Otherworld TRPG Game Master Chapter 18

Chapter 18 - S1. Finale of Irid and Centra - 1

༺ S1. Finale of Irid and Centra – 1 ༻



  The Second Prince, having completed all preparations, laid down upon the magic circle. The lunatic wizard and the Purple Magic Tower Master positioned themselves on the east and west of the circle respectively, channeling their mana into it.


  A violet radiance flowed along the grooves of the magic circle, softly illuminating the surroundings.


  The preparations were complete. The movements, strategies to confront the enemy, and the method to rescue her were all fleshed out.


  If he had to choose one thing that was lacking…..


  Irid had yet to prepare his final words to her.


  Sweat seeped from his palms. Could he really do it? Could he really complete his mission and see Centra’s smile again? Could he wish for happiness? A storm seemed to rage in Irid’s mind.


  But despite his wavering heart and the myriad temptations tormenting him, he never forgot what he must do. He had to save Centra. That was all Irid needed to focus on.


  Reflecting on the contents of the strategy meeting, Irid spoke to the wizard.


  “Time remaining?”


  “About an hour in real-time, Prince. The mana tank’s capacity is limited, reducing our time, but……It’s enough to enjoy your reunion. Assuming there are no variables.” 


  Variables. Irid had a guess, thus asking again.


  “One last question, Wizard. Is this magic’s safety absolute?”


  “Yes, of course.”


  “Even if I die on the other side?”


  “That’s correct.”


  “I see…….I am ready.”


  Irid closed his eyes. All that remained was to achieve his goal.






  The lingering scent of rosemary, a corridor filled with billowing black smoke, scattered debris, an explosion.


  Tick-tock. Tick-tock.


  You felt time softly unraveling, slow and agonizing leisurely. You wriggled your fingers. You focused intensely enough to feel each and every muscle fiber.


  Before time sped up uncontrollably again, you recalled the strategy meeting in your mind: the advice of the Fire Magic Tower’s Elder Pelson and First Princess Elaine.


  “You said you were in the same room with that child, right? Then── the enemies obviously know of your existence.”


  “If it was an attack with the medium of a scroll, I’d guess they used a remote detonator. They would watch the target from the window and channel mana into it.”


  “So they know you’re alive. That you weren’t caught in the explosion.”


  Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick.


  The sound of a clock echoing in your ear became distant. Time now resumed its swift flow. An agent of the Defense Bureau, C, said this.


  “A grappling hook gun, was it……..How about checking under the floorboards of the inn room? If they are hiding weapons and equipment, that’s where it’s most likely to be.”


  Before the black smoke filled the room, you stomped hard on a creaking section of the floorboard, breaking it open. A hidden space was revealed and you reached in.


  A full-body tights suit, a grappling hook, two daggers.


  You picked up the grappling hook gun, hooking it onto your belt, and drew the daggers, holding one in each hand.


  Then, the room was engulfed in black smoke. The faint scent of rosemary was overpowered by the smell of flame, ash, and violence.


  You then remembered.


  “If they know Your Highness weren’t caught in the explosion, they’ll target Your Highness first, as you are unharmed. If they want to incapacitate someone with an explosion, blocking vision is counterproductive. After all, they wouldn’t know where the injured person might hide or flee, would they?”


  “Perhaps they have taken you into consideration as a variable from the very start. So the first move should be──”






  As you swung your dagger broadly, a different dagger cut through the black smoke, deflecting yours.


  Considering the angle of the incoming blade and the familiar design of its handle, the attacker in the darkness was the female mercenary, Ronya.


  You also seemed to have glimpsed at red hair. 


  Just as expected.


  “Fighting in the dark is disadvantageous in such a situation. After all, while Little Brother isn’t prepared…….the opponent is. If you don’t know their next move, shouldn’t you at least go to a place with a clear view?”


  “There’s a prototype of a grappling hook gun in the Defense Bureau. Please try practicing with it.”


  “It’s fortunate that it’s a scroll. As expected, the calculations are easy. Considering the explosion’s force, the location of the person to protect would be around here…..”




  You deflected another swiftly flying dagger. You were lucky; according to your plan, you were prepared to be struck by a blade at least once in this section.


  The attacker in the darkness retreated slightly. To think that someone was able to perfectly block two sneak attacks in turn even though their lover was caught in a sudden explosion.


  Unless he had stopped time and thought this through, a nerd, who was always busy with paperwork, must be an unexpected powerhouse…….


  “──is what she’ll think, won’t she? Mercenaries typically value their lives dearly, so they would retreat to assess the situation. That gives you some breathing room. Now it’s your turn, Irid.”


