Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay In Another World Chapter 142

The Sun, the Moon, and the Sword (7) 🔞

    ༺ The Sun, the Moon, and the Sword (7) ༻   


  I lightly tapped between Hippolyte’s legs, feeling the swollen, delicate petal-like labia with the palm of my hand.


  Despite the gentle touch, Hippolyte responded with extreme sensitivity. It was incredibly amusing how she reacted to even the slightest stimulation I gave her. Looks like I really had some sadistic tendencies in me.

  On the other hand, it was more or less terrifying that I had such tendencies, and felt like I was becoming someone else.

  But that’s how men were by nature.

  A man able to establish his dominance and a man unable to do so are two completely different creatures altogether. I decided to do something to Hippolyte that I would never do under normal circumstances.

  “Come on, speak up. Say that you want this uncivilized savage’s thick cock to defile the virgin pussy of the Amazonian Queen— Hippolyte. Hurry!”

  “Uuh, aaah, I get it… I-I’ll do it.”

  As I raised my hand up in the air, Hippolyte trembled in fear as if it was a terrifying weapon.

  In truth, what seemed to cause her the most shame wasn’t so much about the intensity of the impact, but rather the humiliation of being struck in such an intimate area by a man.

  “Now, open wide and say it.”

  “Th-That too…”


  “I-I get it. J-Just, stop hitting me…”

  She answered in a barely audible voice. At the same time, her trembling fingers began to approach her lower body.

  Soon, Hippolyte spread her wet pussy lips wide with her slender fingers.

  “The, the savage’s cock… defile the v-virgin… p-pussy… Please…”


  It wasn’t exactly what I had ordered her to do. But seeing Hippolyte on the verge of tears due to her shame, I decided to just let it go. After all, I couldn’t bear it any longer either.

  I had always heard that having an erection for too long could be uncomfortable and even painful and it turned out to be true after all.

  “Well done.”

  After gently stroking Hippolyte’s sweaty hair, I slowly pressed my lower body against her trembling legs.


  Hippolyte murmured, almost as if she couldn’t believe she was uttering such lewd words herself.

  As I was about to gently insert the tip of my member into her wet, wide-open snatch…


  Hippolyte tensed her thighs as if rejecting me.

  Was she feeling afraid right now? Well, if I were to go through with it here and now, it would become an irreversible act.

  As a man, it was truly disappointing to stop here. But if she wanted me to stop, I had to respect her wishes.

  “Samaritan, no, H-Hassan…”

  “Y-Yesh… As expected… Do you want to stop?”

  “… Hoo, no. Just promise me one thing… If I lose my virginity like this, it will only bring me a sense of misery and anguish… So, tonight, could you please show me some love as well?”


  “Yeah, that’s right. Like the lovers in the songs of the bards… And if possible, be gentle with me as well…”


  It felt like I had been struck in the head.

  I felt like I knew what Hippolyte wanted me to do. And the dark cloud that had been lingering in my mind seemed to dissipate rather quickly.

  Despite being overwhelmed by sexual desire, I had to keep in mind that Hippolyte was about to experience her first time.

  It might be considered cliché, but I had always believed that a woman’s first time should be a precious and sacred act.

  It should only be given to someone she truly loves, someone she is willing to give her everything to.

  For whatever reason, Hippolyte was trying to give me that precious virginity of hers. And if that were to be the case, maybe I should become that precious person for her, even if it was just for one night.

  “No, as expected, it’s alright. Maybe it’s just too much to ask for… Just… Do as you please.”

  As Hippolyte tried to retract her words, as if realizing she had made a slip of the tongue, I chose not to respond…

  Instead, I gently rested my weight on her body, caressed her head with my palm, and slowly pressed my lower body against hers.

  Squelch— Rub—

  My member slowly began entering the folds of her wet hole.

  “It might hurt a little.”

  “No, it’s okay. I’m used to paaarghh…!”

  Hippolyte’s face, visible beneath me, contorted in real time. Her face looked very crooked as if someone had just stabbed her lower abdomen.

  So I tried to distract her by gently stroking her sweaty forehead with my hand.

  Her hymen was pretty thick, which meant that the pain of penetration must be intense. I thought we had done enough foreplay to alleviate those effects but maybe I was mistaken?

  “I-It hurts-! It huuurts…!”

  Contrary to her claim of being accustomed to pain, Hippolyte was showing a rather vivid display of pain and anguish and I didn’t really know what to do here.

  I, too, was unsure of what to do due to my lack of experience, so I couldn’t go deeper inside her, but I couldn’t withdraw either, leaving me rather flustered.

  “…How… about we just stop?”

