Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay In Another World Chapter 134

Hassan, the Returnee (2)

    ༺ Hassan, the Returnee (2) ༻   


  Scratch— Scratch— 


  Luna’s slender fingers stroked my lower belly before digging into my pants. Soon, she began touching my rock hard schlong which was raging inside my pants..


  “Hassan, it’s become so hard…” 


  Feeling distracted and extremely embarrassed by the current situation, I was unable to say anything in response to Luna’s words. 


  It was too embarrassing to just say ‘I see.’ And even more stupid to answer her words with a question like ‘What do you think of my glorious mast?’


  What should I say, I wonder? On top of it all, just what exactly was happening right now? 


  Innumerable questions were churning inside my mind, unable to be conveyed, as they spun in circles endlessly within the depths of my subconscious. Right when I finally got used to the rhythm of my beating heart, albeit barely.




  Luna’s hand finally reached a point where it could grab the shaft of my thick rod, her fingers gently wrapping around its girth. Wasn’t it the first time Luna had ever tried to do something like this? 


  Since I was living with a cute girl, I had always expected this kind of scenario to take place sooner or later. 


  However, once such a scenario actually occurred, and initiated by Luna no less, I was dazed from the extreme embarrassment I was feeling, unable to determine whether I liked it or not. 


  “Hassan, is this how I should do it…?” 


  Luna’s hot and steamy breath touched my shoulder. Promptly, the hand that was holding my manhood started to move up and down with a gentle motion while making a squelching sound.


  Even though I had pleasured myself countless times with my hand already, having someone else do it in my stead was a very unfamiliar stimulus to me. So, my rod had become so rock hard that I didn’t think it was possible for it to become any stiffer at this point. 


  “Luna… you don’t need to do this.” 


  Stemming from the fact that Luna had the upper hand in this sexual scenario, a complex mixture of embarrassment, shame, a strange sense of defeat, as well as anxiety seemed to coexist inside my mind right now. 


  It’s not like I hated this feeling or something, I just didn’t know what to do in this scenario. 


  Should I just enjoy it? If that were to be the case, should I moan right now? Tsk, no matter how hard I thought about it, that didn’t seem to be the right thing to do right now. 


  “Hassan, how is it…? A-Are you starting to feel good…?” 


  Even in the midst of her gentle pumps, Luna still asked for my opinion. Her eyes that were looking at my face in the darkness twinkled ever so slightly with those words. 


  “Y-Yes, I believe so.”


  Squelch— Squelch— 


  Perhaps due to being encouraged by my answer, Luna’s hands began to gradually increase in speed. But why was it that it only made me panic further?


  I still couldn’t feel the rushing feeling of ejaculation which should have gradually risen within me by now. If things were to keep going like this, Luna’s slender arms might get tired first and she might stop stroking my schlong in due time. 


  With a sense of confusion and uncertainty, I slowly moved my left hand. What my left hand grabbed was none other than Luna’s soft breasts that were touching my right arm. 




  I was worried about what to do if she rejected my advances with something like ‘Don’t touch it’ or anything along those lines. However, Luna unexpectedly allowed me to touch her breast without making any fuss. 


  She was the type of girl who only allowed me to touch her breasts when she felt like it or was in the mood for it. Due to that, the fact that she gave in to my advances aroused me far more than her hands that were stroking along my thick and rock hard shaft. 


  Just like that, I continued to play with Luna’s breasts to my heart’s content. Whenever my fingers gently touched her breast through the thin fabric of her dress, her body would flinch and twitch incessantly. Her reactions only amplified when my fingers touched her pointed nipples. 


  “S-Stop that. I want to be the one to comfort you today!”


  Luna reproached me for my actions. However, in my eyes, it was more like a cute act rather than a real show of anger. Why did Luna have such an admirable heart today? 


  Since she said she wanted to comfort me, was she trying to literally comfort me because she thought that I’d suffered in the war?


  If so, war was a pretty good thing. 


  Fuck, I wish there would be war every fucking day!