  The First Princess described it as ‘a turn has passed’. In the chess-like sequence of movements, a crucial moment, as short as a breath, was gained.


  You estimated Ronya’s position in the darkness and kicked a chair towards her. There was a dull crash and a flash of magic. It seemed the opponent used magic on her arm to block it.


  Your intention wasn’t to cause damage. It was an action to draw attention away. Your true aim was elsewhere. You threw yourself out of the small room’s window.




  The window shattered, your body soaring momentarily in the air. From inside, a harsh, metallic shout was heard.


  “Are you abandoning Centra and running away, huh?!”




  In mid-air, just as you began to fall, you aimed the grappling hook gun at your waist and fired it. Towards the corridor window. Towards where you expected Centra to be.


  As you felt the hook embedding into the wall, you activated the grappling gun’s motor to its maximum output. You were pulled forward as if something was dragging you in.


  Once again, you smashed through a window with your whole body. In the darkness, you groped around. Something touched your fingertips. Something soft and flinching.


  You gripped tightly, so that you would not lose her ever again. Centra’s faint voice could be heard.


  “……Euh, I-Irid……?”


  “I came to save you.”


  “…….S-Sorry to say this in such a s-serious situation, but if you grip that area too tightly, it hurts…a bit………”




  ……You decided to behave as if nothing had happened.


  You threw the handle of the grappling gun outside the window. This way, the rope fixed to the hook on the wall would stretch taut, creating an instant ankle trap.


  Lifting Centra onto your back, you ran towards the stairs leading to the second floor. Your elation at rescuing her was short-lived. The sensation of your back becoming damp with liquid made your heart grow cold.


  A fishy smell. Centra’s limp, strengthless arm added to your anxiety. You need to quickly escape the smoke to check for injuries. 






  It seemed someone tripped over the rope. You gained another moment.


  You dashed down the twelve-step staircase. At the same time, you emerged from the black smoke. Without hesitation, you ran to the wall of the second floor.


  You gripped onto the wall and drew a mana door. Despite your trembling hands, there was no room for error. The emblem of the Defense Bureau appeared. And the wall opened, revealing a secret passage.


  You ran. A glance back showed Ronya’s figure chasing through the gradually closing door of the secret passage. You had enough time.


  You dashed down the dimly lit secret passage……




  Midway through the secret passage, you completed the emergency treatment on Centra, who was lying down.


  Thankfully, Centra was not seriously injured. It seemed she had summoned all her mana at the moment of the explosion to protect herself. The dampness wasn’t blood but the aftermath of the 『Water Shield』 scroll she had used.


  Thanks to that, the injuries were minor scrapes, some burns, and temporary mana depletion. The 『Water Shield』 had soaked her thin everyday clothes, making the emergency treatment challenging. 


  ……After all, you had to be able to see in order to administer emergency treatment!


  Centra generously allowed you to see her nearly see-through state of attire. Both of you blushed for several minutes as you applied the 『Burn Scatter』 spell you learned from the War Priest.


  Centra spoke up softly.


  “…….You’re quite skilled at this?”


  “I practiced hard. In order to save you.”


  “So, you mean…..you went and then came back?”


  “That’s right.”


  “……That’s dangerous! If you had just stayed in your original world….you would have been safe. Look, even your handsome face is injur……”


  “I’m glad you like my face.”


  “That wasn’t supposed to be a compliment!”


  “Then you don’t like it?”


  “……Well, it’s not that I don’t.”


  Only then did you finally smile.


  For the past week, not a single hint of a smile had graced your face. Yet, with Centra, smiles came effortlessly; truly, a remarkable phenomenon.


  It made sense. After all, how many people had been charmed by her kindness? She seemed to have the power to attract people’s hearts. Or maybe it was just that you….had fallen for her at first sight.


  You believed Centra would do well in the future, no matter what stood in her way.


  “With you alive, we can set everything right. Both dealing with the hardliner bastards and making 『Beer and Song』 a success.”




  Centra reached out in confusion, but you did not take her hand.


  It was because it wasn’t over yet.


  “There’s still something left to do. Wait a little. I’ll take care of it quickly and come back.”


  You stood up, gripping the dagger. The sound of running footsteps approached from the other end of the passage.


  You had hoped for some luck to find you and finish this without a fight…….but it would’ve been more strange if the Resistance, who had taken over the base, didn’t know about the secret passage. Though only a hunch, you believed that the Resistance’s precursor was the Defense Bureau. 


  “……You…won’t…run away…right?”




  “Then, please……Don’t get hurt. Fight well and win. You must!”


  “I promise.”


  With the encouragement of the one you love, there was not a single reason for you to lose.


  You prepared for the final fight.





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