  “Heh, I-I didn’t expect it to hurt this much… I-It feels like being stabbed with a knife. Hoo. But, I can endure… This much. I think.”

  Tears welled up again in Hippolyte’s eyes. They were not tears of sadness but rather reflexive tears of pain.

  She wanted to endure this pain, however.

  What should I do now?

  How could I make it less painful for her? But I couldn’t think of anything at the moment. Maybe I could try rubbing her lower abdomen with my fingers?

  Swoosh— Swish—

  I roughly estimated how deep my member had gone inside her and gently rubbed the area under Hippolyte’s navel with my palm.

  “Guuaah, what…?”

  And each time I caressed the uterus area, in a clockwise direction, Hippolyte pulled her thighs towards her chest and shuddered.

  “Ugh, huh, huuuh!”

  “Is the pain a little better?”

  “It-It feels like… I-It’s not as bad as I thought… Samaritan, you’re surprisingly gentle. Is this some special technique of the Samaritans?”

  “It’s something similar. Well, I’m going to go deeper now, so just breathe out.”


  While stroking her lower abdomen, I also encouraged her to gather her energy within her body using some breathing techniques, just like I did with Luna.

  The act of accepting another person’s body into one’s own requires much preparation and movement.

  I didn’t realize it back when it was Luna. I wonder how I managed it then.

  Squelch— Squirm— Poke— Swish—

  “Guuh, heuuuh… Huuuuh—”

  I could feel my member gradually entering the depths of her warm vagina, from the bulbous head to the very roots.

  “Huaaah… Heuaaaaah…”

  I applied a considerable amount of force to the hand rubbing her lower abdomen, distracting her.


  I pushed my member all the way up to the very end of her vagina.

  Did her already being wet help? Once the thick head was fully inserted, the rest slid in rather effortlessly.

  “Huuuh, haauu, aaah, it hurtsss, it huuuurts, it hurts, it hurts, aaah, huuaaah—!”

  But Hippolyte beneath me thrashed around, tears streaming down her face incessantly, leaving me troubled about what to do once again.

  Back with Luna, seeing her thrashing around while in my embrace somehow felt cute and endearing.
  But since Hippolyte had a similar build to mine, my body also shook, as if I was a lid trying to suppress the eruption of a volcano.

  “Uuuuh, it hurtssss…”

  I couldn’t help but think that even for a Gold-tier adventurer, she was quite sensitive. But then again, it must be due to the ‘Sensitive Skin’ condition affecting her right now.

  So it also affected her internal organs, huh?

  “Huuuh, Uuuuhh…”

  Anyway, I decided to reassure Hippolyte, who was writhing in pain under me and gasping for breath.

  “It’s all in.”

  “I-I see. Whoo… I never imagined such pain could exist in this world…”

  “Can I move now?”

  “Whoo, Whoo— Do it. Men say it feels better when they move…”

  Honestly, just staying still already felt really good.

  Because Hippolyte’s body, which was thoroughly trained without any flab, was truly smooth and moist, her folds tightly gripped onto my dick.

  Every time Hippolyte gasped for breath, her insides trembled so much that even when she was still, it seemed like I could reach climax at any moment.

  To be honest, I also wanted to be quickly done with it all.

  I wanted to hurry up, end this weird and awkward moment, and return to the cabin without Luna noticing my absence.

  Hippolyte’s tight pussy was even hotter, wetter, and tighter than I had initially imagined, so it felt disappointing that I had to finish this so quickly, considering it was a one-time opportunity for me.

  “Whoo, Whooo… Whoooo—”

  Even when she was expressing her pain, Hippolyte seemed to have a fairly stable breath. It was probably safe to start moving now, right?

  Slick— Squelch—

  So I pulled out my hardened meat stick that was deeply inserted into her wet depths.

  With the sound of friction between her wet and smooth walls, it tightened as if it was sucking in my object from deep inside.

  Hippolyte’s pussy was literally pulsating as if it was trying to suck in my rod into her very depths. I was truly amazed at how this was possible.

  “I-It hurts, hurtssss…”

  But it seemed like Hippolyte didn’t know that her body had an innate talent for extracting semen from men, as she continued to complain about the pain she was feeling.

  I felt a pang of guilt pass through my mind when I heard her say it hurt, even though I didn’t exactly expect her to moan in pleasure from the very first thrust.

  So I pressed my lips against her complaining mouth.

  Slurp— Slur—


  Hippolyte was so surprised by the unexpected kiss that she froze in place.

  I even inserted my tongue into her slightly parted lips and used my lips to caress her soft lips, trying my best to showcase how good kissing could feel.

  If my assumption was correct, this would be her first kiss. So, with the hope of leaving a good memory of her first experience, I affectionately kissed Hippolyte’s mouth.

