Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay In Another World Chapter 21

Child-Making Date With Luna (1)

༺ Child-Making Date With Luna (1) ༻


 The cultural differences between the Gaia continent, of this barbaric world, and Earth, the world I came from, were rather huge.

 In my old world, it was even possible to find culture and lifestyle differences between the various districts of the same region, much less the inherent dissimilarities between countries, and in larger cases — continents.

 It’s only natural then that some parts of my common sense would mismatch with the common sense of a person from this world of savagery and barbarism. Let alone mentioning the differences between the districts back in the 21st century I came from, this was another world altogether.

 “Yeah, we were going to make a child today. We swore that agreement upon the river Styx, don’t you remember?”

 You promised to have a child with someone you’ve just met for a few days. Wasn’t this outright too much? Was this seriously how the common sense of this world was like?

 Does that mean sexual intercourse isn’t as sacred in this world as it was on earth?

 Maybe the problem was with this girl named Luna, rather than it being a commonplace occurrence. Maybe in her hometown, Ideope, sex was like a greeting or a handshake. Just like how hugs and kisses were a form of greeting for the French people of my world.

 I think I also heard that somewhere in Mongolia, a country situated on Earth, there was a tribe where the biggest honor you could offer to a visiting guest was letting him sleep with your wife. Since Mongolia was like that, could it be that this world had similar places like that country? Maybe, Ideope was one of them?


 I rolled my eyes, exasperated at the gradually escalating thoughts my mind was cooking up, and then stared intently at Luna, carefully observing her features. She had slender limbs and an erotic outfit that barely covered her important areas. I tried not to be conscious of it but Luna was a very beautiful and incredibly desirable woman, beauty-wise. Her erotic clothing enhanced her appeal multiple times over.

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 The men constantly throwing lecherous looks at her while walking down the road in our surroundings probably wouldn’t disagree with my opinion, although the person in question, Luna, seemed oblivious to it. It’s like she was naturally seducing the men around her. Even the hair, which she usually covers beneath her mask, had an unusual pink color — akin to the succubuses and nymphs you’d see in games or read up in a fantasy book in my past world.

 Maybe Ideope was like the Jeju island of old, where women were required to collect the seeds of foreigners?

 “Hassan? You didn’t forget, now, did you?”

 “Oh, of course not. I remember our promise.”

 I hurriedly collected myself after seeing the uneasy flickering of her enchanting emerald eyes.

 Did she use some kind of high-level flirtation skills on me when I was dead drunk yesterday?

 I didn’t expect her to hide such a talent. It was honestly terrifying, to say the least.

 If I had to be honest, this felt pretty darn amazing to me, who hasn’t even had a drink with a member of the opposite gender since my freshman welcome party. I was almost 20 years old back then, now I’m 26. 

 It was sex with a pretty girl, sex! Scrutinizing my current situation from different angles, I was afraid of missing this incredible opportunity of fucking a pretty girl, so I finally decided to roll with it. Meanwhile, thinking it through, stereotypes and weird common sense didn’t seem as bad to me as I once thought they would.

 Damn it, who am I kidding! It still felt incredulous to me. I was gonna make babies with a girl with a beautiful face and fair skin! This Gaia continent is the fucking best! This is the first time, in the long two years of my hellish life here, that this world looks somehow good and pleasant to me.

 “Thank god, I was worried that it might have been drunken talk. Terrible things tend to happen if you don’t keep the Styx’s Oath!”

 Luna bent all of her fingers in a claw-esque shape, trying to scare me by impersonating a beast. I don’t know what kind of terrible things would happen if the oath were to be broken, but I was stunned by her behavior at the moment.

 “I rented out all the necessary materials and a room in the morning. You only need to come, Hassan, we should be done before dinner!”

 What? You rented all the materials and the room? Finishing before dinner? Wait, wasn’t this going way too fast?

 I never thought this voodoo shaman could act so decisively. Even more so when it came to a sensitive matter like intercourse.

 Luna did nothing but scream or haphazardly release bees, who could distinguish neither friend nor foe, while facing the goblins during our cleaning quest.

