Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay In Another World Chapter 17

First Quest Accomplished! After Party… for Succeeding? (3)

༺ First Quest Accomplished! After Party… for Succeeding? (3) ༻


  I could see two moons shining in the sky after getting out of the bathroom. The usually dark and barren streets were quite bright tonight because of the double full moon.

  Although it has been two years since I have been tossed into this world, I still find the sight of the two moons in the sky strange.

  How much more time do I have to spend here to get used to it?

  Do I even have to stay here that much? This feels so similar to my military service in Gangwon-Do.  

  I could still call home back then, go on vacation, or just be discharged and done with it. I don’t know if I can even escape this unknown world, so depressing.

  I think I’ll go crazy if I keep thinking about the family and friends that I’ll probably never see again. Let’s think of something else.

  What’s this world?

  Why did I get sent there?

  How many sleepless nights did I spend trying to answer such fundamental questions? And despite that, I wasn’t getting any closer to the answer. Pondering about it only led to more questions.

  I can still clearly remember the last day I spent with my family back in my world.

  It has been two years already.

  The full moon was rather bright that day.

  I was walking while admiring it. Of course, there was only one. I think it feels way more attractive that way.

  I was on my way back from the convenience store holding a bag with food for myself and ice cream for my sister.   

  I was staring at the moon towering over the sky as if possessed. I think it was a ‘Supermoon’* or something. The moon looked bigger than usual that day, fascinating.


  All of a sudden, I felt a weird sensation. As if my body was sinking as the ground disappeared from under my feet.

  Walking and watching the moon without paying attention probably made me inattentive to what was around me. I wondered if I fell in a manhole but-.

  When I regained consciousness, I was in a different world. Damn it! I don’t know what the hell happened that day.

  Be careful of the light—

  Nemea, the witch, warned me to watch out for the light when she bid her farewell. I wish she had said this to me two years ago.

  I was now a barbarian that was treated as an imbecile, truly not the best experience. Damn it, what the fuck is wrong with this world!?

  Fortunately, I was now freed and had a way out of this bleak future. I need to stay optimistic!

  “…Long Live the Chaos.”

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Name: Hassan
Level: 7 → 8
Strength: 2 → 3
Agility: 2
Stamina: 3
Task: 227
Blessing Blessing of Chaos 》 Imperfect Dexterity

  Letters appeared in front of me after reciting the incantation. My strength rose by one, probably because of my interaction with the obsidian statuette. This also made my level go up by one.

  What I learned from this was that I could spend Task Points to raise one of my attributes, including strength by one. My overall level was also the total sum of each attribute.

  And in order to increase the number of task points, I had to heal people’s conditions with quack-like acupressure methods.

  Anyway, that’s roughly what I could gather right now.

  I hope that I can somehow study my powers and learn how they work. I have to do well so that I can settle down in this world and live like a human being-. I made such a wish while looking at the full moon.

  Damn it, I don’t know which moon to pray to since there are two of them. Anyway, I hope this more magical and effective moon grants my wish!

  Maybe the power of the wish will be doubled since there are two moons? As expected, I’m way smarter than the uncivilized bunch in this world. I graduated from college after all.

  “Here you are, brother. You’re late!”

  I finally arrived at the Nymph’s Wing Inn. The lobby on the first floor of the inn served as a tavern and had tables with all kinds of people. It was a mess, with loud noises and food being spilled here and there.

  It looked like a pigsty, but most inns and restaurants in this world looked like this.

  A world that knew nothing of food hygiene laws. It’s a world that my father who runs the ‘Mountain and Sea’ health center would love, but why am I in this world instead of my father?

  Of course, even in this barbarous world, high-class and fancy restaurants existed. It’s just that they were reserved for nobles and high-ranking adventurers. I’ll probably never lay a foot in there in my whole life.

  “Sister and I started eating first since you weren’t here.”

  “We just started eating. Come here, sit down.”

  I thought about telling them that I forgot the Inn’s name but decided against it. I remembered that it had ‘Nymph’ in its name, but not the rest of it.

  From the Nymph’s Tail Inn to the Nymph’s Bridge, and then to the Nymph’s Tears Inn and the Nymph’s Blabla Inn after that. I was finally able to reach this place after a pilgrimage.

