Omniscient First-Person’s Viewpoint Chapter 84

Chapter 84 - Real Warden, Fake Warden

༺ Real Warden, Fake Warden ༻



  The last words written on the note were as follows: When the supplies arrive, use them for me.


  Hu was the only one capable of answering all the questions, but currently, he was sitting around lost and devoid of identity. The only remaining clue was the supplies.


  Tyr made her way toward the golem confined in the cafeteria. The golem’s ankles were bound by shadowy chains, resembling a captive pet. With a snap of her fingers, Tyr caused the chains to vanish into thin air, as though they had never existed.


  Tyr returned the speaker to the newly liberated golem. It fit the loose speaker, worn from countless removals, back in place and spoke weakly.


  『…What is your business?』


  “I have a question. It regards the supplies.”


  The golem’s body creaked with anger. It slowly looked up at Tyr and clenched its fists.


  『The supplies will arrive soon. However.』


  The signaller’s voice emitting from the microphone held resolute determination.


  『I will receive the supplies, but they will not be distributed to Tantalus.』


  Those words struck Tyr like a thunderbolt. She had been anxiously waiting for the supplies.


  “W-why so? Is it not your duty to hand over the supplies to us?”


  『If Tantalus trainees demonstrate non-cooperation with the administration, I possess the authority to delay or suspend supply distribution. I am merely exercising the power entrusted to me appropriately.』


  “N-non-cooperation? When have I ever been non-cooperative?”


  『Restraining this golem unit and detaching its speaker are circumstances that even an elementary schooler would consider as non-cooperative.』


  Tyr had no rebuttal. Cooperation was never her intention, neither then nor now.


  “Such… cowardly tactics.”


  『If I didn’t even have that level of authority, how could I possibly control a powerful being such as yourself?』


  Tyr extended her arm, and in response, countless dark knights rose from the shadows, filling the cafeteria. The Progenitor displayed a fraction of her dominion over her infinite forces and addressed the golem with a threatening tone.


  “I am Tyrkanzyaka, Queen of Shadows, root of all vampires, and heir to the Kanzyaka name, the world-devouring monstrosity. Are you daring to threaten me?”


  But the golem merely snorted.


  『I am Captain Abbey, Signaller of the Military State. A signaller does not take orders from anyone outside of command. Not even if it means death.』


  The golem’s words carried unwavering determination and bravery, as if scoffing at death.


  『If you truly have no need for the supplies, then destroy this unit. I may lose sight of Tantalus, but you will lose all the supplies that exist from now on.』


  “The insolence…! How dare you, a mere golem…!”


  『Even if you were to break my true body, I would not yield. For I am a signaller of the Military State!』


  Tyr was the one feeling the urgency. Without the supplies, she couldn’t fulfill Hu’s request. It was a blow to Tyrkanzyaka’s pride that she, the supreme primogenitor of vampires, had to yield to a mere golem’s threats.


  But there was no other choice. While she was a vampire who needed nothing in life, Hu was different.


  “Let me confirm one matter. Are you certain that the supplies are in your possession?”


  『Affirmative. Not long ago, the supplies in question arrived here with an overseer. I intend to collect the supplies once the overseer completes an assessment of the situation. From that point on, the distribution of supplies will entirely be at my discretion! Should you wish to receive them, cooperate with me!』


  “…Very well. How do you wish me to cooperate?”


  『Firstly! You are to cease any hostile actions towards this unit. Secondly, you are to wholeheartedly respond to my inquiries. Thirdly, you are to create opportunities for periodic observation of the situation in Tantalus! And apart from these, there are 48 other detailed require—!』


  At that moment, an explosively loud crack resounded through the air. It resembled the snap of a wide and thick cloth, like a blanket being shaken out. Or perhaps, the sound of a parachute opening.


  Both the golem and Tyr fell silent, gazing intently at each other. Then Tyr opened the cafeteria window and looked outside. A supply crate was descending. Supported by a large parachute.




  A bewildered voice came through the golem’s microphone, followed by the unmistakable, hope-shattering sound of the crate hitting the concrete ground.


  『Why? How were the supplies sent so arbitrarily?』


  The tables had turned. Tyr slowly closed the window as she observed the parachute continue its descent. With a click, the window latch engaged and sealed the cafeteria again.


  In the completely darkened cafeteria, only Tyr’s chilling voice echoed through the air.


  “It appears the supplies have arrived. What now?”




  After a brief moment of stunned silence, the golem turned to shamelessness as its strategy to overcome the crisis.


  『I-in light of your cooperative attitude, I decided to provide early delivery of the supplies. Therefore, I hope you will adhere to the agreement we reached earlier.』


  “Agreement? Had we ever reached any kind of agreement?”


  However, the golem lacked the vocal confidence to fully commit to being shameless, and the supplies had arrived too early to claim an agreement. Not that anything would have made a difference anyway.


  “Are those your last words?”


  『P-please wait a moment. There seems to be some error…』


  “The error seems to be on your end, judging by the useless noise still leaving your mouth.”


  『N-no… Ulp!』


  A whip of shadow coiled around the golem’s entire body. Bound by the constricting whip, the golem could do nothing but watch as Tyr exited the cafeteria.



