Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay In Another World Chapter 114

Cultist Nymph and Pluto's Underground Labyrinth (12)

    ༺ Cultist Nymph and Pluto’s Underground Labyrinth (12) ༻   


  After defeating the monster bull, we continued the labyrinth exploration smoothly without any significant twists or turns.

  As we progressed through the straight corridors, we reached the room that was located at the very end of the long passage. Surprisingly, there was nothing on the small pedestal that was placed inside the room.

  It was because exploring Pluto’s Labyrinth didn’t always mean that we would definitely find treasures. So I had come to the realization that this labyrinth was actually a dud.

  However, seeing the absence of any relics, the ice mage clicked her tongue in disappointment; as though she was secretly expecting there to be an artifact at the end of the road.

  “It’s truly a letdown. Nevertheless, I can sense a considerable accumulation of mysterious magical powers and karma in our bodies. We did gain something in a way.”

  “Well, let’s go back then.”

  As an adventurer, our first labyrinth exploration ended at that moment. So, the only thing left for us was to simply retrace our steps back.

  “L-Lord Pluto, I apologize for rummaging through your labyrinth. Take care.”

  As we were about to leave the labyrinth, the proselyte— Paranoy repeatedly bowed her head towards the labyrinth entrance.

  “I apologize for calling you a bastard, Lord Pluto… I have chosen to serve a different god from now on. Please understand my circumstances…”

  Hot damn! This was the first time I saw someone apologizing to a labyrinth.
  “Hey, if you do something like that, the conversion process will be deemed pointless.”

  “I-Is that so? You do make quite a bit of sense speaking as such. I am just… unable to adjust to the sudden change of faith that I’ve been used to since childhood yet….”


  After listening to Paranoy’s words, I realized that she had a valid reason for her behavior. As someone who fundamentally didn’t believe in any religion, matters of faith and the conversion process seemed like a distant tale to me.

  I wondered if, one day, someone were to order a devout Christian to convert to Islam, would they be able to do something like that?

  Religion and faith were such crucial matters that they were still able to spark the embers of war even in the 21st century, where superstitions had been rendered meaningless.

  “But more importantly, Mr. Hassan, i-isn’t that thing heavy for you?”

  While I was lost in those thoughts, the nymph— Paranoy trembled while observing me. Her scarlet-hued eyes were focused on the massive axe-like weapon resting on my shoulders.

  It was the halberd that the monster bull was freely swinging around earlier.

  Since the others couldn’t muster the courage to wield it, it ended up in my hands.

  It was indeed very heavy. However, it wasn’t heavy to the extent that I couldn’t lift it while using both of my hands. I wondered if the strength stat, which had risen up to 9, was showing its wonders right now…

  Of course, that didn’t mean I felt confident about being able to swing it easily to slay enemies. Even if I could swing it, my strength would probably be completely drained after just one or two strikes.

  I wondered how much this weapon would sell for.

  While I indulged in such a happy daydream, the dwarf Didier, who had been walking ahead through the reed field, added a few more words.

  “Party Leader bro has quite the strength. You guys should have seen how he fought against the minotaur earlier. When that bull grabbed his shoulders, bro just grabbed its wrist and the monster started writhing in pain before collapsing to the ground!”

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  That monster bull was already writhing in pain when I grabbed its wrist? I wondered if such a thing had actually happened, so I started recalling the previous battle.

  It seems that Didier, lying on the ground, didn’t see me forcefully kick the monster’s groins. From that angle, he might have simply thought that I knocked the monster down with my sheer strength alone.

  “I can’t believe he could knock down a bull as huge as a house! It might really be possible to reach the hero-rank!”

  Perhaps it was because he thought of me as his benefactor, but Didier flattered me so much that I wasn’t sure what expression to make now.

  “Hassan, you are amazing! It was a really strong monster. Honestly, I didn’t expect you would be able to hold up so well against it!”

  Luna, wearing the giant skull of the minotaur on her head, also chimed in.

  “It seems that Samaritans are indeed born warriors!”

  “It wasn’t exactly that exaggerated. Well, you know…”

  For those people who were accustomed to praise, what would they say, and what kind of expression would they make during a time like this? I was relatively confident in managing my expressions when receiving insults or criticism…

  But when these people gave me a lot of praise, I had next to no idea how to react in front of them.

  “You did have sufficient enough skills to surpass me and become the party leader. At first, I thought it was just exaggerated rumors, so I couldn’t believe them at all. But it seems that the rumor that you caught a lion with your bare hands is true, right?”

  “Well, there are some circumstances…”

  “Hassan even caught a crocodile in the swamp with his bare hands! Hassan is a beast who is used to crushing venomous snakes to death since birth!”

  “How interesting.”

  So, in the end, I just kept on fidgeting awkwardly while gazing at the reeds turning yellow as they soaked in the glow of the evening sunset.

  At times like this, if it were my younger sister or mother, they would have spoken a few words with confidence in their voice. However, I mostly took after my father and thus lacked that assertiveness.