 『Luna: The Screaming Totem. Intermittently screams to lower allies’ morale.』

 That was the assessment I had made after interacting with her for the last couple of days. Maybe I’ll have to revise a thing or two in her assessment now.

 “Hassan, why are you so good to me? You’re such a great person! To be honest with you, I got a little scared when I first met you. You looked really scary…”

 Luna shamefully confessed to me with a bashful look, while, seeing her, the corners of my mouth were slowly rising to form a wide smirk.

 It seems that my previous dirty and scared appearance with an untrimmed beard contributed to giving a terrible first impression about me.

 Not that I really hated it. In this world, looking scary was better than people looking down on you. The former would keep you isolated, but the latter would, most definitely, make you the target of people who’d walk all over you for their own twisted form of entertainment. In the worst-case scenario, death wasn’t out of option.

 “We have to make a lot. So, hurry up and let’s go, Hassan!”

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 “A lot? How many do you even want?”

 “Uhm— five? Six…?”

 “Holy sh—! Ahem, this is going to require some serious level of effort.”

 I’m not completely sure if this was achievable at one time. In fact, the possibility of that happening seemed really low, impossible even. But, somehow confidence welled up in me, thinking about my prowess. Confidence that, if it was me, then I’d surely be able to do it.

 “Holy sh? What are you talking about? What does that mean?”

 “It’s a way to express happiness and excitement back in Samaria.”

 “Holy sh! It sounds like the bustling of the wind, amazing! It also sounds like the cries of a snake. I love snakes. Holy sh!”

 “Yeah, it’s all good if you like it. That’s what matters the most.”

 We were flirting in a nonsensical manner while being on our way to the place Luna mentioned that she booked for us. We were heading to the western part of the city, more precisely the outskirts of the slum.

 Sodomora was one of the typical ancient historical cities, you’d learn about in the history lessons back in our world. The difference here being, that there was the presence of fantasy elements. Different from the historical cities of my world, it usually expanded by excavating nearby underground labyrinths and the treasures buried there.

 And like any other historical city, the gap between the rich and the poor was glaring. And it showed in the infrastructure of the cities. The roads leading to and amid the slums weren’t even paved and the eyes of the passersby were equally glazed with a maddened look of hunger and despair of living.

 I actually get very anxious about the quarrels that usually come my way, and Luna, who could attract aggro by simply standing still on a spot while doing nothing, being present with me today did nothing to lessen that feeling of extreme anxiety.

 “This girl looks very soft. Her pink hair is so lewd too.”

 Naturally, many people flirted with her and tried to talk to her on our way.

 Most of them were beggars who were following us with their lecherous gaze, and I don’t think anything they were seemingly trying to take out of their pockets was in any way good for us. This place screamed trouble at every corner.

 There was a possibility of them stabbing my stomach with a rusty dagger or a blade. That guy also has such an incorrigible mouth. What do you even mean by lewd pink hair?

 “Are you a priestess of Venus? I’d like your services if so, hehe~ My sword here is probably thicker and much sharper than that of this big brother here. You definitely won’t be disappointed at its performance.”

 Priestess of Venus naturally referred to the women working at the temple of Venus, the Goddess of beauty, desire, love, and the most iconic of them all — sex!

 In this world, most of the competent women were the priestesses of the goddesses. It was actually a very major occupation.

 I think he got the wrong idea because Luna’s outfit was naturally very revealing.

 I faced the bastard that was blocking our road toward our room, hindering us from conducting one of the most important events of my life. Looking down at him, I placed my hand on the hilt of my sword, threatening him with pulling out my sword, so that he wouldn’t hinder us anymore.


 “Get away if you don’t wanna get hurt, idiot.”

 “W-Who on earth uses three swords like that, huh…?”

 He started retreating, did the dangers of the Santoryu art finally dawn on him? Taking these swords from the hooligans was such a good idea.

 We walked down the streets in the slum for a rather significant amount of time, before arriving at our destination.

 “The-There, Hassan!”

 Luna, who was slightly shivering behind my back, pointed to a dilapidated tree house, with her fair and slender fingers. Maybe calling it a tree house was a little too fancy of a name, it would be more appropriate to call it a humble nigh-collapsing structure of sorts.

