Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay In Another World Chapter 132

Whose Hand wil the God of War Raise (6)

    ༺ Whose Hand wil the God of War Raise (6) ༻   


  “Hurry! Carry me on your back…!”

  At the Young Lady’s words, I snapped back to my senses.

  Our battle power will take a severe hit if we lose a strong woman like her who was capable of using Aura even with a lower body disability. Therefore, I decided to agree to carry her on my back.

  However, even though I had made up my mind, my hand was still reluctant to go toward her body.

  It was due to the fact that I could clearly see her white and bouncy-looking butt and thighs which were now exposed for everyone’s eyes to see, probably because the armor that had covered her lower half had been torn away by the raid of the undead forces.

  I was contemplating in my mind whether it was really okay for me to touch her exposed regions.


  Since she was the one who was urging me, I had no other choice but to carry her on my back.

  Even though the sensation that I was feeling on my back was rough and hard, the feeling that was permeating my hands from the place where I placed my hands was so squishy and smooth that it made me have thoughts that it didn’t belong in the midst of a warzone.

  Squishy— Squishy—

  Was she telling the truth when she said that she couldn’t feel anything in her lower body or did she simply not care?

  The noble Young Lady, Enya, did not say anything even though a man she didn’t know was touching her butt. She just swung her sword in her surroundings while seated on my back.

  “Where should we go now!? Should we run away to the military headquarters?”

  “Forward, we will go forward! Just keep going forward!”

  “A-Are you serious?”

  “The Sardich family never jokes around! Hurry up! This frenzy will keep going on until we decapitate the enemy general, Anxious!”

  Enya’s hand, wrapped around my neck, tightened as she delivered those words and she even started rocking her body in a back-and-forth motion.

  It was as if she was trying to control a horse for real, making me feel like I had become a tool for her to use right now. But strangely enough, I didn’t hate this at all.

  Bounce— Bounce—

  Since I could touch her soft buttocks to my heart’s content in exchange, I felt like living as a horse for the entirety of the day wouldn’t be bad at all.

  To think that the daughter of a count is not ashamed of being carried on the back of a man, much less on the back of a barbarian. This spreading might ruin your prospects of marriage.

  “Shut your mouth! We are about to enter the mountain range, so it would be wise for you to start thinking about your defense before the judges!”

  Ohhh… How frightening… But it seems like you are not aware. The only army around you right now was that one barbarian. As expected, you have gathered nothing but rabbles. They have done nothing but increase the headcount of my undead army.


  I have to commend your strategy of deploying a quick surprise attack, though. Of course, I know that this is nothing but bait. I also know that what you are truly aiming for is to wait for the arrival of the reinforcements while I bite the bait you laid out.

  “I see that you are well aware of your impending doom! When the main unit arrives, it will really be over!”

  Enya, the Young Lady of Sodomora, growled because of the wrath she felt inside. Anxious swiftly answered back in response.

  But if I finish everything before that, everything will be over before your main force can arrive, right?

  Indeed, as Anxious just mentioned, the soldiers who fought vigorously were now lying scattered across the muddy puddles, torn apart by the army of undead.


  However, rather than staying dead as they should, they became undead and rose to their feet again.

  Due to that vicious cycle, Enya and I were isolated among the hordes of undead.



  Skeletons with flashing red eyes attacked us from all sides. Enya, with a sword enveloped in aura in her hand, fought them vigorously while swinging her sword in all directions.
  “Huh, huh—”

  Not long after, I felt that her breaths were becoming more and more labored. At the same time, the swings of her sword also started to slow down. It seemed like she was starting to get tired.

  Meanwhile, her soft butt, held in the confines of my hands, also started getting slippery due to the accumulated sweat. Due to that, keeping her positioned on my back without letting her fall as I ran through this mud-covered ground was becoming much more difficult than before.

  My pinky fingers also kept slipping and sank into the crack between her butt. Hence, in more ways than one, I felt like I was dying right now.

  When my breath started to become rougher too… Enya, who was riding me, shouted in my ear to encourage my endeavors.

  “Samaritan, give your all for just a little bit more. If we are able to return alive, you will receive great rewards for this feat!”

  “…Great rewards?”

  “I’ll personally ask my father! You can look forward to it! Uaaah, ang… !”“

  Young Lady Enya suddenly screamed at the end of her words.

  “…Is something wrong? Are you alright!?”