  “Huh, I thought I was going to die. It had fists as hard as a rock. It feels like some of my bones have been broken.”

  “I also didn’t expect it could break through my ice barrier so easily. I can’t believe that this is only a bronze-rank labyrinth. Pluto’s Labyrinth is more dangerous than what I expected.”

  Soon we returned to the abandoned temple of the goddess Ceres and boarded the carriage that was waiting for our arrival. As the horses began to traverse the bumpy roads, we finally relaxed, and each of us began to share our impressions of the exploration.

  “Party Leader bro, I’ve heard that you have quite a bit of experience in labyrinth explorations. In terms of difficulty, how would you rate this one?”

  Didier asked while sitting beside me. In response to Didier’s question, I recalled everything that I experienced— from encountering the mimics to the moment when the monster bull— minotaur popped out.

  “Just an average level…?”

  If that was Elfriede, she wouldn’t have struggled much even in front of that monster. I believe Hippolyte could easily subdue this labyrinth as well.

  As I thought about it, I became acutely aware of the gap between me and those girls. God damn! I still had a long way to go.

  Still, Hassan, the slave who used to struggle to save 5 coppers, slowly amassed 30 silvers to finally buy his freedom. That very Hassan, stood his ground against the enormous monster and even emerged victorious in the end…

  This, seriously, was a fucking miracle even by my own standards! Now that I think about it, I could honestly boast about it throughout the neighborhood, couldn’t I!?

  However, seemingly quite shocked by my honest response, Didier leaked out a small sigh-like sound, “Keuhh.”

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  “I’ve made up my mind. I guess it’s time for me to quit the life of living by the sword.”

  “Are you quitting?”

  “Yes. It seems there is a limit to continuing as an adventurer on just one leg. Rather than risking my life and dying somewhere, I think it would be better to start as a street vendor, even if I can’t open a store yet.”

  If he was considered a promising young talent even within the whole guild, then Didier must have built up a lot of achievements and skills as an adventurer. However, it seemed that his experience in the labyrinth hadn’t been very pleasant for him after all.

  Honestly, venturing into the depths of the ancient ruins without being particularly obsessed with money and fame was a burdensome task for anyone.

  “As I thought, what I truly want to do is not swing an axe but wield a kitchen knife and chop away ingredients. I have come to a clear realization about that this time.”

  None of us spoke in response to Didier’s decision to quit.

  I could not say that it was the best decision, but our relationship was also not close enough to stop him from quitting.

  But it was somewhat regrettable to think that after being acquainted with him, we would be unable to see this red-bearded dwarf in the guild anymore.

  I didn’t expect this to happen, but it seems like I’ve developed some affection for him in my mind in this short period of time.

  But that was how life in this world was. You met easily and parted just as easily. There was no time to develop something like affection for others.

  That was why severing the affection that had already been developed once was even more difficult.

  “Oh, skull. You will become a splendid amulet mask.”

  My gaze turned towards Luna who was stroking the large skull of the minotaur. Come to think of it, didn’t the owner of that skull talk about a child of Knox or something like that?

  I had been trying to ignore it till now.

  But now, I became even more curious about who this pink-haired girl really was and what she represented.

  * * *

  We arrived in Sodomora the day after.

  All of us stretched our bodies as soon as we set foot in the city that reeked of the slums after spending the whole day cramped inside the carriage.

  “Damn! No matter how expensive they are, carriages aren’t meant for long rides. Have we finally arrived?”

  At first, I just thought of this place as an unfamiliar and despicable city. However, after living here for some time, this city truly started feeling like my hometown— a familiar place that I could call ‘home.’

  “I should go to the treatment center. I’ll leave the disposal of the loot and such to the guild along with the inventory list.”

  Didier, getting off the carriage, left first to treat the injuries he had been inflicted with while dealing with the bandits and the minotaur..

  He had been groaning inside the carriage throughout the ride. It didn’t seem like a serious injury on the surface, but it was better to go to the treatment center anyways, before it was too late. There was always a chance that it might turn into a bigger problem if he left the matter unattended.

  “Well then, Mr. Party Leader, I should also go on my own way. I want to meditate to control the newly acquired karma.”

  The ice mage— Velmina, too, disappeared into the crowd after a brief farewell as she had her own matters to attend to.

  In the end, only Luna, Paranoy— the nymph proselyte, and I were left behind.

  “What’s with this situation? It’s just the three of us left. It’s more fun if we all eat and drink together, no? The guys we meet in the quests these days don’t seem interested in the after-party celebrations.”
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  Looking at the empty alleys, Luna smacked her lips as if she was feeling disappointed. But those who had already left wouldn’t come back no matter what we did.

  In the end, only Paranoy, who hadn’t been in good condition since the fire divination, Luna, and I went to the Nymph’s Wings Inn to order meat and drinks.

  “Y-You’re also paying for me? Thank you, Mr. Hassan…”

  The nymph, Paranoy, who had remained silent throughout the journey, cautiously opened her mouth after receiving a glass of alcohol. I also decided to finally convey the words that had been bothering me for some time already.