  Of course, I couldn’t really claim to be experienced in kissing.

  But I had enough knowledge to clumsily take the lead compared to a frozen Hippolyte.

  “Huaa, haauu, Huump.”

  And right as my tongue collided with the walls of her mouth.

  Finally, as if the constant knocking had opened the door, Hippolyte’s stiff body relaxed a bit, and she also moved her tongue as if trying to accept my lips and tongue in her own way.

  To be honest, it was a bit cute.

  “Haa, slurp, huuaaa, haauuu.”

  Taking advantage of Hippolyte’s distraction from the kiss, I moved my waist after spreading her thighs wide open with my hand.

  Thump— Thump— Smack— Thrust— Poke— Poke— Poke— Poke—

  “Uuuh, ugh, Has—, haa— Huaah, uung, aaah, haaaaaa…”

  Hippolyte’s brows furrowed from the pain. Sweat was dripping profusely from her forehead, and tears rolled down her eyes.

  Thump— Thump— Poke— Thud— Poke— Poke— Poke— Poke—

  “Uugh, haang, uuuuh, haa, haauuh, uugh. Huuuh.”

  Her waist and thighs trembled every time I moved my own waist.

  Her thighs spread wide open in a V-shape beneath my body and shook uncontrollably with each of my thrusts.


  Her legs, which were restless due to the inability to find a stable position, eventually entwined around my waist like a knot.


  Using my arms and legs, I pushed my long schlong deeper into the woman’s innermost being, clutching her neck and waist.

  Squelch— Squelch— Squelch— Squelch— Slurp— Slurp— Squelch— Squelch—

  How many minutes had passed like that? Time seemed to have slowed down, but it also seemed like it was passing by quite fast.

  Inside this old warehouse that I had snuck into, obscene sounds of fluids and blood dripping from Hippolyte’s pussy, intertwined with my copious secretions, filled the air.

  “Aaang, uhh, ang— ang—! Haah, Haah…! Hyaaeh, Heuaaang…!”

  Now, from Hippolyte’s mouth, instead of cries of pain, sounds reminiscent of a woman’s pleasurable moans were starting to emanate.

  Who would have thought that such alluring moans would escape the mouth of a woman often clad in rigid armor? Would the nobles and high-ranking adventurers at the party today know? No, they probably wouldn’t.

  In the end, it was the foreigner, Hassan, who had gained a temporary residency permit, who had devoured Hippolyte’s untouched virgin pussy.

  I felt a surge of satisfaction, conquest, and the primal emotions of a victorious male, coursing through my entire being.

  It overpowered my mind like a drug, leaving no room for any thoughts other than impregnating this woman and making her bear my child.

  Thud— Thud— Thud— Squeeze— Squelch— Poke—

  The speed of my waist movements began to increase and along with it, Hippolyte’s body, holding onto me tightly, also tensed up.

  Not only that, but her vaginal walls tightened up further, making me feel as though my cock and soul were being sucked directly into her pussy.

  It seemed that a woman’s body instinctively knew how to prepare itself to receive a man’s semen.


  As a result, my breathing became rough, and I had to catch my breath. With the impending climax building up, one moment of carelessness would result in immediate release.

  But it would be such a waste to do it now. I wanted to savor this sensation a little longer, just a little longer.

  “Aaang, aah, haaaang, Aang! Aaang! Aaaah!”

  Hippolyte’s head arched back. Her slender neck, collarbone, and plump swaying breasts dazzled my eyes.

  Even though she usually wore rigid armor…

  Even though she proudly wore a gold necklace…

  Even though she shot Aura slashes in the air like invisible missiles… In the end, Hippolyte was still a woman. More of a woman than anyone else, in fact.

  Indeed, it would be most satisfying to finish by ejaculating my white seed deep inside her womb.

  “Inside, I’m coming inside.”

  “Uuugh, n-not inside. I-I might get pregnant. n-not insiiiide… Huh, haah…!”

  Maybe because of how our chests were pressed tightly against each other, I could feel the fear of pregnancy radiating from Hippolyte’s body.

  However, despite her words, her arms and legs remained wrapped around me, refusing to let me go.

  Her insides were much more honest than what she showed…

  I had a vague idea of what the term ‘Tsundere’ among her Quirks really meant.

  “I-I can’t get pregnant. P-Please, stop… Y-Y-ou filthy savage. I don’t want a savage baby. Huuuuh, huh—”

  It seems that Hippolyte, in the throes of sexual excitement, even went so far as to call me a savage. Of course, her arms and legs were still entwined around my body.