  Bastard innkeepers, so many inns with ‘Nymph’ in their names. Were they similar to restaurant chains back in my world?

  “You’re looking fresh. Did you shave?”

  It looks like Luna was the first to notice the changes in me after going to the bathhouse. I spent 10 coppers on bathing and shaving. I would have been disappointed if no one had noticed.

  I would have preferably also gotten new clothes. Clothing stores and equipment shops were, unfortunately, all closed perhaps because it was night already. I had no choice but to postpone buying new clothes for the next day.

  “Do I look weird?”

  “You looked rather good with a beard. It had a very savage feel to it. Now you look like a bandit!”

  Luna looked into my face and began evaluating me. I had no clue whether she was praising me or cursing me.

  I just nodded with the unfamiliar sensation of stroking a shaved chin.

  Even Luna’s face was bare as she removed her mask and put it somewhere else.

  “Where’s your mask?”

  “It’s inappropriate to bring traditional clothing to a meal~”

  Was that similar to working attire? Anyway, I’m not going to complain since she looks better without it.

  She was a little rude and her pink hair looked funny. Despite that, you couldn’t deny her beauty.

  Actually, it was obvious that Luna’s cheerful voice attracted a lot of attention. Most tables around us consisted of dull men sitting together and drinking.

  Naturally, I had no intention of mocking them or laughing at them. I, myself, couldn’t believe I was drinking with a girl! How long has it been? I was simply amazed at this situation.

  I started getting nervous and curious at the same time. Aside from drinking with a girl, when was the last time I sat face to face with someone to exchange drinks and food like this?



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  It must have been too long ago if I can’t even remember.

  Beer in this world had no bubbles, it tasted bland and lukewarm. It was more like drinking cold barley tea rather than alcohol.

  One other difference was that it was much more alcoholic. Drinking a few glasses was enough to make you drunk.

  Maybe it was because of the tough times we went through together or maybe because of alcohol. We started talking without pretense or awkwardness.

  “Anyway, this Marco will definitely conquer Pluto’s ruins. Orpheus will be there, and I’ll inherit a song from him that’ll make me famous throughout the lands. My song will spread through pubs and be known by all travelers!”

  Marco, the bard, said in a hoarse voice.

  My knowledge of this world was rather lacking. I liked to listen to people’s tales about it. The relatively sober Luna then answered him.

  “Oh, Orpheus, I know him. I heard he was a very famous bard, but isn’t he dead already? How is he going to give you a song?”

  “Oh, looks like you don’t know, sister from the outlands. It is said that at the end of Pluto’s ruins is a river that leads to the underworld. It’s also said that if you go there you can go to the land where the dead await.” 

  Pluto’s ruins appeared all over the world. All kinds of traps and beasts inhabited them. They were all said to be all part of a humongous underground network. 

  The end of all the ruins is supposed to lead to the Place where Pluto rests. In modern terminology, it could be interpreted as the underworld or hell. I don’t know if I’d call it that, to be frank. 

  “Oh, the ‘Land of the Dead,’ I know it too. Are you referring to the ‘Land of the Formless?’ That’s what we call it in Ideope.”

  “Land of the Formless? That’s a strange expression. I feel inspired.”

  “It’s where someone is supposed to go when he dies. Why would anyone want to go there? I really can’t understand the thoughts of people from the continent.”

  Ideope’s Luna began lightly shaking her head facing this incomprehensible cultural barrier. She then looked at me and asked.

  “What about you, Hassan? Why did you become an adventurer? Is it to meet a dead person too?”

  “What’s the point of asking, sister? Hassan of Samaria must be a proud warrior wandering in search of battles and a glorious death! He’d rather send people to the land of death than visit it himself!”

  Shit, what the fuck is he talking about? What kind of psycho is this bard trying to turn me into?

  Just as I tried to protest, I felt sluggish because of the ale.

  “It’s wonderful to find a place to die. It’s actually the first time I’ve seen a Samaritan. I’ve always wanted to meet one since I was back home.”

  “It’s the first time for this Marco too. You’re much better than what I heard. You tore and trampled over those hideous goblins, spawns of hell with your bare hands. Amazing work. To be fully honest, my pants got a little moist at that time.” 


  Marco suddenly pulled out the instrument on his back and started strumming with his fingers.