  Hassan the Pacifist died in less than a day after he had been born. 


  Squishy— Squishy— 


  I kept touching Luna’s breasts while enjoying the sensation of my stiff rod being pleasured by her dainty hands. 


  To think I would have someone stroking my schlong as I lay on top of a soft carpet while fondling something soft… Was this place perhaps paradise?


  I even had silly thoughts like— Maybe I had already died on the battlefield and was currently having a lucid dream after arriving in heaven. 


  Since things had gone this far, I wondered if it would be okay to be a little more straightforward with her. 


  “…L-Luna, I have a favour to ask.”




  “Uh— With your mouth…” 




  A few weeks ago, Luna had already given me a fellatio. 


  Even though it didn’t last long, I could tell that Luna, who had no experience in giving head, was very clumsy. 


  However, It still felt much better than even my wildest imaginations. So much so that… the idea of that fellatio being amazing was deeply embedded in my head. 






  Soon, Luna rose from her seat. 


  Even though she looked very hesitant, she eventually crouched down between my thighs and brought her mouth close to my erect rod. I was wondering what to do if she had rejected my request, so I felt relieved that she was willing to go through with my request. 


  But rather than putting my rod straight into her mouth or licking it with her tongue first, Luna, just like always, twitched her nose and started sniffing my erection.


  “It… does not smell much.” 


  “It’s probably because I have washed up.” 


  “It doesn’t smell… Like my hometown…” 


  I had thought that it was good that it didn’t smell. However, Luna seemed to be more depressed than I thought at discovering this fact. Come to think of it, she had indeed said that my schlong smelled like her hometown. 


  Maybe, without even her knowing, Luna was healing the homesickness she felt with my rod?


  When I thought that Luna would not continue because of her disappointment by the lack of smell… 




  Luna slightly opened her mouth and began to slowly put my rod, starting from the tip, inside. It was moist, warm, and soft, but moreover, it pressured my cock moderately from all sides. 


  My schlong was getting completely sucked into that smooth mouth of hers. 


  Sluuurp— Slurp— 


  There was no other way to describe it except to say that my meat rod was being sucked in. Just like that, with my erect shaft inside her mouth, Luna slowly started moving her head. 


  Slurp— Slurp— 


  With every bob of Luna’s pink hair, I could distinctly feel my girth being wrapped in a soft and warm sensation, making my tailbone tingle with delight. 


  Unlike last time, where she had a lot of awkward movements and her teeth accidentally bit my schlong every now and then, Luna seemed to have gained knowledge on how to make a man feel good in her own way today. 


  “Haa, sluuurp, heueup, sluuurp—” 


  Maybe that was why the rushing feeling of ejaculation began to come faster than I had expected. The moment when I tried to speak since I felt like I would end up shooting everything in her mouth if things were to escalate further…


  Splutter— Splutter— 


  Because my lust had piled up for a long time by now, coupled with the extremely strong stimulation, I ended up shooting all of my load inside Luna’s mouth without even getting a chance to warn her. 




  Luna, with my rod inside of her mouth, started trembling… perhaps due to being taken aback by the sudden sensation of a cloudy liquid entering her mouth. 




  Not long after, Luna spitted out the sticky semen, that was slowly dripping out of her mouth from the sides, into her palms. 


  “Hassan, you spilled so much. Did my mouth feel that good…?” 


  Just up until a few moments ago, I was feeling so good that I thought I was literally flying on cloud nine.


  However, when I realized that I had shot my load inside of her mouth without even asking for her permission…


  As well as witnessed the sight of her putting my sperm in her palms and staring at it so blatantly, I felt such an intense surge of shame wreck through my body that it made me want to hide under the carpet. 


  Was I originally this much of a quick shot? Or was it because I was tired? 


  “…I spit it out in surprise because the taste was so different from what I had imagined. I thought it would taste like chestnut flowers… .” 