  Honestly, with my strength, I could easily push her away if I wanted to, but I didn’t feel the desire to escape from this sweet hell.

  “Whoo, Whooo— You can disparage me and call me a savage all you want, but all of it will be redirected at Miss Hippolyte, who is beneath that savage.”

  “Huuh, haaah-! I, uuuh, being insulted by a savage like you…”

  Is it just me or is she getting tighter every time the word “savage” is mentioned? Anyway, I couldn’t bear the suction of her tight folds any longer.

  “Hippolyte, inside, I’m cumming inside—”

  “Huuh, huuuh, haa, aaah, forcefully, inside, inside me, huugh, haaagh—”

  Shoot— Shoot— Shoot—

  I inserted myself deep inside Hippolyte, tightly gripping her waist, and ejaculated hard.

  Shoot— Shoot—-Shoot—

  Perhaps because I had stayed erect for a long time, the duration of my ejaculation felt longer than usual.

  “Huuuh, huuuh, haaah….”

  Hippolyte, right beneath me, also convulsed with intense spasms, her inner walls squeezing and trembling, as if she too had climaxed alongside me.

  “I-I told you not to do it….”

  ‘Don’t lie!’ was what I wanted to say, but Hippolyte, with tears in her eyes, looked so adorable that I just kissed her neck without saying anything.


  She trembled once again, her body spasming with pleasure.

  Her entire body, now highly sensitive from the climax, was probably an erogenous zone in its entirety.

  I couldn’t help but feel regretful that I couldn’t possess Hippolyte’s body.

  So this is what possessiveness felt like, huh. I never knew I had such a thing within me.


  Anyway, Hippolyte let out rough breaths as she stretched out her exhausted body. As I slowly withdrew from inside her, a large amount of semen mixed with blood and other bodily fluids poured out of her snatch, dripping down on the ground.

  For some reason, I felt a sense of regret as it spilled onto the floor, thinking that it was a waste. So, I used my fingers to push everything back in.

  But once the deed was done, a rather cold rationality returned, and I grew aware of our surroundings.

  An old warehouse.

  A woman lying there, trembling. And then there was me, having finished cumming inside her depths.

  Damn, holy shh… I fucked up.

  To think I betrayed the woman I had set my heart on. My father would kill me if he were to ever found out about this. But fortunately, he was not here, so maybe it was a good thing.

  Anyway, it was too late to undo what had already happened.

  In that case, it was better not to regret it.

  “… Hassan.”

  As I firmly resolved myself, Hippolyte, lying on the floor and covering her body with a blanket, spoke up.

  “… Hassan.”

  “Yes, Miss Hippolyte.”

  “Could you… press on my body a little? Like a massage.”

  “…Um, Whoo— Alright.”

  Her body must be sore and stiff from performing an unfamiliar act. Even for a healthy person, a massage can be beneficial in many ways.

  So I used my thumb to press firmly on Hippolyte’s thighs, the lymph nodes in her hips, lower abdomen, and even her cheekbones.

  As I pressed on the freckles that appeared on her cheekbones, a ding sound resounded, signifying that her “Panic Attack” had been cured.

  At the same time, Hippolyte let out a long sigh, as if she wanted to say, “Ah, finally.”

  “To be honest, it feels good.”

  “You’re finally admitting it’?”

  “… But it’s just okay at best. Mediocre even. It feels like using something you learned from someone else as your own. It’s not your own creation.”

  As expected of a gold-tier adventurer. Hippolyte seemed to see through the essence of me, Hassan. The actions I take, even something as simple as a massage, are all things I learned from my father.

  “Nevertheless, it seems like you have your own unique twist. Keep improving and polishing it in the future.”

  Receiving praise from Hippolyte, I couldn’t help but feel good. She was something similar to a teacher to me in a way. And she was also a role model for me as an adventurer.

  But I was so embarrassed by the happiness from the praise that I couldn’t respond and just hesitated to speak. The silent massage continued for a while.

  Hippolyte then added a few more words.

  “Hassan, what if, hypothetically speaking, I was the first…?”


  I stopped my hand that was pressing on her side.

  “What did you say?”

  “No, no, never mind. Talking about hypotheticals won’t be helpful. Anyway, it was quite enjoyable and more painful than I expected, but you were gentle as I requested…”


  I didn’t know how to respond, so I remained silent. Hippolyte hugged the blanket close to her chest and crouched down like a shrimp as she added a few more words.

  “But… I think I would have preferred if I didn’t know… It’s a fight I can’t win, and yet, I find myself hoping for a chance…”

  Huddled in the old and shabby warehouse wasn’t a gold-tier adventurer.

  Nor a priestess of Mars.

  Just Hippolyte.

  And she silently cried.

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