  “Hassan of Samaria. I already feel the inspiration, it’s gonna be a great song. If you finally achieve a glorious death, let me offer you a good chant. You will then live on through everyone’s hearts!”

  “That’s wonderful, big-nose. It would be nice if that happens.”

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  What the fuck is nice about that you crazy bitch? You guys want me to die.


  Maybe because it’s more comfortable to have a drinking party with partners who don’t even read the room. I didn’t know if it was late or early, as everyone was drunk and spouting gibberish, as only leftovers remained on the table.   

  Marco, the bard who was drinking glass after glass from the start, is now lying on the table and snoring.

  Only I, who was quite good at holding my liquor, and Luna, whose limits I was ignorant of, still talked with slurred voices while eating the leftover snacks.

  “It was then that I said ‘Sergeant Kim, no! The goalkeeper is the battalion commander-! As it stands, if he shoots the ball he’ll have to retire-.’”

  “Puahaha, what is that? Anyway, it’s a fun story. Are all Samaritans as funny as you?”

  Luna was smiling with a flushed face. She was laughing at whatever gibberish I was spouting. 

  My personal experiences of the 21st century seemed like ridiculous jokes to the people living in this barbaric world.

  Thinking about it, being in this world, and thinking about my old comfortable world, it does seem like a joke.

  I would find it hard to even believe myself. It would just sound like a ‘Wonderland Fairy Tale’ set in Samaria, the land of the barbarians.

  Of course, I wasn’t going to complain about the fact that a girl was bursting into laughter at the stories I was telling her.

  People in this world are the kind to easily laugh after they drink alcohol. I’m sure she’ll laugh to the point of glowing red if I simply sneezed.

  Still, having a good laugh is always a good thing.

  When it comes to men, a woman’s laughter has unimaginable healing powers.

  I feel like my self-esteem as a man had been somewhat restored after having been treated as the lowest of the low by Elfriede.

  “Look, I brought some of Ideope’s Snowflake liquor. It’s very precious. I’m only letting you drink it.”


  Luna then began pouring a bluish liquid from a leather pouch into my empty beer mug.

  I wondered if food from outside was allowed in the tavern. I didn’t worry too much since I was drunk.

  Anyway, she was smiling at what I was saying and even refilled my glass every time I emptied it.

  As a healthy young man, there’s no way I would dislike such a situation. I felt like all the pain and hardships I’ve been through in the past had finally been rewarded. This is why everyone wants to succeed and sit high in life.

  “The glass is empty again. You’re a good drinker, Hassan.”

  Is she trying to apologize for the bee incident? Or maybe she is just trying to thank me for saving her from the goblins and reeling enough money so she won’t end up in the streets.

  “Hassan, were you really not sought out by ladies back in your hometown? You’re such a strong and funny guy. You must have been popular.”

  “I wasn’t popular at all…”

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  Man, that hurts. Having one of my sore points poked didn’t feel great at all. It was like a bee sting in the back of my neck. I also was getting tipsier by the minute. 

  Of course, it was because of the atmosphere. Although far from getting drunk, I didn’t have the strength to lift my fingers. My mind was clear, my body however felt very sluggish.

  “Intriguing. If… go… Ideope… you’ll definitely… popular. Ideope’s women… like men… who are strong… and have good physiq—”

  Because she was drunk, Luna’s words were intermittently cut off.

  Or maybe the issue is with me judging by the fact that my eyelids were getting heavier and heavier.

 ”Hassan, … been blessed…ght? Then you…really popular… sure… wasn’t any woman?” 

  “…There wasn’t.”

 “…Hassan, are you sleeping?”

  “No, I am not sleeping. I’m not that drunk yet…”

  “Are…ou sure?”

  This conversation wasn’t going anywhere.

  Luna, who previously was pretending to have a good alcohol tolerance, was now so drunk she started talking gibberish. I couldn’t let this young woman walk alone, drunk in the streets of this dangerous world.


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Hello, I hope you guys are doing well and that you enjoyed the chapter. This was kind of a transitional chapter although the later half had its fun share, especially the last part hehe. This is however only the beginning of the night for Hassan and a lot of weird things happen in the next one lol. Still, keep Nemea’s warning in a part of your head, it’s gonna be even more relevant later lmao. See you guys next time.

Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

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