  “I-Is that so? Sorry that it came out so suddenly…” 


  “But the magical power in your essence is quite strong. If it’s this much, rather than a useless comparison to chestnut flowers, it can very well be used as an ingredient for an elixir instead—”


  “No. You can’t do that.” 




  Since Luna sounded like she was about to say something horrible, I desperately shook my head to deny her. In the meantime, she kept staring at the sticky white goo on top of her palms with rapt attention.


  She then sighed and rose to her feet. 


  “I’ll wash my hands and mouth before coming back, then.” 


  After saying those words, she went down to the first floor. 


  Throb— Throb—.


  In pornography or adult comics, women sometimes would swallow the semen that the man poured into their mouths. Was it, in the end, nothing more than a falsehood that only appeared in stories? 


  I couldn’t help but feel a little bit wistful at that thought. 


  Of course, that feeling was outweighed by the strange sense of embarrassment that came from the fact that I had been fondled and milked by Luna, reddening my face in shame.


  It was as if the dynamic of my relationship with Luna had been reversed, and now, I was the one who had been subordinated by Luna.


  Honestly, I thought Luna had been relying on me up until now, but now it felt like our places had been switched. 


  After a few minutes, Luna finally returned to the second floor. She was exuding the same refreshing menthe scent as always. She then carefully laid down next to me. 


  Not only that, she also spread my arms out to the side and dug into the space between my arms to hug my body tightly. 


  “Hassan, I like you.” 


  At those words, I felt the embarrassment I had been holding back till now, as well as the mysterious hierarchical relationship that was disorienting my mind, vanish like a lie. 


  Luna probably didn’t even care about the tug of war that occurred in a relationship from the start. After all, she was a very naive and innocent girl. 


  I felt like I knew why Lady Knox and Luna’s brother, Moros, found Luna so difficult to deal with. 


  Normally, I wouldn’t have spoken because I was really shy regarding this matter, but strangely, I felt a sudden surge of courage spring up from within. It was probably because I had achieved some mental growth after going through the war. 


  “…I like you too.” 


  But whether or not she heard my words, I didn’t know as Luna had already slipped into a state of deep sleep. So, I just slept holding onto Luna’s soft skin as if she were a body pillow. 


* * *


  The next day…


  News of the remaining forces of the cultists being subjugated came to our ears.


  This meant that the battle with the cultists that had been going on for over a month had finally come to an end. 


  The main force that had occupied the Valdeath mountain range soon returned, and a big festival was held in the city of Sodomora. Thanks to that, there was a lot of noise and cheers bustling from every corner of the city. 


  Meanwhile, I walked around the market with Luna and stopped by a clothing store. 


  A clothing store that was blessed by Minerva. 


  The same line of brand that had made the clothes from crocodile skin I had been wearing till now.




  As I rang the bell and went inside, the scent of unknown flowers, unsure of whether it was jasmine or lavender, tickled my nose just like before. 


  Smell was something that provoked more memories than I thought it would. Due to that, I could call the memory of me coming to this linen store before, as it came to life. 


  I remembered that there was a lady with an odd aura surrounding her inside the store. 


  However, I couldn’t see her today, probably because she was away. 


  “Hassan, how about something like this?”


  Luna lifted a cloth which had a long tail like a swallowtail. It was a type of tailcoat that was worn by aristocrats when they roamed the streets. 


  “Isn’t the color too dark? It’s black.”


  “Hassan, since most of your skin is black, I think black would look good on you. You are a blackie, are you not, Hassan?”


  I had a feeling that I just heard something very racist come out from Luna’s mouth. However, since I knew she said it without any malice, I decided to just brush it off. 


  Anyway, Luna and I came to buy clothes. 


  As for the reason why we suddenly thought of buying clothes, it was because the crocodile skin single-piece suit that I had been wearing till now had gotten severely torn and worn out in the last battle. 


  On top of that, another reason for this decision was pertaining to a note from Sodomora’s city council, or whatever it was called, that came to me this morning.


『You have been invited to the awarding ceremony to discuss spoils and post-war affairs.』


  There was something else written underneath those words.


