Otherworld TRPG Game Master Chapter 14

Chapter 14 - S1. The Prince, The Flower, And The Resistance - 4

༺ S1. The Prince, The Flower, And The Resistance – 4 ༻



  “Their pursuit is relentless. Who exactly is chasing us?”


  “It’s a mechanized corps. They augment their physical movements with gear mechanisms, so they don’t tire. We need to shake them off……Irid?” 


  “Over there this time. What is it?”


  “We’re running with all our might now, right……?”


  “In a dire situation like this, I’m not so arrogant to be leisurely.”


  Each time Irid vaulted over a wall, his breathing grew more and more unstable. The chase had been going on for 10 minutes, yet Irid was already drenched in sweat.


  In contrast, not a single drop of sweat was visible on Centra’s face.


  “Um…….Irid, can I carry you?”




  “I think they might catch up to us. I can run a bit faster, you see!”


  For a moment, Irid’s face was filled with anguish.


  Useless pride was no help in a crisis. But, but……Should he really endure the embarrassment of running away by being carried in a woman’s arms? Maybe he should just let Centra go ahead and hide himself in a suitable place nearby.


  “I’ll apologize later!”




  However, Centra’s initiative was faster than Irid’s hesitation. She quickly scooped up Irid by the inside of his knees and back and instantly leaped away.


  It was the so-called princess carry.




  Irid clenched his teeth and endured the soul-shaking shock. And he desperately tried to empty his mind by singing the Empire’s military cadence in his heart.


  As Centra carried Irid in a princess carry, something large rested against his chest and abdomen. The full-body tights were so thin that the soft texture transmitted clearly.


  It wasn’t the time to worry about being carried by a woman or whatever.


  …..It was a matter of whether he was going to fall into a more problematic and compromising situation or not!


  It was a blissfully precarious time. Irid consciously focused on something else. For instance, every time Centra ran and jumped, he focused on the aggressively bouncing……..No. No. 


  On Centra’s panther-like movements.


  Centra moved across the walls and obstacles using only her two legs, following shortcuts directed by Irid. Her agility was exceptional, as was her stamina.


  Her run came to a brief halt on the rooftop of a building. A gap between the buildings was too wide for even a galloping horse to cross, so jumping was impossible. Centra gently set Irid down for a moment.


  Freed from the weird dichotomy of heaven and hell, Irid wiped the sweat from his forehead and caught his breath. It was far too stimulating of an experience for his heart. After calming his mind until it worked properly, only then did he start devising a strategy.


  Just as Irid was about to suggest, ‘Let’s jump in a passing carriage and hide’……


  Centra shot a grappling hook gun towards the opposite building.


  Whoooosh-! Click!


  The rope-bound hook fastened to the spire on the other side. After pulling on the rope twice to ensure it was secure, Centra looked at Irid and smiled.


  “Are you ready?”


  “……We’re going across like this? To the opposite building?”


  “Of course!”


  “I am ready.”


  “I don’t think so, though. To go together, you need to hold onto me, right?”


  Centra tapped her waist.


  Irid realized he had to throw himself into heaven and hell once more.




  Awkwardly, as if he was a shy kid –It was his first time doing this– Irid wrapped his arms around Centra’s waist. They were so very close. So close he seriously wondered if she could hear his heart pounding.


  “Closer. Tighter.”


  Centra wrapped one arm around Irid’s waist and pulled him close. They were no different from embracing each other. The scent of rosemary brushed past Irid’s nose. His head was spinning, making him dizzy.


  Centra whispered in Irid’s ear.


  “Do you have a fear of heights?”




  “Then…..How about we experience the feeling of flying? It feels amazing!”




  “Keep your eyes on the sky, and….Focus. On the wind brushing against your skin…….and a bit of thrill!”




  Centra lightly leaped off the ground. For a moment, their bodies floated, forming a neat arc. The wind rushed by. His ears became plugged and his hair blew in the air.


  Irid’s golden hair was exposed as the rag flew away in the wind, but it wasn’t the time to worry about. The sky was brilliantly blue, the rope action was thrilling, and Centra’s smiling face was beautiful.


  I’ll never forget this moment for as long as I live.


  With that thought, Irid smiled. He forgot all his worries. Albeit shortly, in that moment, he was truly free.


  Just like that, the short flight came to an end.




  The two hid in an old, dilapidated stable. They planned to wait until the pursuers gave up and returned.


  “How was it?”


  “……Quite fun. I should have accepted when the Golden Magic Tower Master offered to let me experience Flight Magic.”


  “You know the Golden Magic Tower Master…….?”


  “That’s right. Probably not the current Tower Master. But maybe the one before or even before that.”




  Didn’t people say the eyes were the window to the soul? Centra’s clear eyes transparently revealed her emotions; it was pure curiosity. Irid smiled because it felt as if he was looking at a very curious cat.


  “Are you not going to tell me?”


  “No, I didn’t mean to dismiss it with a laugh. I just couldn’t help but smile because you’re beautiful.”


  “……Wh-What?! Gosh, what are you saying……”


  Centra hit Irid’s shoulder with a thump.


  It hurt as if he had been struck by a wooden sword at full swing, but it was bearable. After all, seeing Centra’s embarrassed expression was more than fulfilling for his soul. Irid, rubbing his shoulder gently, calmly spoke.


