkanzyaka looked down at the golem, buried in darkness, and spoke softly.


  “In light of your genuine assistance, I shall not break you. In exchange, I must ensure you refrain from utterly anything unnecessary. It appears you are unable to speak without this.”




  “I must be correct. I shall seek you out again when I have need of you.”


  With a click of her finger, the golem became wrapped in darkness and went rolling away like a ball. Tyrkanzyaka placed the removed speaker at the highest place in the kitchen cupboard.


  While the golem struggled alone in the dark, she took up the completed dish with both hands and headed to the laborer.


“Here, I have a meal for you.”


  He was still sitting vacantly, but the scent of food seemed to arouse him. His unfocused gaze faintly followed the dish, saliva sparkling at the corner of his mouth.


  Hunger was the will to live. Tyrkanzyaka was delighted to see this.


  “Fortunately, you still seem to have an appetite. It is food.”




  “Yes. Food. Dig in.”


  Tyrkanzyaka placed the plate in front of the laborer and watched him from across the table. With hazy eyes, he silently observed the food before reaching straight for it.




  His movement abruptly stopped and he stared at her, as if reading her mood. Meanwhile, Tyrkanzyaka placed a spoon firmly in his hand.


  His body retained its memories. The spoon felt unfamiliar for a brief moment, but then he began scooping the soup into his mouth as if he had never been puzzled. Initially, a few drops spilled onto the table, but with each spoonful, he spilled less and less.


  Tyrkanzyaka smiled contentedly.


  “Yes. So you did not forget everything. A great relief. Perhaps your memories will return soon.”


  Even if he remained like this for a lifetime, Tyrkanzyaka would forever look after him. But beyond her commitment, she missed his previous self. The man was cheeky somewhat, and subtly impolite, despite pretending otherwise. He also trivialized the profound anguish of others.


  Yet beneath it all, there lay unexpected cheerfulness and unassuming consideration. The fact that such a person become a half-wit weighed heavily on Tyrkanzyaka’s heart.


  “Surely, you ended this way because you breathed your soul into my heart.”


  Even now, when she placed her hand on her chest, she could feel the pulse of life he had bestowed upon her. A card with a vivid red heart drawn on it was embedded within her chest, now indistinguishable from her own heart.


  She didn’t know what it was or how it was made. There was only one thing she could ascertain: it could never have been created without profound emotions.


  “…Come to think of it, the Dog King did not bark at me earlier. Truly, I have been blessed. Even though I have not given you anything special.”


  The things she had received were countless. From fascinating stories to cardiac massages and a pounding heart. The series of gifts felt so natural that she hadn’t even realized what she had gotten until she pondered upon them.


 In contrast, how little had she given in return? She had to repay him with her body and soul.


  Clank. She heard his spoon being set down. The laborer’s bowl was already completely empty. Tyrkanzyaka had been too busy gazing at him to notice the time pass. She stood up again, calling out to him.


  “Have you finished eating?”


  The man nodded. He did respond well to questions and could say simple words. He roughly remembered how to move, be it eating or walking.


  Tyrkanzyaka felt like she understood a little now. All he had forgotten was himself. Then, she only needed to teach him.


  “Give me your hand.”


  He did as she asked. Tyrkanzyaka grasped his hand with both of hers and pulled it close to her chest.


  “I do not know if you remember, but you are my benefactor.”


  His hand yielded to hers effortlessly. Embracing it tenderly, she whispered against it.


  “You used this hand, your touch, to bring life to my still heart… awakening my frozen time.”


  The man’s hand was slightly big. He always hesitated to pass through her ribs, but ultimately, he would touch her heart to gift her blessings. Now Tyrkanzyaka had returned to being a girl. She felt his hand as she looked up.


  “So do not worry and take your time to regain your memories, for I will not leave until you tell me to.”


  It wasn’t a promise. If anything, it was closer to calmly confessing the truth. 


  Tyrkanzyaka couldn’t even imagine changing her mind just because her heart was beating again.


  As she spoke, Tyrkanzyaka looked at his hand resting on her chest, recalling a previous time.


  “Despite regaining my heart, I slightly miss the time when you would send electricity through it. Every passing moment, I eagerly anticipated the touch of your finger on my heart…”


  Thump, thump, thump, thump.


  It was then that Tyrkanzyaka felt something was off. Her heart was definitely pulsing without the help of bloodcraft. It would remain the same, whether she put his hand against her chest. It should remain the same.


  Yet for some reason, Tyrkanzyaka’s heart would thump more violently when she drew his hand close, even though it wasn’t running with electricity or anything.


  Bloodcraft allowed her to perceive with greater clarity. Her heart throbbed wildly as if his hand was its long-lost counterpart. It was like her heart remembered the days when it lay dormant, welcoming the touch that always stirred it with thrilling sensations. 


  The tremors of her body only intensified with the passing seconds. Tyrkanzyaka was frightened that her precious heart might explode at this rate. Yet despite the fear, it was evident that both her body and heart longed to be a little closer to him.


  Thump. Thump. Thump.


  Tyrkanzyaka’s face reddened on its own despite doing nothing. Sensing that she would grow strange if things continued, she hastily pushed the man’s hand away, along with the lingering longing inside her. 


  Emerging flustered from that abnormal state, Tyrkanzyaka touched her face and then her chest.


  “Is it… broken…?”


  That was the only conclusion she could draw, as she currently was.





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Omniscient First-Person’s Viewpoint

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