  “I-I suddenly felt a sensation I’ve never felt before… Cough, It’s nothing! Hurry up, charge toward the mountain range!”

  For a moment, my finger had slipped and dug towards the very depths between her buttocks. I think Enya’s reaction was because of that. What I touched was probably her most precious spot.

  Fuck! It was a huge sin to touch the body of a noblewoman. I couldn’t help but tremble when I thought that I was possibly going to be punished rather than being rewarded for my efforts.

  I mean, touching her most secretive place when we were running across this muddy field that was filled with the dead in order to reach the place where the magician was located? I was not crazy enough to think about that kind of stuff here!


  At that very moment, several skeletons rose up from the mud simultaneously. And just as I got busy kicking all the skeletons that were holding my ankles.

  “Ah~ ah-! Heuu, haaahhh!”

  Enya screamed and bounced off me before falling to the ground. It seemed like she was unable to stand the stimulus that was emanating from her most precious spot due to my rapid movements.

  Young Lady, it seems like you are not good at handling horses, huh? Now— What should I do? Since they seem to want to come to the mountain range, drag them here. Treat them respectfully and make sure that they arrive here alive.


  At the voice that resonated from the sky, the skeletons jumped toward Enya who had fallen to the ground.

  Young Lady, you will make a great Death Knight since you know how to use Aura. You will be able to command one of Pluto’s armies.

  “Who wants to be something like that!”

  Even though Enya tried to fend herself from the barrage of the skeletons by swinging her sword, the undead skeletons were focusing their attack on her hand that was holding the sword. In the end, when they successfully bit that hand, Enya was overpowered and was pressed heavily on the ground.

  “Huuu, Huaaaaaahhhhh!”

  A bestial scream leaked from under her helmet at that moment. Of course, it was far from enough to solve the problem though.

  And bring that Samaritan too. I don’t care if he is alive or dead. I’ll be able to make something interesting using his strange karma-infeste body.


  Now, the skeletons did not just attack Enya alone. They also directed their onslaught on me as well.

  Things would have been different if the skeletons that attacked us consisted of only normal skeletons. However, there were corpses of the soldiers who had just died mixed among them as well, so their weight and strength were far from normal.

  No matter how much strength someone gained through leveling up, and even if they knew how to use Aura, it would be useless against the assault of a literal army!

  “Uaah, keuk! Ahh!”

  I was beaten all over by the undead army as they began trampling and biting my body.

  Since I had taken off all of my armor because of the Gale Tactic, the only thing that was protecting my body now was the thick leather clothes. However, it was nowhere near enough to save me from the pain of their assault.

  “Ouch, it’s so fucking hurts!”

  As I began to cry and shout out like that…

  “This is the authority of Pluto, the god of the underworld… Oh Lady Minerva and the gods of the High Mountain Olympus… Have pity on us…”

  I heard the prayers of Enya, who, just like me, was dying from being crushed by the incessant charge of the undead.

  A prayer, huh?

  Only someone helplessly facing death would do such a thing.

  “The Young Lady. Save the Young Lady!”

  “Th-The horses are not listening!”



  “No! The second team will arrive soon—”

  “H-Hold on!”

  A lot of voices gradually started filling up my ears before starting to clump together into a chaotic noise. I, who was dying under the pressure of the heap of undead, barely managed to move my jaw and tongue.

  “Lo… Long live the sun…!”


You can borrow the authority of the gods by consuming 200 task points.
Your current task points are 282.


  I moved my hand in order to press the『Yes.』button that appeared in front of my eyes. However, I couldn’t even afford to move my fingers because of the dead who attacked me as if they were intent on smashing my whole body, turning it into mush.

  “…T-These fucking bastards! Get lost!”

  I tried to squeeze my whole body in order to move my arms. However, the skeletons blocked every part of my body, making me unable to press the button that appeared in front of my eyes.

  Fuck, Was I about to die like this?

  When I started to find it hard to even breathe, memories of the past began flashing in front of my eyes.

  The school, the military, my parents’ faces, my younger sister, this different world that I fell into, a white-haired mistress, and finally a cabin where a pink-haired girl was eagerly waiting for my return.

  Hassan. Look at this! It’s a wolf spider! Kong Kong! How is it? It’s the same!

  I could even hear Luna’s voice, calling me with that bright tone right now.

  So this was my life flashing before my death, huh?