  “I am Irid, the Second Prince of the Empire. From 100 years ago.”


  “100 years ago?!”


  “The genius wizard of the Purple Magic Tower restored Dimensional Magic. I experienced it as a test. I didn’t know it would transcend time, not just dimensions, though……Do you believe me?”


  “Of course! I was surprised, but……..I honestly thought you looked similar. To the portrait!”


  “It seems like records of my appearance still remain?”


  “It’s because after the defeat, the Kingdom Alliance put down portraits of Irid on the ground, saying only those who step on them would be spared……..”


  “……So not even the minimum respect was given for the enemy commander, huh. Tch.”


  “Then, uh……..Do I need to address you as Prince or Your Highness?”


  “It’s fine as it is. You can also skip the formalities. I don’t wish to hear them from you.”


  “Okay, I’ll do that, Irid. The world is so full of wonders!”


  As Centra’s eyes sparkled with fascination, a cold breeze made her shiver. Irid grabbed a handful of straw and covered her with it, like a blanket.


  “Is that outfit for Resistance activities?”


  “……Y-You knew?!”


  “If you read the documents, it’s obvious, you know.”


  “Yes, I’m a part of the Resistance……I guess!”


  “How did that happen? You don’t seem like someone who would like that.”


  “My father was the leader of the Resistance. After Father passed away….. The members said ‘It’s okay if it’s you’ and offered me the leadership. Um, yeah, that’s how it happened.”


  A shadow passed over Centra’s face. Was she feeling the burden of being the leader of the Resistance? Centra seemed much happier when working at the inn. Her nature seemed to suit everyday happiness more than struggle.


  “Something is going to happen at the Founding Festival, right?”


  “The operation named 『Beer and Song』 will take place. It’s a plan I came up with.”


  “Are you trying to cause a riot by using bootleg?”


  “W-What are you saying! I think that fighting and quarreling is a bit…..How should I put it. I think it’s just wrong. Um. 『Beer and Song』 is an operation where drunk people sing together. It’s a song with comical lyrics about stopping discrimination and persecution.”


  “……Did all the Resistance members agree to this?”


  “About half and half……? The more radical ones really dislike it. The neutrals, I feel, just let it slide because I’m Father’s daughter.”


  The Resistance who had survived so far against the Kingdom Alliance couldn’t possibly be soft people. They were definitely ready to see blood. Yet, such a tepid strategy was being pursued, perhaps because Centra’s father had such tremendous charisma or…….


  “I know as well. Such a joke event probably won’t change anything.” 


  “However, I know something else too. Even if we start an armed uprising, most of the people we hurt will be civilians. The ones suffering losses would be civilians as well. A small group fighting against a nation is……like throwing eggs at a rock, after all.” 


  “So, I at least wanted to try walking the right path.”


  “I hope many of the public will consider their own thoughts at least once. I want to change a world where people trample on others, calling them slaves, a world where people curse at each other and draw swords.”


  “『Beer and Song』 is the result of that whimsy.” 


  ……Or perhaps Centra also had the makings of a leader.


  She chose the right path, even if it ended up being just a joke, over a method with a high chance of success but was wrong. Some might curse her, call her a fool, but…….


  “I shall help.”




  “It is a joke-like operation, but…..It will become different with my help. After all, I shall be the Emperor in the future.”


  Even if the future him became the Wither Emperor, bringing an end to the Empire…..At the very least, that time was not now. After all, the him of the present was young, healthy, full of spirit, and……


  His heart and soul burned hotter now than ever before in his life.


  Step. Step.


  As the sound of footsteps passed by the stable, Irid and Centra hid in a pile of straw, stacked almost as high as a small hill. It was a cramped and dark space, where the two of them couldn’t do anything but just face each other.


  “……Are you going to live here forever?”




  “……No, I’m supposed to return on the day the Founding Festival commences.”


  “That might be a bit……disappointing. Will we be able to see each other again?”




  “Then shall we make a promise? Just between us.”


  In the darkness, Centra reached out her hand. And it landed on Irid’s thigh. Numerous hypotheses raced through Irid’s mind about what this gesture could mean.


  Meanwhile, Centra, who had been fumbling around, finally found her target. It was Irid’s hand. All the hypotheses in his mind were discarded.


  Centra took Irid’s hand and linked their pinky fingers.


  “After finishing 『Beer and Song』 and you go back, if we ever meet again…….Could you call my name?”


  “…..What a strange request.”


  “You’ll promise, won’t you?”


  “……I will.”




  “It’s almost time to shoot the fireworks.”


  “……Are you actually going to do it? You said His Highness is more soft-hearted than one might think, right…….?”


  “You just saw it, didn’t you? The resolution of the Second Prince. If he is going to become that serious about the TRPG…….then I have no choice but to show my sincerity as well-!”


  “L-Let the record show! I-I tried to stop you, okay?”


  Whether the scaredy-cat Tower Master backed out or not, I didn’t care. Let her run away. My soul was blazing hot. Everything was just a preparation for the final scene of a Happy Ending.


  The stage was set. Bring it on── Second Prince Irid!

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Otherworld TRPG Game Master

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