  “Can’t you drop the honorifics? It feels so weird to suddenly hear you talking that way.”

  “T-the honorifics? But the followers of Vesta…”

  “Hassan, it’s customary for Vesta’s followers to use this kind of speech. Using honorifics is evidence that Paranoy is doing her faith conversion properly.”

  “Is that so?”

  Using honorifics did sound like a kind of religious practice…

  I’d had this warm and cozy feeling since I heard that it was a religion that worships campfires and the goddess who guards them. Surprisingly, even in this twisted world, there was a religion that felt like a proper religion.

  However, it didn’t seem to be that powerful. A goddess who guards campfires, of all things.

  If one was a god of this world, then they should at least safeguard swords or something or be able to unleash lightning or engage in powerful battles and works— show some feats of strength and power, only then they could be called a powerful god.

  “Well, here’s your food. Brother, I recently heard that you were chosen as the leader of a labyrinth exploration party. You’ve returned earlier than expected! What’s with that beast’s skull?”

  The innkeeper placed the tray on our table as usual and added a few words. Had rumors about the labyrinth exploration spread already?

  “So, about this—”

  Luna proudly rambled on, boasting about our encounters with bandits and the monsters we faced in the labyrinth. The innkeeper, listening to her story, burst into loud laughter when he heard her recount our adventure.

  “Wow, is that so? It seems like you weren’t even injured. Your skills are crazily improving day by day. It must be all thanks to eating the food at our inn!”

  The innkeeper, who had been laughing happily as if he was the one to succeed in the labyrinth exploration instead, suddenly shifted his gaze towards the scarlet-haired Paranoy who was sitting at our table.

  “T-Thank you, Lady Vesta, for allowing this devotee to have this meal… and I also thank Mr. Hassan for buying me this food…”

  Paranoy looked at the food placed in front of her and muttered a strange prayer. When she was being faithful, she was really earnest about it.

  “A nymph lady like you is quite rare to see in the world nowadays. My wife would love to meet you.”

  “Your wife is a nymph?”

  Just as Paranoy was about to start eating, her already big eyes widened further at the innkeeper’s words. The innkeeper gestured with his chin.

  “She’s over there.”

  “A-Another nymph…”

  Paranoy’s gaze slowly shifted to the place where the innkeeper pointed towards, and her expression gradually turned into astonishment.

  “S-She is a nymph…?”
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  “Honey, Echo. Come here! Your kin is here!”

  “Oh my, besides me, there is another nymph—”

  A mature nymph, the married woman Echo, soon appeared at our table. I felt dizzy when seeing her— she exuded a maturity that I wasn’t able to sense from any other woman I had met in this world.

  Indeed, the talks about the guests especially coming to see the nymph boss lady didn’t seem to be an exaggeration.

  “Hehe, what a cute nymph.”

  She was so fatally charming. I felt this feeling became stronger each time I met her.

  Could it be that even Paranoy, who was a nymph herself, felt something from her naturally exuding maturity?

  “A-Are you… really a nymph? How on earth…”

  “Ah, that’s a secret… I am Echo, a nymph of the deep spring waters. And you are…?”

  “I am P-Paranoy, a nymph of the ditch waters…”


  Echo immediately bowed and gently pressed her forehead against Paranoy’s own. I was genuinely surprised by her behavior, thinking they were about to kiss or something.

  “Hey, Luna. What are they doing?”

  “As far as I know, nymphs exchange magical power like that as a greeting. It’s my first time witnessing it firsthand, too. It’s so fascinating…!”

  “Even though my wife is a nymph, this is also my first time seeing something like this. Echo, did you find something?”

  With a gentle smile that could only suit a parent looking at her child, the innkeeper’s wife, Echo, separated her forehead from Paranoy’s and responded with a soft laugh.

  “Indeed, from the ditch waters. Just like your looks, you are a young girl. It’s only been about twenty years since you were born. Yet you possess such mysterious karma. It’s proof that you have endured untold hardships. How pitiful!”

  “A-And you were born…”

  “Don’t let it out. Ohoho. Nymphs are always the fairies of youth. Keep that in mind.”

  “Yes, yesh.”

  “Anyway, it’s delightful to see another nymph like you. It almost feels like I have come to visit my parents’ house. Please come and visit often in the future.”


  Even while giving such a response, Paranoy’s eyes were fixated on the voluptuous chest of the married nymph, Echo. Paranoy’s own chest was rather small as though it had just started to bud.

  Perhaps she was curious about why someone from the same nymph race as her ended up with such large breasts.

  “Anyway, enjoy your meal.”

  The innkeeper and the nymph— Echo withdrew from the table to attend to the various orders being called out from the other customers.

  However, the innkeeper discreetly handed me a small paper note-like object that only I was able to notice.

  I unfolded the tiny paper note under the table to make sure that Luna and Paranoy didn’t see it. It contained a single sentence.

  The baron is waiting.

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