  Hassan, you are really useless. You can’t even do this correctly? That’s why you became a slave.

  This fucking kaleidoscope. Why are you showing me Elfriede?

  – lythe….


  At the time my mind started to grow hazy due to the fact that I had become barely able to breathe— a strange explosion registered in my ears. Soon after, I was able to feel my body becoming considerably lighter than before. What the fuck is that? What’s happening?

  Thanks to that, my breathing— which had become harder and harder since a few moments ago, became a little bit easier for me. On top of it, I was finally able to move my fingers and press the letters that floated in front of my eyes.

  The yes button that I really wanted to press!


  『Nice, brother. I’ll send you something big.』


  Along with that message, the sound of something swiftly cutting through the air could be heard.


  Following that was the sound of something huge colliding and exploding somewhere. As soon as that sensation passed, only ringing noises remained in my ears, making it throb.

  Without even a moment to adapt to this bizarre situation, as though flying in the air, my body seemingly started to float. My whole field of vision was filled with dazzling light and the world itself seemed to have been dyed in white.

  A dazzling white light, the exact opposite of the current blackout.

  I wondered what should I call it. Should I call it a whiteout?

  As I fell into this world of light so bright that made me unable to distinguish between ally and foe, I was finally able to rise to my feet since all the restraints and attacks that had been holding me down were blown away.

  “You imbecile bastard. I see you are still acting like an idiot. I really can’t stand you, you fucking asshole.”

  Is the kaleidoscope not over yet?

  In the white world, I saw the face of an elf with white hair and red eyes veering through this light..

  Fuck! To think that the last thing I would see before I died was none other than Elfriede.

  “Elfriede, You fucking bitch!”

  At that moment, I became so infuriated that I couldn’t help but let out a scream. After all, it was just a kaleidoscope. It was all a dream. So, I might as well speak everything that I normally couldn’t say without holding back before I perished.

  “Bitchfriede! You bitch! Why are you appearing inside my kaleidoscope?! Turn into Luna please!”

  “Wh, what!? Who?”

  It felt really good to see Elfriede’s shocked face which was caused by my swearing. So, since it had become like this, I decided to be a bit more bold.

  I strode toward her and stretched my hands.


  My hand grasped the large breasts that I could only glance at before. The sensation I got from those things that were wrapped under the leather clothes was so realistic.

  So this flash was 4D, huh.

  Sniff— Sniff—

  I could even smell the special fragrance that Elfriede exuded— the smell of grass.

  It seemed like the thing called a kaleidoscope was a hallucination that the brain displayed since it included all the previously acquired information. On top of that, it also felt fucking real.


  Even the shocked and speechless expression of Elfriede was the same as the real thing. It was really fun because it was so immersive and the feeling it gave was so vivid and real.

  Maybe this was like a farewell gift that my brain gave to the dying me. If that was the case, I might as well do everything I always wanted to do.

  “You big-breasted bitch! A bitch who only knows how to seduce men with her breasts! Still, I wanted to touch those breasts at least once… They’re really soft and fluffy. To be honest, I don’t want to die… .”

  “I-Is this bastard crazy!? Do you really want to die, you bastard!? It seems like you grew confident because you didn’t get hit lately!!”

  Something flashed before my eyes at that moment.

  In an instant, my sight darkened.

  * * *


  With a bizarre yelp, I sat straight up. I had a really terrible nightmare, but I couldn’t remember any of it when I woke up.

  I forced my pounding heart to calm down and was relieved that it was just a nightmare. Rather, when did I even fall asleep?

  Looking around, I could see two moons rising in the dark evening sky.

  “You woke up? He has woken up! Here, here! The Samaritan has woken up!”

  And what could be seen beneath the evening sky were grim faces that were covered in both mud and blood. What is this, fuck, is this Hell or something? Or am I still inside the nightmare?

  However, judging from the mud and the atrocious smell of sweat, it didn’t seem to be a dream. More than anything, the stinging pain that I felt in my face was too vivid to be a dream.

  Throb— Throb—

  My eyelids hurt so much.

  “What the fuck is this…”

  Wondering what it was, I started to touch my face, I could feel the corner of my left eye had become bizarrely swollen, and I became really frightened.


  When I pressed it lightly, I could immediately feel stinging pain assaulting my mind. It made me let out a groan which sounded like the crackling of electricity.