 A hut that was half-crumbling due to the influence of the wind and rain. It also looked to be rather windy on the inside because of the holes that seemed to be dug into the walls by insects.

 “Is it really here?”

 “Yes, It’s the only place I could borrow with my current funds…”

 “Well, the location isn’t important anyway.”

 I opened the door and immediately noticed a dry straw mat lying in front of me.

 Judging by the stench, it seems like this place was previously used as a stable or a barn for animals.

 It looks a little dirty, but the place doesn’t really matter, right? Wasn’t even Jesus said to be born in a stable during the season of summer?

 My heart began pounding at the thought of having such an important event of my life finally happening in this place. I couldn’t even calm down and my heart started pounding even faster, my eyes were shaking too, flitting all over.


 Luna entered the cabin and closed the door behind her. Then, she addressed me after lighting a candle that was hanging from a wooden pillar in the barn-like tree house.

 “I have to confess first, Hassan… I’ve only seen it being done before and it’s my first time doing it myself.”

 “First time?”

 “Yes… I told you I could be very clumsy yesterday. I need you to support me a lot, Hassan.”

 Who said that it was a lewd pink? It was clearly a pure pink, goddamn it! What kind of man would hate taking a woman’s first time? I’ve hit the jackpot!!!

 Of course, there’s no way I’d know if there existed some playboy bastards who already got so tired of ruining women’s purity that they would be disinterested in a virgin girl. But that wasn’t the case for me at least.

 I-It was my first time too. I shut my mouth from speaking, as I was going to embarrassedly confess too. I don’t think it would shape into anything. Lord Shiva, what should I do now? Should I start undressing already?

 I didn’t know what to do since it was just the two of us here.

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 All my knowledge about child-making was still stored in my 3 terabytes of E drive, back in my computer.

 Although I could vividly remember the sequential titles of these sex-ed videos, I still felt clueless about what to do in this situation. Was this the result of cramming too much education in too little a time?

 My mouth was currently very dry from the built-up tension.

 “I’ll start by showing you a demonstration and you just need to follow along.”

 “Uh, yes, yeah.”

 Luna began rummaging through the pile of straw in the middle of the hut and promptly pulled out a small piece of wood.

 What could I say about it? It was a piece of wood that oddly looked like a human being, like the Korean Moai statues from Jeju island. It was about an inch in size, perhaps? That seemed to be the approximate length of the wooden piece.

 Maybe because my mind was geared to thinking about perverted thoughts right now, I thought its shape and size were very dildo-like. Why did she take this out all of sudden?

 “This is a finished ‘child’, Hassan. We have to make five pieces like this.”

 “That’s a… child?”

 “Yes, Moai, it’s a kind of totem. These are pretty important on our island. Improving fortune, wealth, health…”

 It was pretty similar to my father who used to sell germanium health stones to our customers. Luna then started reciting questionable effective uses of these small wooden carvings. I had no idea what she was talking about as my mind had already gone blank at that time.

 “Oh, Holy sh—”

 “Yes, Holy sh! I’m glad you’re here too! I don’t think I would have been able to make 5 by myself, otherwise.”





 To be frank, I couldn’t help but feel extremely sour while dealing with the ingredients.

 It was already absurd that I, who previously didn’t have any significant relationship with a female other than my mother and sister, suddenly became popular and went through a great popular streak.

 It didn’t prevent me from having high expectations though.

 As a man, I was already a creature with extreme self-confidence. Weren’t Luna and I in a very good mood back then, during the drinking party?

 Didn’t I show my manliness while killing the goblins in the abandoned temple last night? I thought I heard Luna say that she liked manly men too. Was it a mistake in assessment or hearing, done while in a drunken stupor? In the first place…

 “Wow, Hassan, this one is really well made. Are you already experienced in child-making?” 

 “So-Something like that.”

 I carved the log I received from Luna with a carving dagger while deep in thought. I carefully shaped it into a human-like figure.

 Luna said that these completed totems were called Aina Moi in her hometown. Damn it, why did these savages make such a confusing name for this wooden carving? 