* * *



  Shei stood ten steps away from where the supply crate had landed, glaring at it. The arrival of the supplies itself wasn’t an issue. In a facility of this size, supplies would normally arrive multiple times a day, if not for the lack of people in Tantalus. Moreover, since Hu had already foretold this in his note, it was foreseeable that the supplies would arrive at some point.


  But Shei heightened her alertness—she sensed something unfamiliar within the supply crate. She was thinking to herself: ‘Why… why the hell is there someone inside the crate?’


  “You have come?”


  “Mhm. But something is… strange.”


  Tyr flew over, clad in darkness, and landed beside Shei. She immediately moved toward the crate, eager to check its contents, but Shei stopped her.


  “Hold up, Tyrkanzyaka. There’s something inside.”


  “…Hm? I am also aware of that. Is it not a box meant for storing things?”


  “No, it’s not an object… it’s a person.”


  Just as Shei muttered those words, the lid of the crate shook, and a firm, sharp voice emerged from within.


  “I have been informed that there is a laborer currently assigned to the management personnel in Tantalus. It is still within working hours. Why are they not present to receive the supplies?”


  With metallic clunks, the lock on the supply crate was released, and the lid opened, revealing a woman in Military State uniform. Her crisp uniform was impeccably neat, without a single wrinkle. The shoulder seams were sharp, and two prominently gleaming medals adorned her chest. 


  It was as if the air around the woman proclaimed her as a Military State officer. She was a complete contrast to a certain suspicious warden elsewhere—a true embodiment of an officer. So much so that Shei felt an instinctive aversion…


  Stepping out with a service cap held at her side, the officer looked around at the others and remarked in a commanding tone.


  “Tsk. How the discipline of our country has waned. They won’t even bother coming to receive the supplies meant for themselves.”


  Shei found the officer’s voice, with its stern and stereotypical authority, grating on her ears.


  ‘Should I cut her…?’


  As Shei seriously contemplated acting on impulse, the officer wore her cap with disciplined grace, the sharp cut of her short hair forming a distinct line. She adjusted the angle of her cap, then continued with a raised chin.


  “Greetings. I am Lieutenant Colonel Callis Kritz, newly appointed as the warden of Tantalus as of today. I hereby assume full responsibility for this post henceforth.”




  “That’s correct, trainee.”


  Shei felt doubtful. It wasn’t unusual for a facility the size of Tantalus to have more than one warden. However, there were only four trainees present, and even that number could decrease depending on how they were categorized. The dismembered undying and Dog King were ambiguous in terms of their classification as human, after all.


  Yet to dispatch two wardens?


  “Fear not. I have no intention of harming you trainees. On the contrary, I have taken charge here to guide the ‘exemplary’ trainees remaining towards a better path, as they may become allies of the Military State.”


  Moreover, she seemed unconcerned about the previous warden… If she were newly appointed, it would be customary to report to the existing authority regardless of rank.


  A rising suspicion suppressed the vague hostility in Shei. But while she silently observed the situation, Tyr, paying no attention to the newcomer, used her shadows to rummage through the supply crate.


  The vampire called out to the officer.


  “More importantly, where are the supplies?”


  Tyr searched for the supplies. She manipulated a giant hand of shadow to outright flip the supply crate upside down, yet not a speck of dust fell out, let alone supplies.


  Baffled, Tyr soon turned to cast a strange gaze at Callis.


  “Could it be that you are the supply…? Hm. How does one use a person…?”


  Callis hastily searched her pockets, displaying behavior uncharacteristic of an officer. Evidently, even a mechanically stoic officer of the State was susceptible to life-threatening danger. 


  “If you’re looking for supplies, it must be this.”


  Callis pulled out a square paper packet from her pocket. With a flick of her thumb, the lid opened, revealing a thick bundle of rolled cigars.


  “Mana herbs, a level 3 luxury item. Tsk. Even officers find it difficult to obtain without higher authorization, yet they’re being distributed for the sake of a mere laborer… It seems the higher-ups also treat Tantalus as something special. Even though it’s just another place where people live.”


  Muttering in dissatisfaction, Callis handed the pack of mana herbs to an approaching shadow hand. It snatched the pack and flew straight to Tyr.


  Mana herbs were psychotropic agents that relaxed the body, calmed the nerves, and had a slight restorative effect on mana. They were typically used in the form of rolled cigars.


  Shei judged that this was likely the supply “Hu” had requested, though she was unsure if they could truly recover his lost memories. But who knew? Something else could be hidden within.


  “Wait. Setting that aside, did you mention a laborer?”


  Finally sensing something amiss, Shei exclaimed quietly. A laborer? What was that about? The only one who needed those herbs here was a certain terribly untrustworthy warden… A terribly untrustworthy…?


  Could it be?


  “Yes, a laborer. Was nobody aware?”


  Clicking her tongue disapprovingly, Callis finally unveiled the truth that Shei had been craving to discover.


  “Hughes. That man is a laborer assigned to this facility. He was apprehended during a gambling incident in Amitengrad District 13-3, and subsequently sentenced to labor in Tantalus.”













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