Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay In Another World Chapter 118

Sodomora, City of Pleasure, and the Goddess’ Holy Warrior (2)

    ༺ Sodomora, City of Pleasure, and the Goddess’ Holy Warrior (2) ༻   



  The goddess of beauty and love.

  She was also the goddess who governed over lust and sexual desire.

  One famous anecdote about her was the tale of her cheating on her husband with Mars, the god of war and valor. I believe it was even written in the encyclopedia I was reading these days.

  A woman, symbolizing beauty and love, and a man among warriors. Not only did they look good together, they were essentially a perfect combination as a couple.

  Perhaps that was why the relationship between Mars Guild and Venus’ Temple was quite good.

  If I were to mention which temple interacted the most with the Mars Guild, then the first would be Pluto’s Temple (The Underground Labyrinth), and the second would be Venus’ Temple. This was not even an exaggeration but pure fact.

  “After performing requests from the Mars guild, sometimes, instead of rewards, you may receive a token from the Venus Temple.”

  From Marco’s story, somehow, I learned how to obtain a token from the Venus Temple.

  If the Minerva Guild was providing an exceptional in-house restaurant as a way to take care of the welfare of its members, then the Mars Guild also provided that in its own ways.


  This kind of welfare would surely heighten the hot-blooded adventurers’ motivation to immeasurable heights.

  “Ahem, I’m just going to visit. I won’t do anything else. Just going to take a look.”

  “That’s right. No one would say anything.”

  Anyway, after enjoying a moderate daytime drink, we stepped out onto the streets of the western slums and headed towards the central street where the temple of Venus was located.

  “What’s that? Look at that bunch.”

  “There are barbarians, elves, and even fucking huge goblins.”

  “That’s not a goblin. It looks more like a human. He’s carrying a stringed instrument on his back.”

  “Forget that. Fuck, let’s not make any eye contact with them. No need to start a fight for no reason.”

  A giant Samaritan, a bald-headed elf, and a funny-looking bard— this peculiar combination indeed had a way of attracting people’s attention.

  Actually, even though it was a bit uncomfortable, after having some drinks and suddenly feeling an odd sense of excitement coursing through my body, I no longer paid much attention to those judging gazes.

  I couldn’t believe I was going to the temple of Venus.

  Since the days I was still struggling as a slave, I had occasionally heard stories about this place. But I didn’t know exactly what kind of place it was.

  As mentioned earlier, they seemed to be selecting the devotees worthy to enter this place, after a meticulous inspection process.

  I was indeed curious about what kind of place the temple would be, and this was a perfect chance to visit and observe the place to quench my curiosity. After all, I couldn’t think of anything more fun to do right now while I was feeling immensely bored.

  Of course, I was not going there to do anything scandalous, just to visit and observe. Seeing and learning, as they say. It was a very wholesome and scholarly activity— nothing more, nothing less.

  “Hehe, this is the second time I have visited this place, but it always makes me quite a bit nervous.”

  After walking for several minutes, we arrived at the temple street, located in the city center. Here, the building serving as the place of worship for the goddess of Venus – the temple of Venus – stood tall in all its glory.

  Pillars made of pristine marble stood high on the equilateral triangular roof.

  Also, looking at the fountain and the beautiful flowers blooming densely inside the garden at the sides, it became clear that this place was indeed a sacred ground for serving the goddess.

  The grand and majestic sight, along with the butterflies fluttering all around, was enough to even make my excitedly pounding heart feel the slightest bit of solemnity.

  “Damn it! How could there even be swans paddling around in the garden?”

  I couldn’t help but open my mouth wide in surprise as I saw the swans tidying their feathers in the small pond inside the beautiful garden.

  I seriously felt that this place would be a nice spot to come for a walk with Luna.

  In fact, I also wondered if this place was actually used as a popular dating spot as I could see a plethora of couples – men and women in pairs – strolling around the garden while happily chatting with each other.

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  If you only looked at the outer appearance, could anyone think this was a place where various immoral activities took place on a regular basis?

  “The swans are the symbol of Venus, the goddess of love. But more importantly, I can guess what you are thinking, brother. You must be overwhelmed by the grandeur of this building, right?”

  Startled by Marco’s words, speaking from beside me, I snapped out of my reveries.