  However, it was nothing more than mere formality that noted that the war was won without major losses thanks to the grace of Minerva, and that this victory would be recorded in the annals of history and would be told to the later generations. Due to that, I believed that there was no need to pay any attention to it.


  Anyway, the important thing here was the fact that I was invited to the party by the margrave’s family a family which could be said to have great power in Sodomora’s city council.


  It was also said on the note that I could bring a companion along with me as my guest. The thought of going to a party with Luna made me feel nervous and excited at the same time.


  “Hassan, didn’t you say that you cut the head of a giant? Maybe they will give you gold coins because of that!”


  Luna, who had heard the story of the war from me, trembled as if the soles of her feet were tickling in anticipation of what kind of reward the Countess would give me. 


  Of course, what I did in the war was not just limited to dealing with the horrific giant. I had also summoned the god of light using 200 task points. 


  However, it was passed down among people as a whim or a miracle of the gods instead of my doing.


  The only one who knew that I could use such an ability was me alone. Luna only vaguely knew about this ability of mine, but she wasn’t on the battlefield when it happened. 


  If I went around bragging that I was the one who evoked such a miracle, I might be caught and dissected by a mad cult scientist or something. 


  Or I would be captured by witches like Nemea and they would split my head open to see what made me tick. So, I decided to keep quiet. 


  “What kind of clothes cost 30 silvers, huh… If I didn’t have to go to the party, I wouldn’t have bought something so extravagant.” 


  Anyway, time flowed regardless as it already approached evening. 


  A spacious mansion located around the east gate of Sodomora. 


  With the moonlight slowly appearing on the sky, Luna and I managed to find the margrave’s mansion by asking the people around us for directions. 


  However, when I looked closer, I could easily tell that it was the venue for the event – even at the dead of the night – thanks to the brilliant lights that illuminated the mansion as well as the loud noises and the bustling of people that were heard from its direction.


  “Hassan, I am so nervous. There must be a lot of aristocrats there. Do you think the clothes suit me well? I have made a big decision and wore clothes worth 20 silvers for this.” 


  While wearing an off-the-shoulder dress that had the same colour as her hair, Luna looked unsure of what to do right now. Of course, I was also just as nervous as her. 


  “Luna, you look good. How about me? In the end, I ended up buying those black clothes.” 


  “You look like a successful thief! A thief with many subordinates!” 


  “I-I see. By the way, I’m feeling quite nervous.” 


  If I compared the nobles in this world to the people of Earth, their position was similar to the members of the National Assembly, generals, and high-ranking officials. When I thought that I would have to stand in front of such people, I was not able to concentrate even for a moment. 


  On the other hand, I felt like my stomach was rumbling more than when I fought the undead forces on the battlefield. 




  When I was about to enter the large gate of the garden, two soldiers – who were holding a long spear each in their hands while being cladded in brass-colored iron plates – blocked our path. Were they guards? 


  “Who are you? Uninvited guests are not allowed to enter.” 


  I could feel his bluish eyes, that were unique to the mainland, peering through the helmet to scan Luna. It seemed that he was a guard with a strong work ethic. His salary was probably high too.


  However, since I couldn’t let a guard stop us at the entrance, I pulled the invitation that I had stored in my breast pocket and showed it to him. The guard let out an ‘Oh–’ and soon accepted the invite. 


  “So you are that Samaritan! I have heard that you have done incredible service on the battlefield!”


  “…Hassan is… Strong!”


  Luna, who was trembling behind me as if finding the guard to be frightening, answered in my stead.


  Not only was my race a witch, but I also had a stun debuff everytime I received such blatant praise, thus making me very embarrassed. 


  As we hesitated to enter, the crossed spears in front of us were lifted and the entrance was thus opened for us. 


  “Please enter. It is the first time in my life to let a barbarian from a foreign land inside these grounds.”


  “Don’t cause an accident inside!”


  The nobleman’s garden, which I entered while listening to the strange words of the guards, was as colorful as the garden of the Venus Temple that I visited the other day. It was full of colorful flowers, decorations, fountains, and strangely shaped trees. 