 I couldn’t blame Luna since she probably explained this to me and I just completely forgot about it because of the alcohol.

 So I had to piece everything together by myself, akin to doing a group musical performance where I sang, danced, and also played all the instruments.

 My anger which had nowhere else to be vented could only be directed at the little pieces of logs. I was chipping at them as if they were irreconcilable enemies with me.

 Fuck off, you Moai bastards—!

 “Wow, that’s incredible. I don’t think I’ve seen one shaped like this before but it still has very good vibes. This one is really well-made!”

 You’ve never seen one like this before? Of course, you wouldn’t, this is a Korean-Moai-statue-inspired carving. There’s no way for you to see it. It doesn’t exist here after all.

 “You’re good with your hands, Hassan. I still haven’t gotten the complete hang of it.”

 Luna then showed me a piece of log she was carving.

 As if it was made half-assedly, the end result was so jagged it looked like ancient garbage rather than a Moai carving, to put it mildly. 

 Well, It’s not like she could do anything with those soft fingers of hers. Luna didn’t seem particularly endowed in knife handling and the wood we were using was rather hard, even for me. 

 “Can’t we use a softer wood? it’s rather hard to carve for me too.”

 “Although Cedar is hard, nothing improves the effects of the totem better than it does. It’s a tested fact.”


 Totem Effects. Maybe fortune and health-promoting effects?

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 It sounded very questionable to me though, who had a father that ran a wild herbal health center.

 Actually, everything that Luna, this voodoo shaman, had shown up to now was very superstitious in nature. It’s funny how I’m trying to keep up with it, even though I have the mindset of not believing in that crap. But that’s just how I am.

 Even a promise made while being drunk was a promise that should be kept.

 Since I was a small child I was told that I should always keep my word, and because of that upbringing, I was now making these ridiculous sculptures, being true to the promises I’ve made.

 Well, I was also concerned about the Styx’s Oath, so there’s that too.

 Making them was fortunately not as difficult as I thought it would be, I didn’t need to put too much effort into them.

 I was actually surprised at how dexterous I was at making them.

 I never had such a talent, obviously. Maybe it was because of the ‘Imperfect Dexterity’ blessing that I had which led to my dexterity shooting through the roof.

 Not only did it let me show proficiency in manual therapy, but it also developed my aptitude for sculpting and carving. And I wager, that also implied to anything dexterous.

 It really deserved to be called a blessing. Come to think of it, my punching was very sharp when I was fighting the stalker gang earlier… Maybe my overall efficiency in using my hands has improved?

 “Wow, you’ve already made two, Hassan! At this rate, we can really finish before dinner! Holy sh!”

 I liked the hissing sounds, which resembles that of a snake, that Luna was making every time I did something. My sister in high school was just like that too. I think they are also similar in age.

 Thinking about that, I started to feel like she was my sister.

 How could I have impure thoughts about such an innocent girl? This weird feeling of shame made my little brother a little harder.

 This situation couldn’t be helped, however. I was alone in a narrow and gloomy place with this strange girl wearing revealing clothes. Anyone would react the same way I did… probably.

 Most of all, Luna smelled rather good unlike the other savages of this world. That smell also attracted my fancy.


 Luna suddenly dropped her dagger and a piece of wood she was holding onto the floor. Crimson drops of blood were steadily dripping from her hand. She had cut her hand!

 The shape of the sculpture was somewhat awkward to carve, to begin with, an accident like this one was bound to happen sooner or later.

 “Th-There’s blood. It hurts—”

 Luna put her injured thumb into her mouth with a pained groan.

 “Ah, well, I knew it was bound to happen. Give me your hand.”

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 Just as I was going to tightly wrap a cleanly washed piece of dry fabric, I had just found among the materials, around her wound…


Name: Luna Knoxdotty
Level: 3
Conditions: Curse of Nox 》Curse of Erebor 》Curse of Weak Concentration 》Curse of Weak Growth 》Styx’s Oath

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Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

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"Where the fuck I am?"   One day, he suddenly fell into a world of barbarism and superstitions.   "Fuck, I ain't a savage!"  


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