  “Damn it! Have you also learned sorcery that allows you to read people’s minds now?”

  “What sorcery? What? Anyway, the temple of Venus in the city of Sodomora is at least three times larger than the ones in other cities. It’s because Baron Fleur, the patron, is an enthusiastic devotee of the goddess— Venus.”

  Baron Fleur?

  I had also heard the name of Baron Fleur before.

  If I remember correctly, one of the nobles that had asked the owner of the Nymph Wing Inn about how he was able to make Echo’s chest and body grow to such an extent was none other than this Baron Fleur.

  Baron Fleur was the man I was supposed to meet secretly in a few days, too. It was quite surprising to hear his name in a place like this.

  “Brothers, let’s stop talking. How about we quickly enter the temple?”

  “Yes, that’s a good idea. Brother, let’s go inside.”

  I hesitantly stepped into the temple at the urging of the bald elf and the big-nosed bard.

  The interior of the temple was illuminated to such an extent that even the objects were being reflected on the radiant and polished marble floors— innumerable red carpets were scattered all over the place, giving off the feeling that one had entered a literal palace instead of a temple.

  It seemed true that it had a well-regarded nobleman of the city as a patron.

  Just as I was captivated by the chandeliers and painted pottery that one could only see at a party venue—

  “Look, that reception desk over there is empty. Brothers, let’s go that way.”

  Hearing Marco’s words, I turned my head and saw a woman wearing a pink robe sitting in a space resembling the receptionist desk of a guild.

  With long, flowing golden hair and milky fair skin, she exuded the high standards naturally expected from a temple that was serving the goddess of beauty.

  Of course, Luna seemed more beautiful to me though.

  Anyway, the three of us approached the vacant counter. There sat a bluish-golden-haired woman looking up at us.

  “Oh my, what handsome gentlemen you guys are. A bald dwarf, a giant barbarian, and a monster with a prominent elongated nose! What brings you, honorable gentlemen, to our temple?”

  The woman greeted us cheerfully with words that were hard to tell whether they were compliments or sarcasm.

  It seemed that we had just received some insults, but with such a cheerful atmosphere, I felt a strange mix of emotions that made it hard for me to get angry at her.

  So while I kept my mouth shut, Marco and the fake monk— Khalidur, began nudging each other with their elbows as if sending some kind of signal.

  Tap— Tap— Tap—

  For a moment, I wondered if these guys were swinging the other way. Or maybe, upon closer inspection, we might have messed up the address and come to a place that we shouldn’t have. So I started to feel a genuine sense of fear growing inside of me.

  “Um, well, sister… We, uh, my brothers and I have come to worship the goddess of beauty— Lady Venus. Um, ahem, cough, hem, ahem…”

  Marco struggled to speak while coughing excessively as if he had a sore throat. Now that I thought about it, they must be hesitating to speak due to their embarrassment.

  “Then let me check your tokens first.”

  “Ah, here they are.”

  Thus, the counter attendant received the scroll tickets from Marco.

  “For a sweetheart lover course, one hour each, a total of three people. A sweetheart lover course, huh? Are you all virgins?”

  The attendant’s question made Marco visibly flustered. He started trembling.

  “T-That’s a secret.”

  “Hehe. Well, everyone says that. Alright, then. You now need to check for some final formalities, you will then be led to the hall where the sisters are. Next, please!”

* * * * * * * * * *

  In the direction where the counter attendant pointed with her finger, there were furniture and structures resembling the security checkpoint of an airport.
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  There, women dressed in thick armor, which was unsuitable with the image of the goddess of love, checked the belongings of both men and women while carrying iron maces on their waists.

  “Hey, Marco. What are they doing there?”

  In response to my question, Marco, with squinted eyes under his cone-shaped hat, looked around and observed for a few seconds before speaking.

  “Oh, that? Those are for dealing with the occasional troublemakers during worship. They started implementing this restriction on one’s belongings before entering a few years ago.”

  Indeed, it seemed like they had their own procedures.

  Marco, the baldy— Khalidur, and I stood in line in front of the checkpoint, waiting for our turn to come.

  Khalidur and Marco continued to clear their throat anxiously. I, too, found myself restless and kept constantly looking around at the unfamiliar and fascinating scenery.

  So, this was the temple of Venus, huh?