  “Hassan, look over there! There’s an Emperor Butterfly flying in that place!” 


  Luna pointed her finger at a corner of the garden along with her words. Wanting to find out what in the world an Emperor Butterfly was, I turned my head to follow Luna’s finger. What I saw was a butterfly that was bigger than the palm of my hand sitting on a flower while sucking its nectar. 


  Fuck, is that a Tinker Bell!? 


  “O-One serving of butterfly wings…”


  Unlike me, who trembled due to the instinctive fear that was caused by seeing a massive butterfly, Luna’s eyes were only able to see that creature as an object— an ingredient to be used for her elixir. 


  But wouldn’t we be kicked out if we caught a butterfly that resided in a noble’s garden? Or maybe we would be bitten by it. 


  “Luna, don’t touch anything here. After all, even if we sell everything we have, we might not be able to pay the compensation fees if things go south.”




  Luna immediately felt immense regret at that moment. 


  “You did not run away, Samaritan. The one next to you is K-Knoxdotty, right?”


  A voice that was dripping with confidence just like always echoed from behind me. Hippolyte, wearing armor that didn’t particularly match with the party venue, was standing in that place. 


  “Hippolyte! What are you doing here!” 


  “… I was invited too. You always look the same, Knoxdotty. Anyway, Samaritan, I have heard of your exploits. My special training helped, I hope?”


  “Well, it did, in a way…”


  I didn’t think that ignorant special training really helped me on that chaotic battlefield. But I just said it did since I felt like it would be the correct answer considering the atmosphere of this conversation. Hippolyte smiled contentedly as if satisfied with my answer. 


  “As expected. Instead of some worthless spars, experiencing a real fight is better. Probably because you have returned alive from a war, or maybe because of your attire, I got that kind of feeling. If you don’t have anything to do later, let’s sit on the same tabl—”


  Right when Hippolyte was about to say something more. 


  Someone sneaked up on us. 


  “Kuhum, are you perhaps Hippolyte Heavensinger? My name is Der von Maf, from the city of Kalkata. I am the second son of Baron Maf. It’s nice to see that you are still overflowing with such dignity even after wearing such armor.” 


  If he was the second son of Baron Maf, does that mean he’s a noble? To think that a noble would talk to Hippolyte. Just when I wanted to find out what was happening here, Luna suddenly stabbed my side.


  “He said his name is von. Heheuppp.” 


  Von, huh? The name von was indeed ridiculous, and Luna seemed to be thinking the same thing as me. While I was giggling with Luna, Hippolyte spoke to the second son of the nobleman. 


  “Lord Maf, excuse me, but I’m talking to my acquaintances.” 


  “Oh, I see. Then, I look forward to your exploits in the future. Now that diplomatic ties have been established between Kalkata and Sodomora, there will be many occasions for me to witness them.” 


  With that, he backed away and disappeared into a corner of the party venue. In the meantime, I could hear Hippolyte letting out a ‘Hoooo—’ sound from her mouth.


  “As expected, rumors spread quickly among nobles. Though, it was only natural since what they do is just sit at a table and talk all day.” 


  “Rumours? What kind of rumour are you talking about?” 


  “The rumour about my marriage partner has spread in the social circles.”


  While saying ‘Marriage, huh.’ Hippolyte snorted. 




  At the word marriage, Luna widened her eyes and looked at Hippolyte’s face. 


  “Hippolyte, you are the leader of the Sword Maidens. How can you get married!?” 


  “Ah, haven’t you heard yet? As of today, I’ve decided to climb up to the Gold tier. I don’t have to keep my vows of chastity any longer. Of course, there’s no way there’s a guy I like, but—” 


  Hippolyte’s eyes narrowed. She then glanced around before looking at my face and continued her words. 


  “Since this party venue is huge, I’m sure that if I look carefully, there might be someone to my liking. Maybe, the talented men I desire are much closer than I expect.” 


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