  When did I get this injury?

  I quickly looked around my arms and legs in order to make sure that they were still there. Thankfully, even though there were a lot of bruises here and there, there was no major injury present.


  Only then did a sigh of relief escape my lips.

  After the inspection, I threw a question toward the men who were watching me carefully.

  “Just what had happened?”

  “All the undead died after a strange explosion of light. Then, we saved Lady Enya and you, brother, who were swept away by the explosion. Not long after that, the main force arrived—”

  Look around—

  As the men kept talking between themselves, I slowly rose to my feet.

  As soon as I turned my head, I instantly realized that the place I was currently at was the plains in front of the Valdeath Mountain— the same place where the war took place.

  However, the scenery that I could see under the moonlight was a little different from the plains I remembered.

  ゴゴゴゴ—1Jojo reference.

  As if a meteorite had fallen from the sky, a huge pit had now manifested in the once-open plain that did not have this crater before. I felt like the deepest part of the pit, which was its center, was about several tens of meters deep.

  The pit or crater which was visible under the moonlight looked as if the earth itself had opened its mouth wide. It was dark and spooky, so much so that it sent shivers down my spine.

  “…After that strange explosion happened, the terrain changed. Isn’t it amazing? The only thing that is able to make such a thing transpire is the authority of the gods.”

  “It is obvious that the silent gods of Olympus had heard our prayers! In any case, it’s a good thing since the war situation has changed drastically due to that!”

  Everyone laughed and clamored, proof that they were delighted about the current situation. Meanwhile, I shifted my gaze and looked at the Valdeath mountain range that was burning in the distance.

  The wooden barricades were colored in black charred marks and the flames that soared in various places created a tremendous and magnificent scene.

  As my gaze was affixed to the burning forest on the mountain pass, I threw another question toward the man.

  “… Is the war over then?”

  “Not yet. However, the main force has already departed to capture the warlock— Anxious. With 2,000 armed soldiers and wizards, he will be caught soon.”

  “Or they will return as undead.” ”

  Upon hearing those words, several people started to chime in with their own remarks. It felt like they were finally releasing the words they had been holding in their mouths.

  “Fuck! Wouldn’t it be better to deploy the main army from the very beginning?”

  “I mean— If they were deployed from the very start, they might have been beaten by that grotesque giant. Though, the fact that they used us as bait is still a whole load of shit.”

  “Ah, that giant. Seriously, I thought it was a monster that had risen from hell. Moros, huh? Isn’t Moros an ancient god that symbolizes death itself…? Could it be the real Moros…”

  “That shouldn’t be the case. But one thing is certain, that giant was indeed incredibly powerful. Even Andrea, who was capable of cutting down twenty men by herself, was unable to even lift a finger and was split in half.”

  “If that giant was still alive, half of us might have been killed by it. I know it sounds a bit exaggerated, but that’s what I really felt back then…”

  People trembled in fear as they recalled the ashen giant they had witnessed during that weird sunset. Some of them struggled to catch their breath while others gulped hard at the horrific memory.

  “…In any case, the moment when you charged fearlessly toward that monster without a hint of hesitation was truly an unbelievable sight, brother! I thought that you were being pulled toward that monster by something at first!”

  Someone suddenly spoke to me.

  When I tried hard to recall the scene they were describing, I realized that these men seemed to have come to the conclusion that I had charged towards the giant voluntarily when… in reality, I was actually pulled toward the grotesque giant’s grasp like though metal attracted to a magnet.

  “About that, there are some circumstances… I didn’t run because I wanted to.”

  “You are more humble than I expected! We all saw you subdue that monster, brother! To be honest, I looked down on you slightly because of the fact that you are a barbarian. However, I have never witnessed anything more awe-inspiring in my life before.”

  “Even Achilles who fought Hector would not have been able to accomplish such a feat! If this was the era of romance, that fight would have been a grand confrontation that was worthy to be recorded in the manuscripts of the temple!”

  “I saw everything without even blinking for a single instant.”

  Soon, people started to talk amongst themselves about the events of the battlefield.

  Just like that, the fight to subdue the cultists on Valdeath Mountain as well as the conversation between the wounded soldiers continued until sunrise.

  Flutter— Flutter—

  Eventually, a yellow flag symbolizing the city of Sodomora was planted on top of the Valdeath mountain by the seasoned professional soldiers and knights.

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