  After completing the inspection, I wondered what would happen to us next. I let my anticipation grow, thinking about what would unfold.


  Just then, I locked eyes with a female who was wearing impressive armor and sitting in a corner of the room.

  And at that moment, a chilling shiver ran down my spine, nearly causing me to let out a small yelp.

  The reason I didn’t scream was probably due to my extraordinary level of endurance.

  What the hell is that?

  The first thing that caught my attention was the pristine white armor adorned with numerous sharp blades. Could the armor itself be considered a weapon?

  If someone were to receive a direct blow from such lethally-sharp-edged armor, it could potentially tear their body apart.

  But what truly astonished me more than the armor was her face.

  Curly, light blond hair cascaded down her face from the sides, and instead of a helmet, she was wearing a crown composed of thorny rose vines. An elongated gag was placed in front of her mouth, inhumanely sealing her lips and preventing any words from being spoken.
  Her eyes, which were menacingly staring at me, matched the color of her beautiful golden hair.

  A pair of golden eyes— eyes resembling that of a wild beast were glaring at me. It was an absolutely terrifying experience.

  “Hey, Marco, who the hell is that…?”

  I couldn’t help but ask Marco about the eerie-looking woman sitting in the corner. He seemed to have some experience with the temple of Venus.

  Marco, still tense and coughing drily every now and then, opened his narrow eyes as he followed my gaze to shift towards the woman. Then he muttered a silent, “Ah…”

  “She’s one of the sisters. The Holy Warrior of Venus. She represents the maximum force protecting the temple of Venus situated in the city of Sodomora.”

  The Holy Warrior of Venus, huh?

  I had heard about the existence of Holy Warriors before. They were said to be individuals cursed by the gods or goddesses, burdened with sins, and enslaved under their vicious rule to do their bidding.

  Indeed, with the gag affixed to her mouth and the thorny crown adorning her head, she seemed more like a prisoner than a warrior, despite wearing such impressive armor.

  “She’s terrifying.”

  “Ho, as expected of you, brother, who has experienced killing people in the wilderness, you have a keen sense. They say that The Radiant Rose Warrior is strong enough to give famous warriors like Hippolyte or Actaeon a run for their money.”

  “Is that true? Are you not lying?”

  To think that this strange-looking woman could match the strength of the strongest warriors I have come to know in these lands— Hippolyte and Actaeon, the panty-wearing ace of the Minerva guild.

  Just hearing the story made me realize how formidable this woman in this strange costume must be.

  “Of course, no one has actually witnessed her in combat. She just sits there as a formality.”

  So she was guarding this position almost akin to the deterrent of a nuclear bomb. But more importantly, a Holy Warrior, huh? It reminded me of Schizo, the Black Armored Warrior with a greatsword as a weapon, who served as Pluto’s Holy Warrior. He also wore iron armor like that.

  Perhaps, if that was really the case, could the armor with those sharp blades be a kind of unbreakable shackle too?

  I didn’t think much of it when it was Schizo, but now that I had seen it again, I couldn’t help wondering just how these guys attended to their personal needs and hygienes when they were unable to remove their armor.

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  At that very moment, the Holy Warrior of Venus, who had been the focus of my gaze, stood up from her seat. Immediately after, with clanking steps, she began walking towards me.

  I wondered if she had something she needed to do. But seeing her golden eyes fixated on me, there was no doubt that she was coming towards me.

  Shit! Did she get mad because I was staring at her so blatantly?

  “Hey, doesn’t it seem like she’s coming towards us?”

  “Brother, it must be your imagination. Only the worshippers of Pluto are rejected in the temple of Venus.”


  For some reason, a word of deep profanity slipped out of my mouth. It was because I saw that the cast iron-like woman was reaching for her morning star, a spiked mace with a chain, attached to her waist.

  Clank— Thud—


  The Holy Warrior of Venus made an intimidating motion as she let out an animal-like sound through her gag. At the same time, the morning star swung up with a whoosh sound.


  And it immediately descended towards me.


  “Fucking damn it!”

  I had anticipated the attack, so avoiding it wasn’t much of a problem.

  “Damn it!”

  However, akin to being crushed by a forklift, a terrible dent appeared on the beautiful marble floor from the attack made by that terrifying woman. If it had been me who had been hit instead, my body would have been smashed.



  All of the people panicked in this unexpected situation and started screaming while fleeing in all directions.


  The Holy Warrior, groaning menacingly under her gag, picked up the fallen morning star from the ground as if she was reloading her attack. It swiftly flew towards me once again.


  Damn it! This time, I couldn’t dodge it. It was too late for me to draw my club from my waist. Should I be prepared to sacrifice an arm or something? Could the bone crushed by the morning star be healed at the treatment center?

  Damn it! This must be my punishment for trying to do something terrible behind Luna’s back.

  As I mentally prepared myself at rapid speeds, raising one arm to defend myself—


  Khalidur, standing by my side and guarding me, swiftly turned his waist, pivoting on his heel, and delivered a powerful kick to the Holy Warrior, deflecting the armored arm studded with thick metal plates.



  The golden eyes that were staring at me with hostility showed a hint of confusion after being struck. She probably didn’t even consider the possibility of her attack being blocked by someone.


  Khalidur exhaled and rolled his shoulders, positioning himself with his palms together like a martial arts master.

  “How could you suddenly attack like that— What I had asked for was a sweetheart lover’s course. Where in the world can you find a ridiculous lover like this?”

  His posture resembled a renowned martial artist. It somehow made him feel quite dependable.
  But then, I shouted while looking at the back of Khalidur, who stood proudly between The Rose Warrior Radiant and me.

  “Damn it, Khalidur!”
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  “Brothers, leave this place to me. Khalidur, Alfheim’s flash of light. I must demonstrate my skills here—”

  “Your foot is broken! Damn it! It’s twisted in a freakish way!”

  “Haha. The body of a monk trained with the mana and seal of asceticism is as strong as the Indestructible Vajra. Although the armor is sturdy, it wouldn’t be enough for my leg to break from an attack like this one…”

  Khalidur lowered his head and paused his trail of words after glancing at his foot for a moment. He was probably unable to continue speaking since his right foot had twisted in a bizarre direction.

  “…Did I eat too much meat?”


  He collapsed to the ground at the end of his sentence.

  “Damn it, baldy—! “

  Fucking hell! She managed to bring down the powerful Khalidur in just a single blow! Now nothing was standing between the Holy Warrior and me.


  Anyway, it was clear that I was now in a desperate situation. Damn it, what should I do now? Should I engage in a fierce battle here? With that thought in mind, I was about to draw my club when—

  “Brother! Shout that a lover has arrived towards the Holy Warrior! Proclaim that her beloved lover has come!”

  Marco, crouching in a corner while trembling nonstop, raised his voice and informed.

  “Hurry up!! You must trust me on this one!”

  What, a lover? Has Marco gone crazy already? That was the only thing that seemed plausible in my mind for a moment. But with the sight of the morning star swinging like the merciless propeller of a helicopter, it seemed like anything was worth a try in this dire situation.

  So, with a feeling that it would be better than dying right now, I tightly clenched my fists and shouted out loud.

  “A-A lo-lover has come! Damn you, fucking stop it already!”

  When that strange shout burst out of my mouth, there was a collective gasp from the trembling people crouched in the corners of the room.

  “He really said those words! He’s insane…!”

  “What a brave guy! Is that barbarian really afraid of nothing!?”

  “But who would stop that warrior if he didn’t do that? What the hell caused her to go on a frenzy so suddenly?”

  I wondered what on earth was going on here. However, upon hearing my words, the Holy Warrior of Venus trembled visibly.



  The eyes that were about to target me soon lost their strength. The Holy Warrior let go of the morning star she held in her hands and approached me, embracing me with all her might.

  I couldn’t believe this shit. I was suddenly receiving a passionate embrace from this terrifying woman!




  However, because of the sharp-bladed armor pressing against my body, I had no choice but to scream out loud as though I was about to die.

  Just being embraced by her already caused my stylish clothes to tear in various places and left visible wounds on my skin! If a bear with blades all over its body hugged me, this was exactly how it would feel!
  Rub— Rub—

  Then she pushed the spiky crown full of thorns towards me, and her face rubbed against mine, making me feel like I was gradually getting closer and closer towards death.

  Damn it! It fucking hurt like hell!!!

  What on earth was happening here?

  “Stop it, Psyche.”

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